Farmer’s market, kiddie-style

I can’t stop laughing at this and I really wish I had a little kid at home to buy it for. Today one of the daily deals at Amazon is this Fisher-Price Farm-to-Market Stand, an adorable set with everything you need to recreate a farmer’s market at home. They’ve got the vegetables, the containers, soft vines, a cash box and money, even a worm to keep it authentic (I think that’s the part making me laugh). Today only, it’s down to just $12 (60% off).

What little kid doesn’t want to play with kale? Maybe don’t answer that. I think it’s ingenious. And if you take your kids with you when you go to the farmer’s market, they probably will, too. If this isn’t their jam, well, there’s a bunch of other Fisher-Price toys on special today, so maybe you’ll fine something else you want.

Crazy Black Friday deal for your Monday

Why wait until Black Friday to pick up some crazy good deals on warm winter coats for the kids? Exactly. Today Macy’s has a slew of kids’ puffer jackets marked down to just $15.99 apiece, with original retail prices from $75-$85. I doubt you’ll see better prices on the actual Black Friday.

Shipping at Macy’s is automatically free on your $25+ order, or you can order online and pick up at your local store. Of course the kids’ jacket deals are just the beginning of the specials they’ve rolled out today, so I don’t imagine you’d have a hard time getting to the free shipping minimum.

Heads up, holiday bakers!

I, personally, have been stuck at home doing entirely too much baking ever since the pandemic began, but perhaps you—smarter, and more restrained, than me—have been waiting for the holidays to get baking. Either way, I regularly toss my baking staples into my Amazon cart and “save for later” so that I get an alert when one has dropped in price. Today, finally, the 16-ounce McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract has dropped to its lowest price in a year. Right now it’s a Daily Deal at $24.61, or even less if you buy it on Subscribe & Save. (If you haven’t bought vanilla in a while this probably seems expensive, but the price of vanilla rose sharply in this past year, and this is the best deal I’ve seen.)

You probably know I am a huge Penzey’s Spices fan and with their numerous sales, I patronize them as often as possible. Their vanilla is better than this, it’s true. It’s also much more expensive, and I find the McCormick perfectly suitable for baking just about anything which calls for vanilla. I pick up a bottle whenever it drops in price like this. After all, it’s nearly time to start making pies.

(The fact that all my clothes seem to have shrunk lately is a coincidence, I’m sure.)

Color all the monsters

I don’t know why this My First Big Book of Monsters Coloring Book is currently marked down to just $2 at Amazon instead of the regular $9, but I do know it’d be a perfect gift (maybe along with some fresh crayons) for just about any little one. 192 pages of monsters is a lot of monsters to color!

This is the perfect sort of thing to pick up as a goodie bag item for birthday parties or to have in your gift closet. (Yes, I know, birthday parties aren’t really happening right now. But they will again, someday.) Or just grab a couple to keep the kids busy for no particular reason at all other than you’d like some peace and quiet.

“Need” is a strong word

Look, I’m not saying anyone necessarily needs a 20-pack case of Toblerone, I’m just saying that it’s currently priced at $28 with a clippable $8.33 coupon (I love those random numbers Amazon comes up with), and Toblerone is the bomb. If you have a lot of stockings to stuff or, hey, just a lot of feelings to eat (I don’t judge!), this is a great deal.

Last year someone (who I am married to) put a giant Toblerone bar in my stocking and it may have been my favorite gift of the season. So I’m a little biased. But also: Toblerone. (It’s even fun to say!)

My favorite ladder deal is back

Do I share this every time? Yep. You’re just not going to find a more versatile fold-away stepladder than this Gorilla 3-Step Compact Step Stool, and you’re for sure not going to find it any cheaper than just under $10 (67% off!) like it is right now at Home Depot. You can order online and pick up at your local store to save on shipping, or add other stuff to your order to get to $45+ for free shipping.

Ours are still going strong after many years. I really do love it more than it’s reasonable to love a ladder.

Favorite books for generations

If you tell me you didn’t grown up with Little Golden Books, I am going to ask you if you even had a childhood. (For the record, my favorite was The Poky Little Puppy.) We owned a bunch, I borrowed others from the library; they are symbolic of my early love of reading, to me.

And they’re still around! Today you can snap up a few boxed set deals: Amazon has the Disney Classic Little Golden Book Library for $13.99 and the Marvel Little Golden Book Library for $13.49 (both are normally $25). If you’re willing to spend a few more bucks, they also have the Star Wars Little Golden Book Library for $17.99, too.

Remember when my kids were little and I used to buy multiples of stuff for birthday parties and baby showers and such, and put them in the gift closet? This is the sort of thing I would buy.

Suck it up, Buttercup

Remember when Dyson came out with their vacuums and everyone went nuts? They are good machines, but over time it’s become clear that there are serious contenders with lower price tags. And then every so often one of those goes on deep discount, and then you have yourself a real deal.

Like right now! Today Amazon has the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 marked down to just $100, its lowest price ever. A few years ago I did some extensive vacuum cleaner research (yeah, don’t laugh, I’m that kind of nerd) and discovered the Shark Navigators were the ones to beat. A great deal came up and I bought one for my kid for her first apartment; a year later, I bought one for myself. They are fabulous—lightweight but powerful, easily-maneuvered anywhere from the stairs to the ceiling thanks to the lift-away canister and tools. Plus I am always both fascinated and repelled by seeing what all accumulates in the canister.

If you need a new vacuum, jump on this deal. Your floors will thank you.

A deal so good it’s freaky

I, uh, don’t know about you, but I have found pandemic living somewhat… padded. I mean, I’m stuck in the house a lot, I do a lot of baking, and mysteriously many of my clothes have shrunk. It’a a puzzler!

Assuming I wanted to get out and move around a little more, well, I might need some new sneakers. And so I might pop on over to Reebok after discovering that coupon code FREAKYGOOD is taking 60% off select items. Which items? I tried it on a few things and it’s looking to me like it takes the full 60% off shoes already on sale, but somewhat less off clothing items. No matter; the shoes are more expensive. Shipping is free for Reebok Unlocked members (that’s free to join).

All of this assumes I’m actually going to stop baking so much and go exercise, of course. Which… well, let’s not think about it. Here, have a muffin.

Love LEGO? It’s time!

There will be plenty of upcoming holiday shopping madness when it comes to LEGO sets, but depending on which ones you want, you could knock out a few items on your list right now at a discount. For a limited time, Amazon is offering $10 off select $50 LEGO purchases—and many of the 65 qualifying items are already on sale. Just add what you want to your cart and an additional $10 comes off at checkout.

I miss when every holiday and birthday was a festival of LEGO sets, a little. I do not miss stepping on LEGO bricks, though. I guess that’s the silver lining of my children having the audacity to grow up.

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