Nordies and Amazon, even better together

By Mir
December 14, 2015
Category Hot Hot Hot!

If you love shopping at Nordstrom and you also love shopping at Amazon—or if you have gift cards to either place on your shopping list—here’s a bundle you can’t refuse: Right now Amazon is offering a $100 Nordstrom gift card with a bonus $20 Amazon gift card for just $100 total. Simple enough, and that’s $20 to spend you didn’t have, before. (Also bear in mind that if you’re cheap, like me, the Nordies card works at Nordstrom, sure, but also at Nordstrom Rack!)

Choose from three different patterns/options: Nordstrom card in a box, same Nordstrom card but not in a box, or shining star pattern Nordstrom card. Whichever you choose, you already saved $20. It’s like magic.

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  1. Thank you!!! My nieces always want Nordstrom giftcards so this works out perfectly (they’ll just have to share this one 🙂 )

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