I’m Eeyore, but he’s Tigger (a DVD contest)

By Mir
March 17, 2008
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Hey, guess what I’ve been busy doing, today! (If you guessed “sitting at the orthodontist watching the poor woman try to fill my son’s mouth with metal while he would just. not. stop. talking!” then you are probably psychic.) I am reminded that in this life, nearly everyone can be categorized by which Winnie-the-Pooh character they most closely resemble. My son is definitely a Tigger, whereas I am often bemoaning the loss of my tail or that the wind blew over my lean-to. (I am a real joy to live with, as you might imagine.)

Regardless, I just happen to have two My Friends Tigger & Pooh — Friendly Tails DVDs sitting here on my desk. They claim to be “a hundred acres of fun!” and who am I to argue? I mean, I probably will argue, as soon as I find my tail again….

To enter for a chance to win one of these fine, child-distracting DVDs, just leave a comment on this post—telling me which Pooh character you most closely resemble—prior to 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, March 18th, 2008. Winners to be determined by random drawing and phase of the moon. Go!


  1. i’m totally piglet

  2. Without a doubt Eeyore. I annoy myself with my moaning and sadly, we have similar hair types.

  3. I am an Eeyore, raising two tiggers. It’s exhausting. Poor little ol’ me.

  4. Eeyore-ville for me…

  5. I’m Pooh. I try to enjoy all the little things in life, look out for my friends, and am always hungry for a sweet snack.

  6. Pick me, pretty please? My kids adore Pooh. I’m an Eeyore raising a Pooh Bear and a Tigger. 🙂

  7. Tiger–I have to be to keep up with my 15 month old daughter!

  8. definitely Pooh!

  9. I’d like to think I’m a Kanga, but I’m probably more of a Pooh. My son is also definitely a Tigger!

  10. I am Kanga. My son, age 18, is Eyeore. My daughter, totally Roo. My husband? He doesn’t resemble any of main charachters. So, I guess he’s a hephalump or woozle or something.

  11. Probably a Kanga–easy-going and level-headed.

  12. I’m that da** Rabbit.

  13. Probably Kanga.

  14. I’m slightly neurotic and bossy like Rabbit. Wanna be friends?

  15. Hmm, I’m going to have to say an Eyeore, with Pooh’s sweet tooth and my husband would probably say a dash of Thumper’s enthusiasm.

  16. I think I’m a Piglet – apprehensive worry-wart!

  17. I’d say I’m a cross between Eeyore and Piglet…I’m a whiner and a worrier! :0)

  18. Hooohooohooo!!!I want Pooh!

  19. I’m a Kanga, with a 7 year old Tigger and a 2 year old Pooh.

  20. I have to add to mine…I’m raising a Tigger (my son) and a Roo (my daughter).

  21. It’s gotta be Kanga… I’m super calm most of the time, for better or worse.

  22. I’m an Eeyore, with a 2 year old Tigger!!

  23. I’m Pooh. I think. Or maybe not. Hmmm. I think I’ll eat my lunch and think about it.
    But my little Tigger and little Piglet would love these dvds.

  24. think i’m more the Eyeore type.

  25. Oh dear…I think I’m a Piglet.

  26. A Kanga normally, Eeyore when pregnant. Raising a Tigger.

    So tired *yawn*

  27. Tigger – never sits still.

  28. I’m Tigger, if he’d had the steadying influence of Kanga during his formative years.

  29. Rabbit, because I am the knower of all things. And don’t even think about arguing with me about it or I’ll talk your head off.

  30. I think I am a Pooh myself.

  31. Oh bother, I am just an Eeyore.

  32. I think I’m a Pooh. Just substitute Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food for the Honey and I’m Pooh all the way!

  33. I’m a Tigger!

  34. Hmm…I’d say I’m Kanga all the time (mom-figure), Eeyore-when it’s my turn to whine, and Tigger when I want to play!

  35. I would have to say eeyore unfortunately. I am trying to work on that thought and think happy things! 🙂

  36. I hate to say it, but I’m probably Rabbit — controlling and neurotic.

  37. piglet for sure-oh dear 🙂 I am a little of all of them at times-its hard not to!

  38. I’m a Pooh and my husband is a Rabbit, definitely. One of our Golden Retrievers is such an Eeyore, it’s pathetic, while the other Golden is definitely a Tigger. Not sure what the toddler is going to be yet.

  39. Is there a character who just wants to sleep all of the time, and, when not sleeping, stuffs its face with chocolate? That’s the one I am.

  40. I don’t even know why I’m entering this contest… it’s not like I’m going to win….


  41. I’d have to say I’m more like Christopher Robin, and my kids are Roo and Pooh.

  42. I’m definitely Roo… cheerful, enthusiastic, love the little stuff, and tend to find myself in mischief from time to time. 🙂

  43. Rabbit, unfortunately. And lol @ Lee’s comment.

  44. I am definately rabbit(gotta get it done)!

    My son woke me up at 4:30 sqeeling “Open the door! They are here” He was having a dream the Tigger and Darby were bringing him an easter surprise (He’s 2). I am having trouble convincing him that it was only a dream, but a very good laugh for the rest of us for YEARS to come!! ha ha.

    Hope you have a good day!!

  45. Let’s see…

    I’m Rabbit (bossy old curmudgeon)

    Q is more like Roo (always looking for something to do)

    and Chico is definitely Tigger (fun and full of energy)

  46. Kanga for sure! I am a teacher!!

  47. While I love Tigger, I’m just not that chipper…I’m an Eeyore all the way.

  48. Thanks for noticin’ me. I’m Eeyore.

  49. Totally Rabbit. Pretty bossy!

  50. I am a Pooh who turns into a Rabbit when I’m off my meds.

  51. I’m Rabbit all the way. Even my daughter caught that when she was about 2. She decided she was Pooh, her brother was Piglet, her dad was Tigger and I was Rabbit. It was pretty funny.

  52. Piglet here raising 2 tiggers and eeyore!

  53. I’m a pooh–mostly because I LOVE sweets! I’m also raising a tigger who loves honey, and a pooh who doesn’t!

  54. I’m probably most like Rabbit too, unfortunately. I need to knock it off, lol!

  55. I’m an Eeyore who’d like to be a Kanga. My 3-year-old insists she really is Pooh Bear, and her baby sister must therefore be Piglet. I counted 20 Pooh-themed accessories in her room before I gave up and decided to spend my time doing other things, like reading pretty Mir’s blog. Needless to say my little Pooh addict would love another DVD to fuel her addiction — thanks!

  56. I am Pooh, because I am always hungry & have a “rumbling in my tummy!”

  57. Well, I’m mostly like Kanga…but with a little Pooh mixed in (love the sweets)!

  58. I’m piglet with a Tigger and Eeyore for children.

  59. The wonderful thing about Tiggers, is I’m the only one!

    I’m not sure I’m REALLY Tigger now, but he was the one i identified with most as a kid.

  60. I would say my body shape is Pooh himself, but I think I have a little bit of Kanga facial features. Just call me Pooanga.

  61. I feel like Eeyore, especially lately, but have been told by friends often enough to not discount it that I’m a Pooh.

  62. I’m sort-of a rabbit. A little grumpy and definitely a bit anal 😉

    My kids LOVE that show! I hope I win!!

  63. difinately tigger.’cuz bouncing a Wonderful thing!

  64. I’m a Kanga raising a Roo who loves “My Friends Tigger and Poo”h. Isn’t it nice how that works out? 😉 (Some days I can be a Rabbit, though, just to be totally honest…lol!)

  65. I’m a Pooh, but I played Kanga in a play once!
    My toddler is most like Piglet I think.

  66. I think I’m a Kanga, I have 2 boys, one is a Roo and the other is a Tigger!

  67. I am definitely a Pooh.

  68. I think I’m Piglet!

  69. I’m probably closest to Eeyore
    My 3 year old is a cross between Roo, Tigger, and Pooh-depending on the time of day! My 10 month old looks like he may be a Tigger.

  70. I was told by a nursing instructor some time ago that I am an Eeyore. I kind of have to agree.

  71. Rabbit, all the way.

  72. Piglet – I am a total worry wort. 🙂

  73. I’m Pooh Bear. Soft, squishy, comfortable, and cute!

  74. I’m either Pooh or Tigger…hard to say exactly. I’m married to an Eeyore. Is he ever!!

  75. I don’t totally see myself in any of the characters, but I guess I most identify with Rabbit? Either way, we love pooh, and would love the dvd!

  76. I think I’m a Kanga, but without her unflappable demeanor. More of a Rabbit that way.

  77. Usually I would say Kanga, but with still having morning sickness, and having my first bout of low blood pressure this morning I think I have morphed into Eeyore!

    Our daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES the super sleuths!

  78. I’m definitely a Pooh. Time for a little snack…

  79. I am Tigger, becasue you see, I am the only one lol

  80. I’m going with Roo, just because I can.

  81. Eeyore! Except when it’s time to “exercise,” then I look like Pooh. Only slightly less bendy. And I have two Roos.

  82. Well, I am Piglet. And unfortunately, in more ways than one!

  83. Where’s the love for Owl?

  84. I’m Pooh….with a rumbly in my tumbly!!

  85. I’m Owl. I love knowledge and often spout off unknown and trivial facts to my family. Who then rolls their eyes and act like they are intersted. I have a Tigger, too. My 6 year old. *G*

  86. I’m Pooh…I adore my friends..yet I do not really like honey!?! 🙂 I love a good snack though.

  87. I am sooo totally Tigger! I was called the jumpy one in high school and I am known to be very excitable and spontaneous. Lots of fun!

  88. I think I’m another Tigger. DH is the Eeyore of the family and we love our two little Roos.

  89. Dude. I’m Rabbit. I hate to say it, but it’s true. And my youngest looooooooooooooves Pooh so tell your random generator to pick me please 🙂

  90. I’m ashamed to admit I’m Rabbit. Although, I definitely have
    Tigger tendencies.

    My husband is is Owl and my daughter is Roo : )

  91. Please pick me! My son LOVES this show and would love to have this. I’m Kanga through and through.

  92. We love all things Winnie the Pooh! Great contest!

  93. Lately I feel I’m a bear of very little brain, so call me Pooh Bear. My daughter jumps and ‘whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo’s like Tigger for sure!

  94. I have to say Owl. Little talked about but interesting Owl.

  95. Pick me! Pick me! Says the Tigger – Bouncing around all the time from one thing to another —

  96. I’m an Eeyore, but I have two wild crazy Tigger’s!!

  97. This would be a perfect birthday gift for my niece!! Yay!

  98. I’m sooo Rabbit! I like organization. So why don’t I help you clean off your desk and send that ol’ DVD my way so I can see my little Tigger bounce with glee!

  99. I’m afraid I’m Eeyore too.

  100. I’m definitely a Kanga raising a Tigger and one to be determined (he’s only 10 days old!).

  101. Oh, Rabbit. I’d love to be more easy-going and Kanga-like. And I sometimes am, after a glass of wine (or maybe I’m then more Pooh-like, ready to have a snack and a nap?) But day-in, day-out, I am Rabbit all the know-it-all way!

  102. i’m a cross between rabbit and p-p-p-iglet. 🙂

  103. I am completely every character…depending on the “time”. Can definitely be an Eeyore–and want to slowly go about my day. Give me too much coffee–I am so much a Tigger. If I don’t get enough coffee then I am Rabbit. After watching a scary movie I am completely a Piglet. Because I have five kids I feel like Kanga constantly. When I go visit my mom I try and revert back to Roo. When I am teaching I feel like Owl. Seriously…doesn’t everyone feel like every character??? Except I guess I can not relate to Christopher Robin.

  104. I am going to say Kanga but my son is a Tigger and I need something to distract him with

  105. I’m a Winnie the Pooh, but instead of looking for honey, I look for chocolate. 🙂

  106. Another Eeyore here!

  107. I have always been an Eeyore

  108. I’m a Kanga, raising a few Roos.

  109. I’m definately a Pooh~ good natured and round!

  110. Pooh…and i have the round belly to prove it.

  111. my kids just love pooh bear! thanks!

  112. Kanga – ’cause I babywear!

  113. I’m Eeyore married to Owl with a Tigger and a Roo!

  114. I’m a Tigger, but I had to take a test to find out.

  115. I’m Pooh bear

  116. I am like Rabbit…have to-do lists and try to be very organized 🙂

  117. I’m gonna have to go with Owl on this one for me and my girl is an odd mix of Tigger and Piglet if you can imagine that!

  118. Much as I hate to admit it, I’m a worried and persnickety Rabbit.

    DS #1 is such an Eyeore it’s not funny. I tell everyone he’s my “glass half empty and you did it on purpose” child.

    DS #2 is Tigger all the way!

  119. I’m piglet!

  120. Whoa… psychic. We were literally discussing this with our 2 year old this morning. My fave is Eeyore, but I think I realistically most like Kanga.

  121. I have never considered this…I guess I am like Piglet.

  122. I am Christopher Robin.I don’t even know if that is a good thing,or bad, or sad. My kids are all the stuffed animals.

  123. Ugh, totally Rabbit. What does that say about me?

  124. Kanga. Since I carry my baby in a sling, I feel like Kanga a lot. She’s my Roo.

  125. I am Eeyore most of the time. I can be Rabbit, too. My son, however, is Tigger all the way. He bounces around the house. He loves My Friends Tigger and Pooh. His birthday is next month and that is the theme for the party.

  126. Every since my son was born, we have all been Pooh characters. My husband is Pooh Bear. I’m Tigger. My son is Piglet, and my daughter is Roo. My mother-in-law is Rabbit, and my father-in-law is Owl! It is funny because the characters my son named us all really seem to fit, although I wish I were a little more…bouncy!

  127. I believe I am Pooh but Eeyore is my favorite. I think I am raising an Owl and a Pooh. 🙂

  128. I am a Rabbit that wishes she was a Pooh. My son is definitely a Tigger like your son.

  129. I’m a Pooh. Just try to keep me away from that honey!

  130. I would be Pooh but my son would be Rabbit and he would love a new DVD.

  131. I am most like Kanga, and my children are like Roo. Yeah right. Ok, maybe Pooh and 3 Tiggers.

  132. It’s Monday!? Can’t tell what day it is with spring break and kids home…

    Hmm – I really don’t know which character I am – will read Pooh to the kids, and think this over. Likely Tigger though…


  133. Kanga…just taking care of my two little Roos.

  134. I’m Kanga, mothering to everyone.

  135. I’m totally a Pooh…I’m amazed I got the Hunny jar off my head long enough to respond to this contest!!!

  136. I think I am Kanga, but I don’t have a roo. I think I have a Tigger on my hands and the jumping in the exercauser might just prove it!

  137. I’m an Eeyore who is a Kanga deep down inside, raising a Tigger who sometimes favors Roo.

  138. I’m Kanga most days, but occasionally I slip into Rabbit. I believe it’s due to the two Roos (one may be leaning toward Eeyore as he grows) and a Tigger I’m raising. Exhausting!

  139. I feel like a cross between Tigger and Rabbit.

  140. Definitely Tigger. The orthodontist had problems getting my braces off because I talk so much.

  141. I’m a Tigger with a bit of Pooh and Kanga. Wonder what that guy would look like. And I’m raising a tigger!!! My busy little man.

  142. I’m totally Rabbit. Always trying to stick to a schedule and a little on the grumpy side 🙂

  143. While I adore Eeyore, I’m definitely a Pooh myself. But I’m raising an Eeyore and a Tigger!

  144. Roo!

  145. Definitely a kanga mommy.

  146. Just call me “Rabbit”! My daughter is definitely a worry wart little “Piglet” who is driving me crazy this very moment worrying about something that has no probability of even happening!

  147. ooh that’s tough. I hope not Eeyore.Definetely not Piglet. Maybe a little Rabbit, Owl and Pooh. Oh I forgot Kanga. I’ll be Kanga!!

  148. I’m afraid I’m Rabbit. Very testy at first, but I usually come through in the end.

  149. I have a two year old who is full of Pooh, so maybe this video would be a great reward for potty training… I am totally Eeyoreing about the prospect.

  150. I’d have to say I’m a pooh–loving to eat and as a result, snuggly!

  151. I would have to say kanga…chasing around after two TIGGERS! Never a dull moment around here.

  152. I’m probably a mix between Piglet and Rabbit. VERY appealing. I’d most like to be like Kanga.

  153. I’m an Eeyore raising a Piglet and a Tigger.

  154. I’d say mostly a Tigger, with a bit of Pooh, Kanga, and Christopher Robbins mixed in 🙂

  155. I think I’m mostly Pooh
    With some Tigger, Kanga
    And maybe a little Roo

  156. Even when I was little, Eeyore was my favorite, because that was ME.

  157. I would be son’s hero – which would make you my son’s hero. PLEASE pick me. I am a Pooh kind of girl, with a little Eeyore mixed in.

  158. I’m an Eeyore which means i already don’t have high hopes of winning the contest. oh well..

  159. pooh. . .i think. . .

  160. I was a Tigger as a child, turned into Piglet as a teen. Now I’m Rabbit, Owl, Eeyore, and Kanga. Did I cover them all?

  161. I think I’m a rabbit, minus the nice garden to show for it…I probably would throw a little Pooh into that as well. (I’m hungry!)

  162. According to the quiz I took, I am a Pooh bear….. I would’ve thought I was more of an Eeyore because I like to complain and be a grump. The world is out to get me you know! 😉
    My daughter must be a Tigger – she’s always bouncing off the walls! My little guy is too young to tell…

  163. I’m a Kanga-Rabbit, from what I can recall anyway. We don’t have a Pooh dvd, so it’s hard to say… 😉

  164. totally a Pooh–and I’ve got the tummy to prove it, unfortunately. 🙂

  165. Now that I’m pregnant with my fourth, I feel like Pooh… always stuffing myself! Yep, I’d have to say Pooh. :o)

  166. I’d say I’m a Pooh – at least right now – I have a rumbly in my tumbly! Off to eat breakfast at which point I will turn back into Eeyore – when I look around the house and realize just how much I need to get done today!

  167. I am probably Rabbit – with some Piglet mixed in. Ugh, I sound terrible. LOL

  168. Eeyore mostly, but I aspire to be a Kanga.

  169. Definitley piglet. He and I both have massive anxiety!

  170. Sad to say, I’m probably Rabbit. A bit of a know-it-all, book-reader, bossy…except I don’t garden. Oh, well.

  171. So definitely an Eeyore!!

  172. Hmmm… is no one Owl? That will be me then. And my husband went as Tigger for Halloween a few years ago. He’s 6’4″ so that was really something to see!

  173. I am kanga! Mama to my little Roo!

  174. I am Rabbit.

  175. I would say Pooh. My kids are probably Piglet & Gofer.

  176. Tigger!
    “The wonderful thing about tiggers
    Is tiggers are wonderful things!”

    Pick me! My little niece is a HUGE Winnie the Pooh fan- she’d love this. ^_^

  177. Pooh for sure, but hopefully not for long!!

  178. I’ll say I’m a Kanga….. wishing I could be more like a roo

  179. Rabbit, without a doubt.

  180. Definitely an Eeyore here.

  181. Eeyore for me…thanks for picking me. Which I doubt.

  182. OH, Tigger me now! lol With lots of Pooh and dash of Piglet thrown in 🙂

    callmeabookworm at gmail dot com

  183. Yikes. I’m a stress-case like Piglet, a I-refuse-to-be-wrong like Rabbit, and sometimes down-trodden like Eeyore. Somehow I still manage to be quite likable.

  184. Oh, bother, I’m not really sure which one I am, probably Eeyore, though. [/Eeyore voice]

  185. Hate to say it, I’m a Rabbit. I’m a worrier. sp?

  186. I say I’m like Eeyore, but that doesn’t matter, I won’t win anyway. Just as well, my DVD player will probably break pretty soon. (Eeyore-esque enough??)

  187. I think I’m mostly a Rabbit. I always want things “just so”, and am always right! 🙂

  188. I’m most likely Pooh!

    But I’d love the DVDs…

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