A very Zoobie contest

By Mir
March 31, 2008
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For the most part, I’m glad that my children are growing older and more self-sufficient. But I still occasionally yearn for the days when they were small and adorable. And didn’t have B.O. Whenever I see an awesome product for the ankle-biter set, I especially find myself thinking, “Hey, no fair! How come they didn’t have that when my kids were little?”

One of my recent favorites are the Zoobie Pets. I like them so much, I sent them an email to ask if they’d be willing to donate some products for giveaway, and they said yes! Hooray, Zoobies are pretty!

Go browse around their site to check ’em all out, but the upshot is that each Zoobie is a big, cuddly stuffed animal containing a blanket. So you can cuddle up with your pal like a regular stuffy, unlatch the velcro to flatten it out into a pillow, or undo the entire thing to use the blanket. Do you know a child who wouldn’t absolutely love one of these? I don’t. In fact, my nearly-10-year-old is sort of hoping I’ll get her one.

Zoobies retail for $34 apiece, but three lucky Want Not readers will receive their choice of Zoobie Pet at the end of this contest.

To enter, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 6th, 2008. One comment per person, please! Winners to be determined by random number generation and pleasing auras. Go!


  1. lucky number one, count me in!

  2. My son turns 2 in June. This would make a great B-day present.

  3. Well, I know a 2 year old at my house who would love one!

  4. Zoobies Rock. Mir Rocks even more!

  5. Sounds cool….My son would probably love it!!

    Keeping our fingers crossed here.

  6. I’m in love with the alligator and the wildebeest. Hope the generator loves me!

  7. I have three wonderful kids who would each love one of these….I hope I have the lucky number this time!

  8. So cute! I love them all!

  9. I like their website too. My youngest would love one, and might be picking a few up for B-day gifts. Thanks!

  10. Oh! Really cute. My kids would love this.

  11. The Zoobies are so cute. I am a grandma with 7 grand kids. I have already entered into the birthday season. So please pick me!

  12. my kids would love this!

  13. These are too cute – I’d never seen them before, but will look into them for future gifts!

  14. These are adorable! My 4 yr old girl and 2 yr old boy would LOVE them! 🙂

  15. OK, count me in. I don’t have kids, but I have nieces/nephews. What do you think the upper age limit would be for these?

    By the way, I think they are way cute, though in “blanket” mode it kind of looks like they’ve exploded out their butts.

    Did I just disqualify myself?

  16. my daughter would love a zoobie 🙂

  17. These are adorable! In fact, so adorable, I’m not sure which is my favorite – perhaps the polar bear or the turtle! (*pretty glowing blue aura that whispers how pretty Mir is*)

  18. My son would love this, thanks!

  19. Oh this would be purr-fect for my almost-two-year-old!

    Thanks, Mir!!

  20. So cute! My son would love it to cuddle with.

  21. These look cool! Pick me!!!

  22. Cool!

  23. Love ’em! My niece is hoping my number gets picked!

  24. If my son thinks they are too babyish, (he’s 4), I want it!!

  25. This would make a great gift for one of my friends children! Hope to win!!!

  26. Me, please….. as a suddenly, unexpecetedly, slightly shocked pregnant person, I’m sure this would be just the thing to make me think, “yea baby” instead of “Eek! Baby!”

  27. My son would love this!

  28. count us in!

  29. Very cute!

  30. So cute! I’m in!

  31. How cute! Count me in! Thanks!!!

  32. I have three kids that would love to cuddle with these guys! Cute!!


  34. What a great new product! I especially LOVE the giraffe and the zebra. These are adorable and I love the demo on the web site. I had never heard of these before so thanks for introducing them to us!

  35. My boys are 3 in May…this would be a great gift idea.

  36. We’d LOVE a Zoobie. Thank you Zoobie company and thank you Mir!

  37. Too cute!

  38. These will make an awesome birthday present

  39. Those look awesome! I’m in.

  40. Thanks, Mir! Hope I win.

  41. ooh, too cute. Doug would LOVE one

  42. I love these things! Hoping my number is the lucky one 🙂 🙂

  43. Thanks, Mir. My kids would love one.

  44. So, so cute!!


  45. Thanks, Mir!

  46. Oohh,Oohh, Over Here!!!! I have 3 birthdays in March and my December kid is feeling left out!!

  47. Woot! I’m sure my 2 year would love it.

  48. In all of my comments, I don’t think I have ever mentioned how pretty you write!

  49. I haven’t seen these before – GREAT idea. The pink hippo is SO cute, but so is the zebra, and the ape, and…and….and

  50. Love these. Too cute

  51. I agree with you, they did not have these when my kids were little but maybe my niece will get one

  52. Wow, my daughter would love one of these!

    I “stalk” your site all the time, and I’ve used a bunch of your deals in the past…so THANK YOU for everything and all the time you put into this. 🙂

  53. So cute! Count me in.

  54. the last thing we need in this house is more blankets, but these are so freaking cool! they’d be awesome for car rides!

  55. Oooh! I need a Zoobie! Thanks Mir!

  56. oh! I’d love one!

  57. My daughter would love one!!!

  58. These are so adorable! What a great idea.

  59. Oh, pretty, pretty Mir, they’re completely charming. My son would love one.

  60. So adorable! Count me in! The hippo one is way too cute.

  61. I love those things!! My girls are almost 3 and 1 — they would LOVE a zoobie. Plus my kids are the cutest little things in the world — go ahead and have a look http://www.herstad.blogspot.com . They’re squeezable.

  62. Count me in. I love to win.

  63. Oh so cute! I have 3 little ones who would love to snuggle up with a Zoobie!

  64. Pcik me! Pick me! Very cute.

  65. My children would love one of these!

  66. They are all so cute. I love the lion, and the giraffe, and the polar bear. Don’t get me started on the turtle. Please enter me in the contest.

  67. Too cute. Come on random number generator!

  68. My kids would definitely fight over a zoobie!!

  69. That hippp is so cute! What a great idea this would be for traveling.
    Count me in! Thanks for all the contests lately Mir!

  70. This would be a lovely baby shower gift!
    Please pick me!!! 🙂

  71. If I win one then I’d only have to buy 1 🙂

  72. My twins would love these. They are so cute and realistic!

  73. I want one! Uh, I mean, my three year old would want one! Yeah. That’s it…

  74. ooh these are so adorable! i would love to give one to my nephew!! 🙂

  75. OMG what a cute hippo! I think I’d steal it from my daughter…

  76. The blue elephant is the cutest thing I’ve seen in quite a while. Chico would love one.

    Off to buff my aura…

  77. these are soo cute, it’s not even funny! And a great idea! my son would love the lion or the turtle.

  78. Please enter me in to the contest, pretty pretty Mir!

  79. My son would love this. He is a complete blanket addict. So adorable – a great contest:)

  80. Too cute! My little girl would love to snuggle up with on of these.

  81. Your contests are the best! Pick me! 🙂

  82. Pick me 🙂 please….

  83. Wow, those are very cute. Pick me!

  84. *dies from cuteness*

    I want one.

  85. These are too cute! My daughter would LOVE one of these for the car.

  86. ooh ooh! A comment! (A certain two-year-old of mine would love this!)

  87. thanks Mir. Those are adorable.

  88. Huh. There is a panda bear that we don’t own.

  89. Those are so adorable.

  90. They are SSSSSOOOOOO cute. My Granddaughter would LOVE one! You are the best, oh WONDERFUL & PRETTY MIR!!!

  91. Psst pleasing auras and random number generator. Over here!

  92. Oh no! I knew I should have been cleaning my aura this weekend so that it would be pleasing- but I’m all out of sugar, or salt, or whatever it was I needed! Tarnation! (Someone actually explained this process to me once, but I never did it, so I can’t remember how.)
    I hope my aura is somehow pleasing enough, because this would be great for my son who needs to learn to self soothe!

  93. My aura is lovely and quite pleasing…but the random number generator hates me! But, still I try!

  94. I welcome Zoobies in my home! 🙂 They’re all too adorable!!

  95. very cute indeed, i’m partial to the panda myself

  96. so cute!

  97. so cute, my daughter would flip for a panda

  98. pick me!

  99. They are all adorable! I think I like the turtle best, though.

  100. Oh, pick me! pick me! Puh-leeze! (:

  101. OOH I want a Zoobie

  102. How cute are those? How happy would my little one be? How pretty is Mir? How many more questions can I ask?

  103. Sounds adorable. You look beautiful today!!!

  104. I’m in for the randomness. Thanks!

  105. here i am! me! me!

    of course winning would lead to endless arguing over who gets it, but hey….what fun is parenting if you can’t create a little sibling rivalry (as in “who wants to do more chores for mommy?”) every now and again?

  106. My kids are 12 and 8 and I also yearn for the days before B.O. These are so cute! I love the turtle!

  107. Oooooh, Zoooooobies! It’s just darn fun to say.

  108. Alright Universe. It’s time. Pick me!!! 🙂

  109. Maybe this time I’ll luck out with three chances to win?????

  110. This is so unique, I love it!

  111. My grandbaby would LOVE one of these:)

  112. My little man would love one of these!!!

  113. Yay, another contest!

  114. Thanks, Mir! So cool.

  115. My daughter would LOVE one of these!! Count me in!

  116. sounds fun!!!

  117. My daughter would love one – pick me, pick me! 🙂

  118. Super cute. I have a few boys that would love these.

  119. Pick me… Please my baby girl would love it…

  120. Pick me! Pick me!

  121. cuddly cuddly cute cute
    do they make a fox?

  122. Love them!! Lucky Number 123.

  123. Really cute. Thanks for pointing them out!

  124. Please, Please Please pick me! I love these– I’ve seen them recently on another site. I love the turtle, the lion, and the elephant. My son would love this!

  125. My turn to win!!!!

  126. Zoobies for youbie and mebie! yippee!

  127. I think I want one!

  128. OMG! How sweet are these!!
    Count me in, k?

  129. Those look adorable!

  130. Is this really random? ‘Cause I live in the metro area and would save you the postage…I’m just sayin’

  131. Sending a pleasing aura your way!

  132. so cute. hope I win

  133. Pick me!! My two kids would love those!

  134. zoobie please

  135. My 3 year old grandson would surely be more eager for his nap with one of these!

  136. Thanks for another giveaway Mir!

  137. Ooooh! Mr. Kotter! Ooohh Ohhh Oooh!

  138. My 5 year old would adore one! Thanks for all the giveaways!

  139. A zoobie would be great!!

  140. I have a 1 yr old boy and he would absolutely adore one of these. He loves carrying things around, even momma’s clothes that shouldn’t be lol! I havve seen these and they are so so adorable! The elephant wowow cute! Gl everyone!

  141. My son turns 3 on April 2nd. He would love one of these! Thanks Mir!!

  142. Those are wicked cute!

  143. These are so cute.

  144. We have been wanting a zoobie around here!

  145. Zoobies! I’m so jealous, my children also are nearly past the age of wanting one of these, but I have a new niece and nephew who would love one!

  146. Hi. I have a two yr old daughter who would just LOVE one. All her favorite things: stuffie, pillow and blankie!

    Good luck all!

  147. I know my little girl would love one. Fingers crossed!

  148. please let it be me!!

  149. Thanks for your steals and deals!

  150. I do believe my 16 month old daughter would LOVE this!

  151. they are TOO cute….i believe i NEED one of these.

  152. my new granddaughter would go crazy over this.

  153. Okay I am not usually a fan of music on a web site, but that was kind of chatchy. My girl wouold LOVE one of these, a blankie a lovie and a pillow all in one, you can’t beat that!

  154. woohoo! maybe today is my lucky day!!!!

  155. I’ve been meaning to get one of these for my 2-year old daughter – they are too cute. Great giveaway idea – thanks!

  156. number 157 is my lucky number!

  157. I would love one of these! I might even share it with my 3-year-old!

  158. Just too cute!! My daughter will absolutely adore this! Thanks for the contest!

  159. Yey! I’m in!

  160. Oh my heavens, they’re darling. Did you see that chimpanzee one? So cute. Thanks for the contest.

  161. OMG! How cute! My 4 year old who has to sleep with a blankie and an animal – would love this!

  162. I’ve got a houseful of kids who would love this.

  163. Wonderfully cute! My two year old would love this. Thanks for the contest.

  164. I made my kids blankets that turn into pillows, but these are really cool (and not made by Mom, which seems to be a plus once kids start school, hmpff.) I know any one of my 4 kiddos would love these. Thanks Mir.

  165. I’d love to win one of those!!!!

  166. These are so cute! I want one!

  167. cool–I like the alligator

  168. My son would totally flip over that Alligator!

  169. Very cute!

  170. The Hippo is the cutest! This would be perfect for my baby girl so randomly pick me, please! Have I mentioned that I think your hair looks really great that color? Even if you aren’t sure about it, I think it’s swank.

  171. You are great .. and your contests are too … Pick Me!!

  172. My niece turns 8 on the 11th. I’d love to give her something that wasn’t Hannah Montana. Please pick me, Pretty Mir! 🙂

  173. That is so awesome. We are all the animal lovers here!!! I hope we win. 🙂

  174. Zoobie ME!!

  175. How neat! Both my kids would like these!

  176. ALL! SO! CUTE! My just turned one year old is starting to dig stuffed animals and would love one!

    Hee – sumo, I’m with you on the asploding heinys, and Jami Anderson, please ignore that thought as a newly surprised pregnant mama (congratulatons by the way!)

  177. *busily grooming aura* (or whatever one does with one’s aura to make it pleasing — maybe I don’t want to know)

  178. Love those!

  179. Oh my. Mia needs this!!

  180. I love the giraffe one! And the gator one too…. hopefully I’ll have to decide which one my kiddos will like most! 😉

  181. My aura is purple. That’s very enlightened. So the psychic told me, for only forty bucks.

  182. Ooo – so cute! My kids would both love those.

  183. They are so cute! I had actually never heard of them. I hope I win, because I may be forced to buy one…

  184. Yes I would love one!

  185. Please count me in!

  186. Dear Pretty Mir-

    Please pick me. I will be two in July and I adore soft and fuzzy things and animals. And my mama says next time you are having longings for an ankle-biter you can rent me for cheap… and if that doesn’t do it you can take me and my brother to see Santa…. because mommy says that is, “Birth Control with a Capital B.”


  187. My boys would love those.

  188. Oh those are SO cute! We’ve got a niece due in a couple of months and that would make such a great gift.

  189. I have never heard of a “zoobie”. What a great idea. My daughters would love it. Thank you!!!

  190. Holy moly, those are great. The Rhino? So fabulous. HEre’s to hoping I can get one for one of my twins.

  191. This would make room for my daughter in her stuffed animal & blankie filled bed- OH How cute!!!!! Did I mention I LOVE this site!

  192. So FUN!
    thanks for the contest!

  193. Please pick me!!!

  194. I have a two year old that LoVES his stuffed animals and blanket. That, and the fact that I’ve NEVER won anything in my entire life. Pretty sure that means I should win. 😛

  195. We have a birthday coming up! Fingers crossed!

  196. Too cute!!! And I was expecting a stuffed bear or something!

  197. Pick us, pick us!! Puh-weeese?

  198. Wow! if I win I have to decide on one of these? That’ll be rough!

  199. So cute!

  200. That would be a great present for my niece, lovely Mir!

  201. I’m adding these to me pink puffy heart collection! ADORABLE!

  202. It would be so sweet to have my boy’s favorite blanket be a stuffed animal too! Let’s see if I can con him to change his favorite blanket if I win!

  203. Very Cute! I have a three and half year old girl and a one and a half year old boy. They would love to have one of these :).

  204. Great idea for a giveaway! I love these pillows/blankies/stuffed animals. Many thanks to you, wise and oh-so-pretty Mir and you too, you lovely number generator. 🙂

  205. Count me in. This looks perfect!

  206. count us in. My 3 kids would love a zoobie pet!!

  207. I love the turtle. If I win, do I have to share with my kidlins?

  208. ooh mememememe!

  209. those are so cute! i have never seen them before, i have a 1.5 yr old who would love it and baby number 2 on the way this july.

  210. you’re P-R-E-T-T-Y!

  211. Who cares if my child would love this… I MYSELF would love to have one!

  212. Over here! Pick me!

  213. I want one! way cute.

  214. These are fabulous!

  215. PRETTY please? My 2 year old would love one 🙂

  216. Count me in!

  217. Those are adorable! Thanks, Mir!

  218. pick me!

  219. Wow, those are super cute!

  220. My almost two year old would absolutely love the elephant Zoobie. My dilemma is this: If I win, I’m going to have to order one for the three year old. And probably the 13 year old, because you know how they are. Very cool give away, my dear.

  221. If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all!
    Maybe the winds of change are blowing, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  222. Yay!! I’d love one!!!

  223. Oh, my niece would love one of these! Keeping my fingers crossed.=)

  224. zoobie zoobie zoobie! PICK ME !

  225. Those are adorable! Maybe the turtle will come our way…

  226. Ooh, this would make a great gift. Thanks Mir!

  227. Oh those are cute!

  228. My 4 yr old thinks these are so cute.

  229. Do they makes these for adults? Just kidding. My daughter would love one!

  230. Never heard of them, but they sure look cute!

  231. OH so adorable! My 7 year old would probably try to sweet talk her nearly one year old sister into letting her zoobie sleep in her room, you know for “safe-keeping”. Maybe if I won one I can still buy her her own, and one for the baby-to-be as well! I just found out we are expecting! So keep up the good finds, I need to save all the money I can! Thanks so much!

  232. Oh I love ’em – enter me 🙂

  233. Pretty, pretty, oh,so pretty Mir, I hope I win a Zoobie!

  234. Cute! And good for naptime or in the car. I love this website. You’re pretty!

  235. Cute. Thanks, go comment 234!!

  236. Cute. Thanks!

  237. How cute!! Please enter me for the contest!

  238. My daughter would go spare for the Turtle. A turtle that’s also purple… It’s a little girl’s dream come true!

  239. Oh you have no idea how much my blankie totin’, stuffed animal lovin’ boys would ADORE a Zoobie or two! Heck, I’ll even pay for the 2nd one if we win the first!!

    Does mentioning that tomorrow is my b-day and April 1st is a pretty crappy b-day to have help my chances at all? lol!

  240. OOH! I want one, maybe one of my 7 soon to be 8 grandbabies would enjoy staying with me if I had one of these to entice them! Ahch! well they love their meemaw anyways with or without a zoobie, I reckon I really want it for myself! Your so pretty, OH so pretty…….

  241. As usual – you’re right. They’re absolutely too cute!

    Thanks for the chance!

  242. Zoobie Doobie Doo!

  243. I feel lucky!

  244. Adorable!

  245. my kiddos would LOVE one of these….woohooo!

  246. my 21 month old daughter would love one of these… she loves all animals and blankies!i might just get her one for her bday if we dont win

  247. Thanks for the contest. My daughter saw these and asked for one. I’ll have to try to win one first.

  248. LOVE them! So cute! I would love to have one for my son….a real monkey! Thanks for the chance

  249. I didn’t know about Zoobies. These are great. My kids would love one.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  250. Ooh, Zoobies! Yay! Thanks for the contest!

  251. Oooh these are so cute!!! My youngest is 18 months and he would just love these!
    Thanks for the contest!

  252. Adorable! I can’t imagine that we need any more stuffed animals, but those are so great. My little girl has the hippo and her brother wants his own alligator!

  253. Count my almost 3 year old in! She would love any of these!

  254. My aura senses peacefuleness and beauty.

    The beauty of a napping toddler.

    Best of luck to me. Or…”Thank you Universe for having me win the Zoobie”

    (No I don’t generally subscribe to psychobabble, but that one is kinda catchy)

  255. Ohhhhh…I love the lion…..no the turtle…..the elephant…..the koala…no the alligator…..the polar bear…..they are all adorable!

  256. zoobie?

  257. All 3 of my kiddos will want one of these!

  258. So cute! My son would love it!

  259. I love entering your contests. So easy. Life should be this easy.

  260. my girl would love this!

  261. OOH, I think my own anklebiter would fahreak for one of these!

  262. Thank you, Mir, for finding another way to spoil my daughter (3), younger sister of two boys (6 and 8)!

  263. SO sweet! I have two new grandsons who would love to snuggle up with a cuddly Zoobie!

  264. I have a 5 yr old and a 2 yr old who would each give a kidney for one. They are so sweet!

  265. Zoobies are pretty! Love you Mir!

  266. I would love to have any of these cute Zoobies for my baby (due in June).

  267. Too cute!

  268. My daughter’s pleasing aura (and her little head) would love one of these!

  269. Pick me please.

  270. My daughter absolutely hates to fly and she’s been forced to several times. I am not looking forward to our next flight. This just might help!

  271. These are ridiculously cute. Count me in… #273

  272. Wow we love the alligator!

  273. thank you!

  274. Those are so cool! My daughter would love one! I wonder if they make adult sized ones too… Thanks for teh contest!

  275. You find the best stuff, Mir – and have the best contests, too. And you’re so pretty!

  276. aha! thk u 4 the link. a perfect b’day gift for a sooooon to be 5yo DD.

  277. I want one for my kids, not for me. Really!

  278. Hada the hippo (for Hannah) rocks…she’s PINK her favorite color! Love these, simply adorable!! Thanks for the contest 🙂

  279. They’re adorable! Thank you for the chance/contest =)

  280. My daughter would love this. So cute!

  281. I never win anything – prove me wrong!

  282. Oh these are so cool!! Me! Me! Me! 🙂

  283. man, I wish I had these as a kid 🙂 They’re the cutest!

  284. My son would love one of these. 🙂

  285. My 5 yr old former preemie would adore having this. He’s all about texture & feel now.

  286. Come on randomator-thingy-majig, hows about moi and my two and a half year old?

  287. Wow #289, let’s hear it for that number oh random number generator.

  288. Yes, please!

  289. Please, please, please let the god of random number generators pick my number! Amen.

  290. very cute!

  291. Oh, I wants! Those are just too cute! ^.^

  292. Those are adorable! Please enter me in your contest. Thanks!

  293. My son is turning 2 next week and would love one! My daughter is almost 5 and loves blankets so it’s a great idea for her too 😉 PS – you are so pretty 😉

  294. I love the Rhino! Enter me please!

  295. Forget the kids… I want one! 🙂

  296. Too adorable! These are right up my little Peanut’s alley.

  297. Thanks for the contest!

  298. I have a couple of grandchildren who would think I was pretty terrific if I gave them one of these. Thanks for the giveaway.

  299. My 2 year old daughter would love one of these! Please sign me up.

  300. Aw, cute!

  301. Adorable! Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  302. How fun! I have 2 ankle biters 😉

  303. These are so cute-we would love to give one a home…so please pick our family. My boys would be so excited!

  304. Hi,Mir! Will I be the lucky winner this time?

  305. Oh pick me! and then I would have to choose if my son gets one or if I get one!

  306. Very cute site. And cute blanket/pillows, too! I would love to replace the raggedy old thing my 4-year-old now carried around, and this might do it.

  307. Ditto to all the above. I can feel a winner cuddled in a zoobie. Thank you!

  308. Please pretty Mir!!! My youngest would love to have one of this adorable Zoobies!

  309. They are adorable! If Canadian’s count in the contest, please add me!

  310. Whoa! So cool! How about a comfort blankey for someone starting a new life all on her own? 😉

    You’re so pretty! I love your shoes!

  311. So cute! So cuddly! So perfect for my preschooler!

  312. Tooo cute! My son would love one for sleep overs!

  313. I have a blankie/animal lover, and he would LOVE one. Thanks!

  314. OMG! These are fabulous! I want the purple and green turtle! Or the monkey that looks like curious george! Or…

  315. Zoobie me! My little monster will be 2 in May and this would make a great birthday gift (and replacement for the binky)

  316. who am I kidding? I have six kids and I want one for me lol

  317. OMG! What a great idea! I want one in the worst way!

  318. Oh my goodness! how cute.

  319. Hmmm I wonder if this would make my 2 year old want to go to bed???

  320. Awesome. I think I want one. I MIGHT share it with my toddler…maybe.

  321. I love me some Zoobies!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

  322. Me Me, Pick ME!!! Love your sites 🙂

  323. oooh me ohhh me. Pick me!! These are awesome. Thanks!

  324. I think my 2 daughters might fight over this. Very cool.

  325. Thanks for everything! I would love to win one of your contests pretty Mir!

  326. Here’s crossing my fingers that I might win. 🙂 Pick me, pick me, pick me!!! 🙂 Thanks!!!

  327. I am hoping to get lucky on this one and finally win one! This would be great for my daughter!

  328. It’s worth a try — count me in!

  329. My daughter would love it!

  330. Oh man – I can’t pick my favourite. The pink hippo or the giraffe or the lion. We don’t need anymore stuffed animals my husband keeps saying, but we would make room for one of these cuties!

    Thanks for running these great contests, pretty one.

  331. Very fun! Please enter me!!

  332. Oh, please pick me!

  333. Thanks for the reminder! I love one for my kiddo! Please enter me!

  334. Oh those are adorable! My kids would go nuts for one of those. Enter me please!

  335. Hi again 🙂

  336. zoobie me!

  337. Pretty, please! (you can interpret this as a compliment . . . see the punctuation?)

  338. Wow! This is a lot of entries! But if you pick just the right one……………… I’ll be zoobied!

  339. those are so cute! i want one!!! please!

  340. Zoobie!! Come on lucky 341…

  341. Zoobie! Cute! Cute!!

  342. comment comment comment (****my aura is very sparkly, see those sparkles?****)

  343. SO, SOO CUTE! Enter, and pick ME! :o)

  344. I want one..err….for my son. 🙂

  345. It would so rock if we won! Our fingers will be crossed for awhile…LOL

  346. Zoobie over here, please. Thank you very much.

  347. Please, Please, Please. But if I don’t win, I’ll probably buy one anyway. Too cute!

  348. My Shorty would love one of these! Cute!!

  349. Thank you for sharing this – they are adorable! I’ve never seen anything like them but I have a granddaughter and one on the way that would love them. I just can’t decide which one because they are all cute – I’m leaning toward the polar bear.

  350. My son would love this! Please pick me!

  351. I want to win this for my Godson please and thank you. Even if I don’t win thank you pretty Mir for the contest!!!!

  352. Let’s see if 352 is the lucky number! I think these look fantastic.

  353. I would love to win one of these for my niece. Her old blanket got lost while in the hospital. So I’m hoping to lift her spirits with one of these sweet Zoobie Bears.

  354. The giraffe is ultra-cute.

  355. Thanks for the reminder – these are so fun! My 2.5 yr old twins would LOVE these. If I won one, I’d have to buy a second. 🙂

  356. Pick me!

  357. ooooohhhhhhh, I want one.
    Now where did I put my good Kharma? I am sure I am due some to come back to me.

  358. I have actually been looking for a co-op to buy these! But it would be oh so much better if I could just win one. 🙂

    Thanks Mir!

  359. Okay, for the sake of the Zoobie I’ll tone down my frustrated mommy aura and send out some soothing vibes. I could use a snuggly blanket/pillow/lovie right about now.

  360. I know a baby-on-the-way who would love one!

  361. My tot’s in a big elephant phase. He sure would get a kick out of one of these!

  362. sure I’d love one!!

  363. My coworker just had a baby and this would be a great gift for his new little family!!!

  364. So cute. I love it!

  365. Those are amazing. Why didn’t I think of that? Can I keep it for myself?

  366. Come on lucky number 367!!

  367. Those are utterly adorable. And how nice of them to donate. And even nicer of you to ask. 🙂 (Gotta say the promotion works – I’d never heard of it before, but now I want to get one for all the animal-loving kids I know).

  368. I would love a zoobie!!!

  369. Zoobies!

  370. How cute! Pick me!

  371. how adorable! i’d love to get one of these for my neice’s 1st bday!

  372. Haha, these are tooooo cute. AND they would be awesome for travel, esp on an airplane. Now I want one of each! 🙂

  373. These are so neet. My kids are both blanket babies. My fingers are crossed.
    Thanks for the chance.

  374. My aura is unfortunately “mom with a bad cold” today, but hey, the random number generator is immune.

    I have an almost 5 year old who would just adore one of these.

  375. My kids would fight over it but I’d love to get one anyway!

  376. These are so cute! And so are you! : )

  377. Those are so cute! I agree with Melissa those woudl be great for traveling..

  378. oh I need a zoobie. . . I need a zoobie bad.


  379. we are leaving soon to pick up twins from West Africa…and a couple zoobies might just be an appropriate snuggle gift.

  380. mememe! Or, wait, my 2 year old. Ahem.

  381. Thanks so much for doing this!!! My 4 little ones will be so happy if its us!

  382. too cute!

  383. Oh those are awesome! Great website too. Pick me, random number generator…you’re pretty!

  384. They are adorable! pick me
    your blog is awesome

  385. Those are too cute!

  386. Oooooo…pick me! Pick me!

  387. Happily commenting here! 🙂

  388. My daughter has assumed legal responsibility of a friends’ 3 year old son whom was left alone for 3 days while said friend was out doing not good things. I want this for him; he needs cuddly things!

  389. Zoobie treats! Yeah!

  390. They are so cute!

  391. Oh how I love thee Zoobie Doo, let me count the ways. 1,2,3,4,5,6…..infinity and beyond……………..

  392. Those are adorable. What a nifty idea! Count me in, please!

  393. My 18 month old twin boys would LOVE these!
    They’re awesome and would be great cuddle toy/pillow/ blanket for those long car rides back to Saskatchewan!

  394. These are absolutely adorable! I think kids of every age would love them! Count me in way big time.

  395. We’d love one!

  396. My son just lost his “pup” that he’s had since he was six months old. We held on to it for 3 1/2 years and then just one day – GONE! He’s trying to adjust but still asks for him, and since he lost him he hasn’t been able to nap at school. I think this might do the trick. Thanks for the opportunity.

  397. Would be awesome for the upcoming baby!

  398. I want one!

  399. My granddaughter would LOVE one of these!

  400. My son would love this!

  401. How cute are these!?!?!

  402. boobies!! awesome!!

  403. These are so cute! Thanks for introducing us to them and for the contest. Great for my almost 1 year old son and gifts for all the babies around us.

  404. Please pick me!!

  405. I love these things…hopefully I’ll win one for my children!

  406. Wow, these are so cute! My three-year old would LOVE one!

  407. i would love one of these for my little girl… she would go crazy for this!

  408. What fun! New to your site as of yesterday, very fun.

    Be well.

  409. I have 11 great nieces and nephews, I would be the coolest great aunt ever!!!! Please pick me!!!!!!!

  410. Love these! My little one would LOVE this!

  411. What a great present for my little ones….
    Thanks 🙂

  412. How cute are these? I need one!!

  413. What the hay. Let’s give this a shot.

  414. Those are cute. My not-quite-four-year-old would love that turtle.

  415. Keeping my fingers crossed – thanks!

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