Contest time (and it’s not about me)

By Mir
July 31, 2006

Wow. Um. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the shameless sucking up and all, but that wasn’t really what I had in mind when I mentioned having a contest.


No, I was talking about your chance to will some of the hottest merchandise around, something that will make small children shriek with glee and parents have extremely mixed feelings about whether or not even Mozart would’ve been considered genius if a toddler had forced his mother to listen to the same piece over and over and over again….

I’m referring, of course, to The Doodlebops. Kids love ’em. Some parents do, too. Some find them… uhhhh… interesting. But two things are for certain:

1) The 2- to 5-year-old crowd just can’t get enough of them,
2) Free Stuff Is Good. (Henceforth to be abbreviated as FSIG, as I seem to be saying that a lot around here.)

So here’s the deal: I have Doodlebops swag to give away. One Grand Prize Winner will receive this backpackicon, this t-shirt (in red)icon, a Doodlebops CDicon (link is currently wonky; it’s “Rock & Bop”), this Doodlebops coloring bookicon, and a Doodlebops magnet.

Our secondary, random winner will receive the CD only, which is still pretty cool.

(Neither prize pack comes with earplugs, though. Sorry!)

So, your mission—should you choose to accept it—is twofold.

For a shot at the grand prize pack: Create a picture, using Photoshop or another digital editor (or go low-tech and use scotch tape, scissors, and a scanner, I suppose) which shows one or more members of the Doodlebops hanging out with your family/kids/favorite inanimate objects. You can either email the photo to me (wantnotdotnet [AT] gmail [DOT] com; there’s a link up in the menu bar) or post a link to it in the comments here. Otto will help me pick a winner from amongst the submitted photos.

You have until 11:00 PM Eastern on Sunday, August 6th to submit your picture either by mailing or linking in the comments. If you choose to email your submission, put the words Contest Picture in the subject line.

For a shot at the random prize drawing: Post about this contest on your own blog or discussion board or listserv, and link back in a traceable way. This means using a trackback if you know how, or leaving me a comment or sending me an email with a link if not. It’s okay to post to a members-only forum but you need to let me know if I won’t be able to verify the post is actually there. (I can track hits from password-protected sites, I just can’t access the actual posting.) I will write names on little slips of paper and allow my daughter to select a winner out of a hat. Or a bag. Or possibly the Doodlebops backpack!

You have until 11:00 PM Eastern on Thursday, August 3rd to link up and let me know to be included in the random prize drawing. (This will allow time for folks to see your linkage and perhaps enter, themselves.) If you choose to email me about your linkage, put the words Contest Link in the subject line.

Two ways to win, loads of good prizes. Bookmark this post and don’t forget to enter. Nothing would tickle me more than having so many hilarious entries that it’s really difficult to select a winner, so get cracking.


  1. Good thing I’ve known you’re oh soo soooo hot…smart, pretty, thin and FABULOUS (great highlights are a new experience for me, but yeah, that too) for about 25 years…because the Doddlebops make me have an unshakable urge to run with scissors…pointed up…while drunk.

  2. Thanks for the Doodlebop earworm. My daughter actually doesn’t care much for the Doodlebops. One morning when they were coming on I said, “I don’t like the Doodlebops; their songs get stuck in my head.” She told me the doctor could get it out for me. Now whenever they come on she says, “Aren’t you going to change it, mama? You don’t want them to get stuck in your head.”

  3. Denise, that’s just not right!


  4. My daughter is usually kind enough to warn me “Don’t come n here, mom, the Doodlebops are on. They FWEAK you out”. She’s right. They totally do.

  5. Wow — I just checked out their website to see what exactly a Doodlebop is. Man, I’m so glad we don’t have cable and don’t have them streaming into our home via the Disney Channel!! Makes me thankful for PBS and the shows whose characters I actually like.

  6. Awe, I think I’m too late…but here is my entry anyway. I have met the Doodlebops before…so no need for me to blend me in with them. haha.

  7. I’m 5 years old and i absolutely love the doodlebops. My Favorite is Rooney. I was them everyday.

  8. I mean I watch them everyday

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