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A tabletop gamer’s game deal

Love strategy games for the family? Been looking for something in the flavor of Mice & Mystics for your next gaming adventure, but at a great price?

Today Amazon has Stuffed Fables available for just $36.62 shipped. (For reference: Its MSRP is $70, and its historical average price is around $55.) This particular game has been out for about a year to critical acclaim, and although it’s hardly cheap, this is a great price and the lowest it’s ever gone.

Plus the little figurines included are amazing. Just sayin’.

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You’re gonna want it

Love LOFT? You’ll love it even more, today, because coupon code WANT will take 60% off already-reduced sale styles, plus every order gets free shipping. Deeply-discounted items are selling out fast, but there’s quite a lot of goodies from which to choose. Don’t wait if you’re wanting to shop, though.

Regular-price items are also half off, but I’d definitely start with the sale items.

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Bed and bath deals in an unlikely place

I love it when a store ends up having good deals on stuff you’d never think to buy there. I’m easily entertained, but there it is.

Like today—check out the slew of bed and bath deals at Home Depot, possibly the last place I’d think about buying sheets, normally. (“Oh, I need a new set of sheets and a belt sander. Time to head to Home Depot!”)

Not only do they have a ton of markdowns, there’s a bit of coupon weirdness happening there. Some of the items say you can apply coupon code BEDBATH15 for an additional 15% off, and some of them don’t; but so far in testing I’ve found most products in the sale are an additional 20% off with code BEDBATH20, either way. Neat, huh?

You can ship to your local store and pick up for free, or shipping is free on orders of $45+. I mean, I never thought I’d be buying Company Store towels at Home Depot, but when the deal strikes….

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The Warehouse just got better

Don’t mind buying repackaged/refurbished/dented to save some money? Same! So I’m always down to check out the Amazon Warehouse Deals, regardless, but today their normally pretty great deals just got even more awesome. Check out the assortment of “extra 20% off” items and prepare to snag an amazing deal.

Fun fact: My vacuum cleaner—an industrial Kirby, weighing roughly 500 pounds, and purchased around 20 years ago—finally broke a few weeks ago. I mean, it had a good long life. And my husband swears it can probably be fixed. But… it’s been in the garage in pieces ever since. Did I go research top-rated vacuums when I found this deal and end up buying an open-box SharkNinja TruePet for over $100 off? I sure did. Why? Because I’m deal-savvy, and because I’m tired of trying to keep my house clean with the little stick vac we keep in the kitchen.

But you do you and get what you need. Chances are there’s a bargain you won’t be able to pass up.

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Good news! We’re back just in time!

I have excellent news: After several weeks of (both metaphorically and literally) pulling my hair out, the emborkening of Want Not has been… uhhh… unborked. Three straight days of editing links by hand has led us to right now, where most everything is working again. (Not absolutely everything, but most things.) Hooray! Also, I am out of caffeine. Because I drank it all.

Anyway, now that things are functional again, I consider it a cosmic sign that today is the start of another round of coupons/deals at Kohls, because sure, they do this all the time, but still. (Let me have this moment, okay?)

Ready to save? Here you go:
Kohls charge card holders can use coupon code MITTENS30 for an extra 30% off, and code FREEMVCJAN for free shipping on any size order. Everyone gets free shipping on $75+, plus code SAVEBIG will take 20% off your $100+ order or 15% off, otherwise. Coupon code BABY10 will take $10 off eligible $30+ orders of baby/maternity items, and it stacks with percent off coupons.

As always, don’t forget to check out the clearance for your best deals. And if it’s holiday deals you’re after, don’t be alarmed by how little you see there—sometimes they forget to tag items as being on clearance. Here’s a handy link to Christmas clearance items for your browsing pleasure.

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It’s a Gold Box toy extravaganza!

Still putting together the last of the Christmas lists, or wanting to get the best bang for your buck for toy donations? Don’t miss today’s Amazon Gold Box offerings, where the very first Daily Deal is up to 40% off select popular toys and games. There are too many deals to mention, but whether you need a game, an action figure, an assortment of Nerf weapons, whatever, it’s probably on sale today. (Do note that many of the extremely cheap items are Add-Ons, but pick up some extras for donations at these prices.)

Happy hunting!

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Get ready to smile

Want a whiter smile for the holidays? Here’s a crazy deal on teeth-whitening, because why not:

Right now Amazon has this Bonus pack of Crest 3D Whitestrips available for $45 with an available $15 off coupon you can clip. That’s pretty good—$30 is close to its all-time-lowest price—but you can also apply coupon code 15SNWSTRP22 at checkout for another $15 off. Then you’re paying just $15 for the whole shebang.

I mean, it may not be the stocking-stuffer for everyone, but a deal’s a deal, man.

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National Free Shipping Day? Okay!

Honestly, it’s not like I normally have a problem getting to the minimum shipping threshold at the Gap family of stores—between the shared cart between Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic and the sorts of clothes I’m most often buying for my family it’s not a problem—but I’m sure not going to turn down my chance to pick up a few last-minute items on sale and with free shipping. So hop to it, today (Friday, December 14th) only!

Use coupon code SHIPDAY across all their sites to ship any size order for free. Old Navy has $8 holiday sweatshirts, tons of markdowns, and coupon code MORE will take 20% off any order of 30% off $75+. Banana Republic is taking an automatic 40% off everything and an additional 10% off sweaters. And Gap has up to 50% off everything, automatically, a slew of “mystery deals,” plus coupon code GIFTS takes another 20% off.

Honestly, what are you waiting for?

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You say Beauty Box, I say stocking stuffer

We’re coming into the home stretch of holiday prep, yes? Yes. (Pay no attention to the fact that our tree isn’t even up, yet. I’m getting there.)

Just in time for your final preparations for elf duty, Target’s got more Beauty Box offerings than ever, with options starting at just $5, and some boxes on Buy 1, Get Another 1/2 Off. Plus, shipping is free on everything.

Buy a box to split up among stockings. Buy a box as a gift. Buy a box for yourself! With these prices you can afford whatever you like. And who doesn’t love teeny weeny miniature products? The Grinch, that’s who.

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Is it Kohls time again? You betcha

Hello! Did I run off and leave you last week? I apologize. I’m in a show right now and last week was tech and then opening weekend and, well, if you’re not a theater person the easiest way I can describe it is that the week before a show opens is like cramming for finals and having your first baby all rolled up in one. Exhilarating! Amazing! But also exhausting! So. If it makes you feel any better, I also haven’t fed my family for a week. (See? Doesn’t feel so bad now, right?)

Anyway! I’ve slept and I’m back. And so is Kohls, right on time with the last big sale where you can expect to get shipping in time for Christmas. Eeeeeverything is on sale, of course, with endless pages of doorbusters, $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend plus free shipping on $50+, and then you can stack up the coupons to make it even better.

Kohls charge card holders can use coupon code JOY30 for an extra 30% off, and code DECFREEMVC for free shipping on any size order; everyone can use code USAVEMORE for 15% off any order or 20% off your $100+ order, plus—and I think this may be a first—coupon code HOME15 takes an additional 15% off most kitchen/dining items and it stacks with other percentage off coupons. So if you’re wanting a big-ticket kitchen item and you’re a card holder, you can use both JOY30 and HOME15 together. (Do remember that 30% + 15% does not equal 45% off, because they’ll take the 30% first and then the 15% off the remainder, but still, savings are savings.) Be aware that the extra home savings are only good through 11:59 tonight (Monday, December 10th).

I’m done shopping but, uh, I should probably go poke around just to see if there’s anything I forgot, right? Right.

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