I’m dreaming of my spring garden

By Mir
February 9, 2016

Nothing makes me happier than when it’s time to dig out my garden beds and start shopping for seeds and plants. I’m weird, I know. I’m okay with it.

Today at Amazon this Survival Seed Vault containing 20 heirloom varieties is just $14.99 shipped (if you have Prime or get to your shipping minimum), and this brings me joy. Snap it up now, and in a few months you’ll be pleased with your foresight.

(Assuming you keep a garden, of course. If not, um, probably skip this one.)


  1. I’m on the lookout for anything that will grow well in containers. We recently moved to a townhome, so we have a full back patio area for ourselves now and I’d love to grow some things now that I have space. I suppose I’m also looking for things that would make good containers. Do you have any suggestions?

    • I’ve grown lots of things in containers on my patio, the most successful probably being tomatoes and jalapeños. I like to buy big flower pots and urn-like things at Goodwill for them, but at times I’ve also gotten those plastic railing boxes and used those. The truth is that any container will work if it’s big enough and you have good soil (but avoid metal; you don’t want to bake the roots of your plants).

      • Thank you! I was actually specifically thinking tomatoes and peppers, because my husband makes a LOT of salsa.

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