I enjoy being a girl

By Mir
April 18, 2009
Category Contests

Actually, I don’t always enjoy being a girl, but the older I get, the closer I get to figuring it out. I figure that by the time I’m 95, I’ll totally have this being female thing nailed down. Honest!

Today’s contest offers you two chances to indulge your feminine side. (See, feminine side. Meaning guys are free to enter, too. Equal opportunity!) Our first prize is brought to you by Always and Dr. Rebecca Booth, author of The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle… at Any Age. I know—it’s, um, menstruation-themed. But the winner will receive a beautiful, reusable Envirosax tote bag packed with Dr. Booth’s book, a sample of new Always Infinity (their thinnest and lightest pad yet), total body exercise bands, Omega-3 vitamins, dark chocolate from Godiva, and gourmet cinnamon almonds. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a pretty good amount of swag just for having ovaries.

But wait, there’s more—we’ll also have a second winner, who will receive a 5-piece assortment of American Greetings greeting cards. They’re beautiful and all ready for brightening someone’s day; they’re pre-stamped and everything. Just add your message, address, and pop ’em in the mail to let folks know you’re thinking about them.

So, our first winner gets the Venus Week swag pack, and the second winner gets cards from American Greetings. Either way, it’s kind of a good day to be a girl.

Want to win? First, go read the contest rules and regulations, then come back here and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Sunday, April 19th, 2009 to be entered. The winners will be determined by random number generation and ability to balance a book on their heads. Maybe.

Ready? Go!


  1. Neat! It’s my lucky number!

  2. So we can all have a “happy period” according to markety-type people! Thanks Mir.

  3. Please enter me!

  4. Me! ME! Raising hand. I have to host old Navy buddy’s of my hubby this weekend – its only fair!

  5. I love contests!

  6. Me! Oooh, oooh, me!!

  7. Would LOVE it! Thanks! 🙂

  8. Mir, have I told you how pretty you are? Thanks for offering more prizes!

  9. I’m a girl!

  10. love these things

  11. Cool… who doesn’t love prizes!

  12. oooh!! What a cool contest!!!

  13. Lucky 13?

  14. You have the most unique contests!

  15. Yay!

  16. I’m game!

  17. Sounds like a good one!

  18. Yay for having ovaries! 🙂

  19. Woo! another contest!

  20. Sounds good.

  21. I’m in early this contest…maybe it’s my turn?!

    Thanks, Mir! 🙂

  22. Ohhhhh La La!!!

  23. The perks of being a woman! Thanks for another great contest Mir!

  24. What a fun, girl themed give away!

  25. Why not? Thanks!

  26. I like that the chocolate is added in with that package because everyone knows a woman on her period is only soothed by chocolate.

  27. Sure I’m in

  28. 23 is a beautiful prime number.

  29. Sounds yummy!

  30. Wow, you had me at Godiva!

  31. Sounds good! Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. I’ve got some of those ovaries…..

  33. When I have a brand new hair do
    And my eyelashes all in curl,
    I float like the clouds on air do.
    I enjoy being a girl…except when I have killer PMS.

  34. Awesome.

  35. I’m in! Thanks.

  36. Is it weird that I think the book sounds really interesting?

  37. Ooo, this is a good one – I’d love to win either! 🙂

  38. Don’t forget to cross your legs at the ankles, ladies! We’ll work on that after we get the book-balancing thing down. *winks*

    Thanks, Mir!

  39. Thanks, Mir!

  40. I do love being a girl. Thanks for another great give away!

  41. Yay for being a girl! Thanks Mir!

  42. Well hey count me in.

  43. Being a girl is great! Thanks for all the great giveaways!

  44. Fun! Thank you! Jessica

  45. I have to say, those Always Infinities ROCK! Well, as much as a ‘sanitary item’ can rock.

  46. Pick me please!!!

  47. I would love a chance to win, even though this week has been one of those not-so-great womanly weeks. 🙂

  48. Sometimes it’s great being a girl. 🙂

  49. Woohoo for being a girl!

  50. Good one. Thanks!

  51. i’ll have a go at this one! thanks 🙂

  52. Sometimes it pays to be a girl!

  53. cool contest. count me in.

  54. girl power

  55. It IS a good day to be a girl.

  56. Yet another thing to add to the pro-ovary list. Thanks!

  57. Cool prizes!

  58. Help this only girl in a house full of testosterone!

  59. Did someone say “dark Godiva chocolate”? Count me in! Thanks, Pretty Mir!

  60. Yes, please!

  61. Sounds good

  62. Not too shabby… sometimes it is good to be a girl. My favorite part is getting away with being moody and blaming it on hormones. 🙂

  63. Thanks Mir!!

  64. Oh I can TOTALLY balance a book on my head! And I love free feminine things…those suckers are not cheap!

  65. I often DON’T enjoy being a girl, but I DO enjoy freebies.

  66. ooh, only #65. maybe i’ll have chance this week

  67. I love being a girl and would love it even more if I won this!

  68. My ovaries are good for something!!

  69. Thank you!

  70. Chocolate is always good – even if I envy the guys when its time to dress up. I’d far rather wear a tie than hose!

  71. I’m a girl, enter me!

  72. I am glad to be a girl today 😉 enter me please!

  73. mmm, chocolate. What, was there other stuff too?

  74. Ooh! Sign me up!

  75. Chocolate for my period? Yes!

  76. Dear Mir-I could reallly use that chocolate soon. Thanx!

  77. I would love to win!

  78. Definitely sign me up!

  79. I just love all your contests.

  80. pick me 🙂

  81. You had me at chocolate!

  82. I’m a girl…I guess this qualifies me for this contest 🙂

  83. ooooh, chocolate

  84. Maybe this time…

  85. Pick me!

  86. I’d love to win please…

  87. 🙂

  88. Sign me up, please.

  89. Ooh! I like both. But that Venus Week pack sounds wonderful! After giving birth (no matter how many times) we deserve a little special treatment.

  90. I can feel like a star at the Oscars. Thanks, Mir!

  91. Hellooooooo cinnamon almonds!

  92. Hate their marketing campaign, but love the product!

  93. Mmmm, Godiva chocolates.

  94. oooh, nice bag o’ swag!

  95. I can balance a book on my head!

  96. Godiva!

  97. That sounds good! Thanks for the contest 🙂

  98. Mmmmm chocolate!

  99. I read chocolate so I will enter. 🙂

  100. Because until this very second, it has NOT been a good day to be a girl, if ya know what I mean. Thanks for the chance to turn things around!

  101. Yea, ovaries!

  102. I love contests, and I love being a girl. So, this is perfect!

  103. Me and my ovaries would be thrilled to win one of these prizes!

  104. I would love to get a gift just for menstruating!!! HUZZAH to my ovaries!!!

  105. I’m in!

  106. I am a girl, and I have 2 girls…. count me in.

  107. Yay! Thanks!

  108. I would love to win

  109. YAY for being a girl!

  110. Either is fantastic with me!!

  111. this would be a reason to look forward to starting.

  112. Please me! I have a lot of years left of being a girl, and this would rock my sockses.

  113. My husband will die if I get this package in the mail. Want to address it to him, just for fun?

  114. I’m in.

  115. Count me in.

  116. I love being a girl!

  117. I’m in it for the chocolate!

  118. you had me at chocolate . . .

  119. Pick me please!

  120. I like winning stuff.

  121. My husband says I need to be express my girly side more.

  122. Thanks, Mir!

  123. Thanks for the contest, Mir!

  124. count me in, thanks!

  125. What a nice prize package!

  126. Very cool contest, Mir!!!

  127. chocolate…I know there’s chocolate in there!

  128. meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  129. Sure! Why not?

  130. I’m still in denial about PMS.

  131. Yay, thanks!!

  132. I’m a GIRL!!!!

  133. Yay!

  134. Choose me!

  135. Thank you!

  136. Sure would be nice to win one of these for my Birthday! It is today. Thanks, Mir! You are THE BEST!!!

  137. I can totally balance a book on my head~

  138. I love your contests!

  139. Thanks!!

  140. Me please!

  141. That would make being a girl much easier at an um, certain time of the month!

  142. Awesome!

  143. Both are great! thanks!

  144. Fabulous! I’m in!

  145. Awesome!

  146. I’m in! 🙂

  147. Sounds great

  148. I’m in!

  149. This would almost make Aunt Flo’s visits tolerable. Almost… 🙂

  150. =) Sounds cool, although I’ll admit I’m mostly excited by the chocolate, but then I am almost 8 months pregnant.

  151. Count me in!

  152. Maybe I can learn to “have a happy period”. Heh.

  153. Maybe if I had some cards, I’d actually send them! Novel thought…

  154. Sounds great!

  155. My life is like a fibonacci series

  156. me please

  157. Sign me up! Thanks Mir.

  158. Wish me luck!

  159. Thanks Mir!

  160. Count me in.

  161. Count me in! Thank you!

  162. Me too, me too!

  163. woo hoo!

  164. cool give-a-ways. count me in. =)

  165. Love this giveaway! Since I am currently storing another human being in my uterus, I am all for some pro-ovary action.

  166. Sweet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  167. Entering again, renewed with hope….

  168. Fingers crossed!

  169. Woot!

  170. Pick me! 😀

  171. I hope I win! 🙂

  172. Girls rule, boys drool! 🙂 Pick me!

  173. I love being a woman! I hope I win!

  174. Sounds like a great prize!

  175. I am past that now but my three teenage daughters would enjoy it!

  176. Cool!

  177. I’m a girl. I don’t know how good I am at it, but this sure could help me figure it out!

  178. another great contest! Thanks!

  179. I’m a girl in a house over run with boys. Seven of them if you include my Husband. Pick me!

  180. Girls rule! Pick me please.

  181. Awesome prizes!

  182. yay girly stuff

  183. My ovaries and I think you have awesome giveaways! 🙂

  184. Pretty please!!!

  185. I’m in.

  186. Yay ovaries!

  187. Me, me, me! Pick me!

  188. I have bum ovaries that don’t do their job properly. Maybe this book will help them? Either way, it will make me happy to win!!

  189. Thank You!! Love it!!

  190. Ok – here’s goes. Wouldn’t it be funny if out of the huge number of times I’ve signed up for these contests, the time I win would be when it’s because of Ovaries? 🙂

    Thanks for all you do, Mir!

  191. Pick me – thank you!

  192. Why not? I love free!

  193. Oooh- tote bags and chocolate- I’m in! Thanks Mir!

  194. Any day involving the chance for free chocolate is a good day to be a girl! Thanks!

  195. Woohoo! Pick me!

  196. I would like to win, please. Thank you!

  197. This would be neat.

  198. pick me

  199. happy weekend!

  200. Cool!

  201. I just love free stuff

  202. Moi, por favor!

  203. this is my first contest to enter, hope i win 🙂

  204. I love being a girl because think of the alternative!!! :}

  205. pick me!

  206. hell yeah!

  207. I totally agree with Ellen! lol

  208. SWEET!

  209. So there IS a benefit to being a girl. Sometimes.

  210. Yeah! More free stuff!

  211. Yay ovaries!

  212. YAY!!!! that is awesome!

  213. Sounds like a wonderful treat!!

  214. Pick me!

  215. Count me in!

  216. Is today my lucky day?

  217. 🙂

  218. You had me at dark chocolate.

  219. Sure, why not? One of these days I’ll get lucky and the random number generator will pick me!

  220. Is balancing a book on one’s head an essential part of being female? If so, I’m assuredly never getting the hang of it. They didn’t discuss that bit in the ‘special class for girls’ in 5th grade.

  221. Good time of the month to win something positive about being a woman…..harrumph.

  222. Count me in!

  223. As a true girly-girl, I can’t balance a book on my head but I can amazing things with a Vogue magazine!

  224. Steady… steady… yup got the book balanced. Thanks for the contest!

  225. Thanks for another great contest!

  226. Sign me up!

  227. Pick me, pick me! Thank you!

  228. OOH! Me? Please?

  229. Yay, I’m a girl! Great contest!

  230. You had me at “Dark chocolate from Godiva…”

  231. Sweet!

  232. This is so wonderful…..

  233. Cool!

  234. I would love being a girl even MORE with that prize!

  235. I’m feeling lucky today

  236. yay for ovaries!

  237. Of COURSE I enjoy being a girl!

  238. Fun, I would love either one of those prizes!

  239. Girl power!

  240. Yay for estrogen…

  241. That chocolate sounds delish!

  242. Count me in !

  243. This is a great idea! Thanks, Mir!

  244. Sounds great. Count me in.

  245. Huh. I’m in for either of these…! 🙂

  246. Thanks! I need to look on the bright side of womanhood for once.

  247. I am starting to accept my “girl-ness” and would love that stuff. The always infinity pads a AWESOME, but super expensive, so free ones make them even better!

  248. did someone say Godiva chocolate? the rest is just a super bonus!

  249. This is my lucky number.

  250. Oh boy – chocolates AND greeting cards. Hope I don’t get any chocolate on the cards 🙂

  251. Put me in!!!

  252. Free chocolate? Sign me up!

  253. Ovaries? Check. Swag? Let’s hope so!

  254. I’m ready to win, sounds like my kind of contest! Thanks!

  255. Those both sound great!

  256. the book sounds intriguing, and the chocolate delicious!

  257. Did I hear chocolate? oh yeah and the other stuff sounds good too.

  258. Please enter me in your contest. Thank you.

  259. It’s great being a girl!!! Please pick me!!! 🙂

  260. ooo…pick me random generator!

  261. I’m up for a “happy period” LOL

  262. I’m totally intrigued, and hey- there’s chocolate!

  263. There is no one on here that needs this more than me…trust me! 😐

  264. If I win, there is stuff for me, and stuff to share. How cool is that!

  265. Thanks, Mir!

  266. Hope I win!

  267. Thanks for another fun contest! 🙂

  268. I am a new to your site and really enjoy it!! I too love being a girl that must be why I have three daughters!!

  269. Girl Power!

  270. I do enjoy being a girl and I would really enjoy this prize!

  271. Bring it on, this is awesome.

  272. Enter my name, please.

  273. I love being a girl!

  274. I am awesome at book balancing, plus I need a little feminine time!

  275. In a house full of boys, it’s nice to be a little girly every now and again…

  276. Hey thanks!

  277. thanks!

  278. I hope you don’t need two to enter cuz all I got left is one…

  279. I love the idea of pre-stamped cards. Great second place prize!

  280. I promise only to use my ovaries for good.

  281. thank you!

  282. I love being a girl too!

  283. Hmmmm, a lot of people are catching on to your weekend contests!

  284. Sounds Good to me!

  285. Count me in too! ;o)

  286. Pick me! Thanks!

  287. Oh jeeze la weeze can we take anymore weather? I don’t want to be int your contest I’m just hoping you’re ok . I hate the south

  288. Please!

  289. Thanks!!

  290. THanks

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