Want to win a movie for your little Einstein?

By Mir
September 26, 2007
Category Contests

Hey, our recent batch of contests were so much fun I decided I wanted to do it again. (I like playing Santa Claus, what can I say?) So here we go: Another chance to say “I got it for free on Want Not!”

I have two copies of the newest Little Einstein’s movie, Rocket’s Firebird Rescue, on DVD. (Unfamiliar with the show and/or the movie? Check it out here.) Leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, September 27th, 2007 to be entered for a chance to win one of them. (Those of you who won a contest here recently, please refrain from entering so that other folks can have a turn.)

The winners will be announced over the weekend if I get myself together, or on Monday if I don’t. Heh.

This movie is 51 minutes of quality children’s educational entertainment, during which you could potentially fold laundry or check your email or take a shower without interruption from your preschooler. Imagine the possibilities. Leave a comment to win. Go!


  1. ME ME ME! I have lots of laundry!

  2. I totally need to fold the laur laundry, cook dinner and shower. Please pick me. I never win anything. Love your site…still

  3. Little Einsteins are a favorite around here. We don’t have any DVDs, yet.

  4. I would love to get it for free at Want Not! 🙂

  5. Raising hand and waving wildly!

  6. I would love a video for a very long upcoming road trip!

  7. We Little Einsteins, but don’t own any of the movies. A pox on Disney Channel for changing their AM schedule, because now we don’t get to watch it any more. Darn Tigger and Pooh!

  8. Four loads of laundry waiting for me right now, one little one fussing in her crib. OK, let’s get real, I’d probably end up using the free time to read more Want Not . . . (end shameless plug)

  9. Meant to say that we LOVE Little Einsteins. Something went wonky. Apologies.

  10. My daughter would love it. 🙂 She’s a fan of Little Einsteins.

  11. ugh, i hate commercials and previews…everytime this comes on, my son wants to watch it! he loves rockets and planes. anyway, i have 3 boys and zero time to to anything. i would definitely use the time to shave my legs =)

  12. Me! Me! Me!

    My 3 year old is a holy terror right now, and I’ve threatened to sell her to pirates at least three times today. Give me the wonderful distraction of Leo, Quincy, Annie, and June!

  13. “Going on a trip on a little rocket ship, soaring through the sky, LITTLE EINSTEINS!” My daughters love the show, and I don’t feel guilty letting them watch it! BONUS! No DVDS yet though, looking for a first! “We need you!”

  14. 7 loads of laundry to be washed… 3 to be folded. I win the laundry wars. I knew being lazy would get me somewhere! 22 month old C. would LOVE this… loving all the contests Mir!

  15. I think I enjoy little einsteins more than my four year old does, but we’d love a DVD, oh sweet and pretty Mir. Thanks for all the bargains!

  16. Oh, this would SO make my week. My 22 month old has been sick for a week with croup. I work nights in the hospital, so caring for a sick 22 month old during the day is driving me nuts, and makes me want to drink. But I can’t because I’m pregnant in my first trimester, nauseated, and feeling like crap. On top of that, our cable TV is off. We moved into our apartment a month ago. My primadonna husband (aka my second child) had one responsibility, to set up local cable. Which he did, but didn’t tell me how the bill is paid. Nor did he tell me that I was supposed to take care of this on a monthly basis. So the bill was not paid, cable shut off. At the same time our son got sick. Too much at once. I’m exhausted. Although our cable will be up and running soon, this would be so great for our son. I haven’t bought him any DVDs forever.

  17. My son would love to have another movie, especially since we just canceled our cable.

  18. We have lots of laundry too!

  19. I won a day planner a few months back. Am I disqualified? Can I make my case anyway?
    1) We have no cable.
    2) We have rabbit ears on our fire escape that occasionally capture local channels, but more often act as elaborate bird perches.
    3) We have two children, ages 2 & 4.
    4) We have no cable.
    5) Did I mention we have no cable?

  20. Me! Me! Me!

    I have 2 boys, 10 and a half months apart, and I have a mountain of laundry, and my email box is full!

    Little Einstein is a favorite around here too…they love the music!

  21. Oh, here’s another reason:

    6) Our laundry is in the basement of our building, and I have been known to go down there pulling a laundry cart with one hand while pushing a stroller with the other…

  22. My 20 month old has watched her Baby Einstein so many times, that now she runs to find me to tell me what is coming next. It would be great if she found a new favorite DVD, and I can’t imagine anything better than getting it free!

  23. My 5 year old and 18 month LOVE Little Einsteins! This would be so awesome!

  24. Oh, please, please please… I literally JUST got back from Barnes & Noble, intending to buy this, but it was CRAZY expensive – $27!?!?! We’ve got a car trip coming up and I can’t handle Ice Age playing over and over and over again. My DD needs a new favorite. Please!

  25. My little Zoe would love this! I’ll refrain from shameless begging, 🙂

  26. I haven’t won a contest, so I’ll try. I have two little ones and would love to be able to have them watch this while I shower (by myself, if I can remember how to without little ones) or fold laundry, or unload the dishwasher or load it (again).
    Thanks for the contest!

  27. Sign me up! My four year old would love it!

  28. I’d love to have it. I have a 3 year old and she loves Little Einsteins.

  29. Count me in please

  30. Please pick me–we currently DVR all the Little Einsteins episodes and use them strategically so that hubby and I can clean, do laundry, cook, etc. But a whole 51 minute movie…WOW…I can’t even imagine all the stuff I could get done!

  31. Or 51 minutes to check all the deals on your website? 😉

    I am def throwing my name into the hat!

  32. Me, me! My sons would LOVE this and I’D love to get some stuff done without anyone hanging on me and whining! 😉

  33. Oooh, oooh, us, us! My kids (2, girl and 6, boy) BOTH love Little Einsteins! How often can you find a show that different ages AND genders both love??

  34. My little ones love this show! They hum the tunes all day long….and it’s a show I can watch with them and not want to cram an icepick into my temples.

  35. My preschoolers really enjoy Little Einsteins. We have a stunning collection of the Baby Einstein videos and I am hoping to start my Little Einstein collection with this one. 🙂

  36. Oh yes. Please enter me too! My kids have just one Little Einsteins DVD (and we live in the boonies with no easy access to cable/Direct TV) and they beg for it all the time. I’d love to have some variety 🙂

  37. Ooooh, we would love to win this! We don’t have good cable, but my 4.5 year-old loves watching this at grandma’s. He has a crush on June I believe. Thanks for your website, Mir!

  38. Ummm shower? What’s that? I’m lucky if my little one allows me time to pee.

  39. Hey we don’t have any of the DVD’s! How fun is this? How pretty are you?!?!?

  40. OOH! OOH! My buddy has two kids under the age of two… and I would love to surprise her with time for a shower 😉

  41. After 3 year of infertility, we took 2 fertility meds and had our 1st child.. he’s 3-1/3 years old. We on our won go blessed the 1st time we tried with our second son who is now 1-1/3 (they are 24 months apart).. and I am now 21+ weeks pregnant with our 3rd boy which is a total surprise! Needless to say, I go crazy as it is with 2 super hyper boys and I am adding a 3rd one to the mix! We love Little Einsteins in this house and would love this DVD (for them to enjoy and to help me keep my sanity!).

    Thanks fo ryour wonderful website!

  42. Hey pretty lady! I have three year old twin boys and no television hooked up (but we do watch DVDs)….Mama needs a shower!

  43. I’m a single mom and would LOVE to take a shower and/or shave my legs without the assistance of my sweet, sweet toddler. She always leaves a nick! Ouch!

  44. My two girls are older than preschool, but they LOVE Little Einsteins.
    I also have some…okay a lot…of laundry to do.

  45. Ooh, my son would love this!

  46. Mir is very pretty and very,very nice.Do I win?

  47. I’m due in March, and I doubt my little one will (or should) share my love of reality TV.

  48. Oh please! We have one Little Einsteins dvd already, and my 3 and 1 year old have it memorized. Truth be told, so do I! Please, some variety would be nice, or to at least learn some different songs ;).

  49. We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship…

    This is how we get into the car every morning — the car doesn’t “take off” until we “pat,pat,pat — Blast Off!”

  50. This is one children’s show I can actually stomach. I would love to win!

  51. Can I use the DVD to distract – I mean EDUCATE! – my nephew when he visits?

  52. As I sit here trying to think of something witty to say to win this Little Einstein DVD, my 26 month old is crying “mommy, mommy hold me!” “I see Rocket” (Rocket is on the cover of the DVD. Then I asked her if, she wanted the DVD, and she said “sure for Bruce’s party” Already unselfish at 26 months old! I think she deserves the DVD and I deserve the break! Thanks pretty Mir for another great contest!

  53. As long as Dora isn’t the guest star, please sign me up.

  54. number of kids at home with me all day everyday sharing my dna: 3
    number of kids i take care of all day everyday to pay our bills: 3 (all under 2)
    stinky diapers i change in a day:6
    sippy cups i seems to fill: 30
    dishes i wash: 50
    spills i seem to clean up: 10 (on a good day)
    stairs i have to climb schlepping my laundry with 6 kids in tow: 16
    times i say, “put that down” : 100
    square footage of student housing apartment i live in: 950
    number of dollars we are in debt for husbands phd : 64,000
    having 51 minutes to myself in a day: priceless

  55. Ah, what I wouldn’t give for 51 minutes of peace while Maddie watches Leo, Quincy, Annie & June! Pat! Clap! Pat! Clap! I’d love to win! =)

  56. me me me!!! My little one loves “little dinedines”!

  57. we love little einsteins around here! we’re going on 9+ months of waking up between 4-6 times a night (YES–STILL!) and little einsteins would sure give mommy a break for a tiny nap or maybe some coffee!!!

  58. We love Little Einsteins. We don’t love that Disney changed the time that it airs. A DVD would be great!

  59. Yes please! Checking email without interruption is unheard of!


    I really don’t know why my kid likes that show so much, but she does, so I’d feel guilty FOREVAH if I didn’t comment.

  61. Oh Mir, I so much love all of your bargains, contests and just your pretty, pretty self.

    My daughter would so much love this DVD, as would every other kid-of-a-blogger. I’m just glad that you’ve passed along this great contest to share with all of your pretty readers. thank you!

  62. Yeah – I would love this, the 4 Dora dvd’s that we watch on a regular basis are getting a bit repetitive (just ask my hubby)

  63. Please add me to the list! My 4 year old loves Einsteins!

    Thanks, Mir.

  64. Okay, I’m not holding my breath that I’ll be lucky enough to win, but just in case :). I totally have 2 full baskets of laundry to fold (and probably like 5 loads still to run through) and would love to have a distraction in the form of a DVD to distract my little laundry ‘helper’

  65. Please please!

  66. My kids with love this! Me, well, I could sure use the break. 🙂

  67. Me, Me. Pretty, please?

  68. Pick me! Pick me! I have a 2 year old, a one year old, and a 3 month old! I NEEEEEEEED the Little Einsteins (and a maid, nanny, beach house, regular massage, etc.) BUT I would totally settle for a free distraction, I mean babysitter, I mean movie for my wild kids! Besides, my name is MIRIAM and MY birthday is August 16- wierd, huh? It’s meant to be!

  69. Just found your site and LOVE it! I’ve got a house of three Little Einstein fans who would be thrilled! (And, it would give the kids something to do while I’m breastfeeding!) 🙂

  70. We are Einstein addicts in our house! We’d love this!

  71. Holy cow, lots of comments already! But I’ll take the odds! 😉 Thank you for this site, I really enjoy it!

  72. We have never seen Little Einsteins. Bet my kids would love it!

  73. Wooot! We love the Little Einsteins around here!! We sing the theme song a little more than I’d like to admit.

  74. Reasons I love you:
    1. Free pearls
    2. Teddy bear fleece suit!

  75. Little Einsteins…WE NEED YOU!

    This is a great show because it teaches kids about art, music and how to be kind to each other.

    My son is a bit too old for it anymore, but my nieces would LOVE it as a holiday gift!

  76. Me please. My kids sit on the couch and pat their legs to help Rocket take off. It’s soooooooo cute!

  77. My sister-in-law has four year old twins. Twins, I tell you. Twice as much joy, but twice as much insanity and stress. She could really use this, and I could really use a gift for them, because their dog just died. I am not making that up. Pick me!

  78. I have a funny story about Little Einstein’s(LE) and my 3-year old. We went to Disney last Spring and had a character bfast. The only characters there were from LE. My daughter did not know who they were and they kinda freaked her out. Needless to say, it was NOT a magical moment. Fast forward a few months, and she is now addicted to LE and dances and sings along to every episode. Go figure!

    Would love to win the contest. Thanks!

  79. Thank you – if you pick me, you have just made my granddaughter a smarter girl. And the world always needs smarter girls!

  80. I have a 3 year old and a six month old that LOVE this show. We are in the process of selling our house and, during showings, I hook up the DVD player in the car for the girls. I cannot stand to watch another viewing of the Little Mermaid. PLEASE pick me so I can keep my sanity!!

  81. I have 2 girls 4 and 1 that a LOVE to watch mommy’s computer as we drive… I am so sick of Mary Poppins!!! We’d love to win this wantnot contest to widen our viewing horizons.

    Cindy, Casey & Ky

  82. I have two little girls who would love to have their very own Little Einstein’s DVD. I don’t want to take up your time explaining all the reasons why! 🙂

  83. Our entire house in in disarray. With the housing market no longer in existence in our area, we decided to do some major redecorating instead of moving–refinishing hardwood floors, painting, new cabinets, counters, etc. What a BAD idea. Our lives are in complete chaos, and we are apx. 5 weeks away from being done. A new video would go a long way toward giving my children something new to absorb them as we wait, not so patiently, to get our lives back. Just saying!

  84. I don’t have any movies for my 18 month old to watch, but I have about 2-3 loads of laundry to do every day, and a geriatric cat to force-feed 4-5 times a day. It would make cat-feeding SO MUCH easier if little boy were (safely)distracted for ten minutes!

  85. Me please! My girl is 3 and the biggest Little Einsteins fan I know. She gets to watch 1 TV program a day, and Little Einsteins is always her pick. Thank you for your consideration 🙂

  86. A shower???? A shower you say!!!! “Ahhhh…. I remember showers” she whispered, with a toss of her filthy hair, and a far off twinkle in her eye…..

  87. What is this uninterrupted shower you speak of? I am unfamiliar with that.

  88. The commercials throw my 3 year old into a dancing fit! He is so excited for a new episode to watch.

  89. My husband does the laundry, but my little girl and I can watch it together while we cheer him on.

  90. Love this site….thanks for keeping us informed on so many great deals!

  91. I don’t even think I know what that feels like anymore. I’ve got a clingy one these days who won’t let me out of his sight.

  92. This would be the perfect christmas gift for my god son.

  93. You rock.
    Hannah (2 yrs) would love this 🙂

  94. Wow, your comments section has exploded! I would like to throw my name in the hat for some Little Einsteins lovin’. And, tell you how pretty you are. And, what great, bright, amazing kids you have. And, what a perfectly priceless hubby you have. And, how great your butt looks in those pants. (ummm, did I go too far there?) 🙂

  95. I so heart that show…and so does my son!!

  96. I’d love a new children’s dvd! We’ve never seen Little Einsteins yet…

  97. Yowza! Lotsa Li’l Einstein fans out there. Gotta jump on the bandwagon. My three year old would love this. My older three children will hate me, but it’s not their day to be my favorite…

  98. My three year old has totured and ruined nearly every video we own. We have finally begun to hide them from him. But my poor six year old has no videos to watch. We would LOVE a Little Einsteins video.

  99. My three year old is next to me now watching legand of the golden pyramid. We love LE!

  100. We live in Quito, Ecuador and this is only ever on in Spanish so we would LOVE an English version! (don’t worry, if we win, we have a U.S. mailing address).

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Lisa in Quito

  101. My granddaughter would love this!

  102. I do daycare in my home and I am always looking for educational things for my kids to do and watch. We don’t get the channel that this is on in our area so the kids don’t normally get to watch it, but I hear that it is very good. I have eleven kids enrolled total so it does get quite busy!

  103. We’re going on a ride in our favorite rocketship…
    Little Einsteins

    All I can say is that we watch it, and it’s sad when you sing the theme song in your head at work or you find yourself singing Annie’s songs to once beloved classical music. My four year old is a fan. He likes Leo because he’s the boss.

  104. Oooh my 3 year old loveloveloves Little Einsteins. (Though he will argue with you that it’s an “airplane not a rocket ship!”) Please sign me up for a chance to win. Maybe I’ll be a lucky “Heidi” this time!

  105. My grandaughter loves the Little Einsteins. She would love to have this video at her “Mimis” house. 🙂

  106. Shower??? What’s that? My three year old, 21 month old and 8 month old don’t allow me to take showers. It’s strictly forbidden! This movie might allow me to break away for a few moments… even if it’s only to use the bathroom. (Which by the way, is strictly forbidden as well!) I really need to re-write the mommy handbook rules that they wrote when I wasn’t looking!!

  107. We love Little Einstein’s here. Sadly we had to cut Disney to save $-darn kids keep wanting to eat!-and silly me didn’t think to record any episodes before calling Dish.

  108. Wow! We would love a copy. The only time my little one gets to see it is when we visit someone who actually gets more than 4 channels.

  109. Oh, please pick me! I have 3 year old twins and a 2 year old. Movies are the ONLY time I get anything done and all ours have been watched way too many times. I swear I can recite them. Please please please pick me!

  110. Mir you’re sooooo pretty and so are your kids! Love them!

    I have a 21 month old Sproglet, and another (named Sequel) due on Thanksgiving. Sproglet isn’t sure of how to watch tv without running *into* the tv at times trying to play with the cartoons. Good thing he has a hard head. 🙂

  111. As one of the few guys who will actually post on here, that alone should enter me into the drawing twice! 🙂 Plus my little girls would love the movie!

  112. my 2 yr old loves little einstein, and so do I!

  113. This would make a great ‘Gramma really really misses you’ present!!!

  114. I would love to win! I have several little ones and do daycare, so a little “me time’ would be much appreciated. By the way, I just love your site!!!

  115. Uninterrupted shower, pish posh! I would like a chance to go to the bathroom without holding my 18 month old on my lap and reading “Things that Go” while I try to go.

    Thanks for the opportunity to poop in peace.

  116. Puh puh puh puh lllleeeeeaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeeeeee

  117. This Little Einsteins DVD would be a great thing for me to donate to the school for children with autism that I work for! The music, bright colors and information all seem great for so many ages and abilities!
    Your contests are so great – thanks for doing this!

  118. Our antenna just blew off our roof, prohibiting us from getting the five channels we were able to get prior… It’s amazing how much I used to get done during Sesame Street! 🙂

  119. Oooh, pick me. I have a 2 year old and I need to take a shower AND fold the laundry!!

  120. What, no clever story to write? No heart-wrenching tale to tell?


    Let’s all clap really, really hard for our special friend, Mir!!

    YAY, Mir!

  121. We’re going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship, Zooming through the sky… Little Einsteins

  122. Ooooh. We just took an airplane with our toddler and she charmed those around as she ‘buckled her seatbelt’ and ‘pat’ ‘pat’ ‘patted’ for more power. We are huge fans in our house!!!

  123. I have 3 nephews (and a sister-in-law) that would love this!! Thanks for having the contest.

  124. I love contests! My 3 year old would love the DVD! Although, watching something that is NOT Thomas the Tank Engine might be a little bit of a shock to our systems…..

  125. Great site! We love Little Einsteins

  126. Oh pretty and wise, Mir! Little Einsteins – oh, please, send some sanity my way. I have THREE-AND-A-HALF year old TWINS. Please, for my own safety, pick us!

  127. My daughter recently fell in love with Little Einsteins while recovering at the hospital from a broken jaw. (she fell out of a tree and broke her jaw in 4 places!) I am supposed to keep her quiet for 6 weeks! We don’t have cable and we don’t have insurance so the cost of her hospital stay is humongous! I cannot afford to buy her any DVD’s and she’s watched everything we have several times over. Needless to say, this Little Einstein DVD would be so welcomed and a great surprise for her. Please consider us. Thanks!!!

  128. My little one LOVES this series. Crossing my fingers!

  129. We love Little Einsteins.

  130. Many will enter, few will win. I’m trying anyway.

  131. 51 minutes of quality children’s educational entertainment? Not 52? Ah, throw my hat in the mix anyway. 🙂

  132. We have just adopted 3 orphaned kittens in my house, and since my 5 year old has started school, my 2 year old’s only friends are the kitties. I catch him saying, “Look at me kitty, i’m gonna ramp my truck” or “Look at me, I’m fast”. While adorable to a mom, I think the kitties are getting a bit tired of running from a tonka truck. lol

    Anyway, Einsteins is the only show he will watch (he loves to dance), and unless he can teach tiger, rascal, and smokey joe to pat,pat,pat to the music, they will get a purr-fectly pleasent 51 minute nap!!

  133. I don’t have a great reason like the kitten folks or the lady with the broken-jawed tot (poor little thing!). But I’m entering anyway, and we’ll see how things turn out for everyone . . . 🙂

  134. I miss my nephew PJ so much, he lives in Boston and I live in Atlanta. He just turned 4 and he’s mad for the Little Einsteins. I would love to have a pressie to send to him from his Auntie Girlie and Uncle Bunny.

  135. Oh Mir, you are so wonderful and pretty to do this! My 3 and 5 year olds love Little Einstiens.

  136. I would die for 51 minutes on interrupted time.

  137. You got me at 51 minutes!

  138. My kids would LOVE this! I am a teacher for the Head Start Programm with 25 three and four year olds. Winter is coming soon and they won’t be able to go outside. 🙁 Little Einsteins would be a perfect distraction from the bitter cold. No hats or mittens required!!

  139. My twins LOVE the little Einsteins as do I!

  140. We are all about airplanes in my house, and would also love to win! Thanks for the chance!

  141. Hey! We love Little Einsteins! So comment comment comment…..

  142. Why we’d love to win this “Little Einsteins” DVD:

    1) I work for a Russian woman who reminds me more than a little of Katchai (the ogre nesting doll). Seeing it all turn out well in the end give me hope!

    2) The copy we are watching is from Blockbuster and has to go back this weekend. There will be tears!

    3) My son’s birthday is next month. This would be a great gift for him!

    4) You’re P-R-E-T-T-Y!

  143. Ooh, my kids LOVE Little Einsteins. PICK ME! PICK ME!

  144. Please…pick me…pretty Mir! 🙂

  145. Mir,you are very pretty.Otto is also very pretty. Your children are very smart and very pretty. Do I win?

  146. Pick me Please! I love winning stuff and so do my two kiddos, or at least we think we do since we haven’t actually won anything lately 🙂

  147. oh, my three all love the Little Einsteins and Mommy seriously needs an uninterrupted bubble bath.

  148. Imagine the possibilities, indeed.

  149. Shower…you said? What is a shower??? I have five girls. The last four are ages 5 and under. Uninterrupted time? …from just the thought of it!

  150. Oh we love Little Einsteins!

  151. Good TV for little ones! Pick me! My kids woould be thrilled!

  152. new baby coming- need distraction for 2 year old- also maybe if we have the video he can learn the whole song instead of singing the first couple of lines over and over and over… love your site. thanks!

  153. HELP!!! I need a gift for my nephew–I don’t have children, however I DO know that Einstein is educational and won’t do me wrong!!! What a great site–THanks!!!

  154. I love showers which involve shampoo, conditioner and shaving (rarely do they all come together at the same time in my house) and my son loves Little Einsteins! What could be better?

  155. Need to fold laundry, take a shower and shave my legs. Puhleeze pass one of these my way. 🙂

  156. OH how i could use this DVD. We love Little Einstins! We here at my house,(myself, husband, 7 yr old and 3 yr old) have been Quarantined for the past few weeks. My kids and I because we have pertussis aka whooping cough, my husband because he is near us. The walls are closing in. The coughing and puking should last for up to 8 more weeks or more!! Did i mention i am 7 months pregnant!!!! And yes if you are curious, coughing that hard while that pregnant means INCONTENINCE!!!!!!! like you wouldn’t believe. So even when we get off quarantine we still can’t go anywhere for fear i will soak through my depends. Which i do on a regular basis!! Please help me break up the monotany.

  157. Pick us, please!!!! The husband is the stay at home dad here…3 boys…mom just back to work after maternity leave!!! Help a man out –51 minutes of uninterrupted Dad time ( or grass cutting, or laundry, or cooking or cleaning time — yes he does it all!) Help me keep my husband sane! Thanks for listening — he deserves it!

  158. From the “I’m Not Making This Up” department – here is the current rundown of illnesses at my house: the toddler has a double ear infection (and refuses to take her meds! Whee!) while her kindergarten sister has a cold and cough. My oldest girl has scarlet fever (aka strep with a rash). And me, you ask? Bronchitis! The Little Einstein DVD would bring 51 minutes of joy into my wadded-up-tissue filled existence. 🙂

  159. Little Einsteins is loved so much here at my house, it was the theme of my daughter’s second birthday party. I made a rocket cake and it turned out great. So easy to do too!

  160. My kiddo’s (2 girls) love Little Einsteins…we rent it though! It would be great to have one of our own!

  161. Oh, how my little man would LOVE to have one of those! Oh, how this momma would Love to get some cleaning time down while he’s still awake…instead of always having to wait until nap time!

    Did I mention you’re beautiful, Mir? A little flattery can go a long way!

  162. I’m near last, so pick me! My husband would love for me to do some laundry!:)

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