One is silver and the other gold

By Mir
October 27, 2008
Category Contests

Today’s contest gives you the chance to win either a great set of new DVDs for your kids, or a great set of DVDs maybe you (or your parents) enjoyed as kids. One has new friends, the other old. One is silver… and you get the point, so I’ll stop, now.

Today you need to decide between the following prizes: Your first choice is The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: Best of Ricky and Dave, which is a 4-DVD set spanning 24 episodes across the series’ run. Did you have a crush on Ricky when you were younger? C’mon, fess up—I won’t tell anyone. It’ll be just between you, me and the entire Internet. What?

Your second choice is a complete set of the new educational hit Global Wonders, a series of multi-cultural DVDs for your little one(s). This includes all four discs: Around the World, Mexico, India, and African-American.

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post by 3:00 p.m. Eastern (noon Pacific) on Wednesday, October 29th, 2008. One entry per person, valid email address required, and to win a prize you must tell me which set you’d rather receive. Winners to be determined by random number generation and ability to spell Quetzalcoatl correctly. (I feel like there’s a flaw in that plan, somehow. I’m just not quite sure what it is….)

Ready? Go!


  1. Global Wonders for the kiddos please!

  2. Count me in. Global Wonders.

  3. The Global Wonders set sounds fun! Djibouti is cooler than that Q capital, anyway. πŸ˜‰

  4. Global wonders, please!

  5. Global Wonders, please.

  6. Global Wonders sounds cool! Quetzalcoatl ?

  7. Ozzie and Harriet, please! Where did you get Quetzalcoat?

  8. Global Wonders would be golden in our house.

  9. Global Wonders please:)

  10. Global Wonders!!!

  11. Global wonders, pretty please!

  12. Global Wonders, please! Thanks for the great contest!

  13. Global wonders would be a fantastic addition to our (slim) dvd collection…thanks!

  14. Our family would love to have Global Wonders – on a side note, thanks Frances (3) your comment about Djibouti made me giggle – what a fun word to say!

  15. Global Wonders πŸ™‚ Please!

  16. Ozzie and Harriet please.

  17. Global Wonders, please. Thanks!

  18. Sign me up!!! Ozzie, Ozzie….

  19. Ozzie and Harriet would be great!

  20. Ozzie and Harriet would be great.

  21. Global Wonders would make us wonder!

  22. Global Wonders for me, please! Thanks!

  23. Ozzie, please!

  24. ozzie & harriet

  25. I’m in for Global Wonders please!

  26. I’d love me a copy of Global Wonders so I can share the wonderful stuff about India with the kids

  27. I would like Global Wonders, please.

    Do I get bonus points for knowing both how to say Tbilisi and where it is?

  28. Global Wonders, please!

  29. Sign me up for Ozzie and Harriet!

  30. I could use a dose of Ricky these days — wait, that sounds bad.

    Ozzie and Harriet for me, please.

    Oh — and I only know them from RE-RUNS!! Just pointing out that I am after color TV.

  31. Ozzie and Harriet would be so fun!

  32. Global Wonders for me!

  33. We’d love to have the Global Wonders set, thanks!

  34. Global Wonders, please! My kids are totally into other countries…or is it that I want to send them to other countries some days?

  35. Global Wonders. Please!

  36. Global wonders, please!

  37. Global wonders! thanks!

  38. Ozzie and Harriet for me! I’d love it to give to my parents for Christmas!

  39. Global Wonders would be wonderful if won! πŸ™‚

  40. Global Wonders, please!

  41. Global Wonders. I love contests!

  42. Ozzie & Harriet! πŸ™‚ Woo!

  43. Global Wonders for us

  44. Global Wonders would be wonderful for my sons!!

  45. Global Wonders, please!

  46. Global Wonders looks great!

  47. Global wonders! Those look awesome.

  48. We would love to win the Global Wonders set. Thanks for opportunity to try!

  49. Global Wonders, please!

  50. Global Wonders would be our choice, please. Thanks, Mir!

  51. Ozzie & Harriet, for my MOL. She’d love it!

  52. Global Wonders for us please!

  53. global wonders for me too, thank you Mir!

  54. Global Wonders would be awesome. Thanks!

  55. The Global Wonders DVDs are on my Amazon wish list (for my daughter.) As always, thanks for the opportunity.

  56. Global wonders, please!

  57. Global Wonders, thank you very much!

  58. Global Wonders, please!

  59. Global Wonders would be golden. Thanks!

  60. Global Wonders please

  61. 3 things. Global wonders, Quetzalcoatl and thank you!

  62. YEAH! Global wonders please!

  63. global wonders

  64. Not so sure how to spell Quetzalcoatl but I will try…Can I win Ozzie and Sharon instead? No? Really I liked Ozzie and Harriet. (Just not when he bit the head off a bat.)

  65. Global Wonders for me, please. Thanks!

  66. Global Wonders Please

  67. Global Wonders is our choice!

  68. My husband is from Mexico but we haven’t traveled there since my firstborn was a year old. I’d LOVE to have the Global Wonders set to introduce my babes to their father’s native land.

  69. Global Wonders for the kiddos.

  70. Ozzie please.

  71. Roll tide

  72. Ozzie and Harriet would be great

  73. Global Wonders


    in Classical Nahuatl: Quetzalcōhuātl (yes, google helped me!)

  74. Love it!

  75. Global wonders please

  76. I’ve never seen Ozzie and Harriet, but I would very much like to watch it with my littles.

  77. Global Wonders it will have to be as I have no idea who the other is πŸ™‚

  78. I’m putting my name in the hat for the Global Wonders–those look cool!

  79. Global Wonders please!

  80. Global Wonders for me too.

  81. Global Wonders please!

  82. Global Wonders sounds great, thank you!

  83. Global Wonders! I saw these the other day in a store and wanted to try them, but didn’t want to buy them… So they stayed at the store. They look great!

  84. Ozzie & Harriet.

  85. I’ll shoot for the Ozzie and Harriet – I can always use a trip back through time!

  86. Global Wonders Please!

  87. Global Wonders

  88. Global Wonders… Now I’m up to look up the definition of “Quetzalcoatl” is. Same that I can spell it now and I don’t even know the meaning!

  89. Global Wonders, please.

  90. Global Wonders, please. πŸ™‚

  91. Global Wonders, please. Thanks, Mir!

  92. Ozzie and Harriet! My aunt and uncle love them.

  93. Either! Thanks, Pretty One.

  94. Global Wonders…. if there isn’t a waiting period after winning a contest πŸ™‚

  95. You Rock!

  96. I would love Ozzie and Harriet! Thanks for another great contest!

  97. Yeah, allow me to delete/edit my earlier comment…you still rock, though.
    I would love the Global Wonders.

  98. Global Wonders, please!

  99. Quetzalcoatl (In case you really weren’t being sarcastic) πŸ™‚
    And Global Wonders for my kids, please!

  100. Ozzie and Harriet would be fun πŸ™‚

  101. Hi! Coatlquetza… Questacoztal… uh, I think we need some global education in our house- pass the Global Wonders, please!

  102. Global Wonders sounds fab, thanks!

  103. Would love me some Ozzie and Harriet!

  104. Quetzalcoatl me! por favor. um…that would be global wonders. yay!

  105. Throw my name in the hat for Global Wonders, por favor!

  106. Ozzie and Harriet for me. Thanks.

  107. Global Wonders, thanks!

  108. My daughter would love Global Wonders!

  109. I’d love the Global Wonders set for my kids.

  110. The Global Wonders set would be wonderful!

  111. erm . . . Quetzalcoatl

    i’m totally seduced by the global wonders set and so am requesting that if i win. thank you for the giveaway!

  112. Global Wonders please!

  113. Global Wonders would be great!

  114. Global Wonders would be FABULOUS!

  115. I’d love this to use with the kiddos! Global Wonders, woo hoo!

  116. I’ll take the multi-cultural DVDs, please!

  117. Global Wonders please! πŸ˜‰

  118. “Global Wonders” sounds fascinating to someone who has lived in rural North Dakota her whole life!

  119. Global Wonders, please.

  120. Global Wonders here please. Thanks for all your fun giveaways.

  121. global wonders!!

  122. Count me in for Ozzie and Harriet!!!

  123. I would like to get Ozzie & Harriet. Thanks

  124. Pretty Mir,
    I am crossing my fingers and toes that I win!

  125. Ozzie and Harriet, please – thank you!

  126. My family would love to check out the Global Wonders!

  127. Global wonders, pleasey pleasey cheesy cheesy (in the infamous words of my three year old!)

  128. Global Wonders please.

  129. I would like to live my life thru Global Wonders please.

  130. Ozzie and Harriet! Awesome.

  131. Global Wonders, definitely!

  132. Global Wonders please! πŸ™‚

  133. Global Wonders! πŸ™‚

  134. Ozzie and Harriet would be great!

  135. Our choice would be Global Wonders.

  136. Global wonders DVDs sound fantastic – thanks!

  137. Oooo, Global Wonders please! πŸ™‚

  138. Sounds cool.

  139. Whoops. Global Wonders please. If you pick 139 try again, my loss.


  140. Global Wonders, please.

  141. Did you know Chuck Woolery was married to David Nelson’s daughter?

    I choose Ozzie and Harriet.

  142. How about Ozzie and Harriet…Global Wonders looks too young for my son.

  143. Ohhh, how cool. Global Wonders, please!

  144. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: Best of Ricky and Dave pretty please.

  145. Oh, the 50’s and 60’s where being home with the kiddos was the norm…. Please, oh please make me feel normal LOL!

  146. Global Wonders!

  147. Global Wonders, it would provide a much needed break from Elmo & Mickey Mouse πŸ˜‰

  148. Global Wonders, most definitely. Thanks for the contest!

  149. Global Wonders so we can do a little globe hopping. Purty pleeeeeze.

  150. global wonders, unless it has nudity…

  151. Global Wonders sounds fab!

  152. Global Wonders sounds cool. We’re all about Africa in this house. πŸ™‚

  153. Global Wonders for the kidlets please!!! πŸ™‚

  154. Global Wonders please!

  155. oohhh laaa laaa, take me around the globe!

  156. Ozzie and Harriet, please.

  157. Sign us up for Global Wonders, please.

    You piqued my curiousity with Quetzalcoatl. I had to look it up. I did not know the name, let alone that he is the best known Aztec deity. Thanks for expanding my knowledge!

  158. yeah global wonders! And what a q word!

  159. Global Wonders for us. Thanks!

  160. Quetzalcoatl!
    Global Wonders!

  161. Global Wonders.

  162. We’d love global wonders…need a bit of a cultural experience, since we’re up in northern midwest and the most cultural diversity we have is norwegians and germans. πŸ™‚

  163. global wonders, please.

  164. Ooo. The Global Wonders DVDs sound great.

  165. We would love Global Wonders. Thanks.

  166. Ooo, Global Wonders for me!

  167. Global Wonders it is for me as well!!

  168. Quetzalcoatl. Q-u-e-t-z-a-l-c-o-a-t-l. Quetzalcoatl. (Can you tell I’ve been to the spelling bee at school?) Global Wonders for us, please.

  169. Fabulous! Ozzie and Harriet.

  170. How depressing to admit I watched Ozzie & Harriet! But, I could spend a lot of time, going down memory lane, if I won the DVDs…Thanks for your contests, Mir.

  171. I’m a teacher. I’d love Global Wonders.

  172. How about Global Wonders?

  173. I should choose the Global Wonders set to enrich my grandchildren’s education, but I’m totally going with Ozzie and Harriet. All for me.

  174. Ooo, my husband teaches social studies for middle school students. Global Wonders would be perfect for him!

  175. I would choose Global Wonders. Thanks!

  176. Please put me in for that great Global Wonders set! Thanks!

  177. I think I’m a generation stuck between the two… πŸ™‚

    Ozzie and Harriet please.

  178. Ozzie and Harriet please. These would make a wonderful gift!

  179. I’d like the Ozzie and Harriet, please. My mother will LOVE it.

  180. I will fess up — I totally had a crush on Ricky, so Ozzie and Harriet it is.


  181. Global Wonders, por favor.

  182. Global Wonders for the grandkids!

  183. Global wonders…….love to learn with the kiddos about other places on our big globe. Quetzalcoatl or ltaoclazteuq?

  184. Hmmm. Global Wonders it is.


  185. Ozzie and Harriet please. I too looked up Quetzalcoatl, you learn something new every day. Thanks for the chance

  186. Global Wonders–I want my nieces & nephews to be bi-cultural.

  187. Ozzie & Harriet please! I loved watching reruns of this show will growing up.

  188. Global Wonders please!

  189. Definitely Global Wonders!

  190. global wonders please!

  191. Global Wonders, and I have some Guatemalan money around somewhere with a quetzalcuatl on it . . .

  192. Asking for the Global Wonders for the grandkids.

    Thanks for the question about the Quetzalcoatl. Never knew what it was. I always thought it was a dragon.

    So glad I learned one new thing early in the day!!

  193. Totally want the Global Wonders!!! THX..

  194. I’m new to your website and love it already! πŸ™‚ I’d love the Global Wonders DVDs–I love to travel but my hubby is less excited. So maybe I can live vicariously?

    Thank you!!!

  195. Hey try not to delete me this time ok? :o) I’d really like the Global Wonders dvds. THanks!

  196. Ozzie and Harriet, please! This would make a great Christmas gift for someone.


  198. Global Wonders for my classroom, please!

  199. Global Wonders!

  200. OMG… Ricky Nelson. I would go to any Garden Party he was at. I would love to win the set of dvd’s. What a flash back that would be to watch those episodes again. Please Mir, Please!!!

  201. Global Wonders, here I come! (It’s the only way I will probably ever see the world!)

  202. The global wonders set sounds great!

  203. Global Wonders please!!!

  204. Global Wonders, please!

  205. global wonders for me!! (crossing fingers)

  206. Me too… global wonders!

  207. Global Wonders pls. It seems very cute and interesting! thanks

  208. My 2-month old grandson is a genius, so he would LOVE Global Wonders.

    Thanks, Mir!

  209. Ahem. And by “this”, I meant ‘Global Wonders.” I promise I can usually follow directions…

  210. Ozzie and Harriet for me, please!

  211. Global Wonders, please. . . think of the children!

  212. how did i miss this? ozzie and harriet

  213. Global for us!

  214. Pick me for the Global Wonders Please!!!

  215. Global wonders please.

  216. Global Wonders please!

  217. I would love the global wonders set please

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