Win a little happiness

By Mir
December 6, 2008
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It’s an electronic game, it’s a plush friend; it’s the newest concept from Mattel, and it’s called My Meebas. I don’t understand it, because I am over the age of twelve and my ancient brain is no longer equipped to comprehend such things, but I’m told that little kids really dig ’em. And as long as they stay out of my yard, that’s okay with me.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, I have one of these My Meebas to give away—this one, in fact. This it the “Happiness” light blue My Meebas, and it’s sort of like the bluebird of happiness, except not really. And I think we can all agree that I’ve had more than enough coffee today.

Want to win it? Simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, December 7th, 2008 for a chance to win. Valid email address required; one entry per person; ability to say “My Meebas” five times fast is impressive but not compulsory. Winner to be determined by random number generation and how well the light blue plastic goes with what you’re wearing. (But I can’t see what you’re wearing, so… yeah.)

Ready? Go!


  1. This would be a great gift for my Goddaughter. I don’t know what she’s wearing today, but it would match her pretty blue eyes!

  2. Meeba sounds like a name a child would come up with for his Grandmother.

  3. Sounds like something my kiddos would like!

  4. I’ll try it! In the commercial it looks cute.

  5. Yep. I’m in.

  6. My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas, there ya go 9 times.. haha Ohhh this would be great for the kiddos

  7. Hm, what an interesting-looking toy.

  8. Me want a Meeba!

  9. i know a little person who would be thrilled to get a Meeba. 🙂

  10. I would like one please.


  11. Sounds cool! I haven’t seen these yet.

  12. My daughter would love this. One more thing to make her totally unresponsive when I try to get her attention.

  13. Oooh pick me pick me.

  14. The peanut would LOVE this. And if not, my teen-aged daughters would love to mock it and make a song out of its name.

  15. Pretty please!! One can never have enough light blue plastic…errr, something like that! Hee!

  16. I love your giveaways!

  17. I’m in!! 🙂

  18. I’m sure Ms. Rachael would love this..

  19. A little creepy looking, but if the kids like them…

  20. I’m not sure I understand it but my daughter certainly will.

  21. My son LOVES these !!!

  22. Sounds cool! Pick me!

  23. Sounds cool!

  24. I know a little girl who would love it!

  25. all three of my girls want these so I guess if I win I’ll have to buy two more!

  26. oh this sounds fun! especially for my husband…

  27. Oh my DH and I were dying for caffeine this morning at the Breakfast with Santa. Yawn. My Meebas. Huh, never heard of them before now. Interesting. I know my computer loving animal loving daughter would adore it. Thanks for the heads up.

  28. My kids would find this very interesting . . . and would probably want me to buy them a dozen more 😉 It’d be fun to win one! thanks for the giveaway!

  29. thanks!

  30. Looks like something my little sister would love!

  31. I’d love it (or my kids would love it!)!! Thanks! 🙂

  32. I do need one more gift, hope I win.

  33. Oh, my best friend’s son would go nuts for this! He loves both puzzles and cute furry things.

  34. I must be old too. I looked at the thing and I’m not even sure what I was seeing. I get the handle/computery thing-a-mabob but what it perched up there on top? I guess I will find out if I win!

  35. Thanks for the chance, Mir.

  36. My kids would love something like that, and I like that is sounds like amoeba.

  37. Cool. But weird. But Cool.

  38. Oh my meebas! What would the kids say!

  39. My meebas My meebas My meebas My meebas My meebas!

  40. I was just looking at these at Target the other day. But I put it back because of the price. My daughter would love one!

  41. My kids would LOVE this!! Cool giveaway!

  42. If you pick me I will name my next child Meeba!

  43. Yeah!

  44. oh boy. . .i have 4 kiddos under the age of 12 who would love this!!!

  45. I don’t get it, but I know someone who will!

  46. I have the perfect little girl who would treasure this.

  47. My Grandaughter would love this! Thanks for the chance. You’re awesome to give us these opportunities!

  48. I’m sure my kids would like it!

  49. We NEED something else electronic in this house. Really, we do 😉

  50. yay!

  51. Looks interesting enough – count me in.

  52. Sounds like something my daughter would enjoy! Anything with a stuffed animal and she’s all for it!

  53. What will they think of next??!! They are very cute!!!.
    I hope to win!

  54. could this be my lucky meebas,,,,

  55. pretty please!

  56. My MeebasMy MeebasMy MeebasMy MeebasMy Meebas 🙂

  57. Count me in!

  58. No clue why but Bugman has asked for these already.

  59. How convenient – this appears on Julie’s wish list!

  60. I’m kinda with MamaChristy on this, but my little one would totally go nuts.

  61. My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas. There. I can at least type it 5 times fast!

  62. my meeba, my meeba, my meeba, my meeba, my meeba!!!!!

  63. My daughter would love this!

  64. I bet you anything that my daughter would think this would be fabulous!

  65. I think my son would like this!

  66. My daughter thinks these are very cool.

  67. DD would really like this.

  68. I don’t get it either, but it looks like a good toy to donate for the school auction!

  69. I can do 5 times but probably not ten. I’m thinking my daughter would like this, and my sons would “help” her with it a lot.

  70. Yep!

  71. Okay

  72. my daughters were asking for this!

  73. Very cool giveaway!

  74. My kids will love this!

  75. sounds way to cute…

  76. My kids would love that!!!!

  77. Your meeba-what’s its? Sounds too cool for MY ancient brain! the kids will dig it!

  78. Would love one!

  79. I’ll take a stab at winnin’ this thing you call “my meeba.” 🙂

  80. My almost 8 year old daughter would LOVE this! Count me in, please! Thanks!

  81. OMG I can’t believe you are giving one away! this is the ONLY thing my 5 year old is asking from Santa. . . . I hope we win! thank you.

  82. pick meeba! pick meeba!!

    thanks jill

  83. Interesting.

  84. Love it! Send it my way!

  85. As it so happens, I am currently wearing my light blue plastic outfit, so we would totally match! (TMI?) 🙂

  86. They look so sweet and cuddly.

  87. I’m in! Looks like a great gift for one of the kiddos in my world.

  88. My daughter would be all about this! Love your giveaways!

  89. This would make a great present for my neice!

  90. My children would LOVE to have this. They’re very hip and into the latest thing. I think they should play with a stick and a piece of string. Sigh.

  91. looks so fun!!! thanks.

  92. Awww…so cute!

  93. Cute. My daughter would love it.

  94. Pick me, pick me! Pretty please?


  95. I’ve been very lucky today – hope it keeps up!

  96. I love the random number generator.

  97. My God-daughter has been BEGGING for one of these!

  98. either one of my little ones would like this

  99. I feel like lucky 100.

  100. sounds good to me!

  101. Please, please, please.

  102. What in the world?

  103. Interesting… I am sure my 8 year old would like it.

  104. Would make a good present for my grand daughter!

  105. My son asked me to look these up on the internet for him and it took me a jillion times to figure out what the heck he was saying.

  106. count me in

  107. 🙂

  108. Very interesting. I haven’t seen these around — yet. I’m sure my 8 yo would love it.

  109. Never heard of these before but they are cute and my son would love it!!!

  110. love your giveaways!

  111. OK. It sounds like it might be a social disease, but count me in to win it.

  112. Well, if the kids like it, then I’m in.

  113. Count me in!

  114. My daughter has this one on her list!!

  115. Always in need of another gift!

  116. Sure-why not.

  117. I have a couple of kids to buy for yet. Pick me, pretty Mir!

  118. Meebas! It could be a frat chant. Count me in.

  119. I feel lucky!!! pick me!!!!

  120. How very awesome! Count me in! It will be 121 this time…. hehehe. Power of positive thinking!

  121. I’ll try it, why not?

  122. meeba for me!

  123. My niece would love this!

  124. Oh an ameoba, a meeba, would be great! Thanks for the contest!

  125. gotta be in it – to win it… Thanks Mir!

  126. I don’t get it. But I presume that my 8 year old would, so count me in!

  127. in!

  128. me too

  129. I’m wearing a little blue plastic bikini, the perfect complement me thinks.

  130. Pick me! Pick me!

  131. Sounds a bit odd to me, but I’m sure my son or my niece would be delighted with this cool toy!

  132. I know an 8 year old that would love this! Thanks!

  133. always need new gift ideas for our seven-year-old. maybe, maybe, just once I could win something! MKW

  134. Looks odd to me, but I’m over 12 also. My daughter would probably love it 🙂

  135. Coolio!

  136. My Meeba My Meeba My Meeba My Meeba My Meeba (real fast).

    Uh. My 8 year old son would loooovvve this!

  137. I hope to win it for my daughter!

  138. Sure, why not? 🙂

  139. Oooh, pick me! Pick me!

  140. Never heard of ’em. I’m sure my 7 year old has though.

  141. Thanks Mir!

  142. My girls want one sooooo badly!

  143. This would be awesome for my daughter.

  144. My 12 year old would love one of these!

  145. Looks fun! Thanks!

  146. Sounds great!!

  147. I’m a little creeped-out, to be honest… but I have my nephew for gift exhange, and nothing creeps out that little man!

  148. It just happens so light blue plastic would perfectly match what I am wearing at the moment!


  150. Pick me, please!

  151. Looks like I could never figure out what it does but my kids would! Thanks

  152. I think I need to win this!!

  153. This is my kind of pet…very little clean up.

  154. cool

  155. My daughter was asking for one this year – and I keep forgeting it on my list of things to pick up. Please help me with one less trip to the store!

  156. I live in the hopes that by entering each contest, I surely have a chance of winning sometime, right? Isn’t that a rule of odds or something like that? OH well, I’ll just keep trying. :p

  157. Ooo! I think my 7 year old would love that!

  158. I have an 8 year old daughter that needs ONE more present before I can say I’m done Christmas shopping. I think this would be the perfect present.

  159. I’m sure my son will love it.

  160. What the heck IS that thing? And how sad it is that, nonetheless, I still really really really want to win it!

  161. I’m in too!!

  162. OK, 163 needs to be my lucky number this time!

  163. Me too 😉

  164. These things are strange, never heard of them until today, but hey, I’m in.

  165. so cute!

  166. Cool. Count me in.

  167. One of these days, the random number generator will shine it’s good fortune on me. Maybe today is the day!

  168. Me, please.

  169. Hmmm. For FREE it looks good!

  170. Pick me!

  171. Thanks for the chance!

  172. Kinda weird looking–right up my kid’s alley.

  173. I always knew my 27th contest entry would be my lucky one.

  174. Grand kids will love these.

  175. Pick me. I have a 9 year old that would love it.

  176. I know the perfect kid for this!

  177. To quote my nearly 7 yr old son…

    I know the commercial only shows girls playing with it Mom, but I think I’d like one of those Meebas things….

    C’mon random number generator, let’s do some toy gender-bending here!

  178. I got a Buy One Get One Free from Amazon for my daughter when they were doing their deal but I could use an extra for her gift giving at school.

    Thanks for the chance!

  179. I am running out of bribes for my kids…thanks for the chance

  180. I”m in.

  181. Count me in.

  182. I’ve been watching these! Please enter me!

  183. Why not?

  184. My niece would LOVE this! 🙂

  185. I want a Meeba! Sounds like amoeba. But my daughter would like it! Random number generator, you are so pretty!

  186. My kids would have a great time learning to share this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  187. Pick me!

  188. I am in!

  189. I’m always up for a little happiness.

  190. My niece would LOVE this!

  191. Pick me!

  192. What if I’m wearing a 4 year old on my hip? Oh, do I get extra points if he says “My Meebas” five times fast??

  193. Add my name to the hat – thanks!

  194. would love to be picked !!!! pretty please

  195. Jake would LOVE this! 🙂

  196. This looks a little weird to me. My son would love it, then!

  197. My kids would love this! Thanks for another great contest!

  198. count me in!

  199. tis the season not to be blue, but please pick me.

  200. i’m almost afraid i’ll win 🙂

  201. I’m in too- Merry Christmas!

  202. Pick me please!

  203. Some of these ladies (and gents) are as talented as they are pretty! I can’t even type My Meebas five times fast!

  204. Cousins! They need this! 😀

  205. Me!!

  206. count me in…

  207. My son says they are “flipping” cool.
    So my meeba be mine if its the time LOL 🙂

  208. Me please!!

  209. Pick Meeba!

  210. My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas

  211. Yeah the kids want these too…

  212. Great gift…..thanks for offering the chance to win.

  213. one of our girls would love this I’m sure!

  214. Interesting…

  215. Meeba, Meeba, Meeba, Meeba, Meeba. Please Please Please Please Please.

  216. How neat. My neice would like these.

  217. Success in saying it 5 times. Does that mean I win? 🙂

  218. Wow what a deal

  219. Sounds like fune!

  220. cute!

  221. My little boy would love that. I have yet to find them in stores. I guess they are really popular.

  222. My son would love this!!!

  223. My daughters attention span is pretty short…I’m sure she could make this go quite awhile…

  224. I have 4 kids…any one of them would love this! 🙂

  225. This is super cute! My daughter would love it. Keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  226. Count me in…

  227. Katie would love a Meeba! Thanks, pretty Mir!

  228. would love to win this!!

  229. My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas, My Meebas!

  230. I’m sure my daughter would love this!

  231. So many neices and nephews….who to pick!?!

  232. Looks cool. Count me in!

  233. I don’t get it either, but I’ll take my chances at winning!

  234. My Meeba x 5! Thanks Mir!

  235. If you say it’s cool, I’ll believe you… Sign me up, please. And yes, light blue plastic goes very well with my jeans and navy fleece. I call my look “I’m freezing here and it’s only December”.

  236. My 8 year old has this on her list!

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