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Food processors for everyone

Full disclosure: I’m a Cuisinart gal. I’ve had the same Cuisinart food processor since… ummmm… grad school, maybe? A long time, is my point. And if you’re not a person who cooks I can see where it might seem like an extraneous kitchen electric, but I use mine all the time. The Cuisinart is how I finally mastered a decent pie crust. The Cuisinart is how I grate giant blocks of cheese I buy on sale. The Cuisinart is the secret to a great latke and a perfect slaw and a divine pesto. I could go on, but you get the point.

That said, I came across this KitchenAid 7-cup food processor today at Amazon for $57.93, and that’s its lowest price ever and about 40% off where you’ll find it elsewhere. KitchenAid is a similarly reliable brand so I’m okay recommending that one, but of course I also had to peek and see where the comparable Cuisinart was. Turns out this Cuisinart 8-cup food processor is also at its lowest Amazon price ever of $65—not quite as huge a discount beyond other sellers, but pretty good—if you’re a brand loyalist and/or you want one a little bigger.

Either way, if you’re in the market, they’re worth checking out. (Seriously, grate your own cheese. You’ll save enough money to pay for the food processor several times over.)

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For serious tailgaters/picnic-ers/hunters/etc.

Do you need a Serious Cooler™ but aren’t quite ready to sell your children or vehicles so that you can afford a Yeti? Are you looking for the intersection between durability and price?

Today Amazon is offering this 16-quart Stanley Adventure Cooler in green at just $40—its lowest price ever. While this isn’t quite large enough to be a large-party-crowd cooler, it’ll hold 21 cans and keep them cold for up to 36 hours (!). It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so once you own one, you’ll never need to replace it. I also like how it has a row of bungee cords across the lid so you can strap in your Stanley thermos or other items, too. (I think it’d be perfect for a couple of beach towels or some snacks.)

Then again, I live on the surface of the sun, where we take our coolers very seriously. You may not need one quite so fancy if you live somewhere a little more moderate in temperature.

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Listen up (with over-ear headphones)

Earbuds are convenient—they’re small, and you can tuck a set in your purse or pocket—but personally I don’t want to stick something in my ears for longer than a few minutes. If I’m going to listen to music for a while or be on a long call, I’d much rather wear headphones. I find them more comfortable than jamming plastic directly into my ear canals, and I think they do a better job of blocking ambient noise, too.

That said, high-end headphones can be ridiculously pricey, and while I hesitate to spend that kind of money on myself, I for sure don’t want to spend that kind of money on my kids (who—even as college students—manage to break every pair of headphones or earbuds in about a year). Enter this deal on Artix foldable headphones with inline microphone that Amazon has right now: At about $16 and with an average 4.3-star review (at over 800 reviews), that’s not too bad. But apply coupon code LOGJ7IUZ to the blue, pink, or purple ones, and your total will be just $8.50, which is ridiculous. (The turquoise and orange ones are excluded.) Not only do they work with all your favorite devices, they can fold up for easy storage, and the cord is a tangle-and-breakage-resistant nylon to avoid the pesky “oh I dunno, these were stuffed in my backpack all year, I have no idea why the wire broke” blues.

Bear in mind that these will not be suitable for adults with large noggins, but it looks like for older kids or smallish adults they’re definitely a bargain.

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Hello! Do you need a robot?

Hi there! Did I disappear for a week? I did. I’m sorry. As is the Production Code, the show I’m doing opened just as I commenced dying* from a terrible, gross cold. The good news is that I drank all the tea in the world and survived, but the bad news is that I guess I hope you didn’t want any tea. Also that I hope you didn’t need me last week.

Anyhoo! Now that I’ve decided to live I thought I should come back with a super fun deal, because why not? I mean, sure, sometimes you need stuff, but sometimes you just want stuff. I, for example, have done about the same amount of basic housework in the last couple of weeks as my dogs, which is to say that—save for accidentally producing a few tumbleweeds of hair which we could maybe call decoration…? No?—none at all. If I’d had this robot vacuum here I could’ve at least claimed that I vacuumed, even though it would’ve just involved pressing a button.

Said robot is currently priced at $250, which is the regular price and not very exciting, but if you use coupon code 7SSBEOEO you’ll save $90, bringing it down to $160, which is actually a pretty darn good deal. Now, bear in mind that this is unlikely to replace a standard vacuum—the issue, thus far, with the robotic ones is that the dirt cup just isn’t all that big—but to keep things tidy while you’re busy hacking up a lung, hey. Not bad. If you’re in the market for such a thing (pro tip: this is one of my favorite things to give as a wedding gift, as it’s a perfect “I wouldn’t spend my own money on it because it’s a luxury but it’s sure nice to have” item), this is a sweet deal.

*I was not actually dying. I am just dramatic. But I hear when you’re in a show, that’s a good thing, right?

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Because my whole life is now about toothbrushing

Did I mention that I got Invisalign about a month ago? I did. And I’m looking forward to having straight teeth in the near future. But in the immediate present, I spend an inordinate amount of time brushing my teeth. I feel like it’s my new hobby.

(I’ll spare you the details for now, but at some point I will be writing quite a bit about my Invisalign experience, so do let me know if you’d like to know when that happens—it will be over on Alpha Mom, not here.)

Anyway, when you are obsessed with brushing your teeth, you also become obsessed with toothbrushes. If you’ve been looking for a deal on an electric toothbrush, I’ve got one for you right here: Today Amazon has the Philips Sonicare 2 Series plaque control rechargeable electric toothbrush marked down to just $29—its lowest price ever—and there’s also a clippable $5 coupon, bringing it down to just $24 shipped.

This particular model averages 4.3/5 stars with over 5,500 reviews, and it doesn’t get much better than that. You don’t even have to be brushing your teeth ten times a day like me to justify this deal!

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A tale of fancy headphones

Once upon a time, my audiophile husband became convinced that he needed some super-fancy noise-canceling headphones. As someone who finds the earbuds that came with my phone perfectly sufficient, I was skeptical. But at some point I redeemed a bunch of Discover Cashback to make said headphones an affordable gift, and he got them for either his birthday or Christmas and was thrilled.

In fact, he raved about them constantly. He especially went on and on about how amazing they were for flying. The noise-canceling, he said, was a complete game-changer. “I don’t feel tired when we land. I think it’s because I can’t hear the droning of the engines the whole time.” I remained skeptical, but as the headphones in question had cost $300 or so, I was glad he was happy with them. And then… I had to fly somewhere. And he lent me the headphones.

Y’all. I’m still perfectly happy with earbuds for listening to music on a walk, or whatever. But you put these headphones on your head on a plane and turn the noise-canceling switch on and it goes completely silent. I don’t even necessarily listen to anything when I use them on a plane—I sometimes just use the noise-canceling so I don’t have to listen to everything else. You have no idea how loud it is on a plane until you’ve used these headphones to make it quiet.

The magic device in question is the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, and as Bose has gone through several more iterations since they first came out, the good news is that they’re down to just $170 at Amazon, now (their lowest price ever). [Edited to add: Amazon has now matched Best Buy’s price, so buy it there or at Best Buy. Thanks for the heads up, Amy!] Still crazy expensive, but let me remind you that I paid $300 for my husband’s. But, the even better news is that today’s Best Buy Doorbusters features these headphones at just $150.

If you want a great deal on comfortable noise-canceling headphones that really work, this is the deal to beat.

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Keep your eye on the Gold Box (spoiler: Instant Pots)

It wouldn’t be a big deal day without all of the deals in the Amazon Gold Box, and the Lightning Deals are flying fast and furious in there, too.

But perhaps the best news is that when I asked what everyone was looking for this shopping season and a ton of you said you wanted Instant Pot deals. Ask and ye shall receive! Today at Amazon the Gold Box holds lowest-price-ever deals on both the 8-quart Instant Pot (down to $82, plus I’m seeing a Warehouse Deals option with damaged packaging for just $70!) and the 3-quart Instant Pot (down to $49).

Alternatively, if you—like me—are still on Team Slow Cooker, check out this 6-quart Crock-Pot Express for the all-time-low price of $50.

And here’s a Lightning Deal tip, too, in case you didn’t already know: Amazon recently made it so that you can’t isolate just those flash deals in a browser, but you can still view just the Lightning Deals in the mobile app if that’s your preference.

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You know I love a good Vornado

Okay, this one may not be a good holiday gift (or maybe it is; you do you), but right now Amazon has the Vornado 630 Mid-Size Whole Room Air Circulator Fan on sale right now for $40 (its lowest price ever).

If you’re unfamiliar with Vornado, they used to call them the “ceiling fan on the floor,” because it doesn’t just blow air, it really does circulate it. Fun fact: When these fans first came out (or at least when they first started showing up in stores in the US, anyway), I was 17 and working in a department store. We used to plug a Vornado in right in front of the display of boxes, tip it straight up, and then set a beach ball above it to show how the vortex of air could hold it steady above the fan. It really does cool an entire room (and the beach ball thing is a neat party trip).

I know you’re probably freezing right now (I mean, I am), but if you need a good fan when it gets warm again, this would be an excellent choice.

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Keep your eyes on the Gold Box

Obviously the Amazon Gold Box is going to be on fire this week, but I had to chuckle when I clicked over there this morning—one of today’s “Deal of the Day” items is this Anova bluetooth Sous Vide and I need to tell you something about it.

First of all, do you need an immersion circulator? No. You don’t. I mean, I don’t think anyone needs sous vide cooking in their lives. It’s clearly a specialized cooking implement and the fact that it’s now $95 instead of $150 means absolutely nothing if you don’t already love cooking and want one. So I’m not suggesting this to anyone whose reaction to this post was a hearty, “What the heck is a sous vide??”

But second of all, my husband bought one of these for me last year because 1) I really like to cook and 2) I watch entirely too many Food Network shows, and I’m a convert. Steaks melt like butter when you sous vide them before finishing them on the grill. Fish is fully infused with your seasonings and perfectly cooked. And vegetables taste like they were professionally prepared even though, hey, I just threw them in a Ziploc with some herbs.

So no, no one needs a sous vide. (And yes, I laughed my behind off about it having bluetooth, but you control it with a phone app and then the phone lets you know when it’s done cooking!) On the other hand, I’ve been known to whisper sweet nothings to my Anova when no one is looking, so I’m just… letting you know about that.

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They should call it the scruff-tamer

Okay, so, here’s an example of a time I’m really glad my son doesn’t bother to look at my website.

I’ve been shopping for months, doing research and looking at different models, because my son is… ahhhh… not so much about shaving. And that’s fine—you do you, kid!—but he does periodically ask for some assistance in cleaning up a little. I think there’s a fine line between “millennial with a charmingly offhand goatee” and “possibly homeless teen,” so I’m all for keeping things tidy as easily as possible.

In addition, he already owns an electric razor, which was ditched after about a year when he discovered that he really doesn’t like shaving. And now he has no idea where it is. Which doesn’t drive me insane at all. (Ahem.)

So! I’ve had a few different models of beard trimmers in my Amazon cart for a few months. Remington has led the pack, for the most part. On the one hand, this Platinum Beard Boss is the highest-rated of the trimmers in contention, and there was even a coupon running on it for a while, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that much in case the new trimmer ends up joining the old razor in oblivion. On the other hand, this Crafter Beard Boss, although smaller and less fancy, has overall good reviews and just dropped to its lowest price ever of $21. I can live with that, and given that things haven’t gone full-on Lumberjack (at least yet?), I think it’ll be sufficient. One more Christmas gift down.

Will he ever use it away at college if I’m not around to nag him? Probably not. Let’s not think about it.

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