Get kitchen electrics, robot vacuums, etc.

Your best bet today if you’re in the market for an Instant Pot, air fryer, or one of those freaky little robot vacuums is probably going to be one of the department stores doing Doorbusters. Check Macy’s or Kohls, first. The former is offering free shipping on your $25+ order; while the latter requires you get up to $75+ for free shipping, you’ll get $15 in Kohls Cash for every $50 you spend, plus you’ll get an extra 15% off everything with coupon code THANKS. Both allow you to order for pickup at your local store, too.

There’s other deals to be had, of course. Those are just some of the things I know folks have been wanting. I, personally, kind of want an air fryer, but I think if I bring another kitchen electric into this house, my family is going to hold an intervention.

Happy Black Friday!

Hopefully you had a happy—but safe and socially distant—Thanksgiving. And today’s the day to shop the deals, if you’re into that sort of thing. (You’re here, so I assume you are.)

It is my custom to start the day with a window open on the Amazon Black Friday deals and to just check it throughout the day. While there’s plenty of great daily deals on there you can grab right now, it’s the Lightning Deals where things will get crazy, and you’ll have to be quick to grab those. (I think one year I got a Fire Stick for $5 or something.) Will they have PS5s and toilet paper and Clorox wipes? Who knows! We’ll have to watch to find out.

I’m going to find some coffee and I’ll be back.

More mini ways to rock Advent

Oooooh, Amazon has a Black Friday Week deal on Advent calendars today, including several I’ve never seen before but definitely want. (What do you mean, I don’t get an Advent calendar because I’m a grown adult? Hmph.) Choose from deals on Thomas and Friends, Minecraft, dinosaurs, and more. All are around a third off, today only.

I know this is, like, my third or fourth Advent calendar deal post this year, but I just love all these miniature things. Plus I’ve been making pies all morning and everything that doesn’t involve rolling out and swearing at crust seems magical to me at the moment.

Stuff those stockings

I consider if my sacred right and obligation to put silly socks and underwear in my children’s Christmas stockings. That’s just a rule, right? I’m pretty sure it is. And so I’m usually waiting for Black Friday to scoop up some deals at Happy Socks, but this year they decided to launch it early. Select underwear is 60% off, socks are between 30-40% off, and you get free shipping on your $10+ order. Buy a few of pairs of socks or go for a boxed set or two; whatever you want, it’s sure to be gloriously goofy and priced right during this sale.

Your favorite denim styles and more

Love all things Levi’s? No need to wait for Friday for a great sale—right now they’re offering 40% off everything and free shipping when you apply coupon code BLUESTREAK at checkout. It even works on sale items! Need something small? They carry a cute variety of Pride items, including socks.

Alternatively, if the prices there are still a bit rich for you, allow me to suggest my very favorite jeans in the entire universe (which happen to be marked down today at Amazon): the Signature by Levi Women’s Totally Shaping Pull-on Skinny Jeans, the only jeggings I’ve ever owned which 1) totally look like regular jeans and 2) have been universally loved by everyone I’ve recommended them to. At just under $23 they’re totally affordable, and they may be the most comfortable, flattering jeans I own.

Time to get your glasses deals

They very rarely have sales—in large part because their prices are already so ridiculously low—but right now Zenni Optical is releasing their Black Friday special, early. Just use coupon code BF2020 through November 29th to save 25% off $75+, 20% off $30+, or 15% off $10+. Shipping is a flat $4.95 no matter how many pairs you buy.

I’ve been using Zenni for glasses for years and have never been disappointed. It’s a great way to avoid paying hundreds of dollars for a single pair of glasses and, instead, paying way less for multiple pairs to match your moods. (Hey, if I’m going to have to wear glasses, I’m going to try to make it fun.) Also when my kids were still little it’s how we always had back-up pairs around in case of the inevitable breakage.

One of their newer offerings is the Blokz blue light blocking, and I highly recommend you spring for that if you spend a lot of time on screens. I started getting that on my computer glasses a couple of years back and it really makes a difference.

Farmer’s market, kiddie-style

I can’t stop laughing at this and I really wish I had a little kid at home to buy it for. Today one of the daily deals at Amazon is this Fisher-Price Farm-to-Market Stand, an adorable set with everything you need to recreate a farmer’s market at home. They’ve got the vegetables, the containers, soft vines, a cash box and money, even a worm to keep it authentic (I think that’s the part making me laugh). Today only, it’s down to just $12 (60% off).

What little kid doesn’t want to play with kale? Maybe don’t answer that. I think it’s ingenious. And if you take your kids with you when you go to the farmer’s market, they probably will, too. If this isn’t their jam, well, there’s a bunch of other Fisher-Price toys on special today, so maybe you’ll fine something else you want.

Crazy Black Friday deal for your Monday

Why wait until Black Friday to pick up some crazy good deals on warm winter coats for the kids? Exactly. Today Macy’s has a slew of kids’ puffer jackets marked down to just $15.99 apiece, with original retail prices from $75-$85. I doubt you’ll see better prices on the actual Black Friday.

Shipping at Macy’s is automatically free on your $25+ order, or you can order online and pick up at your local store. Of course the kids’ jacket deals are just the beginning of the specials they’ve rolled out today, so I don’t imagine you’d have a hard time getting to the free shipping minimum.

Heads up, holiday bakers!

I, personally, have been stuck at home doing entirely too much baking ever since the pandemic began, but perhaps you—smarter, and more restrained, than me—have been waiting for the holidays to get baking. Either way, I regularly toss my baking staples into my Amazon cart and “save for later” so that I get an alert when one has dropped in price. Today, finally, the 16-ounce McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract has dropped to its lowest price in a year. Right now it’s a Daily Deal at $24.61, or even less if you buy it on Subscribe & Save. (If you haven’t bought vanilla in a while this probably seems expensive, but the price of vanilla rose sharply in this past year, and this is the best deal I’ve seen.)

You probably know I am a huge Penzey’s Spices fan and with their numerous sales, I patronize them as often as possible. Their vanilla is better than this, it’s true. It’s also much more expensive, and I find the McCormick perfectly suitable for baking just about anything which calls for vanilla. I pick up a bottle whenever it drops in price like this. After all, it’s nearly time to start making pies.

(The fact that all my clothes seem to have shrunk lately is a coincidence, I’m sure.)

Color all the monsters

I don’t know why this My First Big Book of Monsters Coloring Book is currently marked down to just $2 at Amazon instead of the regular $9, but I do know it’d be a perfect gift (maybe along with some fresh crayons) for just about any little one. 192 pages of monsters is a lot of monsters to color!

This is the perfect sort of thing to pick up as a goodie bag item for birthday parties or to have in your gift closet. (Yes, I know, birthday parties aren’t really happening right now. But they will again, someday.) Or just grab a couple to keep the kids busy for no particular reason at all other than you’d like some peace and quiet.

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