While you’re stocking up…

By Mir
March 11, 2020

… and possibly preparing for a quarantine or “isolation” or whatever you’d like to call it, don’t forget to make sure you have some family fun available so you don’t end up eating your offspring. Might I suggest the tabletop game Mysterium, which you probably don’t already have but is a super fun 2-7 player game? It’s highly rated and Amazon is currently selling it for $25.88 (half price!), its lowest price there to date. It’s for ages 10+ and I especially like that it’s a cooperative game, where everyone loses or wins, together. Check it out.

(Notice I am not suggesting you hoard toilet paper. Ahem.)


  1. I LOVE games for more then 4-5 people! We often can use games up to 7 people when we’re all together….that said, its no longer at that price. Womp-womp.

    • It is currently back at the sale price!

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