Deeper discounts on clearance

You know I love a good sale at Eddie Bauer, and today’s the right time to shop. There’s a coupon on the site for an additional 50% off clearance, but there’s another—better!—coupon for those in the know. Just apply code FEBCLX60 to those clearance items at checkout and you’ll save an additional 60%, instead.

Even better, some items have free shipping, too. (Shipping is a flat $9.99, otherwise, or free on your $49+ order.)

This is the perfect time to score some insane deals on outerwear for next year, or even this year if you live in Texas. (Too soon?)

A motley assortment of entertainment savings

Amazon is currently offering a Buy 2, Get 1 Free promotion on an assortment of books, games, movies, and music, and you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Just add 3 of the more than 300 qualifying items to your cart, and the lowest-price one will be free at checkout.

Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll spend waaaaaay too much time trying to find three things of nearly the same price, to maximize the savings overall, but I’m a little… well, let’s just say I am the way that I am. I’m not going to opt for a cheap deck of flash cards as a free item if I can get something more expensive for free. On the other hand, if you just want a few kid books, you could score a trio for around $10 altogether.

Worth a browse, for sure.

Got masks?

As we head into day seventy billion of the coronavirus pandemic—it’s been at least that long, right?—the official health recommendation is now that people double-mask whenever possible, preferably with a good KN95 mask under a cloth mask. If you’re overwhelmed by the KN95 choices and prices, I have great news: Right now Office Depot has a 10-pack of Powecom KN95 masks for $10 with free shipping, making it the most affordable option I’ve seen. (Amazon currently has the same masks for $15.)

These masks can be used multiple times and then discarded, and I don’t know about you, but we leave the house so little, a 10-pack will last my family for quite a while. Anyway, it seems like a small price to pay for added safety.

Maybe next summer…

The pandemic has been raging on for approximately 800 years, right? It feels a little bit like we will never leave the house “just for fun” ever again. But we will! Hopefully by summer, anyway. And so in the spirit of hope, I share that right now Speedo is offering an extra 50% off their Final Sale items, making for some incredible deals. Just use coupon code 21JANFMP50. Shipping starts at $4.95, or is free on $25+ with ShopRunner, or free on $100+ automatically.

They have some cute “lounge by the pool” options but they also have some absolutely smoking deals on serious athletic wear (triwear, jammers, kneeskins), as well as things like shoes and bags. Something for everyone! And maybe it will help a bit with the Lockdown Blues and get us all looking forward to a warmer, less-plague-y time.

The Want Not Review: HALOmask

Hello! I trust everyone had a pleasant holiday season. I took a little time off and then the world was still on fire and so I’ve been mostly off doing other things. As the meme says, I could really go for some precedented times, right about now. Ahem.

Anyway! While I was gone, the nice folks at HALOLIFE reached out to me to ask if I’d like to try one of their HALOmasks. I’ll be honest: most of you know I spent most of last year sewing and donating masks, and I’d gone through a few different iterations of trying different designs and materials and tweaking patterns, and I didn’t figure a mass-produced mask was going to be terribly different than the ones I make. I mean, theirs have a nanofilter, so the filtration would be better, but the actual user experience of wearing the mask would be about the same, right?

Welp. They sent me a mask and I’m about to eat my words, because as much as I’d looked at their retail price of $35 and rolled my eyes (though right now there’s an available $5 off coupon at Amazon, but still), these masks make mine look like torture devices. Let’s review:

1) They have a really sturdy nose clip, like the ones I use. No glasses fogging whatsoever. Okay, we’re even.
2) They have adjustable ear loops, which I also make. But their elastic is ridiculously soft and even after long wear, there’s no chafing. Point to HALO.
3) The masks come in 4 different sizes (I only make 3) and mine fit my face perfectly. Hmm.
4) Their lining is a soft bamboo material—super comfy—and the chin bit is actually a separate stretchy panel that means there is zero gapping at the chin no matter your face shape. I make a few different designs but sometimes there’s a gap.
5) My masks are cotton, which I consider to be a very breathable fabric, right? HALO masks bill themselves as both moisture-wicking and super breathable. I don’t know which one of those two things made the difference, but I can tell you that normally a stint in one of my masks ends with a slightly sweaty face, and yesterday I wore my new HALO mask for an hour and when I took it off I was still cool and comfy, and not sweaty at all.

The bottom line? It’s a really comfortable, effective, nice mask. The price would prevent me from buying a whole bunch of them because I’m, y’know, super cheap, but if I was needing a good mask for more frequent wear (if I worked outside the home, for example) I would spring for a couple of HALOmasks for sure. Worth checking out if you’re in need of a mask you can comfortably wear for extended periods.

[Standard disclaimer: While the product was provided to me for free, all opinions are my own and unsolicited. I don’t review stuff I don’t like, and my opinions can’t be purchased.]

Save on Instacart

I hope it goes without saying that my holiday wish for everyone here is to stay safe during these crazy times. Stay home if you can, wear your mask, etc.

If you’ve been using Instacart lately to avoid the grocery store, this deal is for you. Best Buy has a $100 Instacart digital gift card for just $80 today, which could theoretically go a long way toward easing any guilt you have about using Instacart. (Not that you should feel guilty. I do, but I feel guilty about everything.) It’s an easy way to save a little money, so why not?

Now please go wash your hands.

Book or LEGO? Book AND LEGO!

Need another holiday gift, or looking for a few things for the gift closet? No need to choose between a book or some LEGO when Amazon has this LEGO Amazing Vehicles hardcover marked down from $20 to $9.80 with a clippable $1.47 coupon, making it just over $8. The book has tons of ideas as well as enough bricks to make 4 vehicles.

Not as good of a deal as that one, but still marked down (if you need more!) are the LEGO Animal Atlas hardcover (down to $13.34 with a clippable $2 coupon) and the LEGO Holiday Ideas hardcover (down to $12.14 with a clippable $1.82 coupon).

I love these books for reluctant readers who are LEGO fans, as it unites the best of both worlds.

Need a 9′ Christmas tree?

This claims it will arrive before Christmas, but I’d think of it more as an after-Christmas deal you just happen to snag before the holiday.

Amazon has a third party seller offering this 9ft Artificial Large Spruce Hinged Christmas Tree for $143 and free shipping. There’s a 33% off clippable coupon right at the top of the product information, plus at checkout you can apply coupon code KINGSOV3YW for another 25% off. The final cost is just $60 shipped, which is a heckuva deal on a tree this size. It probably costs them about half that just to ship it.

Our (fake, obviously) tree is this sort of hinged design, and it’s a snap to set it up and take it down. I really prefer it to our previous tree, which required each branch to be hooked in individually.

Another crazy good LOFT sale

I know I post about these LOFT sales a lot. It’s just that 1) I really like their stuff and 2) I’m always mildly confused, wondering how they stay in business/who is paying full price there given how many amazing sales they have.

Right now they’re offering free shipping on every order, and coupon code GIFTS takes 55% off everything. Better still, that same code takes 55% off sale items and then another 40% off of that, too. (No, that’s not the same as 95% off. But it’s still pretty good.)

I got some Lou & Grey linen pants during their last big sale that became my go-tos for those end-of-summer days. Now I don’t really need anything, but with prices like this, I’ll just have to take a look….

AirPods, again

In case you missed the last deal on these, don’t fret! Amazon to the rescue: today they’ve got these Apple AirPods with Charging Case marked down to $129, plus there’s a clippable $19 coupon, making them just $110 shipped.

Note that these are the latest version of the entry level AirPods—the charging case is wired, not wireless, and they don’t have the noise canceling advantages of the AirPods Pro. Also note that they don’t ship until December 21st, but they do have an “arrives before Christmas” label.

Still, at this price point, it’s a great deal.

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