My busy day means groceries for you

By Mir
October 23, 2008
Category Contests

My darlings, I have neglected you, today. This day has gotten away from me, and it’s only getting worse. (Just ask the dishes in the sink and the laundry spilling out of the hampers.) Given my inability to give you my full attention, I’m going to do an extra! bonus! contest by way of apology.

(I’m sorry! Here, go buy some turnips!)

The fine folks at Kroger want you to know that they’re working hard to help you stay on budget—I especially like how you can load coupons directly onto your Kroger card, now, because I find cutting coupons a hassle. And I’m sure I would also really dig the Fuel Rewards program if my local Kroger offered gas. The point is, they offer plenty of ways to maximize your family’s benefits for less money.

The Kroger family of stores includes Fred Myer, Food 4 Less, and Ralph’s. Surely you have one of those near you…? How does a $50 gift card sound? (That’s a lot of turnips!)

To enter for a chance to win, leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Friday, October 24th, 2008. One entry per person, valid email address required, love of turnips is optional. Winner to be determined by random number generation and speed of clean-up on Aisle 5.



  1. We do shop at Krogers, plus we are lucky enough to have a Krogers with a gas station. I am quite sure a majority of my budget is spent at Krogers…..a gift card would rock!

  2. Me! I heart Kroger so!

  3. Pick me! I do like turnips..yummy!

  4. Don’t care for turnips, but would love to spend a gift card on something else at Krogers!

  5. We shop at Kroger, and I like turnips too.

  6. Kroger is right down the road! I’d love to go get some more groceries for the cupboard!!

  7. Don’t think I’ve ever had turnips! Promise I’ll try them though if I win!

  8. I don’t have a Kroger where I live, but there is one in the town where I work. Conveniently, I do most of my shopping on my lunch break.

  9. Not one of those stores is near me, but my folks live in Georgia and we’ll all be there for Thanksgiving. $50 will go a long way toward filling up our bellies and then the car for the trip home!

  10. Oh yes – I do love the Kroger!

  11. This would be a wonderful help.

  12. I only shop at Ralphs! Please pick me!!

  13. What a great contest!!! Foooooood!

  14. My boys are eating me out of house and home – – a gift card would be awesome!

  15. I need this badly!!!

  16. Hmmmm….I believe that Dillon’s is a Kroger family member too…but it doesn’t matter, because if I win, I’ll just hold the card till I get to SC in January and use it then!

  17. Oh random number generator…how I love thee! Pick me!

  18. Gift card me!

  19. Ugh, turnips. But! Yay other stuff.

  20. Count me in.

  21. show me the money!! (or gift card anyway)

  22. I worked at Kroger’s when I was in high school. Will this sway the random number generator?

  23. Am I the ONLY one that does NOT have one of these stores by me? So SAD!
    So If I win I will donate…
    Thank you!

  24. Please pick me!

  25. Please pick me for the kroger gift card

  26. Yea! I love Kroger. I could really use this. Please count me in.

  27. I hope my number turnups!

  28. Ohh please pick me! I could really use the gift card πŸ™‚

  29. Oh. I’d love this one.

  30. Pick me!!!!!

  31. I shop at Freds. It’s not the closest grocery store but it has the best prices. Plus I love my Fred rewards points.

  32. I’ll throw my hat in the ring! Food is getting so expensive these days.

  33. I do so like free turnips.

  34. Feed me Seymour…Kroger is the only shop in town.

  35. We grow our own turnips . . . but free groceries are free groceries πŸ™‚
    Melody Peaocck

  36. $50 will keep me in turnips for the foreseeable future.

  37. I don’t like turnips either and have to go to the next town for a Kroger, but worth the drive for free stuff! ;o)

  38. I love loading the coupons onto my card, and our Kroger has the cheapest gas even before the discounts!

  39. I love to go Krogering! Pick me, pick me oh random number generator and pretty pretty mir!

  40. I don’t have Kroger near me, but someone on my Christmas list does!

  41. I’ve never had a turnip, but with a $50 gift card I’m sure I could be convinced to try one.

  42. Pick Me! The holidays are coming! Please Pick Me!

  43. Kroger’s = King Soopers here. That would be plenty of turnips!

  44. We’re not so much into turnips here, but do shop at Kroger.

  45. No thank you to turnips but yes please to other fruits and veggies!!

    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  46. I would love a kroger gift card, now if they would just sell diesel at their stations/stores.

  47. I have shopped at Kroger’s for many, many years and so has my Mom. Pick me.

  48. You can use the e-coupons along with paper coupons, too! It’s a great deal! I would loooove a gift card. Pick me pretty Mir!

  49. Thanks, Mir. and Kroger!

  50. Food-4-Less is awesome. So much cheaper than the other stores that populate much of Chicago-land.

  51. We don’t have a local Kroger, but there’s one about an hour away that I always stop in to when I’m in the area. This would be worth making a special trip for!

  52. my mom is a kroger shopper (none near me) so I’ll pass this on to her if I win!

  53. Count us in, thanks!

  54. Oooh…pick me, pick me! I don’t have any of those stores near me, but my mom does and she’s in a rough spot right now. It would go a long way for her.

    Pretty please?! πŸ™‚

  55. Our Kroger has the best selection of organic foods around….but it’s getting rather expensive….We would LOVE this!

  56. Pick me, pick me!

  57. Free groceries sounds good to me!

  58. I have a Kroger and that is the store that I do all of my shopping at. PLEASE pick me…..Thanks Mir, You are GREAT!!

  59. Turnips are yummy.

  60. No Kroger near me but my sister and cute little nephew have one nearby.

  61. That would be great help!

  62. No Kroger near me, but relatives would love this for Christmas.

  63. Did someone say free groceries?

  64. I’m doing Thanksgiving on a student’s budget- this would so come in handy for when I’m ringing up that Butterball!

  65. my fridge needs this bad!

  66. oh pick me please!

  67. That gift card would come in handy! πŸ™‚

  68. Love Kroger! Not so fond of turnips.

  69. I do not shop at my local Kroger, due to the general unpleasantness of their employees here, but I would be willing to suck it up and ignore them if I could shop using a gift card!

  70. I am ready to go Kroger-ing!

  71. Kroger rocks!!!

  72. this would be great to refill on tons of ginger ale for my horrid morning sickness!!!!

  73. old mother hubbard….

  74. My mom loves Kroger (no Kroger by me). I’ll make *her* buy me turnips!!

  75. me me me

  76. I like parsnips better…. You are so pretty btw. πŸ™‚

  77. We have a Fred Meyer here, count me in!

  78. Sounds Good!!

  79. This would be awesome. Thanks

  80. Oh… what I could by with $50!!!

  81. This is can really use!

  82. Ralphs is our local store, woohoo! πŸ™‚

  83. Count me in! πŸ™‚

  84. That would be so sweet! Thanks, Mir!

  85. Thanks, Mir!

  86. I love walking to my neighborhood Kroger. Thanks for a chance to win.

  87. Pick me! My grocery bill is sky high these days.

  88. yes!! I would love help with the grocery budget!

  89. Kroger is our grocery store of choice! (of course, in a small town, there aren’t many to choose from)

  90. Yes… we love bonuses!

  91. I could really use some free grocies right now! Thanks!

  92. I don’t love turnips, but I DO love King Soopers, which is our version of Kroger.

  93. appoligy accepted, even if I don’t win. πŸ™‚

  94. Count me in!

  95. Yes please!

  96. That’s my store! We love our Krogers.

  97. I don’t even know if I’ve ever eaten a turnip. However, I do quite often spend lots of money on groceries.

  98. This is my lucky number.

  99. I bet I could find me a Kroger somewhere . . .

  100. Please, please!!

  101. I’ll probably pass on the turnips, but I love me a good roasted shallot! Gift card, away!


    But I like asparagus when my bubs makes it.


  103. Hooray for King Soopers! Hooray for Mir’s giveaways! And hooray for Mir!

  104. I never knew those stores were related.

    Kroger is in my neck of the woods though!

  105. Turnips do taste better when they’re free…

  106. Thanks for the chance to win! I really enjoy reading your site. With a growing family any information to help save money is greatly appreciated.

  107. Looked in up and there’s no Kroger’s near me – but I have a friend in Red Lion, PA (where there is a store) that sure could use this! I’d be giving it to her.

  108. I am at Kroger at least once a week…$50 would make it less painful.

  109. Krogers is the best place to shop around here. (It’s between that and WalMart. hrmph), so it will definitely be going to good use!

  110. I love free turnips!

  111. Anything to stretch the grocery budget is always appreciated!

  112. Sure could use that! Though I seldom buy turnips…

  113. I love Kroger’s for their great selection of organic foods! Please dear random number generator, pick me!!

  114. Whoo hooo, now that is a good prize! Count me in!

  115. No, NONE of those are anywhere near me – if I accidentally win, I’ll donate it for good karma points!

  116. I have a couple of those nearby and could definitely use some extra food money!

  117. Lets go Krogering!

  118. Hmm. That’s a week’s worth of groceries, plus a little extra for some of my husband’s favorite candy corn!

  119. I hate spending $ on groceries and not shoes…this would free up $50 for some new boots!

  120. Please pick me. Thank you.

  121. Oh How I love Kroger and the doubling ofcoupons up to $1.00!

  122. The loading of coupons onto the Kroger card is something I didn’t know about. Thanks!

  123. Groceries! Yes, please!

  124. OK number generator thing. It’s my turn

  125. grocery money!

  126. Pick me! Pick me!!!

  127. I did NOT know about the coupons! Very cool.

  128. that would be fabulous!

  129. Oh. My. We’ve sold our house, been living with friends for the last month–yes, they’re still our friends but can’t understand what they get out of the relationship–and are moving into our new house this weekend. AND! We have “Old Mother Hubbard” cupboards. They are bare. That card would put a small dent in that.
    Also. I didn’t know about the coupons either. Thanks!

  130. Wow! You can neglect me all you want if you’re gonna pay me $50 in the end!!!

  131. coupons ON my card?? That’s awesome! Almost as awesome as free $50! We don’t have a Dillons (Krogers) with a gas station, but you can redeem your discount (2cents off/gal) or your fuel coupons at Kwik Shops around here.

  132. Please pick me. I never win!

  133. Please enter me! Free groceries would be so helpful!

  134. with a hubby currently on the unemploymentline, a gift card would rock our socks!

  135. Everyone needs groceries. Thanks for the chance to win!

  136. dude,fifty bucks for groceries sounds fantastic to me about now.

  137. this sounds so good……

  138. What a great giveaway! Thanks!!!

  139. Love me some Fred Meyer!


  140. cool…

  141. i wonder if the card coupon thing would work @ food for less too? either way, i would love to win the gift card?

  142. We LOVE our Kroger stores down here in Texas!

  143. That would be so awesome! My family mostly shops at Krogers, so having a card to use myself or to give to my parents would be really helpful.

  144. ooh pick me!! pick me!!

  145. I don’t exactly LOVE our Kroger but it is the closest grocery store to my house. So I shop there.

  146. Pick me. Our Kroger is just down the road and we are there at least twice a week.

  147. I think there will be a Fred Meyer where we’re moving in Oregon!

  148. Yea, maybe this will be the one!

  149. Sounds wonderful!

  150. pick me! pick me!

  151. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. . .

  152. Yes! And thank you for this opportunity. And hope your evening turns your day upside down and leaves you in glee.

  153. Hmmm…can you pick this number random number generator?

  154. Wow! Pick me!! PLEASE

  155. Baby needs some food!

  156. Woohoo! Ralphs

  157. I promise to use it at the Krogers you’ve been to.. and think about how we almost could have met before we knew each other πŸ˜‰

  158. I’d love $50 in free groceries from Ralphs!

  159. sign me up please πŸ™‚

  160. Pick me pretty please, pretty Mir?

  161. Please pick me and my shoeless children.

  162. Ok you random generator you… pick me. I never win anything! πŸ™‚

  163. I don’t know what’s better…. free gas or free groceries!!!

  164. I’m not a huge turnip fan but I really could put it to good use.

  165. Wonderful!! I adore Kroger’s.


  166. Kroger owns Fry’s so I’m thinking this gift certificate would come in handy there too. Thanks Mir!

  167. Pick me, Pick me, pick me!!

    Okay that’s annoying and you don’t hand pick the winner anyway!



  168. Sounds great! We can always use groceries around here! πŸ™‚

  169. I think that I could find a use for this!

  170. I love Kroger. The gas that I got there for $2.37/gal does my heart and wallet good. A gift card would be great! Thanks Mir!

  171. It’s Dillons for us here in KS. This would make me very, very happy.

  172. me please!

  173. Peter piper picked a peck of peppers…pick me…I’ll pick peppers too (and cookies)!

  174. Wah, we don’t have any of those!

  175. Ralph’s is awesome, and I MUST check out the downloadable coupons. I usually end up leaving paper ones for the next person to use!

  176. I shop at Krogers all the time! I’ve heard of Ralph’s from the movie The Big Lobowski! He he..Great movie!

  177. me please! Family of five, need I say more? : )

  178. This would be great! We have a Kroger right down the street! Thanks!

  179. This is timely, seeing as how the poor man’s food (rice and beans) is now too expensive for the poor man!

  180. We don’t have one here but my in laws do. And when we go down we’ll be buying a few cases of our favorite salsa that Kroger carries. Sweetness!

  181. Free grocery money! Yay!

    Thanks, Mir!

  182. Yes. We have Fred Meyer. Never been the same since Kroger bought them out but free food is free food.

  183. Food4Less and Aldi are my main food sources nowadays. And I just love turnips! Have a few more exclamation points!! My treat!!!

  184. I could sure use that!

  185. Give me a couple Clorox wipes and your clean-up on Aisle 5 will be history! Or give me one of those gift cards and IT will be history! Your pick! πŸ™‚

  186. I love me some Kroger

  187. Whoo! Count me in! Thanks – JEssica

  188. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  189. Kroger card! Woo!

  190. I’d love to win this! There’s a Kroger right down the road from me and it has gas too. However, I will not be buying turnips with it – or rutabagas.

  191. oh yes please! that sounds just great πŸ™‚

  192. I could use some free food. Yes, indeed.

  193. Ooooo….count me in.

  194. Yum! Turnips!

  195. Oh wise number generator, pick me. πŸ™‚

  196. me no likey turnips, but i could buy rutabaga!

  197. My mom lives in Texas and has a Kroger right at the back of her house. I would soooo love to give this to her. She really needs it! I’ve wanted to help her out but I’m broke too, LOL!

  198. I want in but there is NO WAY I’m buying turnips if I win!
    πŸ˜‰ (We’re in a CSA this fall and I have turnips enough that I don’t know what I’m going to do with.)

  199. hate turnips, love kroger

  200. let’s go krogering…lalalalalala….

  201. Awesome offering!! I’d love to have a gift card to use for the supplies I need for Farm Week in class next week. Anyone want to make butter???

  202. enter me!

  203. Kroger is just around the corner from my house and I am there all the time, so it would be super-fabulous to win a gift certificate!

  204. Love Kroger! You look pretty!

  205. OOOOOh ooooooh! Thanks!

  206. I shop at King Soopers (Kroger here in Colorado) every week and could always use a boost in my budget!

  207. Kroger, yay! We have a Kroger with gas out here.

  208. Yes, I love Kroger, but not turnips.

  209. Hey Random Number Generator, can you pick my number?

  210. Kroger is our grocery of choice!

  211. What a perfect contest with the holidays coming soon!

  212. Kroger.. Right Price, Right Store, Right Now. I think that’s the slogan. Anyway, I hate turnips.

  213. Dear Random Number Generator,
    Please pick me. I really need some groceries. And thanks to my son’s idiot doctor, I had to take him to the hospital which his insurance does not pay for. I will go cross my fingers now.

  214. I love my local Food 4 Less, and I NEED to go grocery shopping for veggies soon, we’re runnin’ out!

  215. me me me!

  216. Free groceries…I’m in! Kroger is my fave!!! πŸ™‚

  217. Pick me, Pick me! (hold the turnips, ha ha)

  218. Yummy! I could feed a family for Thanksgiving.


  220. Kroger used to be my favorite. With $50 extra maybe it will be again…

  221. Food=Love.

  222. I think it’s Smith’s food king here in Utah. If so there is one just around the corner from me.

  223. I would totally love money for groceries!

  224. I love, love, love Kroger. Between their loss leaders, coupons, and great manager’s specials, I can stay on budget like nobody’s business!

  225. Now this would come in handy!

  226. yes, please!

    purple monkey telephone.

  227. Count me in too!

  228. Just in time for the holidays — this would be a huge help!

  229. I HATE turnips, but would love a gift card at Kroger. Thanks!

  230. I’m in!

  231. I live at the Kroger down the road and fuel up there too! Pick me lucky gererator!

  232. I’m in!!

  233. I LOVE KROGER! Wahoo! I hate my grocery bills though!!

  234. We’ve fallen in love with Fred Meyer since moving out to the west coast. Between there and QFC (another Kroger store!) we give Kroger a *lot* of our money! This would be awesome!

  235. Yay for Fred Meyer!

  236. Turnip me please πŸ™‚

  237. I love Kroger!!!

  238. Fred Meyer is the one close to me! Thanks!

  239. We don’t have one either, but ther is one near my in laws in IL. I have to buy diapers when I am there too ya know.

  240. Hrrmmmpppfff! Neglected? But yet another giveaway? Awesome!

  241. tiptoe through the turnips!

  242. Oh, pick me, pick me. I shop at Kroger all the time…

  243. We like turnips. (No, really! Even DD13 will eat them. Hard to fathom, I know.) Pretty Mir, pick me!

  244. I don’t think I’ve ever had turnips, actually, but I promise to buy some with the gift card!

  245. I do all my shopping at Freddies! Bring it on!

  246. Fingers crossed for Freddy’s.

  247. Thank you…this would be great!

  248. I shop at kroger’s every week and we get our gas at Krogers. love to win

  249. While Krogers really isn’t close, it is the mother-in-laws grocery of choice and I wouldn’t mind helping her out…

  250. yes, please πŸ™‚

  251. Food for my hungry boys! YEAH.

  252. Not too thrilled with turnips, but I can go for this one!

  253. We have no Kroger, but my sister could totally use this, and if I win, I will give it to her. πŸ™‚

  254. i’m a kroger girl, always have been, always will be. also, i’m broke and hungry. pick me!! please!

  255. Oooh! I love free food! And Fred Meyer has free child care while shopping. Sign me up!

  256. There’s a Food 4 Less near me. I could definitely use the card to shop there and keep my 15 year old from eating me out of my home! lol

  257. I need an excuse to make the 20 minute drive to the nearest Kroger!

  258. I guess there aren’t any Kroger stores within 100 miles of Denver. But my parents are in Washington and love Fred Meyer.

  259. Do we have to like turnips?

  260. We shop at Krogers here in North Texas. The discount on gas prices the last few months was very nice!! Of course we just spent the savings back at Krogers, so I guess it was a win-win situation.

    The whole turnip thing I’d have to experiment with!!!

  261. Fred Meyer for me!

  262. There is none of these stores in Iowa lol sooo pick #…umm 21…I am a random # generator btw ;)…lol Natalee is my nieces name also…close enough!

  263. woooo! Count me in!!

  264. I could surely use $50 in groceries! Thanks for the contest!

  265. We use Kroger to get get all of the special food that my wheat-and-dairy-intolerant daughter needs!

  266. Oooohhh, this would be wonderful!

  267. Please for some groceries!

  268. Krogers is our fave…thanks!

  269. Yes please!!

  270. Oooooh! That sounds great!

  271. I love Kroger!

  272. DON’T care for turnips, but I’ve heard that Kroger also carries rutabagas, so I’m good to go.

  273. Since moving to Georgia, I have fallen in LOVE with Kroger!!! And our Kroger does have gas – wonderful, cheap gas!

  274. I didn’t know I could load coupons onto the card. Thanks!

  275. Extra grocery money always comes in handy!

  276. Awwwww, I miss Kroger. Hyvee doesnÒ€ℒt compare for me. But IÒ€ℒll be back in the Southland at Christmas time! Yay for Christmas! Yay for Kroger!

  277. Someone may already have mentioned it, but Fry’s grocery stores (not the electronics stores!) are also Kroger family stores.

  278. Don’t forget their community rewards program where they will give your school 4% back, at least here in the Cincinnati area. We love Krogers!!

  279. There’s one right around the corner from me. Thanks Mir!

  280. Kroger gives back to schools here in the Lexington area too.

  281. Pick me!

  282. Oh great random number generator… please in your infinite wisdom pick number…whatever number I turn out to be!!!!

  283. Please? Me? Some day?

  284. Maybe today IS my lucky day!?

  285. Sometimes I can be lucky! I could sure use the gift card for gas for my Expedition gas guzzler!

  286. I would so love to win this! πŸ™‚

  287. I actually do like turnips. Beets are even better. Oooooh.

  288. My turn! Turnips are great mashed with potatoes!

  289. Turnips, yummy!

  290. Thanks Mir!

  291. $50 is a fair amount of diapers for the 3 1/2 month old :0) Thanks for doing this contest!

  292. Love me some Kroger groceries and gas! Woot!

  293. Oh, I love Kroger and the discount on gas! Pick me!

  294. I miss Kroger. But I’d still use the gift card!!!

  295. Truth be told, I hardly ever shop there, but for $50 I’d shop about anywhere!

  296. thanks!

  297. Oh please pick me!

  298. I love Kroger. Thanks for the giveaway.

  299. Who COULDN’T use a grocery gift card?

  300. ME ME!!!

  301. oooh turnips!

  302. Oh, this would be wonderful! Just in time for Thanksgiving!

  303. Kroger me up baby!

  304. Lucky 306! πŸ™‚

  305. I love free!

  306. Fred Meyer here! I think today could be my lucky day!

  307. I am surrounded by Kroger stores! πŸ™‚

  308. Food 4 Less is great! count me in!!!!!!!!

  309. I hope that pretty random number generator picks me!

    Thanks for another great contest!

  310. Did somebody say turnips???

  311. We could always use food. Growing kids start at home. Healthy bodies, healthy minds. Free is nice, too. Thank you!

  312. I’d love it!

  313. I love Kroger and their deals!

  314. Love Kroger and I think our locally owned Gerbes and Mosers are Kroger stores. Would love to win this one!!

  315. We would love to win this one. Thanks.

  316. We shop at Kroger…would love to win this!

  317. gift cards are my friends. So are you. Pick Me!

  318. I love my Fred Meyers

  319. Our Kroger’s has a gas pump! I’m there 3 times a week, since it’s on my way home from work. A gift card would be great.

  320. We have Dillons in our area. Thanks!

  321. Mir a gift card would be lovely!

  322. We don’t have one by us, but my mother-in-law does! This would be a nice added bonus for her Christmas gift!

  323. Hoping that #1 doesn’t turn up randomly again…

  324. Wow, this is a lot of people! I’m in Cali and our Ralph’s is just down the street.

  325. Hooray! Kroger. My favorite

  326. I shop almost exclusively at King Soopers (Also part of the Kroger Family.) I still dearly miss my Fred Meyer though.

  327. Pick me! Pick me! There’s a Kroger near me.

  328. Ah, we have Krogers here in Sugar Land TX!

  329. I’m SO CLOSE to Kroger!!

  330. I don’t have a Kroger near me but I had a friend who does! Pick me!

  331. Krogers….one of the only two stores that are open on Sunday here in our town! Pick me Please!

  332. Sign me up!!

  333. On Would Coulda, you keep talking about your bona fides as a true southerner. Your not southern until you refer to Kroger as Krogers.

    Regardless, I would appreciate the gift card. Thanks for the contest.

  334. Our Kroger store is only a year or so old and I love it! I don’t know what I did before we had it here. I would love to win!
    Thank you for giving us the chance.

  335. I spend way too much at Kroger already. A little rebate would be great!

  336. I can’t wait to tell my seven year old we may be eating turnips for the next month. Woohoo!

  337. I love turnips!

  338. As my son calls it, Toger is great.

  339. pick me, pick me
    Dillons is MY store!

  340. Don’t apologize… It is the way life is these days!

    I feel ya!

    Thanks for the offer.

  341. We shop at Kroger, too!!!!!

  342. I could see myself using this card in conjunction with pre-loaded coupons for items that are already on sale…

  343. With 3 boys and a healthy sized husband, along with 2 dogs and a cat, a $50.00 Kroger giftcard is super appealing! Come on random number generator!!!!!

  344. I worked at Kroger for 8 1/2 years! Go Kroger!!! πŸ˜‰

  345. Oh this would be SO helpful right now! Fred Myer, here we come.

  346. I do love Kroger! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  347. sign me up. : )

  348. Random number generator be kind.

  349. I love my local Kroger store.

  350. Thank you for this type of giveaway!
    I like that Kroger seems to be working with coupon users and even sending us “special” ones based on our purchases.

  351. yay for Kroger!

  352. glad love of turnips is optional, as never aquired a taste for this root.Thank you for the contest

  353. In just under the wire! Pick me turnips and all!

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