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I’m not saying you should

… I’m just happening to mention that if you’re interested in acquiring Monopoly: Cheaters Edition, right now it’s marked down to just $10.07 at Amazon, and it’s also offering me an additional coupon for $2.01 more off (I really appreciate that extra penny, Amazon, thanks!), too. (I suspect that’s a Prime thing.) (The coupon, not the extra penny.) The ratings on it are overwhelmingly favorable.

Anyway, I don’t know that I’ve played Monopoly since my kids were little, but for about $8 and with some shenanigans thrown in, I may have to get back to it.

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Get cozy (for less)

Man, I haven’t popped over to Kohls during coupon time in forever, so I was long past due. Lo and behold, their bestselling The Big One Down Alternative Comforters are on sale for just $30, any size. That’s already pretty good, but I’m about to make it positively can’t-turn-it-down great for you.

If you need two of them, that takes you over $50, which means you can apply coupon code HOME15 for an extra $15 off. And then Kohls card holders can use coupon code GOLDEN30 for 30% off any order. Code OCTMVCFREE gives card holders free shipping on any order, so you could be looking at two comforters for just over $35 shipped. Sweet.

Don’t need comforters? Go buy something else. You’re not going to hurt my feelings any, plus there’s $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend.

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No need to thank me

It’s finally October, which means the holidays are—believe it or not—right around the corner, which means you will surely be attending a party with a White Elephant gift exchange in the next few months. The challenge there is always to bring the most ridiculous item, yes? I’ve got you.

Did you know that blindfolded Twister was a thing? Apparently it is, and today it’s half price at Amazon. Your ridiculous-item-for-under-$10 prayers have been answered, probably before you even knew you had them. You’re welcome!

If you want actual games rather than just ridiculousness, there’s a bunch of other Hasbro game markdowns happening over there. Connect Four is $5.50, Trouble is $7, Retro Battleship (man, I loved that game) is $11, Cheaters Edition Monopoly (I’m intrigued) is $10, and more. Time to stock up for rainy/snowy/sick days!

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Well, they got me

Remember when Soma had that birthday celebration where you could get a bra for just $15, and their website kept crashing and it took forever to check out but maybe you ended up with a deal if you persevered? I want to say it took me about 15 tries to check out that day, but I managed it. And damn it, that bra is the best one I’ve ever owned. (This one, if you must know. Crazy comfortable, and my rack hasn’t looked this good in decades.) (I like how we’ve been together long enough that I can just get on the Internet and talk to you about my boobs. What a special relationship we all have.)

Ahem. Anyway, just as I’m sure Soma wanted, I am now watching them closely so I can purchase more of these magic bras, but not for regular price, of course. Today I got a pop-up offering to give me 20% off and free shipping if I signed up for their emails, so I did. Also they’re having a huge sale with lots of BOGOs.

Do with this information what you will. I’ll be over here trying to reason with myself about how many more of these bras I truly need.

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I’ll take free shipping for… um, free

I cannot tell a lie: When TJ Maxx first opened up a storefront online, I wasn’t thrilled. What could possibly rival the endcaps in the store itself? What about that time I found a winter coat missing a button that had been marked down multiple times, and I ended up getting it for $3? Online couldn’t compare.

Well, eventually their online clearance caught up—maybe not quite to the $3 winter coat level, but you know—and I began quietly stalking them. And then every now and then they offer free shipping, and then it’s on. Like today! That’s right, today (Tuesday, September 17th) only, get automatic free shipping on any size order at TJ Maxx online. There’s tons of clearance. Um, maybe a little less since I went shopping just now. But hey, did I knock out some Christmas gifts? I sure did. (Listen, I’m not passing up $50 shoes for my kid for $15, or Under Armour gear at about two-thirds off retail.)

Did I also put a wide variety of dog-decorated bed linens into my cart before reminding myself that even if a pair of pillowcases is only $5, that doesn’t mean I have to buy them? Maybe.

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A sneaky little sale at Amazon

I found this one completely by accident; I realized I was almost out of Nivea cocoa butter in-shower body lotion, which is something I picked up on a deal at some point and then absolutely ended up adoring. (I am not a morning person. Putting on lotion while I’m still in the shower saves me time and brain cells, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover this stuff keeps your skin soft and smooth all day long.) Anyway, I went to buy some more and there was a little bit of fine print saying that if you buy three, you get another $5 off.

I was already planning to get it on Subscribe & Save—meaning I would save another 15% because I always have at least 5 items in my monthly order—and so by the time I was done, I got this lotion that normally costs me around $5 each for a grand total of $7 shipped for three of them. That’s my kind of deal.

Don’t want that lotion? That’s okay; it turns out there’s over 80 items eligible for the buy 3, get an extra $5 off promotion (mostly skin and baby stuff). And unlike a lot of other Amazon deals like this, you can use it more than once! I went back for some face wash, later.

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Because we spoil our furbabies

We have an entire basket of toys for our dogs, by which I mean a whole basket of toys for Licorice. Duncan is content to throw a toy around or just sit and chew on a corner of it. Licorice, on the other hand, must perform emergency squeakerectomies and fluff extractions on every toy she encounters. And this is why our basket of dog toys lives on the counter instead of on the floor.

Anyway! There is no toy truly safe from Licorice no matter the claims of durability, but I do like the goDog toys with Chew Guard. And today Amazon has the goDog small pink alligator on sale for just $2.62 shipped if you have Prime. I’ve already ordered two, because… well, you know why.

If you have a cat, may I suggest that you instead opt to drive them crazy with this SmartyKat Electronic Motion Cruisin’ Critter for $2.74? If I didn’t think Licorice would eat it, I’d get her one of those, too.

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Happy birthday, Soma!

If you, like me, are both 1) constantly on the hunt for the perfect, comfortable bra and 2) constantly aghast at the cost of the average bra and all the online articles telling you a bra should be tossed after a year (a year!!?), get yourself and your ladies over to Soma today, pronto. To celebrate their 15th birthday, they’re offering any Soma brand bra for just $15, while supplies last. Limit one per customer, but apply coupon code 38010 at checkout for the deal.

I was skeptical of the “while supplies last” bit because are they going to run out of their own stuff?, but I suspect they have a limited number set aside for this promotion, because the first three bras I tried to get were all “sold out” in my size. Go now, before there’s nothing left.

[Edited to add: The site is getting slammed and so it is slow and/or unavailable quite a bit. Keep trying! Also, if you happen to have ShopRunner, they offer free shipping at $25+, so you may want to check out the Clearance or other things you need to avoid the shipping charge.]

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Can you see me now?

Helloooooo! It’s been a while. I’ve been doing outside-the-computer things, like going on vacation with my family and discovering that I need either much longer arms or significantly stronger reading glasses. (Getting older is fun!) I have lots to fill you in on, but let’s start with the glasses.

So: We have vision insurance. Great, right? Except of course it doesn’t cover much of what we need (hello, family of four in varying configurations of glasses and contacts). When I went for my recent eye exam, I knew that 1) I was going to need new glasses and 2) I was unlikely to get them at the optical place we use because our insurance is mediocre and they are expensive. What I ended up doing was using the insurance at that shop to get new sunglasses (which still cost me a bunch…), and then I went online to get my new reading glasses. For less than I paid after insurance for one pair of glasses, I got two new pairs of readers online. And they’re cute! (Also, pro tip: Spring for the “blue blockers” if you work on the computer a lot. It has made a huge difference for me in terms of eye strain and fatigue.)

I know I sang the praises of Zenni for a long time, here—and I do still love them!—but I think my new favorite is Firmoo. One of my regular daily pairs is from there, and my new readers are, too. And they recently started a referral program that lets me pass on exclusive coupons to you! So! If you need glasses, you can pop on over to Firmoo (for some reason coupons apply to the frames on this page only) and use coupon code Miriam946 to get 50% off your first order. They’re also running a BOGO, but I think that only covers frames, while this is half off your entire order.

Anyway, now that I can see again, I think I’ll be back here more often.

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Prime Day, all day (tomorrow, too)

Oh my goodness, I’ve been so busy I almost forgot all about Prime Day! It means that today and tomorrow the Amazon Gold Box is stuffed full to bursting with crazy deals exclusively available to Prime members.

The goodies are too numerous to count (plus new ones are popping up all the time), but I’ve already gone and snagged a few daily deals. Some of you who have given me a hard time about my addiction to cleaning wipes (ha!) should be pleased to know I’ve finally switched to these Green Works compostable wipes, which are available at an all-time-low price today of $8.60/shipped (that’s a nickel a wipe!). Also I know Licorice will still spit out her meds, but whatever, I grabbed these Greenies pill pockets for $10.84 (half off). (In case you’re wondering, Duncan doesn’t require pill pockets. Duncan eats everything. Duncan will eat rocks if you let him. Duncan is cute, but not very smart.)

Anyway, deals deals deals, you know the drill. Happy hunting!

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