Everybody siiiiiing!

By Mir
October 28, 2015
Category Hot Hot Hot!

Am I the only one who plays the Woot-Off song on the site every time they’re wooting off? C’mon, you do it, too. It’s catchy!

Whether you listen or not, they’re wooting off all day long at Woot, Home.Woot, Electronics.Woot, Computers.Woot, Tools.Woot, Sport.Woot, Accessories.Woot, Kids.Woot, and Wine.Woot (motto: sometimes wine but also other crap a lot of the time). That’s a lot of wooting.

As always, items will appear for 30 minutes or until they sell out, whichever happens first. $5 ships all the orders you make for the entire day, too (excluding anything from Wine.Woot, because… actually, I have no idea why. Wine.Woot just likes to be different.)

Woot-Offs are dangerous shopping days for me, but on the other hand… the thrill of the chase! The rush of the deals! The absurdity of the stuff that shows up on Wine.Woot! It’s all good.


  1. Hey Mir-

    Have you ever bought a factory refurbished item from Woot? There are a couple of great laptop deals, but having never purchased an FR item, I’m a bit nervous!


    • A couple years ago, we purchased a FR Dyson vacuum from Woot. It’s been 100% awesome….no regrets here.

    • Sorry, I’m late coming back to this. But! In general I’m a huge fan of reforms, provided they have a decent warranty. I’ve not purchased a refurb computer from Woot but I did get a couple of other refurbished items (kitchen electrics) and have been happy with them.

    • My husband and I both have refurb laptops from Woot. My laptop had issues out of the box, but it was still under the regular warranty, so it was repaired quickly and easily. We did go for the additional SquareTrade warranty, but only because we’ve had great luck with ST in the past–and we haven’t had to use it. I think we’ve had these laptops a couple of years, and we’ve had no issues since the OOB one with mine.

  2. I have a refurb’d Roku from Woot, and recently purchased a refurb’d desktop (although that has not yet been unboxed). No problems with the roku, though.

    Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers wooting off right now….

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