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By Mir
May 26, 2008
Category Contests

I have a totally awesometastic (that’s a word, because I say so) contest for you today, courtesy of, a fabulous resource site for parents. I’d probably say that even if they weren’t offering up some cool toys for the kids, even.

As it happens, though, wants to give away three cool toys to Want Not readers. All three have already received their A+ seal of approval, and all three will afford your kiddos hours of fun. Here’s what you could win:

Any of those sound good? Of course they do! Here’s what you need to do to win: Leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, May 28th, 2008, telling me which ONE toy you’d most like to win. This becomes something of a game of strategy, because you may only ask for one toy and the first number drawn will get their pick. The second number drawn will only win if their pick is still available, and so on. Pick one and cross your fingers. One entry per person, valid email address, follow the directions, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, etc.

Winners to be determined by random number generation and stacks of elephants. As soon as I find some elephants willing to be stacked, that is.



  1. Oh, just my luck to be first. #1 almost never wins! But the magnetic poetry would be fantastic for my class. Fourth graders (at least mine!) love playing with words.

  2. Oooh! Definitely the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids because my daughter LOVES any animal. And she can’t quite say Elephant yet.

  3. Elephantine stacking stuff pleassse!

  4. Magnetic Poetry/Storymaker. My daughter, the future author ;), would wear them out.

  5. So hard to pick…Happily Ever Crafter looks like fun.

  6. My kids would love the Magnetic Poetry Kids Storymaker. Thanks for your great offers and contests!

  7. Zimbos Elephantastic Pyramids would be my choice for my two toddlers – thank you for a great giveaway!

  8. The Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids would be great for my little one.

  9. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids look totally awesome! My 3 year old would love this! Thanks for introducing me to this product line and a chance to enter this pretty little contest!

  10. Pretty Pachydermic Pyramids, Please!

  11. We’d love Happily Ever After!

  12. I would love to get the zim… The elephan…the pyramid! 🙂

  13. Heh… Elephantastic Pyramids, please!

  14. We would love the happily ever crafter. Thank you very much!

  15. Happily Ever Crafter here 😀

  16. Ooohh, I’d love the poetry set for my little poet!

  17. Happily Ever Crafter Please!

  18. I would love to have an Elephantastic summer with my kiddos.

  19. Elephantastic pyramids, please!

  20. I could write an “Ode to Pretty Mir” if I only had the magnetic poetry. 🙂 I think my kids would dig it too.

  21. We would definately love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids

  22. Magnetic poetry please!

  23. The Magnetic StoryMaker is perfect for my kidlets!

    Thanks, Mir!

  24. I would like the pyramids (which, apparently, puts me with the majority; not so great for the numbers in my favor!). Still, that’s what would work best for us. Thanks, Mir!

  25. Sounds great, my girls would love this!

  26. They all sound good, but I think the Happily Ever Crafter sounds nice.

  27. The Elephants would be so much fun for my kiddos.

  28. My boys would love that elephantastic stacking game. Ok, really it is me who would love such thing. To play with my boys, of course 🙂

  29. Happily Ever Crafter please.

  30. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids. Fabulous name!


  32. The choices!
    I vote for the magnets.
    Hopefully it isn’t too babyish for my 10 year old.

    Thanks Mir!

  33. Magnetic Poetry Maker, for sure! Thanks!

  34. Love the Zimbbos toy, too fun!

  35. Happily Ever Crafter looks like it would fill some hours of unstructured summer.

  36. Oh! The Zimbbos for sure!

  37. happily ever crafter, Zimbbos are already here! 🙂

  38. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids for me…I mean my 4 year old. Thanks

  39. Stacking elephants just might be enough to keep my almost-4-year-old from stealing the baby’s blocks right out of her slimy little hands… Thanks!

  40. Elephantastic pyramids sound great! I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes up words…mine this week was herocious…it just came out and felt right.

  41. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids please.

  42. Poetry kit!

  43. i would love the chance at the elephant stacking game. sounds like my preschooler would enjoy that one! thanks!

  44. Elephantastic Pyramids look too fun to pass up! Thanks for the great links and an elephantastic giveaway!

  45. Happily Ever Crafter would be my choice.

  46. I hope my number gets drawn. We’re word crazy here and would love another Poetry Kit.

  47. My daughter and I would love the Happily Ever Crafter! Thanks!

  48. elephants, please!

  49. I’d love the Zimbbos!

  50. Due to the age of my son, I’d have to pick the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids. Also, Have I mentioned how very nice you look now that it’s nearly summer? You were made to love in the South…

  51. I’d love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids PLEASE!!!

  52. i feel lucky…happily ever crafeter. thanks pretty mir!

  53. Ooh, neat stuff. Happily Ever Crafter, please.


  54. Everyone seems to want the elephants! But, I want that too, for my 3 year old.

  55. I would love the magnetic poetry please!!!!!!

  56. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids pretty please!

  57. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids

  58. I would love to be able to give my daughter Happily Ever Crafter. My mother taught me to sew when I was 9, and I hope I am able to teach her as well (It seems to be one of those dying, yet oh so useful arts) A Craft kit with fabric projects would be a great way to spark her interest. Thanks Mir for bringing us such great giveaways!

  59. Hmm. Happily Ever Crafter. Thanks, Mir!

  60. What cute things…while I LOVE that crafting kit, my kids wouldn’t appreciate it as much (too young), so i’d have to go for the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids. I know both would enjoy them.

  61. I would love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids for my toddler!

  62. Happily ever crafter, please……

  63. Happily ever crafter, for us!

  64. Happily ever crafter as well!! My gradkids love this kind of stuff.

  65. I so have a hole in my son’s closet that’s crying out for a pyramid made of elephants to fill it. Really.

  66. The Magnetic Poetry kit is great as we are at the exciting Reading time! Thank you.

  67. man, that happily ever crafter thing would be a dream come true to two parents who’d much rather sit on the deck and look at the lake this summer than find things for their kids to do.

    not that i’m that kinda parent, or anything…..

    pretty mir is always welcome to join us!

  68. Jet would love the elephants! So cool!

  69. Happily Ever Crafter, thank you!

  70. We are starting a “craft time” as part of our “let’s not be bored during summer pseudo-homeschooling plans” in a month. I choose the Happily Ever Crafter as my top pick. Thanks!

  71. zimbbos!!!!

  72. Crafter please!

  73. I’ve debated about buying the poetry magnets for awhile now. To get them for free would be even better. Thanks, Mir

  74. I like the elephant game for our kids. Thanks!

  75. I have a four year old who would LOVE the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids. His birthday isn’t until October, so a new toy would be most welcome right about now. 🙂

  76. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramid please!!!!

  77. THey all look great, but the crafter looks like a great mommy/daughter exercise! Thanks! Jessica

  78. We’d love the crafter set. Thanks!

  79. The magnetic poetry would be awesome!! Pretty please!

  80. elephantastic!

  81. The Happpily Ever Crafter would be great for my daughter!

  82. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids is my pick. It’s so much fun to see the different contests you run, Mir. I get exposed to some great stuff as a result.

  83. I would love the poetry maker!

  84. I could use \

    Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids

    with my kiddos. thanks

  85. I choose the storytelling magnets and I might let my kids use them when I get tired of them 😉

  86. Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker, please. 😀

  87. I think I would like the magnetic poetry. And I may share it with the kids…. maybe.

  88. Cool.

  89. I’d love to win the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids Game — I’ve been considering investing in one of them forever! Thanks for the opportunity!

  90. Happily Ever After is my choice.

  91. Happily After Crafter!

  92. Happily Ever Crafter would definately help keep my 9 year old busy this summer!

  93. crossing my fingers for the elephantastic pyramids.

  94. Happily Ever Crafter looks fantastic!

  95. Happily Ever Crafter for my 6yo son who loves to sew 🙂

  96. I would be thankful to win any one!

  97. The crafting kit, please. Thanks!

  98. My son would love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids! Birthday’s are quickly approaching 🙂

  99. Sounds lovely!

  100. Happily Ever Crafter!

  101. Poetry magnets would be a lot of fun and educational! Thanks, pretty Mir!

  102. lucky #100?

    happily ever crafter please! thank you mir

  103. ooh, new poetry would be great. the first words set is too easy now and really limits the options.

  104. Zimbbos for sure!!!

  105. My older daughter, who is already planning to be on Project Runway 20, would adore the fabric Happily Ever Crafter.

  106. i think the happily ever crafter just looks way cool!!!!! what a great giveaway mir!!!! and might i add, you are looking ever so pretty today=)

  107. The stacking game would be nice.

  108. Magnetic poetry, please, oh pretty Mir. My 9 year old would absolutely love it!

  109. I want to live Happily Ever Crafter! Thanks for asking!

  110. Love the Zimbbos!

  111. I would love the elephantastic one….my daughter calls them efelants…and we would LOVE this!

  112. I totally want to make my fridge messy with the Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker. Sounds awesome!

  113. Hooray!!Crafter one pleaze

  114. Zimbbos, please!

  115. Hi- enter me for the magnetic poetry, please.

  116. ohh Zimbbos- because they look pretty neat and it’s fun to say!!!

  117. we would love the crafter one at our house! sounds like such fun… lucky #116

  118. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids please and thanks, Mir!

  119. I really want the elephants most, BUT because I think everyone will pick those, I’m going with the magnetic poetry thing. My son would like that. It would just mean that I need to take all the other crap off the front of our fridge. Oh well…I needed some motivation.

  120. I bet my son would like the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids, cuz, you know, he’s only 3.

  121. I’ve always loved the Zimbbos game when we see it in catalogs. that’s our choice!! thanks for entering!

  122. my son would love the magnetic poetry!

  123. Elephantastic pyramids would be my pick.

  124. the elephantastic pyramids.

    *fingers crossed*

  125. I love the magnetic poetry!

  126. My toddler would like the elephantastic pyramids. 🙂

  127. We’d love to have the Zimbbos, thank you!

  128. The Elephant game looks like a lot of fun and perfect for my age group. I mean, my kids’ age group.

  129. My kiddies are youngins….So I would have to say enter us for the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids…they look fun!!

  130. Zimbbos sound fantastic.

  131. Magnetic poetry would be AWESOME!! 🙂

  132. We would love the Elephantastic Pyramids at our house!

  133. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids – yeah yeah yeah!

  134. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids, definitely. Because my 2 kids have few things that they enjoy playing together (girl 7.5 and boy 2.5). Good luck to all!

  135. Yo! we’ll go for the elephantasmatic-supra-awesome game!

  136. The Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids would be a big hit here!

  137. As always, would love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  138. Zimbbos!!

  139. Ooh! Pyramids, please 🙂

  140. Oooh, magnetic poetry. It would be a toss up who would use it more – the kids or me. We’d all love it. Hope I’m lucky!

  141. fun! thanks!

  142. The crafter would be great in our house of two girls!

  143. magnetic poetry /storymaker!!! awesome! I don’t have enough stuff on my fridge!

  144. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids by Blue Orange…because it’s so darn fun to say!

  145. My little boy would love to play with the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids! Thanks for the chance!

  146. Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker, pretty, pretty, puh-leeeeeeez.

  147. the magnetic poety is perfect for my brand new reader!

  148. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids are my pick. My girls would love it.

  149. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids would be so much fun for my 3 year old!

  150. My daughter would love Happily Ever After!

  151. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids for my 3-year-old! Thanks Mir!

  152. We would so love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramid game in our house. Hope I win! Thanks for all the great contests.

  153. Would love the Happily Ever After Crafter! Thanks.

  154. Please enter me in the happily ever crafter!

  155. Hmmm, hard choice! They all look like fun.
    We’d love to try for the happily ever Crafter.
    Thank you!

  156. I would love any of them…but if I must choose…the wooden stacking game.

  157. Happily ever crafter please and thank you !

  158. Elephantastic pyramids please!!!!

  159. Happily Ever Crafter, if I win.

  160. Oooh – the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids, please! My daughter will love that.

  161. I would love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids for my almost-4-year-old son! He’s definitely the type of kiddo to enjoy something like that!


  162. Elaphanastic pyramids please!

  163. I’ve always thought the elephant pyramid game looked fun. And loud.

  164. Happily Ever Crafter for my craftastic 6-year-old, please!

  165. Newly four-year-old Acorn would love the Zimbbos Elephants.

    His mommy wants the Happily Ever Crafter set, though. (Is that so wrong?)

  166. Happily Ever Crafter sounds JUST up my girls’ alley!

  167. Ooh Ooh the Elephants are so cute!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  168. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids, pretty pretty please.

  169. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids please!

  170. craft me, baby!!!

  171. The elephant pyramids, please!

  172. Mir, we’d like the Happily Ever Crafter. Hopefully good for all these rainy days we’ve been having, since my kids are dying to go to the pool!

  173. Happily Ever Crafter – what fun! 🙂

  174. Pretty Elephants, please!

  175. I think that I might enjoys those Zimbbos with my 3yr son

  176. Definitely the Zimbbos, I’ve got 2 kids under 4. Thanks!

  177. Zimboos would be great!

  178. Stacking elephants. Thanks!

  179. Zimbbos. Which look rather popular so perhaps a bad choice. But they look cool so count me in!!

  180. We’d love to add Zimbos to our collection of Blue Orange games. They makes great games!

  181. magnetic poetry kid’s storymaker

  182. My son would love the Zimbos. Do we get a second choice? Because my second would be the magnetic poetry.

  183. Please pick me, I never win anything.

  184. If I win (doubtful, but possible!) I’d choose the magnetic poetry. Pretty please!

  185. Hmmmm I think the Magnetic Poetry would be awesome!

  186. Zimbbos!

  187. My kids would love the stacking game, I have been looking for Lincoln Logs at garage sales and no luck so far, so this would be awesome!!

  188. The Happily Ever Crafter please – my 2 7-year-olds would love it! thanks!

  189. Elephantastic Pyramids would be great! And I hope I spelled that correctly. 😉

  190. Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker please. 🙂

  191. StoryMaker! My kids are into making up tales lately… They’d love it!

  192. Magnetic Poetry, por favor. And then I will love you forever more. (See? I already AM a poet!)

  193. Elephant pyramids!

  194. My son would love the Magnetic storymaker thingy!! haha He is always in the kitchen with me and playing with the few magnetic letters that we have not lost . Count us in!!

  195. The magnetic storymaker would be AWESOME for my 7yo homeschooler!


  196. My kids would get a lot of use from Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids!!

  197. ZIMBBOS!!! this is EXACTLY what my OCD child needs…..

  198. Ruh roh, looks like lots o’ folks want those Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids! They’re my choice too, as my baby is three.

  199. The Happily Ever Crafter, definitely.

  200. I’d love to win the Happily Ever Crafter set. My daughter would think it was fantastic!

  201. My two would love the Happily Ever Crafter set. Plus that is just fun to say! Thanks, pretty Mir, for all the cool contests.

  202. Happily Ever Crafter! Pick me!

  203. We would love the Magnetic Poetry please!!!

  204. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids

  205. Oh Elephant Pyramids for me please!

  206. Magnetic story maker, por’vavor…because my child needs help on making him some stories.

  207. My son would love Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids. Please pick me(him.)

  208. Magnetic poetry rocks…my daughter would love it!

  209. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids, pretty please!

  210. The Magnetic Poetry Maker would be terrific for my son. He’s over my shoulder now as I type. He says hi and he loves that you have so many contests and it’s hard to type now that he’s in my lap. Thanks Mir.

  211. I like the magnetic poetry. Being an English major and a librarian and all. Oh! You mean it is for my kids? Psshhhh, yeah, right.

  212. Magnetic Poetry! And I promise not to make up inappropriate poems…but now what my kid does with it…

  213. happily ever after crafter would be perfect for some summer fun!!!

  214. Thanks!
    Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids

  215. The Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker looks fab!
    ~The Bargain Shopper Lady

  216. elephantatic, please

  217. Mmmm…they all look great, but I’ll throw my name in for the zimbbos elephantastic pyramids.

  218. Happily Ever Crafter

  219. I’m all about ‘fridge art. Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker please. It will give them something to do while standing in the kitchen bugging me.

  220. I’ll go for the Poetry Magnets – I can imagine my two boys could be quite creative with those!

  221. We’d love the stacking elephants!! Thanks!

  222. Magnetic poetry, please. We could have our very own “haiku smackdown” on our refrigerator! (This will require some explanation to my sons, however, that no actual smacking is involved…)

  223. Hey there! Count me in for the magnetic story maker. Thanks!

  224. Myself and the students at Kernersville Elementary would LOVE the Happily Ever Crafter!

  225. Zimbbo’s!

  226. The Happily Ever After Crafter would be right up my daughters alley! Thanks for the contest!

  227. The Zimmbos look like a ton of fun for little hands — we’d love them!

  228. Happily Ever Crafter looks fun. Thanks Mir!

  229. Oooo… yes, please!

  230. Oooo! Yes!

  231. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids here!

  232. My niece would love the Happily Ever Crafter!

  233. magnetic poetry! I homeschool

  234. My kids would love the magnetic poetry makers!

  235. We are still talking about seeing the elephant poop at the zoo, so I must put in a request for the elephant toy. Even if it doesn’t poop. 🙂

  236. We would love to win the Happily Ever Crafter.

  237. I would like to win Happily Ever Crafters, please

  238. Magnetic poetry for me, please!

  239. zimbbos!

  240. My 2 girls would love the Happily Ever Crafter.

  241. Stacking elephants, please! I know somebody who would just lose her stuff if she got that game 🙂

  242. The poetry kit, please!

  243. We’d love the Happily Ever Crafter kit over here, please!

  244. My daughters would love the crafter kit. Thanks!

  245. Well I love all three, and all are suited for someone special in my life! My first pick however is the storymaker. However, even if I don’t win it, I still win, cause I was at a loss over a gift idea for my godsons birthday in July! THANKS! 😉

  246. We’d love some stacking elephants!

  247. We’d be interested in the Happily Ever After Crafter!

  248. Wow, I hope the super-duper number generator goes this high! I would ask for the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids!

  249. Magnetic Poetry thing would be great practice for my daughter. Thanks!!

  250. My students would love the Happily Ever After Crafter.

  251. Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker please, please, please oh pretty Mir and the random number generator.

  252. Stackable elephants? This I gotta see! One of those, please pretty, pretty Mir! (Yeah, I know sucking up doesn’t improve my chances, but it can’t hurt either, right?)

  253. Well I know there are lots of picks for the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids and normally I would pick something else because so many have picked it, but this is the only one that I think all of my kids could get enjoyment out of. Otherwise I’ll have to go out and get 2 more toys!! So Zimbbos it is. Thanks Pretty Mir.

  254. I have to go for the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids too. Good luck to everyone (but mostly me). 😉

  255. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids for me please!

  256. We’d love love love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids – my son is in a ‘stacking’ stage right now.

  257. Magnetic Poetry, please! My son would love it.

  258. The Happily Ever Crafter kit looks great!

  259. My girls would LOVE the Happily Ever Crafter 🙂

  260. Happily Ever Crafter, please. Thanks!

  261. magnetic poetry please!

  262. Tough choice…Happily Ever Crafter it is!

  263. zimbbos!

  264. Happily Ever Crafter would be fun.

  265. …and thanks to the Random Number Generator, they all lived Happily Ever Crafter.

  266. That Zimbbos looks super cool!!!!

  267. The Zimbbos pretty please.

  268. For my little one and the littler one on the way, we’d love the elephantasic (great word) treat.

  269. My house has been sorely lacking in stackable elephants.

  270. They all sound great, but my daughter would probably enjoy Happily Ever Crafter the most. She’s a crafty girl!

  271. Since my girls are young, the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids please.

  272. My boys would love the elephantastic pyramids!! pick me!

  273. I may have trouble figuring out who to give the Happily Ever Crafter kit to…I have so many young girls in my life who would love it! Maybe I’ll have them all over one day and we’ll do them together! (If I win, that is….)

    Can’t hurt to dream, right?

  274. Elephant pyramid for my elephant-loving girl, please!

  275. Stacking elephants for me all the way! (I never thought I’d ever say anything like that…)

  276. although the elephants are way cute, and its a tough call to make, i think I would pick the poetry builder!!

  277. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids — This looks like something all my kids could do (I have an 8 yr, 5yr, 18 month).
    Thanks for ti=his wonderful opportunity!

  278. Happily ever crafter, please.

    My, you look pretty today!

  279. I would love to win the Happily ever Crafter set. My Mom and my son would have a ball with this at Camp Grannie!

  280. I would love it!!

  281. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids . . . please. And Thank you!

  282. My pick would be the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids, like lots of other folks!

  283. I will pick the Happily Ever Crafter. Love anything can make my kid happily ever, haha.

  284. Happily Ever Crafter…


  285. elephant pyramids please!

  286. I think the elephantastic pyramids sound great.

  287. We would like the Happily Ever After Crafter. Thanks!

  288. The Zimbbos pyramid stacking game would be great for my kids! Thanks!

  289. My daugther would love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids by Blue Orange, a wooden stacking game for kids ages 3+!!


  290. Ooh, ooh, ooh – Bridget would looooove the elephant stacking game! And then she couldn’t say she wasn’t my favorite. How could random number generator say no to that?!

  291. Zimbbos, please!

  292. We just saw the elephants at the zoo yesterday–my 3 yr would love these!

  293. Stackable elephants please – so my 2-year-old and 4-year-old might stop stacking each other 🙂

  294. My girls would LOVE Happily Ever Crafter! They love to do all kinds of crafts, just like their Mommy!

  295. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids

  296. Happily Ever Crafter would be great for my two daughters!

  297. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids – that would work for both kids….

  298. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids. Thanks!

  299. The Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids, for sure!

  300. The fabric crafts please. Thank you!

  301. I’d love the Elephantastic Pyramids for my niece’s birthday. Thanks!

  302. I would love the Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker. My kid so much to say and I was just today going to tell him he should try writing poetry. Pretty please, oh pretty Mir!!!

  303. Ooh!! Magnetic Poetry for me – I mean, my son(ahem).

  304. I could see us stacking elephants for hours!!

  305. We want the magnetic poetry/story kit!

  306. Lovely comment number 304 is going to be my lucky number this time! YEAH!

  307. My little girl would love some stacking elephants. Thanks! Fingers crossed!

  308. You know, those stacking elephants could have a home in my K classroom after my own two boys were done playing with them. So really, Mir, that would be like two gifts in one and you would have scores of future K kids who thought you were oh so pretty and generous….

  309. Baby girl would love the Elephantastic Pyramids! She loves to stack! Pick me…!!!

  310. Elephant pyramids here, please!

  311. Loving the magnetic poetry kit!!! lucky number here we go!!

  312. Elephantastic all the way ( I think that has become my new favorite fake word). 🙂

  313. Magnetic Poetry, please! I hope I win!

  314. Magnetic Poetry for lucky number 313!

  315. I’d love the magnetic poetry for my special needs kids!

  316. Elephantastic pyramids please!

  317. Happily Ever Crafter, please! 🙂 Thanks!

  318. Happily Ever Crafter looks cute! Fingers crossed.

  319. Happily Ever Crafter, please! Need something to survive the summer! Thanks!

  320. I’d like the pyramids please, for my yungin!

  321. Pyramids please!

  322. my kids would absolutely love the elephantastic
    pyramids!! thanks, for the opportunity!

  323. My kids would love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids… thanks!!! 🙂

  324. Happily Ever Crafty

  325. I’d love to win the Happily Ever Crafter by Alex toys. Thanks!

  326. My daughter would love the “Happily Ever Crafter”. Thanks!

  327. Happily Ever Crafter, pretty please?

  328. i would love to win jimbbos elephantistic pyramids for elli (she’s two and love blocks of all shapes and sizes)


  329. The craft kit sounds wonderful
    3beez at

  330. I would like to win the Happily Ever Crafter kit!

  331. Happily Ever Crafter!

  332. Happily Ever Crafter for me, er my daughter please!

  333. Zimbbos Pyramids (like the majority of people here…i’m not playing wisely, am i?).

    Thanks, Mir!

  334. Happily Ever Crafter please! Thanks Mir!

  335. Another great giveaway, pretty Mir!
    Also not playing wisely, but how can you pass up a word like Elephantastic??

  336. Zimbbos Pyramids would get lots of play at our house. Please don’t hold it against me that I have no strategy 🙂

  337. The Happily ever crafter will keep my two youngest children from fighting. Love it!

  338. Happily Ever Crafter looks great for my nephew.

  339. My daughter would love the happily ever crafter. Thanks for the contest!

  340. How cool – Happily ever Crafter!

  341. The poetry set for sure

  342. I’m going with…Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker. Looks like something we could do while on the road. Thank you!

  343. Elephantasticness, please!

  344. I love the fabric crafts. My kids like to invent costumes and wearables out of my stuff, now they will get their imaginations going with new fabric and ideas.

  345. I have grandkids of all ages, so I can use all of the prizes. If I have to chose, I guess I’ll go with The Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids for my youngest granddaughter.

  346. elephantastic pyramids please for my son who LOVES to stack!!

  347. I love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids…what fun for my grandson and I!

  348. My niece is just learning to sew – The Happily Ever Crafter set please!

  349. The Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids.

  350. Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker 🙂

  351. The Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids,wow,cool contests,thanks

  352. I love the happily ever crafter!

  353. Zimbbos elephant is the first choice for my kiddo…

  354. The elephantastic pyramid for our young grandson would be great!

  355. I am going to go with the happily ever after crafter!

  356. with 5 kids at home with my husband all summer this would be awesomely cool! I would go for the Happily Ever Crafter as my girls are just learning how to piece fabric together … too coll. As always GREAT prizes Mir!

  357. I would love to win the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids.

  358. I would love the happily ever crafter for my daughter. Thanks!

  359. I’d love this for my dd! Thanks in advance for choosing me. 🙂

  360. I would love the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids! Great contest!

  361. I would love to have the magnetic poetry!

  362. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids for my Daughter! she would LOVE that!

  363. Who love any of this for my little story tellers

  364. ElephanTAStic. I feel much better now.

  365. thanks!

  366. With a houseful of crafting kids I will have to go with the Alex Toys Happily Ever After kit!!

    Thanks for all the great giveaways Mir!!! You’re so Pretty!! 🙂

  367. The Happily Ever Crafter sounds divine, dahling!

  368. Wow, both the Happily Ever Crafter and the Magnetic Poetry Kids StoryMaker would be FANTASTIC gifts for a oh-so-special almost 8 year old young lady in my life… which to choose? Can I just say either of them? No? Oh this is so difficult!

    Okay. Happily Ever Crafter.

    Thanks for all the great deals and contests, Mir. You are appreciated.

  369. My budding poets would be attracted to the poetry set! (Bad pun!)

  370. I would love to win Happily Ever Crafter. I like to take things like this and adapt them to work for the adults that I take care of at an adult day program.

  371. I’d love to win the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids stacking game for my son. Thanks!

  372. Hmm…. that’s tough, because we do like the crafts in our family, but I’m going to go with the poetry magnets. We don’t have anything like that, and I think it’d be a hit.

    Thanks, pretty Mir!

  373. I would say happy ever crafter! I love the name of it!

  374. My kids would love the Magnetic Poetry Maker. (OK, and so would I…)

  375. The Zimbo elephants would be a big hit with my almost 3 grandson….

  376. My 3 year old would LOVE the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids!

  377. I’ve always wanted the magnetic poetry … and yet have never bought the set. But my kids would love it, so if I don’t win (thinking positive), I should get off my tush and buy it for them. 😉

  378. There aren’t any big kids around our house, but we do have an elephant lover who’s just getting good at stacking, so the Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids would be a big hit around here! Please pick us!

  379. Still trying to win somthing for my grandkids!

  380. I think winning would be elephantastic!!!! And my kids would like Zimbbos Elephantastic. Thanks

  381. The Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids is what my son would like most! Thanks!

  382. I would love the magnetic poetry!

  383. The Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids! My daughter loves toys like that!

  384. Hate to be a copy catier but the Elephantastic would be great for my grandaughter’s age!

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