Live fully, with an awesome t-shirt

By Mir
August 6, 2008
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In a perfect world, all of my clothes would be organic cotton. It’s comfy, it’s earth-friendly, and I am morally opposed to items which require dry-cleaning. The only problem is, well, you know how I am about spending. And organic costs more. I’m not saying it’s not worth it—it totally is—but let’s just say that right now my organic items are vastly outnumbered by my “ohmygosh you’ll never guess what a great deal I got on this!” items.

Anyway. I’ve recently decided I need one of everything from Tees For Change, purveyors of hip shirts that aren’t just made of organic cotton, they’re actually seriously sustainable: Every time you buy a shirt, they’ll plant a tree. See what I mean? I love them.

So here’s the deal: Tees For Change is having a big sale right now (up to 40% off), but they’re also giving away a Live Fully shirt to one lucky Want Not reader. Want to win it? Simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) on Friday, August 8th, 2008 for a chance to win. One comment per person, valid email address required, shaving of armpits is optional. (You’re welcome!) Winner to be determined by random number generation and environmental sustainability.

Good luck, and may the fiercest tree-hugger win!


  1. If it’s a tee, it’s for me! (catchy huh?)

  2. I’m a tree hugger at heart!!

  3. Pick me! Pick me!

  4. Would love this shirt!

  5. Cool shirt!!!

  6. Dude, don’t even joke about the armpits.

  7. I think the Random Number Generator is really cute…like, I totally have a crush on him…I hope he picks me!

  8. One of these days I’ll win a contest…

  9. Me, me, me! Please?

  10. I’d love to wear it!!!

  11. Fierce!

  12. I love it!

  13. I’m a total tree hugger complete with splinters in my chest! I would love to win. I will be out of town until August 15. If I win, I promise to contact you as soon as I get home!

  14. One can never have too many t-shirts, especially one as hard-working as this!

  15. I like it and I think it could only look better if it was on me!

  16. I’m in! (And just in case it increases my chances, I shaved this morning.)

  17. Nice shirt. Very nice shirt.

  18. I look totally hot in cotton.

  19. I’m in!

  20. Whooo!

  21. \m/

  22. I love this shirt, and thank you for the optional shave. 😉

  23. I would love an eco-friendly shirt!

  24. Me me me!

  25. OOOHHHH, I’d love one!

  26. I wold love it!

  27. Sounds great!

  28. Woohoo, im in!

  29. A new shirt is always better than dirt!

  30. I’m all for comfort!

  31. i would love a shirt like that!

  32. Yes, please!! 🙂

  33. That’s so cool how they plant a tree for every shirt! Count me in for the contest. I’m on my way to look! Thanks!

  34. Free shirt yay!!! Gonna go buy too though because I love em when they’re on sale.

  35. Hey, I drive a VW. That’s gotta get me some good karma.

  36. Me me me!

  37. I sure do love hugging trees. Cute shirt, awesome company!

  38. I may not be the fiercest tree-hugger but I need new and awesome tees.

    You’re so pretty, Mir. 🙂

  39. YES! Pick me!!!

  40. I really really love winning!!

  41. Pick me, oh great random number generator!

  42. oh i love tees for change! i would love a chance to win a live fully tee!

  43. Awesome!

  44. Oh, good, *another* place to spend my money. Well, I suppose I can tell myself I’m supporting the economy.

  45. Cool! Thanks, Mir, for having so many cool contests like this one!


  46. Neat!

  47. Pick me! Pick me!

  48. Helping the earth? Free t-shirt? Count me in!?

  49. Yes please!

  50. another contest? thank you beautiful Mir!

  51. Maybe this will be my lucky entry. I live in tees.

  52. Organic tee! Wheeee!

  53. Must be my turn to win!……please?

  54. Yay organic cotton! You rock, Mir!

  55. I’ve been wanting to try organic cotton and can’t find it around here.

  56. how delightful

  57. I would love a comfy new shirt!

  58. I love me some Birkenstocks!! Does that count? He, he!

  59. I will win. I will win. I will win.

  60. yay for tree-hugging!

  61. yay for tree-hugging!

  62. Yay! Cool shirt!

  63. Yay for cool shirts!!! I wanna win!

  64. Does it have to be hand washed and laid flat to dry?

  65. Me! Me! Me!

  66. I would love to win something, anything! Please!?! 🙂

  67. Ahhh, comfy shirt? I’m in!

  68. I go WAAAAAAYYYY back with tree huggin’ – even before it was all the rage 😀 Heh.

    Great give-aways, count me in!

  69. I have a migraine. It hurts to be clever. Count me in anyway?

  70. free shirt? organic cotton? yes please!

  71. Love the shirts!! Cool idea on their part.

  72. Suh-weet!

  73. Must have shirt.

  74. I’m in!!! Thanks!!!

  75. pick me!!!

  76. I love giveaways!

  77. I’m hugging a tree right now – hope you pick me! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. I love t-shirts! Thats my wardrobe every day!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  79. I could use a new shirt!

  80. yayy! such a great giveaway!

  81. Could always use a new shirt 🙂

  82. Perhaps it’s my turn to win??

  83. Please!

  84. One day I will have the lucky number! 😉

  85. free tee, awesome!

  86. this is SERIOUSLY awesome!

  87. oh, I love organic cotton. I still remember my first… t-shirt that is. It was way back in 1994! and I wore it out.

  88. Hugging trees, hugging giver of tees!

  89. Pick me!!!!

  90. I hug bunnies and trees, ms random generator!

  91. Thanks!

  92. I’d like one

  93. I live in T-shirts — they’re half of my daily uniform. They go great with stains from sticky-finger kid hugs. And I’m a total hippie wanna-be — I love it when I get dirty looks for hauling my reusable bags into JCPenney.

  94. Another hippie wannabe chiming in for a free tee. Many thanks, sweet Mir.

  95. thanks!

  96. yo. semi-hairy pits here.

  97. I love t-shirts!! 🙂

  98. Awesome!

  99. I love trees!

  100. Oh, pick me! I love tees.

  101. love the shirt!

  102. Again I try….

  103. Not a tree hugger…but love tees.

  104. Oooh, organic tee! Count me in 🙂

  105. Yippee!

  106. Yay- more clothes

  107. Well, it’s a contest! I have to enter! And I love clothes!

  108. me me!!

  109. Oooh. I love organic cotton.

  110. These are nice shirts. Winning one would be make them even better.

  111. Sorry, I can’t let that go.

    I meant, winning one would make them even better. Not “be make”. Time for bed, clearly.

  112. ZOMG, I’ve been meaning to buy an organic tee forever, but I always end up buying the cheap ones.

  113. I’m a tree-hugger. And a random-number-generator-hugger!

  114. Mmmmmm — pick me, please?

  115. What a great run of contests you’re having lately!

    If I do win this awesome t-shirt, I plan to continue shaving my armpits. Believe, it’s preferred…

  116. Ditto to all the above.

  117. very cool, hope to win it

  118. When nobody is looking, I’ve tried literally hugging a tree. It was actually kind of nice! (Just back away from the tree before a traveling bug thinks you are PART of the tree)

  119. cool shirt. And I love trees!

  120. I totally need a t-shirt that doesn’t have chocolate milk stains on it!

  121. All about organic over here. Pick me!

  122. Pick me!

  123. Will the shirt hide my hairy armpits?

  124. What a relief! SO glad there’s no armpit check! Must be my lucky day!

  125. Those are so nice…! I’d love a chance to win one. 🙂

  126. Would be a fun birthday present for my eldest daughter.

  127. Is the prize shirt a particular size, or does the winner get to pick?

  128. Want one! (and they are shaved)

  129. May I have one, please?

  130. I could totally use this T-shirt to go with the organic cotton shorts (my new favorite) I got at Sam’s Club.

  131. very cool tees!

  132. Cool contests lately!

  133. These shirts sound great!

  134. Pick me- I need the incentive to shave these armpits!

  135. A true hippie tree hugger here!

  136. Cute shirts!

  137. Would love a tee!

  138. Love, love, love these tee’s.

  139. Yay. I want a tee shirt.

  140. LOVE T-shirts!!

  141. Tees for Trees!!!!! I love it! Great thing they have there! Kudos! Now, how’s about a free shirt 🙂

  142. Ooooh, meeeeee!

  143. enter me!

  144. I wanna win!

  145. I want one! Me please!!

  146. Thanks!

  147. My turn to win 🙂

  148. I want.

  149. please count me in! thanks

  150. Thank you pretty Mir!

  151. In honor of this contest, just for today, I decree it a no shave day! And I am going to personally hug every tree in my yard! How’s that for free T-shirt enthusiasm?!!

  152. Please enter me!

  153. Man, those tees look comfy!

    (and on a side note: yay for the luxury that is shaved armpits!)

  154. Cool, thanks!

  155. What a great T-shirt!

  156. allright

  157. ohhh! Pretty!

  158. LOVE contests.. You are pretty!

  159. I love tee shirts

  160. This is a great contest!

  161. Ooh, count me in! Thanks!

  162. Cool!

  163. Cool!!! And Neat too!!!

  164. I’m all about organic cotton!

  165. Live fully…. Good words to live by!

  166. Pick me! :o)

  167. hug a tree!

  168. I love this company!! I do shave my pits, for what it’s worth 🙂

  169. Me! Me!

  170. Woo! Sign me up for a chance at a free tee! 😀

  171. Awesome! Thanks Mir.

  172. Yay!

  173. yes! please!

  174. oh oh pick me!

  175. I would love to have this shirt! You should really pick me!

  176. 🙂
    pick me

  177. Again with the cool finds! Way to go!

  178. Me! Me! Me!

  179. me me me! I am a tree hugger tooooo!!!!

  180. A tee for a tree – I’m in!

  181. Oooooh, Love it!

  182. fun!

  183. please pick me!

  184. Hugging the tree! 🙂

  185. I love green companies! Hope I win!

  186. Cool! Would love one!

  187. Thanks Mir!

  188. Go tee! Go!

  189. I’m hugging!

  190. I’m not above bribery – pick me and I’ll plant ANOTHER tree! 🙂

    (Why, yes, I *am* sweetly evil!)

  191. I’m in

  192. Count me in!

  193. I wanna win!

  194. Entering another wantnot contest I surely won’t win.

  195. I just hugged a tree this morning. Kind of like in the movie Superstar.

  196. I’m in for this one, although with the weather here in Maine already, I’ll probably have to wait until next year to wear a t-shirt again :).

  197. Love these contests! Count me in!

  198. Looks comfy!

  199. Hippy Mama should win!

  200. Me me me!

  201. Pick me! Pick me!

  202. pick me!

  203. I’ve never felt organic cotton that I know of. I definitely deserve to win! 🙂 Thanks for the chance, Mir!

  204. mememe!

  205. I could definitely use something soft and comfy to wear!

  206. Please pick me? Pretty please, pretty Mir? I would love a cool organic t-shirt.

  207. This would go really well with my new organic shade-grown coffee.

  208. I’d love this shirt!

  209. I’m in!

  210. Thanks!

  211. Thank you.

  212. Great giveaway. Thank you.

  213. Oooh! Pick me! I’m wishing I could hug a tree right now in my beautiful desert landscaping.

  214. Never owned any organic cotton! Pick me 🙂

  215. pick me!!!

  216. me! :::waving hands::::

  217. Love organic!

  218. tree hugger here!

  219. Shirt shirt shirt!

  220. Would love this!

  221. cool, thanks!

  222. I love tees and trees!

  223. I would be very proud to wear this! Thanks!

  224. oh! Tshirt! fun!

  225. Pick Randomly. : – )

  226. PICK ME!!!! #1 TREE HUGGER HERE!!

  227. I’m in 🙂

  228. I an #1 tree hugger. 🙂 PICK ME!!!

  229. I want one!! Please???????

    Happy Friday!

  230. It would be especially great if they would plant that tree in my backyard. We have really rocky soil.

  231. me wants!!!!

  232. I want one! 🙂 Do we get to pick the size? haha

  233. Oh wow, Mir, I love these T’s. I’d love em even more if I won one!

  234. I want a chance!

  235. Great contest! Please enter me in this one! I’ll plant a tree, whether I win or not.

  236. I’ll play! thanks!

  237. I would love to have my very first organic tee come from the very pretty Mir! Count me in!

  238. ACK! I almost missed the deadline!

  239. t-me!

  240. I’d love to win! Thanks for hosting this contest!

  241. Gimme a T!

  242. oh that would be GREAT as i am trying to make my family more GREEN!!!

  243. It’s my birthday Mir! Pick me!

  244. That great t-shirt will be well-worn here — I’ll share it with my three girls!

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