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While you’re stocking up…

… and possibly preparing for a quarantine or “isolation” or whatever you’d like to call it, don’t forget to make sure you have some family fun available so you don’t end up eating your offspring. Might I suggest the tabletop game Mysterium, which you probably don’t already have but is a super fun 2-7 player game? It’s highly rated and Amazon is currently selling it for $25.88 (half price!), its lowest price there to date. It’s for ages 10+ and I especially like that it’s a cooperative game, where everyone loses or wins, together. Check it out.

(Notice I am not suggesting you hoard toilet paper. Ahem.)

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Get your (value) charge on

With the caveat that this is a slower charger than most–it charges the batteries in 4-8 hours vs. some of the newer chargers which can do a full charge in just a couple of hours–this Duracell battery charger and 4 AA batteries bundle is definitely worth the current price at Amazon of just $8.76. It’s also (weirdly) available on Subscribe & Save, which means you can save up to another 15%, making it just $7.45 shipped if you have Prime, which is worth it for the batteries alone even if you never once use the charger.

This is about half the regular price, and a great way to convert more of your batteries to rechargeables (if you haven’t already).

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If you have pets…

… this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen this one-gallon jug of Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain Carpet Shampoo listed at, and this stuff is ah-may-zing. Both of my dogs are getting pretty old and trust me when I say my carpet steamer gets used quite a bit. I love Nature’s Miracle more than is probably reasonable, but when you love old dogs but do not love the idea that your carpet is somehow permanently soaked in urine, whatcha gonna do?

Anyway, at the moment it’s marked down to just $4.98, plus you can save up to another 15% if you buy via Subscribe & Save, and I promise your pets and your carpets will thank you.

(This is an utterly unsolicited and uncompensated review, because I just use and love this stuff. Pinky swear.)

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If you’ve ever wanted noise-cancelling…

… but you couldn’t stomach the thought/price of super-expensive noise-cancelling headphones, I’ve got a deal for you. (If you’re wondering why you’d want noise-cancelling, or if it’s important, let me just tell you that the first time I flew in an airplane with noise-cancelling headphones I wondered where they’d been all my life.)

Amazon has these TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones available for $48, but if you apply coupon code PSXIGLQM in-cart, they drop to just $26. Are they as good as the $200+ options out there? Likely not, but reviews suggest they’re a decent option at the $48 price-point, so it’s a hard deal to beat at just $26.

(P.S. Hello! I had a nice time over the holidays with my friends and family, and I hope you did, too.)

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A sneaky little sale at Amazon

I found this one completely by accident; I realized I was almost out of Nivea cocoa butter in-shower body lotion, which is something I picked up on a deal at some point and then absolutely ended up adoring. (I am not a morning person. Putting on lotion while I’m still in the shower saves me time and brain cells, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover this stuff keeps your skin soft and smooth all day long.) Anyway, I went to buy some more and there was a little bit of fine print saying that if you buy three, you get another $5 off.

I was already planning to get it on Subscribe & Save—meaning I would save another 15% because I always have at least 5 items in my monthly order—and so by the time I was done, I got this lotion that normally costs me around $5 each for a grand total of $7 shipped for three of them. That’s my kind of deal.

Don’t want that lotion? That’s okay; it turns out there’s over 80 items eligible for the buy 3, get an extra $5 off promotion (mostly skin and baby stuff). And unlike a lot of other Amazon deals like this, you can use it more than once! I went back for some face wash, later.

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The Want Not Review: Stitch Fix

Listen, I know. I am way late to the party. Everyone and their cousins have already tried Stitch Fix and I am the last person on earth to try them. I’m aware. There are some good reasons for my hesitation, though.

1) I am cheap. Like, hello, I am super, super cheap. I knew I wasn’t going to want to pay full retail. And while I knew that keeping the whole box meant a 25% discount, I thought it unlikely that even a ninja stylist could knock it out of the park on five whole pieces.

2) I actually love to shop. Some people don’t, and Stitch Fix is a good idea for them, but I don’t mind. And now that I’m Poshmarking in earnest, I shop regularly and I find plenty of stuff I love.

3) I have a pretty good idea of how to dress myself. Again, some people don’t, and again, Stitch Fix is an awesome option for those folks who need style help.

So clearly, Stitch Fix was not for me. Still, I remained intrigued. And while the normal bonus you can pass to your friends is $25, one of my pals had a limited-time $50 bonus to share, so I decided to go for it. (more…)

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Cheap eyeglasses just got cheaper

It was many, many moons ago when I first ordered a whole mess of glasses in the name of science and then came back here and told you about them. (11 years ago! Time sure does fly when you are old and tired, I tell you what.) Since then, Zenni Optical has only gotten better—more options, faster shipping, great customer service (I had a pair with an issue and they replaced it for me), and even the occasional coupon code. My entire family wears glasses from Zenni. (They now have a Pride collection with 100% of proceeds from those frame sales going to the It Gets Better Project, which really sealed the deal for me.)

Anyway! Whether you need spares, some new sunglasses, readers—oh, and do upgrade to the Blue Blockers for your computer glasses (I just got mine a few months ago and I love them)—anything at all in glasses-land, you will love them. And right now, you can save 20% with coupon code FRIENDS20.

I don’t need new glasses, but with the 20% off… well… I’m sure I can find something….

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I wish there was Miracle-Gro for other stuff

Hello! I hope you had a pleasant weekend. Mine was pretty good, and then this morning my fridge died, so I have been spending hours doing things like calling repair places and packing coolers with all the food we just bought instead of, oh, I don’t know, working. So that’s fun. Not that I’m bitter, or anything.

But now someone is coming in a few hours and I can concentrate on other things. Like, say, learning that apparently I am supposed to be fertilizing the trees and shrubs in front of our house. I thought that the dogs were taking care of that for me, but apparently not. Anyway! Right now Amazon has 12-packs of Miracle-Gro fertilizer spikes for trees & shrubs available for $5.40 shipped, so that seems pretty awesome, given that they normally cost about a buck a spike. This seems like an excellent way for me to pretend I’m taking care of our “landscaping” (I feel like the quotation marks are necessary because none of it is planned…) without doing much in the way of work.

Still, I think the dogs should pay for them.

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Instant Pot, Instant Pot

I must admit that I still haven’t hopped on the Instant Pot bandwagon. I own five crock pots (yes, really) (listen, they’re all different!) and I work from home and they still serve me well. But for folks who need to go from “what should we have for dinner?” to “come and get it” in a flash, I definitely see the appeal.

So various Instant Pot deals come and go, but what caught my eye today in the Amazon Gold Box is that they’ve got three different sizes on a Daily Deal, including the adorable 3-quart version at just $48, which would be perfect for those of you who don’t need the big honkin’ versions. Like, if I wanted one and I could manage to get my adult children to fully vacate my house for any period of time, this is definitely the one I’d grab. Then again, my kids seem to keep turning up again and again, so I guess I’ll stick to my 6-quart Ninja cooker for now.

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The best moisturizer at the lowest price

Gooood morning! Life is getting away from me these days, what with various “real world” people and things needing my attention. Hmph. I do apologize for neglecting you.

Also I apologize that this isn’t a sexier kind of deal—because, I mean, aren’t we more thrilled about a huge discount on a luxury item than an unusual but small discount on an everyday item?—but also I am not sorry because I love this stuff. That said, here you go: Right now Amazon has their 19-ounce tub of CeraVe cream listed at $15.07, which is their average price. But you can save up to another 15% on Subscribe & Save, plus Prime members get an additional $2.61 (oddly specific, Amazon, but I’m not complaining) off on their first order for some reason. The end result? Just $10.20 to your door if you play your cards right.

So if you’re unfamiliar with CeraVe, it’s pretty much the gold standard for “Oh you need a moisturizer but you have sensitive skin? Use this.” You know how those itty-bitty bottles of “facial moisturizers” cost a bajillion dollars? My dermatologist prescribed me a bunch of stuff for my face (which, the older I get, the more problematic my facial skin becomes; yay for aging) and then when I asked about moisturizer, told me to use this. You absolutely can use it all over, but as I’m less sensitive elsewhere I just use it on my face, and let me tell you, 19 ounces lasts a long time when you only use it for that. Plus it’s the only thing I’ve ever used that works and doesn’t cause irritation. I love it. I love it so much, I’m buying another tub because it’s so cheap, even though I’m not even close to being through my first one.

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