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There’s still time to score for Mom

Whether you still need something for Mom or you just have some random shopping to do (something for the house, or new clothes for the kids, or something for yourself!), thank goodness there’s almost always a big sale event at Kohls.

Right now they’ve got the usual sales and doorbusters happening, plus you’ll earn $10 Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend, plus coupons galore. Have a Kohls charge card? (If not, why on earth not? It’s the only store card I have, because the coupons make it 100% worth it.) Use coupon code MOM30 for an extra 30% off and code MAYMVCFREE for free shipping on any size order. No card? You can still get free shipping on your $75+ order, plus use code DAYLIGHT15 for 15% off. Everyone can stack code MOMSDAY10 for $10 off your qualifying $50+ Mother’s Day purchase, code PATIOSAVE50 for $50 off your $200+ qualifying patio furniture purchase, or JEWELRY20 for an additional 20% off fine or silver jewelry.

Even better, many items are available for online order and store pickup, so if you need something in a hurry, they’ve got you covered. Not that you would ever leave anything to the last minute, of course. Just hypothetically.

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It’s a Beauty Box bonanza

I had the check the calendar. Yep, that’s right: today is May 8th, and Target finally has the May Beauty Box available for purchase. Per usual, it’s $7 shipped and contains 7 fun health and beauty goodies, including a full-size bottle of Sinful Colors “Fool for Azul” which is worth $7 all by itself.

But it gets even better, because if you check out the entire Beauty Box section you’ll see there’s five different April beauty boxes still available, and three of those are just $5 each.

It’s the perfect time to go ahead and indulge your affinity for tiny-size products, or to start thinking about stocking stuffers. I’m not telling you what to do. (I’ll just be over here repeating “Fool for Azul” over and over because it’s fun to say.)

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Time for our favorite undies

Do I post everysingletime Aerie has a deal on panties? Yes. Yes, I do. I’m not sorry. Their stuff is cute and comfy and pretty durable and I don’t know when I reached an age where underwear costs upwards of $20+ per piece at “department stores,” but I’m not spending that kind of cash. So! Right now Aerie has panties at $35 for 10, but if you add 10 to your cart and apply coupon code SPRING, it brings the total down to just $25. $2.50/pair?? That’s cheaper than the stuff that comes in packages at the big box stores.

Shipping is free with ShopRunner (and ShopRunner is free if you have PayPal), otherwise it’s a flat $7 on orders up to $50, after which it’s free. (And yes, there’s lots of other stuff on sale, too, of course.)

Be forewarned that the site is running pretty slow right now, but it’s worth it to muscle through if you like their stuff. Also: If you’re new to Aerie, be advised that they are definitely Juniors sizing. (In other words: Those of us who aren’t teens need to size up!)

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Welcome to May, geeks!

Is there ever a bad time to shop at ThinkGeek? No. No, there is not. Everything there is nerd-vana perfection, and even at full price it’s hard to find fault with their ridiculous assortment of awesomeness you can’t find anywhere else. But! Sometimes are even better times to shop there, and today is one of those times.

That’s because today only (Wednesday, May 1st), they’ve got an extra 75% off clearance items plus 25% off everything else, with the discount taken in-cart. That means everything is ridiculously, stupidly cheap, making this the perfect day to get goodies for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or even a jump on your holiday shopping. No fooling. Shipping is $8.95 (boo), but it’s free on $50+. Get going!

(Am I going to buy a dozen Draw What Success Looks Like coloring books to give out as college graduation gifts? Mayyyyybe.)

[Edited to add: Getting to $50 after coupon is a little bit tricky, because the last 25% off is taken at the very last step. You may need to play with your cart a little to get free shipping.]

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Instant Pot, Instant Pot

I must admit that I still haven’t hopped on the Instant Pot bandwagon. I own five crock pots (yes, really) (listen, they’re all different!) and I work from home and they still serve me well. But for folks who need to go from “what should we have for dinner?” to “come and get it” in a flash, I definitely see the appeal.

So various Instant Pot deals come and go, but what caught my eye today in the Amazon Gold Box is that they’ve got three different sizes on a Daily Deal, including the adorable 3-quart version at just $48, which would be perfect for those of you who don’t need the big honkin’ versions. Like, if I wanted one and I could manage to get my adult children to fully vacate my house for any period of time, this is definitely the one I’d grab. Then again, my kids seem to keep turning up again and again, so I guess I’ll stick to my 6-quart Ninja cooker for now.

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For the young (and young at heart)

I’m not a huge fan of Forever 21 if I’m looking for, you know, clothing which will stand the test of time (both in terms of style and durability), but my girlchild looooooves them, and even I have to admit they sometimes have cute stuff. So this deal is for her, and anyone else who needs, uhhh, unicorn bath salts and a snarky crop top.

Right now they’re running “4 Days of Deals” where you can click to take a ride on the ferris wheel (yeah, marketing is weird, y’all) and get a coupon. You could get a percentage off, or buy 1 get 1, or even a gift card! Combine that with the sales already going, or use coupon code TAKE5 to just take $5 off your $5.01+ order. You can choose free ship-to-store, or shipping starts at around $6. So there’s some good deals to be had, depending on what you’re wanting.

I do feel like I need to wear sunglasses while browsing the site, though. So. Much. Glitter.

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Best LOFT sale ever? Maybe!

Listen, I have shopped many a LOFT sale in my time and gritted my teeth and paid the shipping because the prices were so good and the clothing so cute. (Example: I did indeed buy the blouse I was gushing about in this post well over a year ago and I still get tons of compliments every time I wear it because it’s amaaaaazing.) I’ve never seen them have a great sale and free shipping at the same time, and I’ve accepted that.

Until today. Today, the sale is on just about everything (and that includes an extra 60% off the most deeply-discounted Clearance items), and you can use coupon code SURPRISE for free shipping on any size order. It’s like Christmas came early! Just get a move on, because it ends tonight.

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Free books!

Happy day-after-Easter! Show of hands, whose house had those giant ridiculous pool floats in (or, more likely, under) the Easter baskets this year? (*raising hand*) I can’t remember when I posted that deal, but my (adult) kids were pretty tickled.

But that’s not why I’m here. Nope, I’m here to tell you that for just a few days, Amazon is offering nine free highly-rated Kindle books from around the world in celebration of World Book Day. (Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t fret! You can get the Kindle app for just about any device.)

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have no idea when I’ll have time to read nine entire books. That’s okay, though. I went ahead and grabbed ’em all, and now they’re just waiting for me for when I do have time.

The only thing that could be better would be if the downloads came with chocolate, and I feel like that might be complicated.

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Heads up for shoe deals

I’ll confess to being slightly less enamored of since they went to a $50 minimum for free shipping (boooo…), but I do still check over there periodically because sometimes the deals are worth it, especially if you have a bunch of shopping to do. Well, today would be a good day to stock up—they’re doing a Tax Week Sale, with some of the lowest prices I’ve seen there since Black Friday.

You know they have more than shoes, too, right? I mean, I’m not saying I’m going to buy myself this rose gold moto jacket, necessarily, but if I was, I sure would rather pay the current $35 price for it than the original $195….

If you were planning to outfit your rapidly-growing kids (or yourself) for the season change, anyway, you may just find some awesome deals. Check it out.

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Better late than never, right?

Man, I was starting to think that Target just wasn’t going to do a Beauty Box this month. But the wait was worth it, because actually they’re offering two boxes for April! Choose from the regular April box or the Naturals April box—each contains 6 beauty items for just $7 shipped, allowing you to try out some new products or get smaller versions of favorites for travel or sharing.

I do think the value of these boxes is coming down, some; it seems like they used to have more items, plus a coupon to use on a future purchase. Still, I find them pretty irresistible because I’m a sucker for things like masques and teeny bottles of expensive products you’ll never find at the dollar store.

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