It’s come to this

Apparently people have started hoarding toilet paper again. I don’t quite understand the logic, myself, but if you’ve been having trouble finding the good name-brand stuff at a reasonable price, I’ve got you. Amazon has this 24-pack of rippled Cottonelle family mega rolls for $22.86 right now, or less if you buy via Subscribe & Save. (That’s their lowest recorded price.) They claim these family mega rolls are each the equivalent of over 4 regular rolls, so 24 of these rolls = 108 regular ones.

I buy toilet tissue by the case even when there’s not a pandemic—it’s not like we’ll stop needing it—but if you’re wanting to stock up now, there you go.

There’s still time to match up

You don’t have a ton of time left, but if you forgot to grab those matching family jammies or some coordinating holiday finery, well, Children’s Place still has plenty of stock, free shipping, and everything is at least 50% off (if not as much as 70% off).

Get your kids matching outfits for Christmas, or Hanukkah jammies for the whole family, or even a seasonal-appropriate outfit for your dog. (Except I’m mad that this didn’t occur to me earlier, because they are, in fact, out of doggie elf outfits in my dogs’ sizes.)

You’ve got until December 15th to still get it in time for Christmas with free regular shipping, so hop to it.

If you still need a winter coat…

… they’re having a flash sale today at Nordstrom Rack. Their already slashed prices are an additional 25% off, for a total savings of up to 70% off. This includes many of their heaviest/warmest options, and some of the lowest prices they’ve had all season. Deals are good today, December 4th, only.

Prices are so low, I’m tempted to get myself a puffer coat even though I live on the surface of the sun. (Don’t worry, I’ll resist. Probably.)

Shipping is free on your $49+ order, otherwise it’s $8.

Lightweight, super comfy sneakers

Some of the most comfortable shoes I own are by Jambu, and so I was thrilled to read that they’re offering 12 days of secret deals each day starting today. It’s not even advertised on their main page. Sneaky!

Lucky you, I found today’s! Search for fly knit for women or hawk knit for men. Alternatively, just sort by price—each of these comfy, memory foam knit sneaker styles is just $19, today only. (They’re normally $79!) Make it even better by adding coupon code SHIPIT17 for free shipping on any order. Did I just get two pairs delivered for half the normal cost of a single pair? Yep. (Do I regret that I will now have to actually go exercise to justify that purchase? Perhaps.)

Still Cyber Monday, on Tuesday

It’s no longer Cyber Monday, but a few of our favorite retailers have extended their sales into today. I was just doing some shopping for my husband and discovered that both Eddie Bauer and LL Bean extended their sales through today. Eddie is offering an automatic 50% off everything regular-priced, and 50% off clearance with code FESTIVE, plus you’ll get free shipping on every order. Bean is doing 15% off (I know; it’s not much, but they basically never have sales) with code THANKS15, and shipping is free there as well.

I highly recommend the wicked good slippers from Bean, and not just because it’s fun to say “wicked good slippers.” We’re having our first freezing day of the season here in Georgia and my toes are plenty warm.

Got AirPods?

I’ve pretty much given up on stalking various items I think will be “hot holiday purchases,” because either you can’t find them anywhere or the deals are sort of meh. But this one jumped out at me because it’s the lowest price I’ve seen: Today Best Buy has the latest version (true wireless) Apple AirPods available for just $100.

The catch is that you have to order them to your local store for pickup, but they do curbside. Not as convenient as having them shipped, for sure, but maybe worth it if these are on your shopping list. That’s a good $30 under anything else I’ve seen. As a bonus, they’ll also take $10 off your AppleCare purchase if you opt for that.

I haven’t made the leap to AirPods because I fear I’ll lose one and hate myself forever, but chances are you’re not as ridiculous as I am.

Half off makeup? Don’t mind if I do

Full disclosure: I have never before purchased from Laura Geller Beauty, so I cannot tell you if their products live up to the hype or not. What I can tell you is that ads for their Baked Balance-n-Brighten Foundation follow me all over the Internet, and as someone who isn’t big on makeup but whose aging skin needs a little… assistance… I’ve been considering it. Today I finally pulled the trigger, because coupon code CM50 takes 50% off your order, and they offer free shipping on $25+, and orders of $50+ get a free 3-piece gift set.

(I am never going to wear foundation every single day, but a color-correcting powder version I can smooth on in a few seconds? Maybe! I’m hoping I love it. If I don’t, they do returns/refunds with no questions asked.)

But wait, there’s more! Just about everything is up to half off over at Sephora, too, and you can get free shipping on any order with coupon code—wait for it—FREESHIP.

Are you younger and/or hipper than me? There’s also over 200 deals today at Ulta, many of which are half off. Free shipping on $35+ orders.

Sock it to everyone

I know I should be more excited about Cyber Monday, but mostly I am sleepy and a little sick of eating turkey. I think I may be getting old.

I couldn’t skip this deal, though—today Target has all of their 15 Days of Socks Advent Calendars marked down to just $10.50 each, and while I’m not positive this is true, it sure looks like they have the largest variety of ’em this year that they’ve ever had. Choose from a ton of different themes and options for men, women, kids, everyone. Everything seems to be in stock, too.

You’ll get free shipping on your $35+ order, or you can order to your local store for pickup. And yes, they have lots of other deals, but you know how I am about socks.

Today, shop for you

Yesterday was probably all about knocking out some holiday gifts. If you’re like me, today you realized you need a few things you forgot to look for because you were so busy focusing on everyone else. Not to worry! Need to freshen up that underwear drawer? Aerie’s 10 for $35 panties deal is back, and while the price on their deal has crept up a bit over the years, 1) there’s free shipping on every order and 2) it’s pretty hard to argue with just $3.50/pair for quality undies.

I shop this deal every time it comes around, because the Aerie boybriefs are my favorite. Just remember (if you’re new to them) that their sizing is for juniors, so us, ahem, mature ladyfolk will want to go up a size.

Everything else on their site is on sale, too. Happy shopping!

I’m leaving them for you

Listen, I will not be ordering 5 pounds of the best gummy bears on the planet (oh, sorry, they call them “gummi bears” because they’re fancy). I won’t even order them today when they’re just under $10 after you clip the available $2 coupon, and even cheaper with Subscribe & Save. Just because 5 pounds of delicious gummy bears would only cost me $8.29, shipped to my door, does not mean I have to buy them.

Just because they’re a great deal and 12 different flavors doesn’t mean I need 5 pounds of gummy bears. I mean, yes, I would buy them “for the kids,” but we all know that means I would end up eating them, and I do not need 5 pounds of gummy bears.

But, uh, maybe you do? Maybe you have the self control I lack?

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