It’s not many, but it’s free

By Mir
November 3, 2015
Category Hot Hot Hot!

I’m having trouble imagining what sort of occasion you’d only require 6 cards for—maybe you only have 6 friends, or perhaps you want to do a test run before ordering your holiday cards—but right now if you go to this Snapfish promotion you can order 6 free custom cards with coupon code CARDSTRIAL. They’ll even cover the shipping!

So go ahead… order something practical, or just get six nice cards showing the up-close and personal insides of your dog’s mouth when she yawns. Ummm… not that I would do such a thing.


  1. Thanks! Just scored 6 beautiful Christmas cards for some special people!

  2. Snap a picture of your kid holding a sign that says “THANK YOU” and boom, thank you cards to send to all the grandmas after Giftmas!

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