Oh, the irony!

By Mir
March 2, 2009
Category Contests

Wouldn’t it be funny if—on a day when I’m more or less snowed in, in Georgia (of all places)—I held a giveaway for clothing suited to wearing in the sun? I think that’d be hilarious, actually.

Thanks to our pals at Lands’ End, irony can be mine, and cool sunwear can be yours!

Here’s the deal: Lands’ End is proud to introduce their new Sun.Life™ line of clothing—comfortable, breathable clothes with UPF ratings of 30 to 50, to block the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and keep you cool and fashionable while they do it. And when it comes to family sun protection, whom do we moms tend to worry about? That’s right: the kids.

The winner of this contest will choose to receive one of the following items: Boys’ pants, girls’ pants, boys’ shorts, girls’ shorts, boys’ t-shirt, or girls’ t-shirt. If you want to enter, first review the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment telling me which clothing item you choose, by 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, March 4th, 2009. You don’t need to tell me which size or color—I’ll get that info from you if you win—but you do need to pick which of the six choices you’d like. One entry per person, valid email address required, entries left after the deadline (and there are always plenty of those) will not be valid.

Winner to be determined by random number generation and general sunniness of disposition.

Ready? Go!


  1. Girl’s T-shirt please!!!

  2. I’m usually the LAST one to enter! Wow! We would love to win the girl’s pants!

  3. the girl’s shorts are adorable! My little peanut would look so cute in them!

  4. Girl’s tshirt… please!

  5. Boy shirt. Thanks Mir and Lands End.

  6. Girls pants, please! Pretty, pretty please??

  7. I would love to try the boy’s shorts! On my son, not me! πŸ™‚

  8. I think my son would love the shorts. Ok, well, he would love them after I told him too. :-))

  9. Girls t-shirt.

    Pick me!

  10. Boy’s shorts, please! We’d get lots of use out of them here in SUNNY Florida.

  11. Boy’s shorts πŸ™‚

  12. Girls shorts, please. πŸ™‚ I like the t-shirt better but we already own a million t-shirts for next summer.

  13. The boy’s t-shirt would be my choice!

  14. Girls’ pants! Hope you get lit soon. Did that sound right?

  15. Boys shirt, please! Lots of sun here in San Diego!

  16. We would love the boy’s shorts!

  17. Ooh! Girls’ shorts, please!

  18. Girls’ pants would be fabulous. Come on, random number generator!

  19. Boy’s shorts please. My boys are way lighter than my girls. LOL.

  20. Girls t-shirt please!

  21. Boy’s t-shirt, please.

  22. Boys t-shirt please. It’s the only one of the boys choices that my son wouldn’t grow out of while I am typing this. πŸ™‚

  23. I would like the boy’s t-shirt please!

  24. I’ll have a boy’s T-shirt, please!

  25. Girl’s tee would be fabulous. Ah, to be able to wear summer clothes…

  26. I would like to win the girls pants! Please!

  27. Hmm…I’d be pleased with any, but how about the boys shirt. Thanks for the opportunity, pretty Mir. While I’m not snowed in, it’s very cold in my neck of the woods…no city with the name BEACH in it should be this damn cold.

  28. Let’s go with girls’ shorts for $200, I mean FREE!

  29. boys t-shirt for my little guy please! Pick me and I won’t tell you about our gorgeous weather. πŸ˜‰

  30. Boys’ t-shirt. Cobalt blue, 2T please!

  31. I would love to have the girl’s shirt. Awesome!

  32. One of my sons has so many freckles on his face that my nickname for him is “Cinnamon Boy”. As soon as April hits, we can count on his skin pinking up–even with sunscreen–so the boy’s tee would be great for him.

  33. The boys shorts would be great!

  34. Boy’s shirt for me, please. And right now, said boy is outside throwing snowballs. Go figure.

  35. Boy’s pants please! My kids have these shorts and I love them. Pants would be awesome.

  36. boys shorts, please

  37. Boy’s pants, please! Awesome contest!

  38. Boys tee – love Lands End!

  39. Boys’ shorts. And a question if I may.. how would one go about getting sunburned *under* their clothes? Please help me out with the point of my kids clothing being UPF 30?

    Cute clothes though, I’m IN!

  40. Boy’s shorts please. Thanks Mir and keep up the great deals!

  41. Boy’s shirt, please! My boy needs all the help he can get! Thanks!

  42. Girls pants please

  43. Girls’ pants, please! Cute stuff!

  44. The Girl’s t-shirt to block the sunÒ€ℒs (what’s that?)harmful ultraviolet rays and keep you cool and fashionable is my choice. Maybe sometime soon my granddaughter will be able to wear it !!!

  45. Toddler girls shorts would be great!

  46. wow, look at all the entries already. Girl’s t-shirt, for me. I mean, her.

  47. Girls pants are coooool!

  48. Boy’s shorts please.

  49. Boys’ t-shirt. I just ordered the shirts for my girls. Thanks for, um, saving me money, Mir. ;>)

  50. Would love a boys shirt!

  51. Boy’s T-shirt, please.

  52. Girls’ t-shirt. Come on 53!!

  53. If I win I choose the girl’s t-shirt. Thanks for all the info on great deals and the wonderful contests!

  54. Boys’ t-shirt. protect my lil’ guy!

  55. I would LOVE to win the boy’s pants. It is very pretty of you to do this contest Mir! Thanks.

  56. Girl’s pants, please. I love this Lands End line – good stuff.

    And yes, the irony of running this contest on this day in GA is rich, pretty one.

  57. Girls t-shirt please!

  58. Boy’s shirt please! Mwah!

  59. We needs some girls shorts. (Oh come on warm weather!)

  60. Girls t-shirt please!

  61. Girls’ t-shirt please!

  62. Girl’s shirt!

  63. Girl’s shirt

  64. Girl shirt. Thanks.

  65. Girl’s pants, please!

  66. In one of these shirts, my girl would look almost as pretty as you. (to summarize, girl’s shirt, pretty) :>)

  67. Hard to imagine summer with all the snow we have today but we would love the girls t-shirt if selected.

  68. I would choose a boy’s tshirt. But I would have to think about which boy deserves it most. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. boy’s short
    cool give away. =)

  70. Girl’s tshirt pretty please.

  71. Girl’s T-shirt!

  72. boys pants please, thank you.

  73. those girls t-shirts might be the cutest things i’ve ever seen…. please, pretty please!!

  74. Boy’s shorts, please! Thanks Mir!!

  75. Oh, boys’ pants please!

  76. Boys shorts please. You too can help my irish-skinned child.

  77. The girl’s t-shirt is super cute. Love the flower.

  78. Girls shorts, please!

  79. Boy’s pants, please!

  80. Wow, we all have a bunch of girls, don’t we? Add me to the long list of “Girl’s T-shirt please!”

  81. I would choose a girl’s t-shirt. My poor daughter inherited her mother’s pale, pale skin…and her home state of Mississippi. Double whammy.

    Besides, I’m carrying on a love affair with Land’s End. Have you seen their large totes? I heart them.

    I so enjoy this blog…thanks for powering through the storm (heh) and keeping us up-to-speed.

  82. The boys shirt is so cute! I have not seen these, they are cool. Thank you so much!

  83. Love Land’s End! I need boy pants because there always seems to be holes in the knee!

  84. Girl’s t-shirt, please!

  85. Add one more to the list of people who would like a girl’s t-shirt please.

  86. Boys shorts would be awesome!

  87. I would love the girls’ shirt. I always forget to put sunscreen on my daughter. πŸ˜‰

  88. Oh, a girls’ shirt would be dandy! Next trick: getting her to keep it on.

  89. Boys pants please!

  90. Ooh, girls’ pants please.

  91. girls t-shirt!

  92. Totally, in for the Girls pants please!

  93. Boy’s shorts! Thanks Mir!

  94. Girl’s pants…

  95. The girls shorts would be great! Thanks Pretty Mir!

  96. Girls’ shorts, I think. Thanks for running this, hope your electricity is back on soon!

  97. Boy Shirt, I figure one of my 3 boys will get a new one. Havent figured out which one yet, I guess it will be the one that is not on restriction when I win, hahahahahahah

  98. I never win, but I’ll post “Girls’ T-shirt, please!” anyway.

  99. I’ll take a boy’s t-shirt if Mr. R. Generator is kind to me.

  100. The girls’ pants would be great for my daughter! It’d keep her cool AND cover her legs from those pesky mosquitoes!! Thanks Mir!

  101. Those boys pants are great!

  102. We’d love the boys’ shorts!

  103. I’ve been looking at those! A girl’s t-shirt would be great!

  104. Girl’s tee, please. πŸ™‚

  105. Boy’s T-Shirt please!

  106. Boy’s t-shirt! perfect for a cruise.

  107. The boy’s shorts are nice! Will summer ever arrive though?

  108. Boy’s shorts for me too!

  109. Boys shorts please!!

  110. ooh, boy pants would be great!

  111. girls’ shirt! Thank you!!!!

  112. boys tee pleaaaaasssseeee… prefect for our move to florida!

  113. girl’s tee, please

  114. I would like to win, and if chosen, I would pick the boys’ t-shirt.

  115. Since I have two boys and only one girl I would have to say the boys shirt – and then hopefully pass it down to the next boy…

  116. Boy’s pants!

  117. A girl’s t-shirt, please! It will help melt the snow off my back porch, car, roof, etc..

  118. Boy’s shirt =)

  119. Girl’s shirt, please!

  120. boys shirt please

  121. Girl’s t-shirt please!

  122. boys shorts please!!!! do i feel lucky, well kinda!!

  123. Girl’s t-shirt please!

  124. We would take the girl’s pants, with great delight!

  125. Boys pants please!

  126. Would love the girls shirt!

  127. Just love Lands End clothing – would be ecstatic to win the girl’s khaki pants. . . size 10. MKW

  128. I would love the cute girls’ shorts please! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  129. Girl’s t-shirt.

  130. Boys shorts, for my 11 year old daughter who will only wear boys clothes these days :-))

  131. Boys shorts, please. I’m sure to need to buy more shorts for the incredible growing machine.

  132. I would have to go with the girls t-shirt – thanks!

  133. These look terrific! I’d choose a pair of boy’s pants if I won.

  134. A Girls T-shirt would be wonderful!

  135. Boy’s shorts would suit the little dimple just fine. Thank you for the contest!

  136. Girls shorts! These are cool!

  137. I would LOVE the girl T-shirt for my new little one…super cute!

  138. The girls’ shorts, please random number generator.

  139. Boy’s shorts please!

  140. boys’ shorts! I’m expecting my third boy this spring and we are starting to wear out clothes! I could use free clothes!

  141. Boy’s shirt for me please! πŸ™‚

  142. Girl’s pants please

  143. Girl’s shorts would be great!

  144. boy shirt please πŸ™‚

  145. I pick boys pants! And while I am terribly sorry at your inconvenience and hassle, being from Michigan I can’t help but be slightly glad you all are having a change to feel our 6 month yearly pain up here, (now granted it is not always as bad as you all have it now). Hoping you all have power restored soon!

  146. Boy shirt here!

  147. Girls and boys t-shirt would be great…………

  148. Boy pants.

  149. I’d love to win a boy’s shirt, for my pale-as-milk son.

    Thanks, Mir!

  150. Girls t-shirt.

  151. Girls t shirt perty please!! I pink puffy heart Lands End Kids and you Mir! I know… I know… counting on the number generator!

  152. boys pants please!

  153. Definitely girls shorts – someone around here always needs shorts! Thanks, Mir!

  154. boys pants πŸ™‚ would be awesome!

  155. Boys tee shirt please…gotta love Lands End!

  156. I’d love the girls’ tee shirt!

  157. Boys short please : )

  158. boy’s shirt would be great!

  159. Girls’ Pants, puhleeze! Thank you!

  160. Girl’s t-shirt please!

  161. I’d go with the boy’s shorts

  162. Girls Seaside Pink Sun.Life T-Shirt

  163. Girls’ shorts please

  164. boy’s shirt please

  165. It’s so hard to choose: my daughter or my son? But then I remember that my daughter is 5 and chooses her own clothes every day, and I’m not allowed to have a say.

    So a Boy’s Shirt would get much more use. Thanks!

  166. girl’s shirt. thanks!

  167. Boy’s t-shirt, please, pretty Mir!

  168. Girl’s pants would be wonderful. Thanks!

  169. girls’ pant please!

  170. Hey I am in on this deal.. girls shorts please!

  171. girl’s t-shirt please!

  172. A boy’s shirt would be great… three boys shirts even better. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for a great giveaway! πŸ™‚

  173. Even happier birthday to me?… Girls’ Sun.LifeΓ’β€žΒ’ Pants please.

  174. Boy’s shorts! Thank you…for all you do in the midst of your power outage!

  175. The boy’s shirt would be great… thanks!

  176. Girls t shirt please!

  177. Girl’s shorts, please πŸ™‚

  178. Thanks. I’ll take the boy’s shorts.

  179. i would have to pick the girls’ t-shirt please

  180. Wow – tough choice! I have to go with the boy’s shirt, since my little dude lives in hand-me-downs and rarely gets anything new.

  181. I’ll take the Girl’s T-shirt, please.

  182. Boys pants, please.

  183. We’d love one of the girls t-shirts!

  184. Girl’s t-shirt. That silly kid just keeps growing!

  185. Girls pants…for my “weed” please!

  186. Boy’s t-shirt pretty pretty please!

  187. Boys t-shirt for me!

  188. Girls shirt – thanks!

  189. I would love to get a Boy’s t shirt for my youngest (of three)boys,please.

  190. Boy’s shorts please!

  191. Boys’ t-shirt please!

  192. Boys tshirt. My little nephew is so fair-skinned he is practically blue. He sure could use sun-block clothes!

  193. Boy’s pants please!!!

  194. My choice?
    Girls’ tee!

  195. boys t-shirt! How cool! And while you are wishing to get rid of snow, in NW GA, we were wishing for snow!

  196. Boys shirt!

  197. I was just looking at these in the catalog earlier today. Girl’s short, please.

  198. Girls’ T-shirt please– thanks!

  199. Boys’ T-Shirts please! πŸ™‚

  200. boy shirt, please.

  201. I’d love to pick a boys tshirt or boys shorts = my nephew is almost 4 in april and hes such a little man! i love givig him stuff!

  202. I would choose the boys pants–save the most money. πŸ˜‰ I could really use a free shipping coupon, I was hoping that’s what you would have, my boy lost his third pair of mittens today…I need Spring. πŸ™‚

  203. Lovin’ the girls’ t-shirt!!

  204. Boys shorts please!

  205. great collection! Send some girl pants my way please!

  206. Boy’s shorts please!

  207. Boys shorts, please.

  208. Since I live in the sunshine state, a girls shirt would be great….Thanks!

  209. Girls’ shorts, please!

  210. Boys’ shirt – 2T – dark cobalt blue. I did my homework! : )

  211. Boy’s pants would be delightful πŸ™‚

  212. Would LOVE those girls shorts…. my sisters bday is coming up, and they match her school uniform! πŸ™‚

  213. Oooh girl’s tshirt! Thanks!

  214. A boy’s T-shirt would make our upcoming trip to Disney this summer cooler for at least one of our family. Thanks Mir!!

  215. I’d love a boys shirt!! With two boys, it can last a while!

  216. That *is* ironic! Boys t-shirt, please! πŸ™‚

  217. girls shorts. since last week in bought my daughter the tshirt and didn’t get the shorts! but hey, it WAS free shipping!

  218. I’ve got a red-headed, pale-skinned boy, so I think a boys’ t-shirt would be awesomely awesome. Thanks, pretty Mir!

  219. A boy’s shirt would be a great win!

  220. Girl’s t-shirt would be neat!

  221. Boy shirt

  222. Boys t-shirt. We can’t wait for spring!!

  223. Boys shirt! I have a redhead, we need all the UV protection we can get!

  224. Boys pants, please. It’s even cold in Florida today! But… I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

  225. Girls pants if I win! Thanks Mir!
    My daughter is a redhead- this sun protection stuff is perfect !

  226. Boy’s Shorts if I win! Thanks much!

  227. Boys t-shirt please pretty Mir!

  228. Boy pants, please–if I win!

  229. Boys T-shirt would be great!!! Thanks!!!

  230. Girls pants would be great…saw these at Lands End at Sears on Saturday and they look oh, so comfy!

  231. Boys shirt–thanks for the chance!

  232. Me, me! I need my poor boy shaded from the sun! Thank you pretty, Mir! Let’s shade his legs partially by getting him the shorts!


  233. Girl’s t-shirt for me! Well, for my daughter. πŸ™‚

  234. Boy’s pants for my sons please. Thank you.

  235. Funny how I had my son in pajamas, socks, pants, thermal shirt, jacket, coat, boots, hat, gloves, scarf and a second pair of socks to play in the snow for hours today and now I’m crossing my fingers for a t-shirt. Bring on summer and the beach!

  236. Oh, me…please choose my number. I am such a FREAK about my son’s sun protection and the boys shorts or shirt (probably shirt) would be WONDERFUL!

  237. Boys t-shirt please O Pretty One!

  238. Girl’s pants, please. Thanks!

  239. Girl’s T-shirt please, thanks so much for offering this! I’ll buy it anyway even if I don’t win!

  240. Girl’s T-shirt. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  241. The boys’ pants would be awesome for us!

  242. I seriously have the whitest boys on the planet. The boys shorts might protect those pasty white thighs! Thanks.

  243. Hmmm…seems like we need to have a “who has the palest children” contest. I’d love a pair of the boy’s shorts for one of my little whities. πŸ˜‰ Thanks Mir!

  244. How cool are those! I’d love a pair of the boy’s pants for one of my boys!

  245. all boys here, shorts please

  246. Girls’ t-shirt, please!

  247. Maybe the boys t-shirt would help my fair-skinned little guy survive the summer.

  248. girl t-shirt! πŸ™‚

  249. Girls pants. Thanks, Mir!

  250. Girls shorts, please! thanks!

  251. Boys t-shirt would be awesome!

  252. boy’s t-shirt please!

  253. I would love the girls tshirt!

  254. Boy’s shorts for my little pale, easily-sun-burned son! Thanks, and hope you’re warm and toasty now (don’t look out the window at that snow!)

  255. Boys shorts please. Thanks Mir!

  256. Girls t-shirt please!

  257. Girls shirt please!

  258. Boys t-shirt, please!

  259. Boys shorts, please! Thank you!

  260. We’d like a girl’s t-shirt, please!

  261. I would love the Boy’s Shorts. Thanks, Mir!

  262. I love Lands End stuff! Would love the boys tshirt for my grandson. Thanks!

  263. Girls T-shirt please!

  264. boys pants please!

  265. Girls pants (please!)

  266. I have to say the boys’ pants. My son seems to have a growth issue. He keeps growing and growing.. hince the need for bigger size clothing.

  267. I hope you’re keeping warm while I’m wishing for some boy’s shorts.

  268. Girl’s T-Shirt! Too cute!

  269. boys’ pants would be a fantastic thing. Thank you!

  270. Boy’s shirt!

  271. Boys’ shorts, please. I’ve had my eye on this new line since I got the spring catalogue. My father died from melanoma, so I take sun protection very seriously. So thank you, Mir, and thank you Lands’ End!

  272. The girls’ pants are darling (and it’s hard to believe we’ll ever again need shorts or t-shirts)!

  273. boys’ shorts if I win…

  274. Girls shirt please:)

  275. Boys shorts please :o)

  276. DS would love the boy shorts!

    Thanks Mir!

  277. I would take any or all of the above, but if I have to choose one, um, boy’s shirt please!

  278. Boy’s shorts please. Summer’s comin’ and the boys are hard on their clothes…

  279. I’d take a pair of boys pants… got three boys!! THanks!

  280. Girls short’s–PLEASE!

  281. Boy’s shorts…they look comfy.

  282. Oh, the cuteness! Girls shorts, pretty please with sugar on top.

  283. Boy’s t-shirt please!!

  284. Ooooh this is so hard; I have a boy AND a girl. Hmm, I choose boy shorts…but only because he has more room in his closet. πŸ™‚

  285. Girl’s shorts, please.

  286. Girls shirt please.

  287. girls t-shirt – it is cute like you …

  288. Great idea, Lands End! And thanks to pretty Mir for introducing us to it. I’d love the boys shorts or t-shirt!

  289. Girl’s shirt please.

  290. Girl shorts would be great… my daughter is growing like a weed and these will come in handy for spring.

  291. Girl’s t-shirt please!!

  292. boy’s pants please

  293. Girl’s shorts, please. Thanks for the chance to win!

  294. The boy pants would be great- thanks!

  295. *bright and perky smile* Boy’s t-shirt, if you please!

  296. Boy shirt. Thanks Mir and Lands End

  297. Oh, the boys t-shirt. My son is the epitome of pale and could use some extra protection πŸ™‚

  298. I would love a boy’s t-shirt for my fair skinned little man.

  299. Girl’s t-shirt would be great!

  300. Girls’ t-shirt please and thank you!

  301. Girl’s pants please!

  302. The boys shirt.

  303. Girls t-shirt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  304. Boys shorts! Thank you!

  305. Girl’s Tshirt — pretty please. Thanks!

  306. Girl’s shorts please. Thank you!

  307. Boy’ shorts…any color will do. Thank you.

  308. Boys tshirt please. For my Emily!

  309. Oh, it’s so hard to decide. Ummmmmm. Boy’s shorts. No!!! Girl’s shorts. No, um. Maybe a shirt? Ugh. I’ve got too many kids and they all need stuff. But I’ll stick to Boy’s shorts. Really.

  310. Boy’s shorts… πŸ™‚ In khaki, size 14. LOL Pick me pick me!

  311. girls pants please

  312. Boy shorts. He’s grown out of all last summer’s, so they need replacing.

  313. I would love the Boys Shorts, Olive, Size 7. But with my brood, I’d be happy with anything.

  314. Oh, anything, but since I have to choose, girls’ shirt. I got girls.

  315. Girls pants, please.

  316. Girl’s shirt..

  317. I haven’t seen these before. Girl’s shirt please.

  318. Girl’s t-shirt (so cute) – thanks for the giveaway!

  319. Oh It’s Girls shorts for me! thanks for the chance!

  320. Love the boy’s t-shirt! Just looking at them gave me a little sense of warmer weather!

  321. Boy’s -tshirt please! Thank you!

  322. I would love to put one of my very fair skinned boys in one of these shirts! Thanks to you and Land’s End!

  323. Love the girl’s pants! Thanks!

  324. Boy’s Pant please!

  325. Girls t-shirt, if you please!

  326. Boy’s shorts.

  327. Hurry up, summer! Boy’s pants, please.

  328. Girls shirt, please! Thanks!

  329. Girl shorts…and if you could please come up with some coupon codes for Land’s End I’ll buy some with or without winning. The losers should get coupons.

  330. Girls pants, please! My child just keeps growing!

  331. boy’s shirt – thanks!

  332. I’d love the boy’s shirt please!

  333. Would love the girl’s pants!

  334. I’d love a pair of the girl’s shorts. My daughter keeps growing, darn it.

  335. A girl’s t-shirt would come in right handy this summer.

  336. Boy’s shorts, please. Laura

  337. Boy’s shorts… please and thank you πŸ™‚

  338. I’d love the boy’s tshirt!

  339. My neice would love those Girl’s Pants in Coral Pink!

  340. My son (who thinks both you and your random number generator are very pretty!) would love the boys shorts please!

  341. Boy’s Shorts, please!

  342. Boy’s Shorts Please! I hope I win.

  343. Girls’ pants please πŸ™‚

  344. Boy’s shirt, please.

  345. Boys’ pants are adorable.

  346. Girls’ shorts. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  347. Boys shirt for my nephew. Thanks for the contest!

  348. Love the girl’s shorts!

  349. Boys Shorts!!

  350. I’d love a boy’s shirt! Thanks!!

  351. Little girls pants for ‘styling’ in the SUN!!!! It’s time for ME to win something, please random system.

  352. Girls shirt please. ty

  353. Just under the wire – but I’m in! My little by has a liver transplant and needs to be protected from all things sun (due to his meds). So – boy’s shirt, please!

  354. Little girls t shirt, i have a new granddaughter Aly!!!! Thank you.

  355. boysÒ€ℒ t-shirt please πŸ™‚

  356. Girls’ pants please! Thank you!

  357. Boys Pants please. Thanks Mir!!

  358. Boy’s Shorts!

  359. Great giveaway…THANKS

  360. Boy’s t-shirt! Thanks for hosting this contest!

  361. Boys Shorts Thanks!!

  362. Boy’s t-shirt! Yippee!!

  363. My girls are all about the pink! Girl’s T-shirt!! Please!!

  364. Girl’s t-shirt please.

    And I heart lands end after receiving my on sale, discounted (thanks for that!) wool coat that has kept me much warmer these last three days than my old falling apart, missing 2 buttons one I had the rest of winter.

  365. Boy’s shorts Thank you!

  366. Boy’s pants. Or shirt. Or whatever, I’m not picky πŸ™‚


  367. Girl’s t-shirt, please and thank you!

  368. Girl’s shorts please….

  369. Boys’ shirt please!

  370. Girl’s t-shirt I’d say, if someone were to ask…

  371. Girls pants please!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  372. Girl’s tshirt!! πŸ™‚

  373. Girl’s shorts!

  374. girl’s shorts please! can’t wait for the sun!

  375. Oh, girl’s shirt! Oh, maybe shorts. Will have to check the wardrobe situation!

  376. Oooooohhhhhhh…….boys shirt, please!

  377. Girl shorts!

  378. Girls’ pants please!!

  379. boy’s pants please!

  380. Boy’s shorts, please!

  381. Girls pants in pink…so cute!

  382. Girl’s T-shirt. Thanks!

  383. Girl’s T. Thanks!

  384. Dear Mir,
    I have all boys! So, shorts or shirt would be great!!!

  385. Girl’s shorts please!

  386. Girl’s t-shirt, please…Seaside pink! πŸ™‚

  387. Girls pants… So practical.

  388. girls’ t-shirt, please!!

  389. Boy’s pants, please!!

  390. Boys pants!

  391. Girls T-shirt would be way sweet…

  392. size 3T please please please

  393. boys pants please

  394. Boys t-shirt please! Thank you beautiful Mir!

  395. I’d love the boys’ shirt, please. Thanks Mir!

  396. Boys’ pants. πŸ˜€


  397. Girls t-shirt yeah!!!

  398. My son desperately needs pants! Thanks for another great contest!

  399. A boy’s tee shirt for Big T! Thanks!

  400. Girl’s t-shirt please…love Lands’ End!!!

  401. Please enter me for a girl’s t-shirt! Thanks…

    Just coming back around to checking up on all the blogs I used to follow regularly and it’s nice to see that Want Not is still going strong! πŸ™‚

  402. Oh how cute! Girls T-shirt please.

  403. Lovin’ the boys t-shirt!

  404. Ooo, I’d love the boys’ shirt! Thanks!

  405. Boys t-shirt, please!!


  406. Girls t-shirt, please.


  407. Girl’s shirt, if I were to be so lucky.

    At least there’s only 410 others like me here.

  408. My daughter would look great in the shirt!

  409. My son could use a new pair of pants. Thanks!!

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