More Advent awesomeness, LEGO-style

If the little book Advent calendars I posted a few days ago aren’t your kid’s style, maybe you’d prefer some LEGO deals? No problem—right now Amazon has marked both of this year’s LEGO City Advent Calendar and LEGO Friends Advent Calendar sets down to just $19.97. That’s not just their lowest price, I’ll gently remind you that these sets regularly sell out ahead of Christmas, leaving you to get scalped on eBay or go without.

My son absolutely lived for these when he was little. I did pick one up at some point when he’d probably outgrown them, and each morning in December a strange tableau awaited me as he got more and more creative with arranging the spoils, but I guess he’s really too old for it, now. Maybe.

Because I love them, except for the prices

Would I like to buy all of my exercise gear and swimsuits and loungewear from Athleta? Yeah, I would. Do I? I do not, because I cannot afford to. (Though I do have a sport bikini from them for which I paid a pretty penny, and it looks brand new even though I’ve had it for years, and you can pry it out of my cold, dead hands.)

Maybe you feel the same way, but today can be your lucky day, because is sponsoring a giveaway of five $50 e-gift cards to Athleta! Just head over to their official giveaway page to enter your email for a chance to win one. Contest is open through this Friday, and winners will be selected at random on Monday.

I’m an affiliate so I can’t enter, which makes me a wee bit bitter, but if one of you won I’d get over it. Go win!

My kind of Advent calendar(s)

This may just be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and as a book lover, I cannot resist its tiny charms. Did you know that there’s a Disney Storybook Collection Advent Calendar filled with real, miniature books? A book every day for 24 days! And while it’s all Disney stuff, and big corporate overlords, etc., I still love it. Also, at its currently marked down price of just $20, I’d say that’s a darn good price for 24 books. (OHMYGOSH there’s also one that’s entirely made up of Frozen stories.) (Edit: I just found a Nickelodeon-themed one for even less—just $15.20!) (Another edit: here’s a Marvel one if you prefer superheroes.)

I feel like my adult children probably would not appreciate such a thing. Darnit. But if you still have little ones at home, you’re welcome.

Calling all dinosaur fans!

Prime Day may be over (I ordered so many little things over the last couple of days I half expected my credit card company to call, but perhaps they have me marked down as “frenzied stocking stuffer shopping in October and November” already?), but the deals at Amazon keep going. Anyone who’s been reading here a long time likely remembers my great fondness for the pop-up books of Sabuda & Reinhart, as they combine two of my favorite things—great reading and beautiful art.

Today Amazon has their Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs available for just $19.50 with a clippable coupon code another $3.84 off. That’s just $15.66 for a book with a MSRP of $43! And it will be one you cherish and pass down, too. It’s stunning.

It almost—almost!—makes me wish I had grandchildren.

Happy Prime Day, all day

It’s here! Today and tomorrow (okay, already I’m confused, because it’s two days, not one…) it’s Prime Day at Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll have access to some of their lowest prices of the year. Just go to the deals page and have at it.

A few caveats, of course: Buyer (continue to be) beware, because some of the “deals” aren’t as good as they appear (I found something that was $30 yesterday, $23 today, and claiming it’s 50% off…) or aren’t direct from Amazon and still have shipping charges. Just pay attention. Plus, some deals are good all day and some are Lightning Deals, so just be aware of that.

If you’ve been wanting another Echo Dot, those are down to just $24 today with a smart plug. (I admit if I think about it too hard I don’t love that it’s always listening to us, but I find it useful to have.) Also, if you’ve been thinking about noise-canceling headphones, I have an earlier generation of these Bose ones and $200 is a steal. So there are definitely some great deals to be had. Happy hunting!

A bevy of book deals? You betcha!

I hardly need an excuse to buy books from Amazon, but if there’s deals to be had, so much the better. I managed to catch this one because I actually ordered a book last week that’s now coming up as part of this deal, so did I reorder with more books and will I return the first one? Yes. Yes, I will. I’m that cheap.

Here you go: Right now there’s over a thousand books at Amazon eligible for a buy-2-get-1-free deal, and if you can’t find 3 books you need in there, I don’t know what to tell you. Personally I might know someone who is always looking for a way to make the fairly expensive Dungeons & Dragons tomes (of which there are a seemingly endless number…) a little more affordable, and this does that. But there’s definitely something for everyone, from kids’ books to cookbooks and everything in-between.

Just add three of them to your cart and the cost of the cheapest one comes off at checkout. And if you’re holiday shopping, don’t forget to opt for slower shipping to get $3 in digital credit!

A quick site note

Hello! Some stuff has been happening behind the scenes in the last week or so, and a few things on the site are now running differently. This shouldn’t affect you much, but if you find anything that is obviously broken, feel free to let me know.

Also: Hi! We’re getting closer to holiday shopping and I am excited to be here more in the coming weeks.

It’s practically the holidays, right?

Time has lost all meaning. 2020 has dragged on for forty years. I know less every day. Still, I have recently begun to look forward to the holidays, because I need something to look forward to, and they’re actually not that far off. So what am I doing? I’m shopping for stocking stuffers. Why not?

Amazon currently has this 4-pack of Gorilla Glue minis available for just $5.27 shipped if you have Prime, which is its lowest price ever, plus it’s 4 stocking stuffers, boom, you’re on your way. We like Gorilla Glue better than Super Glue for those annoying little projects that pop up, so these are handy to have around and I know they’ll get used. Plus, I always put some Gorilla Glue in my husband’s stocking, because I’m a romantic.

Alternatively, you can use them to glue all your doors shut to keep the world and the pandemic out. Whatever.

Life Is Good(er) with these savings

If you love all things Life Is Good—and why wouldn’t you, when they make all manner of happy clothing in impossibly soft cotton—you won’t want to miss their current sale, where items are marked as much as 40% off. On top of that, coupon code SMILE takes another 20% off of sale prices. And shipping is automatically free on every order!

If you’re ready to start shopping for the holidays, the best deals are on “Class of 2020” gear (they have some really funny options), plus shirts and jammies that are Christmas-themed—which means you could scoop up some really good deals early enough that you’ll almost certainly forget where you put them by December. Um. I mean, I would never have that problem, and I’m sure you wouldn’t either. Ahem.

I don’t judge

Listen, it’s been a long year. We all have our coping mechanisms. If yours is chocolate, I say good for you. And so if you need a giant jar of Nutella, especially when it’s marked down to an all-time-low price of just $6.63, I say enjoy.

I also say I would never just eat it straight from the jar, but who can say if that’s true? You’ll never catch me.

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