I’ll dip ’em in Lysol, first

By Mir
January 26, 2009
Category Contests

I have another cold. I know that—because I have kids and also because I am so rarely ill—this comes as a huge shock. I’m sure the pity for my state flows endlessly, and that—hey, where are you going?

Okay, nevermind my cold. How about I just give some stuff away? I promise to try really hard not to cough on it, first.

Today I’ve got two gift cards up for grabs; the first winner will receive $20 to spend at Macy’s (either online or in-store), and the second winner will get a measly $5 to spend at Dunkin Donuts… except that that’s enough to buy two of their new flatbread eggwhite sandwiches with two coffees, so maybe it’s not so measly after all.

Want to win one? Go review the standard contest rules and information and then come back and leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 Pacific) on Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 to be entered.

Winner to be determined by random number generation and Nyquil. Mmmmm… Nyquil.

Ready? Go!


  1. Either sounds delightful

  2. We are DD coffee addicts, we could make that $5 go faaaar.

  3. Fun!

  4. Pick me! I need a new winter hat because I live up in the mountains and can use the Macy’s card to get it!

  5. Thanks for a contest to perk me up – all this snow and cold up north is starting to get old!

  6. Gift cards are always nice!!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Money to spend at Macy’s sounds sweet!!!

  8. ooh ooh pick me!

  9. Me, please!!

  10. Either one sounds good to me!

  11. Thanks! DD is just around the corner & my kids would LOVE munchkins! Macy’s isn’t much further and I’d love a new handbag!

  12. NOT MY NYQUIL! I need that baby this week. So, umm, maybe we could trade pitiful stories and giftcards instead?

  13. i love to sho[

  14. THANKS!

  15. Pretty Mir,
    I would love to win!

  16. waahooo, I love Macy’s and I love eggs.

  17. I’ve got my Lysol out. Feel better!

  18. The only good thing about a winter cold is that it’s not a summer cold. Get well soon, Mir!

  19. Awesome!!!

  20. 2nd Prize would be just lovely, please <3

  21. Bring on the Dunkin’ Donuts!! Of course, I wouldn’t sniff at a Macy’s card, either, just easier to get to the donut shop!

  22. Either one works for me 🙂

  23. Hope you feel better soon. Gift cards, yay!

  24. Thanks, Mir!

  25. Feel better soon! And thanks.

  26. I’m in 🙂

  27. Since I have your cold, you have to pick me, right?

  28. I feel your pain. I have a cold AND am 38 weeks pregnant with a sick 19 month old…if that doesn’t deserve a gift card. 🙂

  29. Mmm…gift cards…tasty, tasty gift cards. Well, not so much tasty for Macy’s but you get the point.

  30. Get well soon!

  31. extra free is always nice!

  32. Gift cards are my favorite!

  33. oooooo pick me!

  34. Please

  35. Thanks!

  36. Feel better, Mir!

  37. I’m in!

  38. either is a treat!!!

  39. I’ll take either one – germs and all!

  40. Sounds wonderful!

  41. Count me in for either!

  42. Feel better!

  43. either one would be great!

  44. Gift cards are really the best. Thanks for another contest!

  45. Thanks, Mir! Sorry you’re under the weather.
    I love Princess

  46. I heart Macy’s!

  47. Wow….a chance at a gift card to two of my favotite places!! Thanks so much for the great giveaway!!

  48. Hope this is lucky day.

  49. Can I be picked please..i am happy with just the $5 DD card

  50. Free stuff is good! Thanks Mir…hope you feel better soon!

  51. pretty please!

  52. Ohhh…gift cards rule!

  53. Feel better and try not to breathe in a northward direction, please!

  54. Hope you feel better and I hope I win!

  55. I’ll take either one! Its cool that you’re doing this!

  56. I hope you feel better soon. Get some rest.

  57. Pick me.

  58. Please enter me! 🙂

  59. Love it!

  60. I’m feeling lucky!

  61. Nyquil – aah, I wish I could take it. Being pregnant, I’m supposed to suffer in silence. Bah.

  62. Macy’s is always nice to shop at But I’m also dying to try one of those new egg white sandwiches! Thanks

  63. That’s okay, I’ll save you the hassle and dip it in Lysol myself when it arrives!

  64. Would love it!

  65. I wud love to win !!! thk you !!

  66. ooooh! Could today be my lucky day???

  67. Awesome. Either would be the bees knees.

  68. Ooh – I can think of ways to put either to good use! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  69. yes please!

  70. Hmm, I’ve sucked our Nyquil supply nearly dry. Must. Buy. More.

  71. enter me please

  72. Woo! I’d love that Macy’s card! 🙂

    Just for the record, if my number is generated for the Dunkin Donuts card, go on to the next winner, since we don’t have a DD anywhere near here. (I know–*sob*!) So–let some other lucky person get that one.

  73. Throwing my hat in — coffee/clothes always good!

  74. Me want gift card … or a doughnut 🙂

  75. I love me some Dunkin’ Donuts!

  76. mmm, nyquil indeed. Hope you feel better!

  77. Yes, count me in!

  78. Oooh! Me please!

    And could you throw some nyquil in if I happen to win something? I seem to have the icks that are going around, and I don’t feel like leaving the house to get some. 🙁

  79. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  80. Either one would be great!

  81. Pick me! I’m sick too and could really use some Dunkin. 🙂

  82. I love free coffee, and Macy’s!!

  83. Ahhh, donuts. I love ’em. And, Macy’s. Love them, too.

  84. Random number generator and Nyquil? Sounds dangerous…but perhaps just the right combo to pick me!

  85. woohoo

  86. sign me up

  87. Yippee! I’d use EITHER of those gift certificates with great glee.

  88. Fun stuff. Count me in!

  89. Here’s my comment, and I love your rules. Well done.

  90. MEMEME!

  91. Please pick me! I need a boost from the winter blahs

  92. Hooray for prizes! 🙂

  93. Either one would be awesome. Once, I returned a single white velour (eek!) baby outfit that was a gift and spent that money on 16 pieces of clearanced baby clothes at Macy’s. I am a terrible gift receiver when it comes to easily stained baby stuff. Clearance racks are about all I can afford there though.

  94. OOH Both are great! Sign me up 🙂

  95. what a choice…clothes or coffee!

  96. Feel better!

  97. OH HAI.

  98. Either will do for me! We are currently fighting the second of two monster colds at my house as well.

  99. I prefer the coffee thankyouverymuch 🙂
    … I mean, if there’s a choice

  100. I’m hoping for the Macy’s. the DD would require a bit of travel. not that I’m not up for a vacation, but you know…

  101. First time entering one of your contest. I hope I’m lucky!

  102. I love gift cards, and with your deals and coupon codes, I am sure I can get a ton of stuff at either place. Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. I’ll take either – clothes or breakfast! Who can choose?

  104. Hmmm, which one would I rather win?

  105. Sounds like a great breakfast on my way to the mall!
    Hope you feel better soon. My immunity and I aren’t the best of friends either. Too bad they don’t sell that at Macy’s!

  106. Hooray! Count me in!

  107. Maybe I’ll win this time.

  108. YUCKY COLD!! I’m looking forward to warmer weather and maybe some shopping!

  109. oh! i just lost my scarf too!

  110. Me please

  111. I’m in… and sick too. You do have my sympathies, and empathies.

  112. enter me! Hope you feel better soon.

  113. Sorry about your cold. Will those gift cards be dipped in disinfectant before shipping?

  114. Come on, Random Number Generator! Pick me!

  115. count me in thanks!!:)

  116. Feel better, Mir!

  117. Gift cards! Hooray!

  118. ooh, gift cards!

  119. I can no longer think up clever comments with which to enter these contests. But I like both the Macy’s clearance rack and donuts.

  120. I’m in. Thank you.

  121. Sounds great! Thanks!

  122. mmmm donuts….

  123. Yay for free stuff!

  124. Gift cards ar always good. Count me in!!

  125. I love contests!

  126. I happen to love Macy’s gift cards.

  127. I’m all nyquiled up too!!! My chest feels like an elephant is sitting on it! Would love either prize! Thanks!

  128. You’re giving away Nyquil? Great, I can use it. Oh, you’re using Nyquil. Must have been my fuzzy head.

    A gift card would make me feel better too!

    Feel better (and thank heaven for Nyquil!!!!).

  129. I love DD and Macy’s! Thanks Mir!

  130. There are no measley prizes!

  131. I want a chance, assuming we can’t spread germs through blogging, right?

  132. Another great contest! Good luck everyone!!!!

  133. ohh! I love gift cards!

  134. Thanks Mir!

  135. I love entering your contests…. Thanks!

  136. PIck me! Thanks so much!

  137. I can not WAIT until the days come again when I can take Nyquil ! (I have a night time nursing baby) In the meantime, gift cards rock!

  138. What a great contest. Thanks so much – hope you’re feeling better soon!

  139. I LOVE Macy’s!

  140. If anyone needs donuts, it’s me. Or new shoes.

  141. Fun! I don’t have a Dunkin donuts nearby but we do have a Macy’s. Please count me in.

  142. Gosh, Mir, only YOU could make a cold look so pretty. Thanks for the chance!

  143. Have I told you how pretty your hair looks today? And have you lost weight? You look fabulous!

    Man, I’m terrible at sucking up! Did it work?

  144. I would so not turn up my nose at free breakfast!!

  145. Get well soon!

  146. Even when you’re not feeling well you’re generous! Sign me up please Mr. Number Generator.

  147. I love Donuts!

  148. And you just lured me into spending a bunch of money at Macy’s yesterday.

  149. What a great pick me up to a Monday!

  150. Yeah Macy’s! Yeah Donuts!

  151. Oh, DD. So nice early in the morning.

  152. They just opened a Dunkin donuts near me last month! I’ve been waiting for one here for 14 years. Haven’t tried their eggwhite sandwich yet, but with a gift card I will! And a Macy’s card will come in handy to help buy a new wallet to put all my pretty gift cards in.

  153. Hey! I have a cold, too! A gift card sure would cheer me up – here’s hoping!

  154. Have I mentioned how much I love your giveaways?! I’d love to win either gift card 🙂
    Pick me oh random number generator!

  155. I’d love either one!

  156. Pick me, please. I hope you feel better soon.

  157. What great giveaways! I’m sure the germs will die in transit.

  158. Macy’s, donuts…you just can’t go wrong!

  159. I agree with Helen….
    Macy’s and donuts….two great tastes that go great together!!!

  160. sign me up

  161. Count me in! Thanks, Mir!

  162. Thanks Mir, you look pretty even with a slightly red nose 🙂

  163. Mmmm, donuts.

    Thanks, Mir!

  164. My wife loves Macy”s

  165. Mmmmmm – Dunkin hot cocoa… Say no more!

  166. My husband is addicted to Dunkin Donuts coffee, so this one’s for him.

  167. Awesome, thanks!

  168. I’m student teaching – I need new clothes and coffee!!

  169. oooh fun stuff.

  170. Wheeee!

  171. I’d love to win.

  172. The little guy LOVES munchkins! Feel better Mir.

  173. I think I could put that to good use. 🙂

  174. I’m hoping for some Macy’s!!!

  175. I’m sick with an icky cold too, so I feel your pain, and would love prizes.

  176. Count me in. .. mkw

  177. I have two kids barfing here at my casa. I could use either of those escapes. PLEASE!

  178. OHHH – Pick me! Pick me!!

  179. Mm….me love the DD!! Or Macy’s! 🙂

    Thanks for the chance!

  180. Coffee and clothes, yay!!

  181. woohoo please count me in!

  182. Well, I don’t usually go to the mall, but for $20 in free stuff, I could change that. 😉

    And, in this case, second place would be YUMMY!!! 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon, Mir. You’ve been sick TOO much, the past few months!

  183. Pick me please!

  184. I would love to have $20 to buy some stuff on sale at Macys!

  185. pick me 🙂

  186. I’m in!

  187. You have the BEST contests!

  188. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for thinking of us even when you don’t feel good.

  189. I’m in! 🙂

  190. Please random number generator, pick me!

  191. Pick me! And feel better soon!

  192. Feel better, Mir! If you pick me, I’ll come and make you some chicken noodle soup. Hope you like Campbells 🙂

  193. Aw, I hope you feel better.
    Enter me in the contest!

  194. Would love to win either of these!

  195. I feel for you, I’m sitting here with a box of kleenex as well!

  196. I don’t think we have Dunkin Donuts in Oregon.

  197. I’d love to win something! I’m fighting a cold too. Thanks.

  198. I’d love to win either one.

  199. ooooh either would be great!

  200. Tra la laa… hope you feel better!!!

  201. Awesome – Macy’s would be great!

  202. me please

  203. I’m just putting in a bid. Can’t win if ya don’t play, right?

  204. oh please pick me!!!

  205. I favor the Nyquil selection method. 🙂

  206. Either sounds good!

  207. ooooh, $20 to Macy’s? Sign me up!

  208. I’ll take just about anything these days 🙂

  209. Sorry to hear you are sick:(One of the few down sides to kiddos,when they get sick,you get sick.Or if you are like me,when they get BETTER,then you get sick,so that by the time you are better,they get it back from you:)See?Hope you get better soon.
    Count me in for the giveaway

  210. they both sound awesome… my husband is a police officer… need i say more?

  211. My 2 just recovered after having been sick since January 2nd, my birthday. Thank you, disease, I love my 30s already. Agh.

    I heart Macy’s.

  212. Would be nice to replace my puppy chewed jeans, count me in

  213. i would love that macys giftcard, im trying to buy my mom a new toaster over that i saw there on sale for $59

    $20 giftcard would really help!

    pick me!! 🙂


  214. oven*

  215. I’m feelin’ lucky…

  216. yay, contest!

  217. I’ve been meaning to try the eggwhite sandwiches!

  218. I’m graduating in 12 days and starting out in the “real” world, and every bit helps! Either would be awesome!

  219. Shoes? Donuts? Wheeee

  220. Yea!!! 🙂

  221. Shopping & coffee.. great combo!

  222. Will you pick me for once? 🙂

  223. I could use either one (or both!).

  224. Sorry you feel lousy. If I win, you’ll feel better. Well, one of us will, anyway.

  225. free stuff is free stuff. I’d be happy with either!

  226. Ooooh I’d be happy with either too! 🙂

  227. Count me in!

  228. Nyquil is a sleep-deprived sick parents best friend (I speak from experience). Dunkin Donuts and Macy’s are too!

  229. They both sound pretty cool to me. Hope you feel better real soon!

  230. Love them both! Susie

  231. Great prizes!

  232. Either of these would be great! I’m sure I could put both to great use!

  233. Pick me, please!

  234. Thanks. Macy’s would be awesome:)

  235. Lucky number 235!

  236. I love macy’s and DD!
    Thanks for such a generous offer =)

  237. donuts are always good.

  238. MMMMM coffee!!

  239. I like macy’s and doughnuts!

  240. Yeah for free stuff…thanks so much!!!

  241. I would be happy with either!

  242. America runs on Dunkin…mmm iced coffee anyone?!
    Hope you feel better soon. I’m a firm believer in the new vicks tissues…mmm soft and the vapor action cleared me right up!! 🙂

  243. pick me

  244. I’m giving it another try… I haven’t won one of these toys

  245. Me please.

  246. I love both, pick me random number generator!!!

  247. Clothes or coffee… fun either way!

  248. Ooh, love both!

  249. mmmmm, flatbread

  250. Maybe 250 is the lucky number!

  251. I’d take either, but I’d had to find a dunkin donuts as they don’t exist around here… but I get to a big city once in a while.

  252. Fun!

  253. Hook me up, I’m sick too. : )

  254. I LOVE MACYS!!!

  255. Feel better soon! I have been Lysol-ing the heck out of our house since the little beans got sick and I still caught their stomach virus. Blech! First day in two days that I feel like I can actually function.

  256. Totally with you on the ongoing germ-fest
    Uncle, already!

    Thanks for the chance!

  257. Is it wrong that I am hoping for second place?

  258. I’ve been wondering if those flatbreads were any good…

  259. Wow, 250+ comments. You’re so popular.

  260. An excuse to go shopping or get a donut? yes please!

  261. I like Macy’s. I’m sorry you’re sick.

  262. Feel better! And please don’t cough on me.

  263. Me please! I’ll take either one, germs and all!

  264. Passing you a tissue!!! Thanks for the offer.

  265. Pick me!!
    Pick me!!

  266. Thanks!

  267. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time!!

  268. ::raises hand::

  269. the germs are all frozen here…

  270. Sign me up! I would love to win either.

    I’ll send the Nyquil, but only if you share – I hab a cod too.

    Thanks, pretty one.

  271. Nyquil makes me hyper 🙁

  272. DD flatbread! yummm

  273. I’d like the dunky don’ts one, if you please.

  274. With all the deals you post, I know I could make a $20 Macy’s gift card stttrrreeeettttcccchhhh.

  275. This sounds great! Thanks!

  276. Sign me up!

  277. I’d be happy with either!!

  278. Everytime I see those eggwhite commercials, all I can think is, “WHO head to Dunkin Donuts in order to DIET?”

    We don’t have many DDs around these parts, so if I’m randomly chosen for that one, feel free to pass my win along to the next random person. On the other hand, I’d be all over the Macy’s card.

  279. Woot. Fun giveaways!!!!

  280. Mmmmmmm…Donuts and a lil’ ole shoppin’ spree…Mmmmmmm…could I be Dreaming?
    Drink lots of nice warm tea, sweetie!

  281. Hey, shopping and donuts together? Match made in heaven.

  282. Pick me! Macy’s or Donuts it’s all good!

  283. Our Dunkin Donuts closed years ago, so if I happen to win that, pass that along to the next random number. However, there are Macy’s all over my neck of the woods and I’d love that one!

  284. I would love to win either one!

  285. I’ll have the $20 gift card. I don’t think we have a Dunkin’ Donuts here anymore though.

  286. I’ll have to hope for the Macy’s card, since we don’t have a DD here. Feel better soon!

  287. mmmmm. Dunkin’ Donuts. The producers of the only donuts I’ll eat. My waistline will not thank you but my taste buds will.

  288. ooooh! Macy’s card! Pick me!

  289. Entering from Nyquil central over here…colds all around!

  290. Both sound great…shopping or a donut!

  291. Wow, nice giveaway!

  292. I love both! Sign me up!

  293. Awesome to both, thanks!

  294. I won’t complain about either one!

  295. MMM…donuts.

  296. Yay, another contest. Hope you feel better soon.

  297. Donuts… now you got me craving them! Enter me, please!!

  298. Those both sound wonderful! We just discovered DD coffee and LOVE it! Too bad we don’t have one around here but we have family that has one. Thanks for the chance to win! Get over that cold soon! :o)

  299. yay!

  300. Time to make the Donuts!

  301. Gotta love gift cards

  302. Like I’m going to waste Dunkin Donuts money on sandwiches!

  303. Fun fun! 🙂

  304. I’d like to win either card. 🙂

  305. I’d be thrilled to win either card!

  306. Oh! I have a wedding gift to buy from Macy’s! Yay! Love your giveaways!

  307. I’d love either one of these!

  308. YAY! This brings a little sunshine to this cold part of the world. Nothing like an inch of sleet to wake everyone up as they drive to work!!!

  309. me me me

  310. i’ve already got a cold so this would be perfect!

  311. Me Please! 🙂

  312. I have had an upper respiratory infection since New Years! A cup of warm coffee from DD would be good right now!

  313. Count me in! Nyquil ROCKS! Hope you feel better soon!

  314. Thanks!

  315. Mmmm….DD is my friend. Really, I love DD. And Macy’s is good too! Once again, Mir, you are the best! Enter me please!

  316. What a nice surprise it would be to win!

  317. I have a Macy’s gift card that’s not quite enough to get anything good (or even decent- one sock, anyone?). I’d love to have a little more to spend!

  318. consider me entered!

  319. I want I want!

  320. Count me in!

  321. I’m in. Good luck everyone.

  322. Ugh, colds suck! I hope you feel better soon!

  323. Love Macy’s, love food.

  324. Pick me, pick me!!

  325. Nice clothing, good food? It’s hard to choose!

  326. I hope you feel better soon!

  327. hoping for macy’s cause we’re dd-less…

  328. Be WELL! And count us in. 🙂

  329. Hmm, gift cards. Definitely worth some comment love. Thanks for the opportunity.

  330. Mmmm. There’s a Dunkin Donuts just down the street from where I work…

  331. Feel better and thanks for the opportunity!

  332. i love your contests

  333. Oh how I miss being able to walk into a macy’s. Shopping macy’s online isn’t quite the same, but a gift card might ease the pain.

    If by chance, I get pulled for the Dunkin Donuts card could you please give it to the 38 week pregnant Hollie(comment #29. I think all 38 week pregnant women should have free donuts! 🙂

  334. I’d love (and appreciate) either one! Thanks~

  335. I am SUCH a Macy’s girl! Gift card would make it even better!

  336. feel better. thanks.

  337. I’d love to win something in 2009.

  338. I just found your site today and I’m super happy about it! Following you on Google Reader so I don’t miss anything.

  339. Ohhhh.. I love Macys.. and a donut would be great too!!
    I’m in on this one..

  340. U.R. AWESOME! Love the site, feel better!

  341. Meeeeee! Come one number generator!!!!! I could use a great perk to my new year!!!! 😉 Get to feeling better!

  342. Oohh, pick me! It’s cold and snowy, and some nice warm clothes and/or coffee would be just right!

  343. Ohhhhh pick me! Pick me! O wise random number generator thingy!!!

  344. This would put a smile on this face!

  345. Hello!
    3 inshes snow with another foot to come. Hope you feel better.

  346. Dunkin’ Doughnuts dipped in Lysol….ewww. 🙂

  347. Either sounds good to me.

  348. After three solid weeks of the family passing illnesses around, you can just call me Queen Lysol! Hope everyone is feeling better your way.

  349. I feel a high number getting picked!

  350. I just love your contests. Pick me.

  351. I had never thought to DIP them in Lysol… I just spray them with it… thanks for the tip!!! 🙂 Hope everyone is feeling better.

  352. Hope you’re feeling better! Please enter me. 🙂

  353. Sob story for you: I’ve never won anything. I’d sure love to feel like less of a loser.

  354. I’d like to win and stay healthy. Is that okay?

  355. Sorry you’re not feeling well… I hope I win!

  356. Oh, man. I’d be grateful for anything but more flu or cold bugs right now. I’m pretty much zombified myself, and would love to have something good happen this week.

  357. Hooray for shopping! Hooray for sweet treats! Hooray for Mir!

  358. MMMMMM. Donuts.

  359. I am in need of some more Clinique, but DD coffee sounds good right now!

  360. Both sound good to me!!! Although, I might not gain weight with the Macy’s gift card.

  361. I would gladly risk my sinus passages for these great prizes! Thanks Mir!

  362. I’d love a latte, or a new fry pan!

  363. Count me in too!

  364. Tossing my name in. If I win the DD, I’m giving it to my co-worker, who is a DD addict. She’ll be my slave for a day.

  365. I have never eaten at Dunkin’ Doughnuts. Sad, huh? A doughnut sounds pretty yummy right now!

  366. I loooove Dunkin’ Donuts coffeeeee! But I would also be happy with the Macy’s gift card too!

  367. Macy’s please!

  368. I love Macy’s! Thanks Mir!

  369. Aaaa-chou….God Bless you !
    I’m not picky – either one will do!
    Thank you

  370. The coffee sounds good with all the snow we’re getting here in Maine today. 🙂

  371. you have the best contests and the best sale tips!

  372. what are the chances…

  373. Hope you are feeling better, Mir!

  374. I love your contests! Feel better!

  375. Oh! I love both places!

  376. Meeeeee!

  377. Sounds wonderful!

  378. I would love the Macy’s card. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  379. Hey, I’ll take either!

  380. Thanks!! I’m in for a shot!

  381. I love Macy’s, but I also love food.

  382. mmm, both so appetizing in their own ways . . .

  383. You know I’d be happy either way!

  384. Cross my fingers that it’s Macy’s. Thanks Mir!

  385. There are no bad donuts.

  386. Sign me up! Thanks!

  387. Fingers crossed !

  388. Thanks for the contest! I love both DD and Macys 😉

  389. Love both of them – Thank you!

  390. gift cards are my friends. 🙂 thanks!

  391. I would love a Macy’s giftcard! There is no Dunkin Donuts for hundreds of miles around me, so if I win it just pass it on to the next person, please.

  392. Lets show Diane some luv today!

  393. I would be thrilled to win either gift card! Thanks for the contest!!

  394. I could use a flatbread and a chai.

    Or, you know, a new pair of shoes. 🙂

  395. me please, feel better

  396. Pick Me. I love to win.

  397. pick me!!!

  398. If you pick me, I’ll heal you of your rhinovirus. No, really!

  399. Ooooo….I want one! 🙂

  400. Gift cards are good, the germs not so much! How did I miss this post the first time around?

  401. I’d love one of those!

  402. sure please!

  403. oooh donuts sound good right now. guess i better make something for dinner.

  404. hoping for macy’s since we don’t have a dunkin donuts:(

  405. Oooooh please pick me! 🙂

  406. Sounds fun!

  407. I’ve got my fingers crossed this time.

  408. here’s hoping.

  409. me me me. please?

  410. I’d love a Macy’s card, tons of wedding stuff to buy…. Dunkin Donuts too, I’m a 3rd shifter, I LIVE on coffee.

  411. I’d love either one. Pick me!

  412. I’m in!

  413. Oooh, yes please! And… hope you feel better soon. Have a great Nyquil nap!

  414. Thank you & please get better soon.

  415. After the day I’ve had, doubt it’ll be me. But its worth a shot I guess…

  416. Time to make the donuts!

  417. How did I miss this one? I’m in!

  418. I’d love this! My preference is Macy’s. Not that I don’t love Dunkin’ coffee, but the nearest DD is in Milwaukee, a two hour drive from here, and since my inlaws have moved here I don’t get there very often and…. Thanks for the cool contest again! You rock. Seriously.

  419. Yum, Dunkin Donuts!

  420. love to win either one!

  421. Wow, lots of entries! Count me in.

  422. love the gift card thing…I’m in….and Lysol’s ready

  423. *sliding in*

    Here, I am, entering the contest nearly late. Thanks for all your great posts!

  424. I would love the Macy’s card to supplement a late Xmas return at Macy’s!

  425. Once again, Pretty Mir, another fabulous giveaway. You are awesome!

  426. Loving your site! I’m so glad my friend told me about it. It would be great to do some clearance shopping at Macy’s…or to pick up a flavored coffee at DD. Thanks!

  427. Thanks for the contest and get well soon!

  428. I love gift cards!!

  429. Thanks for the contest, hope you feel better!

  430. Thanks for another great contest!

  431. Woo-hoo! I’m in.

  432. Oh, what the heck. One of these days I’ll win one of these awesome giveaways. Right? Right.

  433. I’m commenter 437-ish? Oh, man, I got this one in the bag!

  434. All this AND the rhinovirus? What more could a girl want!

  435. I want more iced coffee!!!

  436. I’m in

  437. Count me in! But you can keep your rhinovirus. I guess I’m a fair-weathered reader, I only want the giftcard.

  438. Must win! Must win! Must win! Must win!!!

  439. Better late than never!

  440. Sounds fun!

  441. Ok, my whole family is sick too. I’m following them with wipes everywhere they go. So PICK ME! 🙂

  442. Count me in! Thanks.

  443. count me in!

  444. Would love to be entered. Thanks!

  445. Ahchooooo!se either one! Feel better. At least you are no longer living up here in Freezing Town, MA. Thanks for all your great contests.

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