Breakfast or penguins — you choose

By Mir
September 27, 2008
Category Contests

It’s contest time, and today I am combining two things which have nothing to do with one another, because, um, well, because they’re both sitting here on my desk. Also because I never want it to be said that I didn’t provide something for everyone. Yes. That too.

First up we have two copies of 3-2-1 Penguins: Save the Planets! If you’re not familiar with 3-2-1 Penguins, they’re from Big Idea (the same folks who do Veggie Tales), so that should give you some sense of what they’re about. Good fun, great animation, etc. Do you want to win one of these DVDs?

But wait! Don’t answer yet, because the other thing I have here is a $10 gift card for Starbucks. Strictly speaking, you don’t have to use it for breakfast—I mean, it’s not like the Starbucks police will come after you if you use it for afternoon lattes, instead—but this came to me as part of a promotion for their new breakfast items, so you might want to check out their oatmeal, fruit stella, and muffins. Just sayin’.

I have one gift card and two movies. You need to tell me which one you’d like to get. For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, September 28th, 2008, telling me which one you want. Valid email address required. One entry per person. Entries which do not pick one item to receive will be disqualified. Winners will be determined by random number generation and happy feet. Oh, wait—wrong penguin movie. Nevermind. I need more coffee.



  1. Okay, hmmmmm….I guess the Starbucks card is the one I’m going for. Good luck, me.

  2. I’d like to win a penguin DVD…Thanks 🙂

  3. I’d like the Starbucks card!

  4. A Starbucks card!!!

  5. We would love the penguin DVD here–Nice contest, Mir!

  6. Great looking site. Glad a friend sent it to me. Something to look forward to when I fire up my Apple. As an old “greenie” I would love the Penguin DVD…,

    man thanks

  7. I need more caffeine so i will say the gift card

  8. Happy children or happy mommy?

    I pick happy mommy! Starbucks please.

  9. I love penguins so the dvd!

  10. A Starbuck’s card would lovely. Thank you.

  11. Pick me! I love Starbucks but can never justify the cost… problem solved!!

  12. Rather than get the DVD that cautions against gluttony, I would like to get the Starbucks card so that I can engage in… well, you know! 😉 (Or as much as I can at Starbucks for ten bucks!)

  13. We’d love the Penguin movie at our house. Crossing my fingers…

  14. I returned to college after 17 years of being out of school. I am soooo addicted to coffee at this point in my life! And I could soooo use a Starbucks card!!!

  15. Starbucks card–thanks for asking.

  16. Starbucks for me!

  17. Starbucks for me, too!

  18. Mmmm… Starbucks!

  19. Starbucks all the way! THX

  20. Gift card!

  21. My kids are in awe of Veggie Tales, so we’ll try out 1-2-3 Penguins (if I win, that is!). 🙂

  22. I’d like the Starbucks card.

  23. I live for Starbucks!!!

  24. Starbucks, pls & kthanx.

  25. Starbucks sounds lovely to me.

  26. Well since I have to pick just one…

    The Starbucks card please! 🙂

  27. Love me some Starbucks, but hate to have to pay for it!!

  28. I’ll go for the Starbucks card, thanks!

  29. I’ll take the movie!

  30. We’ve not seen the 321 penguins but I love great idea! I’d go for that one.

  31. I’d like breakfast at Starbucks!

  32. Starbucks card would be great!!


  33. would like the starbucks card 🙂

  34. Penguins, please! Our “nearby” Starbucks is slated to close in a month. Not that 30 miles is nearby anyway.

  35. Pumpkin Pie latte…….I would love a Starbucks Card!

  36. My son loves 321 Penguins! (hard to pass up a starbucks card though)

  37. I would like the Starbucks Card.

  38. Would love the starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Penguin dvd please!

  40. Okay…confession time. I have NEVER had anything from Starbucks! No, I’m not kidding. So I’d love a $10 gift card…then I would try it!

  41. Caffeine me!!! Starbucks card, please and thank you for the contest!!

  42. Ooh…Starbucks, please! 🙂

  43. I love Starbucks muffins ! Starbucks, here I come ! 🙂

  44. OOh the pumpkin spice lattes are calling my name so I’ll go for the Starbucks card.

  45. Starbucks, please!!

  46. I would love the Starbucks card…. thanks!!

  47. Coffee for me, please!

  48. The Penguins DVD would be wonderful! Better to educate/entertain my kids than to add more calories to me!

  49. Starbucks!!!

  50. Starbucks card, please!

  51. I’d like the Starbucks card, please!

  52. I would love the Starbucks card! My need for my chai fix has been hitting me these chilly mornings again lately and I could really use the card!

    You’re so pretty. Thanks for these give-aways! You’re awesome!

  53. Ooooh, I would love the starbucks card!

  54. I’m very much anti-Starbucks, but I’d love one of the 3-2-1 Penguins DVDs.

  55. I’d love the penguins movie. Thanks!

  56. I choose Starbucks. Pick me, pretty random number generator!

  57. Starbucks for me, please!

  58. the starbucks card please – for a breakfast latte 🙂

  59. Penguins, penguins, penguins!
    Penguins, penguins, penguins
    Penguins, penguins, penguins!

    So evidently the tune for that was only in my head. Oh well. And wow, that word looks really weird after typing it out 10 times…

  60. Starbucks would be great. I don’t drink coffee myself, but I wouldn’t mind checking out the breakfast items with a chai tea latte.

  61. Oh, definitely the Starbucks card! Thanks!

  62. 3-2-1 Penguins would be enjoyed at our house!

  63. Mmm, I’d love me some caffeine (via Starbucks) and, sure, I’ll check out some goodies! yum.

  64. Coffee for me please. The Starbucks card is awesome.

  65. We’d love the DVD, please, please please!!!!

  66. DVD!

  67. 3-2-1! Penguins

  68. Starbucks please

  69. I pick Starbucks! Yum!!! 🙂

  70. ooh, my daughter would love one of the penguin DVDs!

  71. penguin DVD please!

  72. It’s all about the Coffee!

  73. Oooh! Starbucks? Hmmmmm…..Well it’s a tough choice for me, Mir, but I’d have to go with the DVD as my choice (for my kids this time!) That makes me a good Mom, right? Yeah. That’s what I keep telling myself.

  74. Penguins please!

  75. Starbucks please if I am lucky enough to get picked!

  76. mmmmmmmmmmmm….Starbucks…………please.

  77. Charbucks please. Love coffee!! Mmm-mm-mmm…

  78. Starbucks please! 🙂

  79. Starbucks please!

  80. Starbucks please 🙂

  81. 3-2-1 Penguins: Save the Planets! Please!!!!

  82. starbucks STARBUCKS!

  83. We are Veggie Tales fans and would probably LOVE Penguins! Sign me up! Thanks!

  84. We’d love the 321 Penguins movie. 🙂

  85. mooooovie!

  86. Starbucks!

  87. 3-2-1 Penguins Please! A perfect, portable present por pretty, petite people. Perchance?

  88. oh penguins please!

  89. 3-2-1 Penguins Please! A perfectly portable present for pretty, petite people!

  90. Penguins please!

  91. Starbucks for me-feed my addiction!

  92. Starbucks gift card, please!

  93. 3…2…1…Penguins!!!

  94. Starbucks, please!

  95. Starbucks please! You’re pretty!

  96. Penguins for the critter-loving kiddo, please! Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  97. please pick me!

  98. coffee, coffee, coffee!!!! and by the way, thanks for the peacoat tip off last week. it’s a dream!

  99. Love me some Starbucks, but love my kids even more, so put me in for a penguin dvd!!! Thanks! C’mon Random generator….no whammies, big money!!

  100. I’m rooting for the movie, personally.

  101. Starbucks card, please.

  102. Let’s try for Starbucks please.

  103. yummmm…starbucks!

  104. I would like ONE and only ONE penguin movie! Pick me, pick me, oh random picking machine!

  105. penguins please

  106. Starbucks please!! Pretty please?!?!!!!

  107. Starbucks card.

  108. Starbucks, please. Maybe I’ll win one of these days.

  109. Starbucks, please! Thanks!!!

  110. Penguins for me please!

  111. Starbucks, please and thanks!

  112. We love Penguins. Is it wrong that I love it as much as my 2 and 4 year old? I think not. Kevin is my favorite…

  113. 3-2-1 Penguins. Zigil, Figil, Midgil, Kevin!

  114. Mirbucks,
    I would love a Starbucks card. Thank you!

  115. Starbucks breakfast sounds good! Caramel spiced cider with it…hmm…getting that time of year!

  116. Starbucks, please!!!

  117. Penguins, please. I’d rather have 1/2 hour peace from the kids than caffine!

  118. starbucks

  119. Penguins!!!

  120. Penguins!!!!! Being dairy-free and caffeine-free makes Starbucks not as much fun as it used to be.

  121. I’d like the gift card, please. I just can’t force myself to spend buckos for a single coffee drink, but I think I could probably manage to do it with a gift card. 🙂

  122. We’d love the penguins DVD!

  123. I would love some Starbucks!

  124. Movies please!

  125. Starbucks for a happy husband!

  126. Starbucks, please! Nothing beats a free latte while I do my grocery shopping (free is the only way I get ’em…)

  127. I would love the Starbucks card! Thanks for another great contest!

  128. Starbucks, yum!

  129. 321 Penguins please!

  130. Mir – You’re awesome!
    I’d love to win the Starbucks card

  131. I feel like such a yuppie-wanna-be, but I have never had Starbucks and I would like to try to see what all the fuss is about. Thanks!

  132. STARBUCKS! Help a grad student out!

  133. We would love one of the penguin movies! Thanks!

  134. I’m going to have to bump the interest of my kids just this one time and go with the ever loving STARBUCKS for their Momma! Thankyouverymuch!

  135. Mmmm…Starbucks! I would love the gift card.

  136. My name is Tracey and I’m a coffeeholic! That’s what my husband says anyways (denial)! I hope I win. I love Starbucks!

  137. Starbucks! Pretty please?

  138. Starbucks card, please.

  139. Movie, please. I want to go to Starbucks, but I never seem to make it. Plus the chance to shower in peace sounds divine and I can’t get that from a cup of coffee.

  140. DVD, please!!!

  141. I want Penguins! 🙂

  142. 3-2-1…well, you guessed it. Penguins please!

  143. I don’t have kids at home, so I’d love the Starbucks card!

  144. I would love to win the Starbucks card. thanks!

  145. DVD for my kids!

  146. Penguins for me, well I guess more for my kids, but you know what I mean. 🙂

  147. Starbucks, please! Thank you!

  148. Hoping for Starbucks!

  149. Starbucks. Although I’d need gas to *get* to Starbucks. Next contest… a gas card?

  150. Going for the Starbucks gift card!!!

  151. Definitely going for the Starbucks card. As much as I love Qubo, I don’t have little ones to make the video worthwhile.

    Thanks, Mir!

  152. Want Starbucks card, pretty please with sugar on top…and whipped cream.

  153. Penguins for me!

  154. I’m in for the DVD.

  155. Starbucks, please. And this is my lucky number.

  156. Count me in for the penguins, please!

  157. Oh I just can’t choose… can I have one of each? 🙂 I guess my first choice would be the DVD though.

  158. My name is Robin & I am a penguinaholic!

  159. Penguinos, por favor!

  160. Starbucks pretty please 🙂

  161. As much as it kills me to pass up free Starbucks cash, I think the children will enjoy the penguins DVD more. I’ll be the one in caffeine withdrawal in the corner…don’t mind me!

  162. Starbucks card – the pumpkin loaf is calling me.

  163. Poor college student so… Mmm…Starbucks pretty please 🙂

  164. I just spent the last 14 hours removing trees, debris, and trash from my mom’s backyard, then sinking 14 new fence posts in concrete (we are in Houston, the clean-up is painstaking). I could really, really use a coffee pick-me-up!

    The Starbucks please!

  165. With a dog named Penguin, I think you can guess which one would be best for my family.

  166. There is a Starbucks directly across the street from where I work, so I would love the Starbucks Card!

  167. My work schedule just got changed to 7:30am and I need some Starbucks to keep up with the kids at work! Thanks Mir!

  168. I was going to ask for a 3-2-1 Penguins show, but if my number comes up, please use it to give Jen (#165 in Houston) the Starbucks card. yikes! Hugs to you and everyone digging out from Ike!

  169. A DVD would be cool…

  170. staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarbucks!

  171. Penguins, please!

  172. Starbucks Please! Thanks- Mir!

  173. Penguins, Please. I don’t do coffee or mocha lattes or iced coffees, or well any coffee…lol

  174. Starbucks all the way! Thanks!

  175. Hi Mir – Pick me for the Starbucks card!

  176. I’d LOVE the Starbucks card – thanks!

  177. The movie would be oh so great.

  178. Starbucks! I loves me some Starbucks, please.

  179. Starbucks would brighten my week.

  180. Kids are grown. I need coffee! Please.

  181. Starbucks please!

  182. Starbuck’s please…I’m way over silly DVDs.

  183. Starbucks oh please please please!

  184. My kids love Veggie Tales I’m sure they would like the penguins!

  185. 3-2-1 Please!!!!(please)

  186. Starbucks, please! I don’t drink coffee, but their pastries are fantastic.

  187. Oh, I like me some coffee.

  188. Starbucks card please!

  189. Starbucks, please!

  190. Starbucks is always appreciated!

  191. penguins please! Thanks for the great contests!

  192. Starbucks, pretty please!

  193. Penguins all the way!

  194. starbucks, please! i spend enough money on my kids’ viewing pleasures… i rarely spend money on the fancy coffees that i love! 🙂

  195. Starbuck’s please! I loooooove coffee.

  196. We could use some new movies around here… here’s hoping we get some penguins.

  197. Breakfast please!

  198. Penguins!! My daughter looooves penguins, so this would be a guilt-free way to keep her educated *and* occupied.

  199. Starbucks me baby!

  200. Coffee – good! Penguins – Not So Much.

  201. I’ll take either, but Starbucks is an addiction… Penguins are just cute.

  202. Penguins! We love Big Idea ’round here.

  203. Starbucks card, please!

  204. Penguins 🙂

  205. Penguins, please! Everybody’s got a water buffalo…

  206. mmmmmm Starbucks!

  207. Starbucks sounds great right about now! If you’ve never tried their frozen strawberry lemonade drink…oooo, boy, it’s wonderful! If you don’t see it on the menu, just ask for it. Thanks for the contest!

  208. Penguins are super cute! I’ll take one!

  209. Penguins are super cute!

  210. Tough choice, but if I have enough caffeine, I’ll be able to pretend to be a penguin with the kiddo!

  211. Penguins, please.

  212. dvd!

  213. Penguins please!

  214. Yay for Starbucks! Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  215. My 3 year old LOVES penguins, so dvd please!


  217. Hmmm, I know penguins can tough out months long Antarctic winters, AND they can commandeer large ships for their zoo friends. Don’t want to make enemies of them, so I have no choice. Penguins please.

  218. Starbucks coffee please!

  219. Penguins please!

  220. Starbucks coffee please!

  221. Would love the Penguins movie. Thanks!

  222. Starbucks for me!

  223. dvd please

  224. Penguin DVD please. Such a hard choice!

  225. This is a hard choice….. I’m gonna go with the dvd. 🙂 Thanks pretty Mir.

  226. While I do love Big Idea with all my heart, my teens won’t really sit through their videos anymore. SOB. I sure would like that Starbucks card, though!

  227. Gift card! Gift card! Hubby will get a stocking stuffer!

  228. Oooh! Starbucks, por favor! 😀 😀 😀

  229. Penguin DVD please!

  230. Starbucks please!

  231. Penguins please!!

  232. OOOOOOOHHH! WE LOVE PENGUINS! We’d love to win a penguin DVD! Thanks for the contest!

  233. starbucks pretty please!!

  234. Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks!

    Thanks Mir – fun stuff! 🙂

  235. 1-2-3 Penguins, Penguins, Penguins! 🙂 Hooray!

  236. Penguins are the best!!! So are you! Thanks Mir.

  237. The starbucks card. 🙂

  238. We would love the penguins.

  239. Penguins… personally, I would like the other, but anything for the kids I suppose!

  240. i would love the starbucks…

  241. Starbucks, please.

  242. I’m not big on the Veggie Tales, but I have been known to stop in at Starbucks. Starbucks card for me!

  243. Starbucks would be great. Thank you

  244. Starbucks is my choice…

  245. Starbucks please! I live by one, how fun would that be! 🙂

  246. Starbucks, please!

  247. Penguins please…they are wearing all their dvds out, something new would be great, thanks for the chance

  248. Starbucks! Thanks!

  249. mmm starbucks….

  250. STARBUCKS baby!!!

  251. I would like the penguins please. My daughter loves that show and we don’t get to see it but once a week when it comes on normal tv.

  252. mmm starbucks please!

  253. I’m entering for Starbucks please. I’d love an excuse to go drink overpriced coffee for an hour or so 🙂 thanks!

  254. Starbucks pretty pretty please!

  255. Starbucks

  256. Penquins please!!!

  257. Starbucks, please!

  258. I would love the Starbuck’s card.

  259. I’d like penquins!!!

  260. The DVD for me please!

  261. Penguins please!

  262. The DVD for me, I don’t do Starbucks.

  263. Coffee, please. I love nothing more than a Starbucks with my weekly trips to Target.

  264. Starbucks, please! Chai tea is awesome for breakfast…

  265. Starbucks, I love to meet friends there to encourage one another.

  266. breakfast and a movie … sounds great to me!

  267. I would love the penguins please!!!

  268. I’d like the Starbucks card please !

  269. Starbucks card please!

  270. Penguins Rock! May I try for the dvd please? Thanks for the game!

  271. 3-2-1 Penguins, please! 🙂

  272. Starbucks for me – thanks!

  273. My daughter loves to waddle like a penguin! I’m sure she’d love the penguin movie, too!

  274. I love Starbucks. I would love a gift card.

  275. Starbucks baby, yeah!

  276. The Penguins DVD will be a great Christmas gift for little Mary!

  277. I’d love the DVD!

  278. My son would enjoy the “Tree! Twoo! One! Pengins!”

  279. DVD please! Thanks for the great contests Mir!

  280. Bucks from Starbucks!! Please o Please.

  281. We’d love one of the DVDs. I’m tempted to post all the reasons why WE deserve to win, but you DID say it was random, so I’ll save them for when they count. Thanks!

  282. Starbucks, please!

  283. I’d love a coffee (tea) break!

  284. DVD please!

  285. Penguins DVD for us, please!

  286. Starbucks, please. Thanks!

  287. No kids at home, no grandkids yet! Starbucks for me.

  288. My girls would love the DVD! What a great idea doing a givewaway!

  289. Penguin movie for me please. My kids love penguins.

  290. Yum! Starbucks all for me. The kids can read a book! 🙂

  291. Starbucks for me, please!

  292. Starbucks!

  293. Starbucks! 🙂

  294. Um… Penguins Rock! I’ll take that please:)

  295. Penguins DVD, please!

  296. starbucks…a girl needs her coffee!

  297. Starbucks – that’s enough for me and the kids!!

  298. I could really use the starbucks card! My kids are too little to sit and watch movies. 🙂

  299. We love 3 2 1 penguins at my house and would love to win one.

  300. My little guy would LOVE the movie-thanks for the chance!

  301. I chose penguins! Thanks.

  302. My brand new grandson prefers penguins to cappuccinos. I think.

  303. Starbucks card please!

  304. I’d love the Starbucks Card and I would share it with my sister 🙂

  305. starbucks please!

  306. At our house, we love penguins, but only in the good way, sheesh!

  307. Starbucks would be wonderful!

  308. starbucks would be great!!!

  309. I’m jonesing for the Starbucks!

  310. Starbucks card, please!

  311. Caffeine keeps me sane.
    Thus allowing my boss to keep his head.
    Starbucks has caffeine…
    So I’m totally in for the card 🙂
    Thank you for the contest pretty lady!

  312. Thank you. I’ll take the starbucks card, please.

  313. I Love veggietales, but I think Peguins is better! DVD for me please.

  314. Hmmm… me or the kids? Today I think me- Starbucks, please!

  315. I want the gift card please!

  316. As much as I love a good latte… My kids would love a new movie, so I’ll take the DVD, please, oh wise random number picker… Thanks! 🙂

  317. I would like the Starbucks card please! (Assuming I win)

  318. Husband would love the Starbucks, but he is outnumbered by the 4 kids who would want the DVD – so DVD please. Thanks again Mir for another contest!

  319. Starbucks please!

  320. We would love the Starbucks card, please! My toddler’s too young for the movie, and single moms NEED coffee. 🙂

  321. I’d love the Starbucks card please and thank YOU!

  322. my kids would LOVE The gift card for mommy! lol

  323. DVD please. Love the Penguins!

  324. Penguin movie, please! 🙂

  325. If I am a lucky winner, I’d love to have the Starbucks card. Thanks!

  326. The movie please, we LOVE Big Idea Productions, have almost every Veggie Tale, but no Penguins yet!!!

  327. Starbucks card for me, please! We have enough DVDs, and the coffee will help me wake up while the little one watches one 🙂

  328. Movie for me please!

  329. OOH! Starbucks please 🙂 I have breakfast there waaaaay too often

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