Get a jump on your spring cleaning

By Mir
March 7, 2009
Category Contests

Ahhhhhh, spring. The warmth! The flowers! The sudden realization that your house is a pigsty!

Oh, maybe that last one only happens to me….

Anyway, I have two great companies who’ve donated goodies for today’s contest. First, Clorox is thrilled to introduce their new Decor Canisters—the Clorox wipes you love, in a new, mod-looking container that doesn’t scream “I’m a canister of disinfectant wipes.” Next, Ecostore USA is your one-stop shop for eco-friendly household and personal products, and I have a great big crush on them. I do. I doodle their logo in my notebook, surrounded by little hearts.

I have a Clorox prize pack consisting of 5 coupons for free Clorox decor canisters, plus a reusable cotton tote and matching cotton apron. I also have a Ecostore prize pack consisting of a bottle of citrus spray cleaner, a bottle of lemon cream cleanser, plus 3 coupons for free Clorox decor canisters (to round it out, just because).

Okay. Want to play? First go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post, telling me which prize pack you’d like to win, by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, March 8th, 2009 to enter. Valid email address required. Choice of prize pack required. General adoration of me is appreciated, but not required.

In addition to these two prize packs, I have 10 more Clorox coupons that will be given out to 10 runners-up. So twelve readers are going to win this one. Will one of them be you? Maybe!


  1. I’d love the Ecostore package! Thanks!

  2. EcoStore! Me! ME! Thanks – Jessica

  3. Clorox Prize Pack, please! Thanks

  4. Would love to try the Ecostore package! Maybe if I win something I won’t be so depressed on how much cleaning I have to do!

  5. Ecostore! Have a great weekend!

  6. I would love the Ecostore prize pack. I waited all winter for nice weather so that I could stay inside and clean. That is so depressing.

  7. I’d love the Ecostore prize package. Hopefully I’m moving next month and this would be great!

  8. Clorox Prize Pack, please! Who does love Mir AND clorox. Now doesn’t that make you feel good?

  9. I would love the Ecostore price pack, and you’re pretty! 😉

  10. Hi! I LOVE your blog! You have a great sense of humor and always make me laugh. I love that you “keep it real”. Anyway, my three kids and dog (and the husband) mean that the Clorox Prize is calling my name. PLease! Please!


  11. I’m thinking the CLorox prize pack please! 🙂

  12. Ecostore pretty pleeeze!

  13. Ecostore prize pack, please. Pretty please, pretty Mir!

  14. I would love to win the Clorox prize pack! Thanks for the contests!!!

  15. I’m going to have to go with the Clorox prize, please. And by the way, you’re looking especially pretty today!

  16. Ecostore please! Thank you

  17. Clorox prize pack please!!! 🙂

  18. Ecostore, please! And you are very pretty.

  19. Hi Mir, I am a new visitor to your blog and probably end up being a regular. It is really awesome that you can get info about all the cute/pretty/nice things in one blog. Keep it up.
    Btw, I would like the Ecostore USA package. Thanks.

  20. Oh, Mir how I do adore you AND your contests! I would really appreciate the Clorox prize pack~ Thanks again!

  21. Ecostore, please! Thanks, Mir!

  22. I would love the Ecostore package! Thanks Mir!

  23. Ecostore prize pack! Pretty please?

  24. Clorox, please!

  25. Ecostore, please. Need all the help with spring cleaning I can get!

  26. Dear Sweet Wonderful & Beautiful Mir,

    I would like to win the Clorox Prize Pack.

  27. Clorox Prize Pack here please.
    Oh and you so totally rock!! ;o)

  28. Ecostore prize pack, please! And thank you!

  29. I’d love the clorox pack! Thanks!

  30. the clorox package, please! we are fighting a nasty viral thing that refuses to leave our house. some clorox wipes would do wonders.

  31. EcoStore, please!

  32. Ecostore prize pack (crossing fingers).

  33. Ooooh, I’d have to say EcoStore!

  34. SO hard to choose. Clorox, I think.

  35. If I have to clean anyways it might as well smell Yummy!
    The Ecostore prize pack please!!!

  36. Ecostore please! Thanks

  37. Oh heck, Ecostore pack pretty please.

  38. Ecostore, please, oh pretty one 🙂

  39. Well, I’ll take the Ecostore pack please!

  40. clorox prize pack, k thanks!

  41. My dirty house votes for the Clorox prize pack. I love you and you’re pretty, random number generator. 😉

  42. Submit my name for the free Clorox decor canisters, please!


  43. I use the Clorox wipes all the time, and I’d love to have some in the decorative containers! I could put one in the kids’ bathroom and maybe a certain young boy with less-than-stellar aim would be inspired to use them?? Well, I can always hope, right? 🙂

  44. I’d take any of them!

  45. Eco prize pack for me please

  46. Clorox price pack please ma’am. With the temps in the 50s here in Maine today it’s starting to maybe feel like spring. 🙂

  47. I’d love to try ecostore- pretty please?!

  48. Ooh, I would love the Ecostore prize pack.

    I can’t wait for Spring!

  49. I would love to have these pretty clorox wipes! It would make my house say “spring” which is only days away!

  50. i would love a chance at the clorox prize pack. they look lovely! thanks!

  51. Ecostore! Ecostore! You’re so pretty.

  52. Clorox please! It is my birthday tomorrow – does that give me an edge!? LOL

  53. I would love either but I guess I will pick the Clorox Package since I was eyeing those new canisters yesterday! 🙂

  54. Ecostore please!

  55. Ecostore sounds great!

  56. The clorox prize pack please!

  57. ecostore, Please!! what a fabulous thing youve got going on here, love love love your blog!!

  58. Oh! I love to clean!!

  59. that package would be da bomb.

  60. Ecostore! I love Ecostore! I pink puffy heart their shampoos and conditioners. I haven’t tried the cleaning products yet: I hope I win!

  61. Ecostore please! Thanks.

  62. I woudl love to wint eh Clorox pack. ANd I would promise to write great things about you if I did. Wink wink!!!!!

  63. I’d like the Clorox!

  64. I would love the clorox pack and then at least cleaning the house would look like it was fun!

  65. I’d love either one, but my preference would be for the Ecostore package. Thank you! I do adore this site.

  66. I would love the Ecostore!

  67. Clorox would be great!

  68. Would love the Clorox set!

  69. love the Ecostore prize pack 🙂

  70. clorox for us!

  71. I would like the Ecostore set. Sounds interesting!

  72. The Ecostore prize pack would be just lovely!

  73. Ecostore please!

  74. I’d love to win the Clorox prize pack.

  75. Oh wow! This would be awesome. Sign me up for the EcoStore pack, please! 😀 😀 😀

  76. I’m trying to make my house a bit more earth friendly, so I’d love to win the EcoStore pack. Thanks Mir!

  77. I would love the Clorox pack…Thanks!

  78. I wanna clean, baby! 🙂

  79. oh gosh, um… probably the clorox prize pack! what a great giveaway…

  80. Ecostore prize pack please!!! Thanks so much!

  81. Clorox prize pack, please! Thanks, Mir!

  82. Love!!!!! Ecostore!!! Please? 😀

  83. The clorox pack sounds perfect!

  84. I would love the clorox prize pack! Thanks!!!

  85. ecostore please

  86. Clorox prize pack!! I love Clorox wipes!!

  87. The Eco store prize would be my preference please.

  88. Ecostore, please!

  89. You choose Mir, I would like either.

  90. Ecostore package would rock my world!

  91. Ecostore, please! It would be so cool to clean my apartment and not feel like I was poisoning myself 🙂

  92. I am in for the Clorox prize pack. I do love those wipes. It makes it so much easier to clean up after my boys.

  93. Ecostore for me.

  94. I choose the Clorox prize pack, please.

  95. I would love the Clorox prize pack. Thanks!

  96. Yay spring cleaning! Ecostore please.

  97. Ecostore for me. I’d love to give them a try.

  98. Clorox please. I love them.

  99. I, too, would love to try the Ecostore products.

  100. What a great contest! Clorox for me please. Thanks!

  101. Cleaning help is always needed and appreciated. Thanks Pretty Mir 🙂

  102. AWESOME!

  103. My house will be almost as pretty as you if I win the Ecostore package. Thanks Mir!

  104. I’d love the Ecostore package! I hope more people start using green cleaning products.

  105. ecostore!!!! you’re very very pretty, MIR!!! 🙂

  106. clorox prize pack! Thanks for another giveaway.

  107. Ecostore sounds quite interesting…

  108. Ecostore products because I should be cleaning instead of on the computer!! MKW

  109. After a careful evaluation of the amount of entries for either pack and a quick check of what the products look like (a highly scientific method if there ever was one, right?), I think I’m gonna have to go with the Ecostore prize pack. Which more people have entered for at this point.

    OCD is a wonderful thing.

  110. I’ll take a prize, please!

  111. The ecostore package please!!

  112. I’d love the clorox prize pack.

  113. Clorox please!

  114. Ecostore prize pack, please. Thanks!

  115. I’d love to win the Clorox prize pack! Thanks Mir!

  116. Clorox prize package for me!

  117. Ooh… a dilemma. Either would be lovely. But I guess my first choice would be the Clorox prize pack. I’ll hold off on all the cleaning until the winners are announced, just in case I’m one of the lucky ones! (Great excuse to procrastinate. Thanks, Mir!)

  118. Ecostore, please! Although both are great.

  119. I would love the clorox package please. I would love to have those in pretty little canisters!

  120. I almost didn’t even enter because it was too hard to choose, but I guess I choose the Clorox prize pack.

  121. Love me some clorox!

  122. Ooooo Clorox please 🙂 (there’s a sentence I never thought I would ever type)

  123. I would love to have the Clorox prize pack. Thanks, Lovely Mir

  124. Clorox please! I have a 16 month old boy, and I teach Pre-K…nuff said?

  125. Ecostore please — thanks!

  126. Ecostore please! We’re selling our house and it needs to be cleeeeeeaaaaan!

  127. Ecostore, please!

  128. Ecostore please!!

  129. Clorox please!

  130. Ecostore prize pack – I love lemon!

  131. Ecostore for me pretty please!

  132. OOOOOh! Ecostore please!!

  133. The Ecostore package would be awesome!

  134. Oooh, I’d love the Clorox pack. Thanks Mir!


  136. Clorox wipes for me…..please, I live
    in a house full of boys!!!!!

  137. Ecostore package is great!

  138. Clorox pack, thanks a bunch!

  139. I think the Ecostore price pack please.

  140. i’ve heard of them but never tried their prods – hope i get to now!!

  141. Clorox! Please! Help, my kids are sick!

  142. clorox would be great. Thx!

  143. Ecostore prize pack would be so great. Who doesn’t love citrus for spring cleaning?

  144. Clorox please.

  145. I’d love the EcoStore prize pack. Thanks! Sarah

  146. The EcoStore prize pack sounds great. Thanks, Mir!

  147. Clorox prize pack please. Thanks Mir!

  148. Toddler in the house = constant pigsty unless you clean behind him

    So… I’d like the Ecostore USA prize, thank you.


  149. Clorox prize pack, please. I feel lucky!

  150. I’d love to win the Ecostore prize pack! I have 3 boys & 3 bathrooms to clean, pick me oh pretty Mir!

  151. Ecostore, please.

  152. Cleaning? Bleach? Sounds like a good idea at the house of pestilence here. Clorox all the way!

  153. We use so many Clorox wipes around here, I should buy stock in them!

  154. Ecostore prize pack~Love that you are ecofriendly:)

  155. Ecostore prize pack for me please!

    Thanks Mir!

  156. I’m happy with the cleaners I use now, so I’d love the Clorox package. Thanks for the great contest.

  157. Ecostore prize pack, please.

  158. The Ecostore one sounds great! Count me in!

  159. Would love to win something!!!

  160. Clorox, Clorox, I love Clorox…especially since I have six little hands germing up my house all the time. I use a lot of Clorox wipes.

  161. I’d love the Ecostore pack. Help out a pregnant mama with the stomach virus running through her house…

  162. Clorox please!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Ecostore! Me, Me, random number generator!

  164. I’d love the Ecostore pack–with two boys under 5 using the potty I’m cleaning it EVERY DAY! Some how something new and free makes it seem like it’d be not so bad.

  165. Clorox would be my pack of choice but I’m easy to please! Thank you!

  166. Since I’m allergic to most cleaning products (and cleaning, but that’s a subject for another time), I would prefer the Ecostore prize pack.

    Thanks, Mir!

  167. we’d like to win the ecostore products, please.

  168. The Ecostore package sounds great!! I saw the commercial for the Clorox wipes and they look cool!

  169. I’d like the Clorox package, please! As sick as we have been in our house, there just isn’t enough disinfectant to go around!

  170. Ecostore please!

  171. I’d love either but if the random number generator should pick me, sign me up for the Ecostore package!

  172. Ecostore please!

  173. Ecostore,please!

  174. I would love the Eco store goodies!

  175. Ecostore package pretty please…

  176. Clorox all the way- my house needs the hard stuff, man!

  177. I’d like to just win something 🙂 I’m not picky 🙂 Both sound great…but…if I HAVE to choose….oh, eeny meeny miney mo….

    Clorox Prize Pack

    pretty please with sugar and spice and everything nice

  178. Ooh la la Ecostore pack! Thanks!

  179. ecostore….cause it’s not easy being green!

  180. Ecostore would be great – I think one in twelve odds are pretty good!

  181. Ecostore for me please???

  182. Ecostore prize pack pretty please.

  183. I’d love the Ecostore prize pack, please!!! 🙂

  184. Ecostore pack please!

  185. The EcoStore pack!! But I’m not picky! :o) I have a slight obsession with cleaning products. Odd, yes?

  186. Clorox please, my house needs a cleaning. thank you.

  187. Clorox, please. But I’d love either. Like Danielle, I am in need of a twelve step program for cleaning supplies. Thank you for running this contest!

  188. The EcoStore pack would be wonderful!! 😀

  189. clorox prize pack, please! i’m seriously drooling over the new pretty packaging. 🙂 thanks, as always, mir!

  190. EcoStore pack please!!!

  191. Clorox prize pack for me, please!

  192. EcoStore for me! Both sound great!

  193. Ecostore prize pack please!

  194. Ecostore too!

  195. Ecostore would be great!

  196. Ecostore; just because I haven’t tried any of their stuff yet! But I do love me some Clorox too.
    Could you see my mess from there? Sheesh.

  197. Ecostore for me please!

  198. Love me some clorox!

  199. You have no idea. If Behind the Kitchen Door came to my house, I would be shut down.

  200. Ecostore package for my family would be very welcome indeed!

  201. Ecostore sounds good to me! Did mention that my birthday was yesterday? It really was, I promise!

  202. Who doesn’t need to do a little more cleaning? 🙂

  203. I saw those clorox wipes at the store & thought they were tissues until I saw a commercial today. I want me some pretty germ-killer!

  204. Potty training here…need lots of clorox wipes these days!!!

  205. clorox!!!

  206. Clorox please 🙂

  207. I would love to have the Clorox package. I saw them at Walmart today & was hoping to find some coupons for them before I buy. This would be great.

  208. I so love (not) spring cleaning! This would help out a whole bunch or at least make it smell better.

  209. Ecostore package for me please! Thanks, pretty Mir!

  210. Ecostore package please!

  211. I’m having a LITTLE trouble getting jazzed about cleaning supplies, but I suppose they’re a necessary evil. I’d try the Ecostore pack.

  212. Ecostore package would be great.

  213. The Clorox prize pack is definitely something we’d use!

  214. Ecostore for me please!

  215. Clorox for me- thanks!

  216. Ecostore! Thanks!

  217. Ecostore USA package, and someone to help me utilize it! Hey, one can dream, right? Thanks pretty Mir and companies for this opportunity.

  218. Ecostore prize pack please. Thanks Mir!

  219. Ecostore, I have been wanting to “go green” with all my cleaning supplies and this would be a good start. Thanks!

  220. Ooo, Ecostore please, thanks!!

  221. Clorox all the way. I have 4 bathrooms and I am potty training my 3 year old boy. Enough said!

  222. Ooo! Ecostore for me, please!

  223. I would love the ecostore, but would appreciate either! Thanks for the giveaway!

  224. I would love to win the clorox prize pack! Thanks!

  225. Ecostore, please!!

  226. Ooooo…the Clorox prize pack would be wonderful! I’m crossing my fingers and toes! :o)

  227. Oh, I bet the only thing that comes close to being as pretty as you is that Ecostore prize pack! 🙂

  228. love the clorox one!

  229. The only thing better than Clorox wipes are FREE Clorox wipes! I’d love to win the Clorox prize pack. But, I think the random number generator is ignoring me. 😉

  230. Clorox prize pack!

  231. I NEED the Clorox wipes. I have one kid with a bad tummy bug. And 4 more who will be getting the bad tummy bug here very soon. I swear one gets it, then another, then another, until they each have had their run of it. They can never get it at the same time. Then after everything, I will get it. Arggh, kids and thier germs. Please random number generator, if you care at all, pick me!!

  232. Oooooh! I’d love the Ecostore prize pack!

  233. You know I never win…but, I’m in to try, again. I would love those clorox wipes. C’mon generator – pick me …

  234. ecostore prize pack, por favor!

  235. I would love to try the ecostore prize pack. Feeling a litle environmental with the spring day!

  236. Whoo-hoo, I love contests! You are so pretty, Mir!

    I would love to win the Clorox decor canisters. I use their wipes all the time, but haven’t bought the pretty canisters (yet)!

  237. Clorox canisters please! Love these practical products!

  238. Would love to try the Ecostore package!

  239. Me! Me! Pick me!

  240. Would love the Cholorox pack with the bag and apron….

  241. EcoStore prizepack for sure! I’ve not been good about spring cleaning, so this year is a MUST!!

  242. I would love the EcoStore pack, I have been wanting to try some more green products.

  243. Ooh! I’d love the Ecostore one. 🙂

  244. Ecostore prize pack please 🙂

  245. Ecostore would be awesome!! Many thanks!!!

  246. Clorox decor canisters , please:-)

  247. This is a great one. We’re looking for more eco-friendly items, so I’d like to try the Ecostore products.

    Thanks, pretty Mir!


  248. I’m cleaning for house guests right now (ok obviously not RIGHT now but you get my drift) and I’m always interested in new products to make my life better/easier. Sign me up!

  249. I have never tried Ecostore products…I would like to try it!

  250. Clorox, please!

  251. I think I’ll go for Ecostore.

  252. Would love the Cloroz package

  253. ooh clorox please

  254. ahh no!! i typed in the wrong one. ecostore please!

  255. Clorox!

  256. Ooh, Ecostore please! I can already recommend the clorox naturals cleaners! *G* But, I’d love to try a new cleaner. (It’s sad that I get excited to try new cleaners, isn’t it? *G*)

  257. I’d love the Clorox prize pack please! Great way to get in the mood for Spring cleaning! Thanks in advance! ;>

  258. Ecostore is my choice. I just wore a lovely CK dress thanks to your link to the Dillard’s clearance with the extra 40% off. Love your website!

  259. Would love to try Ecostore. Thanks!

  260. I’d love to win the clorox pack! Thanks 🙂

  261. Ecostore – I need spring cleaning motivation!

  262. clorox prize, please!

  263. I’ll try the Ecostore one – it’s a much more inexpensive way to find out if they work the way I want them to, than actually going out and BUYING them!

  264. Clorox prize pack please.

  265. I’d love to try the Ecostore products!

  266. clorox prize pack, please!!

  267. I would love the Clorox prize pack. The new canisters are definitely nicer.

  268. Eco store..please. Doesn’t SOUND as bad for the environment!

  269. oh beautiful one please send me some of those clorox wipes, this house is getting gritty.

  270. You’re SO pretty Mir! May I please have the Clorox prize pack? My house needs it!

  271. I would love the ecostore prize pack; as the only girl in the house, you know what I mean when I say the bathroom is a challenge!

  272. The ecostore pack sounds great. Perfect for the new baby coming!

  273. The ecostore pack sounds great!! Hope I win this time, my house needs a good cleaning!

  274. The Ecostore prize pack, please! My house is filthy.

  275. I’d like to try out the Ecostore items…thank you!

  276. Clorox please. My house is a pigsty too!

  277. I’m thinking positive. I will be one of the winners.

  278. Eco prize pack please. The house needs some serious help.

  279. My house also needs Clorox!

  280. I would love to win the Clorox pack! 🙂

  281. Clorox Please….we need it…have a pretty day!!

  282. Clorox prize pack, please!!

  283. The Clorox prize pack could do wonders here!

  284. The Clorox prize pack sounds GREAT!!

  285. Ecostore please. These dirty buggers here could really use one! Thank you, pretty Mir!

  286. too much clean, the ecostore pack sounds great!!
    thanks Mir

  287. I would love either one! Perfect timing Mir!

  288. My mother would love those 3 clorax coupons!! Shes crazy for coupons, especially for free items!! Thank you Mir.

  289. Clorox Prize Pack Please!

  290. I’d like the clorox prize pack cause I use those wipes like crazy!

  291. The Ecostore pack sounds great – thanks!

  292. You’re very kind. Please sign me up for the Ecostore pack (chosen, I admit, mostly for the cool packaging). Thanks!

  293. Clorox prize pack pretty please?

  294. We use wipes to clean up the kitchen and the cats. We would like the Clorox prize pack. Great site!

  295. Ecostore prize pack, please!

  296. Ecostore prize pack, please!

  297. EcoStore for me, SVP! Merci!

  298. Ecostore, please!

  299. awesome! I’d take the Ecostore pack.

  300. Ecostore, please. Thanks Mir!

  301. Pigsty,,,I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. You are not alone. My daughter just had the Flu and I feel a need to disinfect everything. Clorox prize please.

  302. Ecostore prize pack for my piggy palace, please


  304. Ecostore, please! And thank you!

  305. Ecostore prize pack sounds fabulous. Thanks!

  306. Oh, the Clorox one, please! 🙂

  307. Ecostore prize pack please. thank you. <3

  308. Ecostore rocks!

  309. Clorox prize pack, please! I love to smell of lemon!

  310. I’ll take the Clorox pack if you are giving! thanks!

  311. Ecostore, please. Thanks, Mir!

  312. The Ecostore prize pack sounds awesome!

  313. oooh I would love the Clorox prize pack!

  314. Clorox Prize Pack please! Thanks! :o)

  315. I’d love the Ecostore prize pack.
    Thanks for the chance, Mir.

  316. Oooh…Clorox, please, Beautiful Mir and Gorgeous Random Number Generator! 🙂

  317. I’d love to win the Clorox prize pack. Thanks, Mir!

  318. I’d love the Ecostore prize pack.

    fingers crossed for random number generator love….

  319. I would like the Clorox prize pack if I win. Thanks!

  320. clorox is my choice please…..pick me !!!

  321. Ecostore, please! I’ve got a pigsty to tackle as well.

  322. Ecostore, please! Sounds great.

  323. Ecostore, please, Mir.

  324. Ecostore prize pack, please!

  325. Ecostore, pretty please!

  326. I would like the Clorox pack because germs make you sick.

  327. Ecostore please.

  328. ecostore, please. although then i’d have to start cleaning…

  329. ecostore package please

  330. Clorox pack, please!

  331. I’d love the ecostore!

  332. I love the smell of bleach! Clorox please!

  333. Ecostore prize pack, please! I need to find a good product to hook my parents on greener cleaning!

  334. Ecostore, please!

  335. Oh, I want to try Ecostore please!

  336. I would love the ecostore package!

  337. I’d love the Clorox prize. I run a daycare in my home and am ALWAYS cleaning !!
    Thanks for your great website, I check in daily !!

  338. Both sound great. My first choice would be the Clorox prize pack. Thanks for the giveaway.

  339. Clorox Prize Pack for me please! We’ll be moving this summer so I have a house to keep clean for potential buyers, then a new one I’ll have to clean from top to bottom because I know the sellers won’t have done a good enough job! Yes, I’m a little obsessed about germs. 😉

  340. Ecostore prize pack, please?

  341. I’d love the Ecostore prize pack!!!

  342. I’d love to try the Ecostore prize!

  343. Clorox please!

  344. Clorox, please!

  345. Ecostore prize pack sounds good.

  346. Clorox prize pack, how exciting! Thank you!

  347. I’d love to win the Clorox prize pack.

  348. Clorox would brighten my day… and hopefully my house!

  349. Clorox for the very dirty house over here…I’m sure yours is sparkling, Mir!

  350. I love Clorox products and would love to win.

  351. Ecostore and me – how clean we will be 🙂 hehe.

  352. The Clorox prize package is screaming to come visit my home! Answer the call Pretty Mir!

  353. Clorox prize pack for me. Even if I now feel guilty for not wanting the Ecostore pack. Am I not green? Aargh. Clorox.

  354. love Clorox!

  355. I love you, Mir! And I love clorox, but am excited to try the Ecostore pack! Thanks!

  356. Ecostore prize pack please 🙂

  357. Clorox prize pack for me. Your Adorable Mir. Thanks

  358. I’d like the Clorox prize pack, please.

  359. EcoKady would love the EcoStore price pack, s’il vous plait!

  360. EcoStore prize pack! Thanks Mir!

  361. EcoStore, please!

  362. Clorox, please. Thanks!

  363. I’d love to win the EcoStore package!

  364. Ecostore please! Just found this site and I love it. Thanks!

  365. Clorox!

  366. Ooooh I’d love to try the Clorox Decor Canisters!

  367. Ooh! I’d love to win the Ecostore prize pack!


  369. I’d love to be entered for the Clorox Decor Canisters! Thanks!

  370. Ecostore – hooray!

  371. Ecostore!

  372. I would love the Clorox prize package.

  373. The Clorox prize pack, please and thank you!

  374. I would love the Ecostore package. Thank you!!

  375. I’m not very lucky at these kinds of things . . . so honestly . . . I would just like to win . . . anything

  376. Clorox, pretty please!

  377. the ecostore package would be great!!

  378. Ecostore please and thank you!

  379. The Clorox Prize package is for me.


    So I would be totally rockin’ with the Ecostore prize pack. Also, should I be a runner-up, MIR IS PRETTY!

  381. Clorox sounds super sweet to me. Thank you.

  382. Clorox please!! I agree the cleaning would be much more enjoyable if I’m using free product!! Thanks Mir!

  383. I would like the clorox. I really enjoy this product when I clean. Thanks.

  384. I love to clean, but would love either package!

  385. I remember back when you started this blog. I was one of the initial readers. Now your contests bring hundreds of participants!! You go, girl.

  386. Ecostore prize pack please 🙂

  387. I would like the ecostore prize please.

  388. Clorox Prize Pack, please! Thanks

  389. I’ve been looking for a way to replace all my harsh chemicals without shelling out the bucks. Ecostore prize pack for me, please!!!

  390. I would love the clorox package! Pregnancy nesting + spring cleaning is great for my house!

  391. A Clorox prize pack would be great!

  392. Ecostore, please… have been craving oranges likes crazy, and would love my whole house to smell citrus-y! Thanks!

  393. Oooh any of these would be great! I need to start cleaning. After I lose the sunburn I picked up this weekend.

  394. The Clorox prize pack would be my pick. Thanks

  395. See my thinking is that if you get the EcoStore pack then you get two, two, two gifts in one (since they have the decor cannister coupons as well.) And Mir, you are brilliant!

  396. Oooh I’d love to win the Ecostore Store pack!!! Thanks!!

  397. I’d love the Clorox please!

  398. Clorox pack please & thank you. 3 little ones = 3x’s more germs to disinfect.

  399. Hmmm…so many neat things to pick….Ecostore Pack sounds great!

  400. Ecostore, baby!

  401. If Clorox was good enough for my Mom, it’s good enough for me! PLEASE!

  402. Clorox prizepack, please!

  403. Ecostore please!

  404. Glad I am not standing in line.

    Thanks pretty Mir!

  405. Sanitize me clorox style you goddess of all stuff free or cheap!

  406. I’d love the EcoStore package 🙂

  407. Clorox please! 🙂

  408. Ecostore, please!

  409. Ecostore! Thanks!

  410. I would like the Ecostore prize. Sounds so smell-a-licious! Thanks, Mir!

  411. The clorox wipes would be great. Thanks!

  412. Clorox prize pack, for me!

  413. Ecostore prize pack please….please….Thank you!

  414. I would love the Ecostore package! Pick me!

  415. clorox prize pack, please.

  416. I’m moving into a ne house and this would be a great housewarming present Mir!

  417. ooooh…I’d love the Ecostore prize pack. I’ve never heard of them but am always on the lookout for house cleaning stuff that won’t irritate my daughter’s allergies…

  418. Ecostore Prize Pack, please

  419. Ecostore prize pack, please! Thank you!

  420. To be honest, I’ve quit reading what the actual prize is…I just want to win. It doesn’t matter what it is. All your goodies are goodies!

  421. The Ecostore prize pack, pretty please!

  422. I love aprons, so I’d like to win the Clorox prize. Thanks for hosting this contest!

  423. Clorox pack, please

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