Summer fun, indoors and out

By Mir
June 1, 2009
Category Contests

I just fielded an intense negotiation involving grilled cheese, string beans, and which cup the milk gets poured into. Yup; it’s summertime, alright!

Still, I know that I’ve got it pretty good—my kids are more or less old enough to entertain themselves while I work or whatever. I remember the looooong summers of yore when they were still super-cute, but not so much in the self-sufficiency department. Heh.

This week I’ve got two very different possible prizes up for grabs. On the one hand, we have Animal Planet: Emergency Vets for the DS. Perfect for all DS-ready ages (rated E for Everyone) and for getting you through those long car rides or rainy days. On the other hand, I have something to make your cute little guy even cuter, though he’ll still require entertainment: A pair of size 24 months Haiden Surf Rip Tide boardies for cruising the beach!

Either way, you end up with something pretty cool, right?

To enter this contest, first go review the contest rules and regulations, and then enter by leaving a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. Eastern (8:59 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009, telling me which one you’d like to win. Winners will be determined by random number generation and ability to follow the rules. (Hint: If you don’t tell me which prize you want, you won’t win either of them.) (I don’t know how else to say this. Truly. But every time I have a contest where one of the requirements is “tell me which one you want,” someone always says, “I’d love either!” That’s nice. But pick one.)

Winners are guaranteed to feel more groovy. Or more… vet-y. Or something.

Ready? Go!


  1. DS Game, please.

  2. Emergency Vets please…

  3. The boardies! The Little Man would never want to take them off.

  4. DS Game for my animal loving 8 year old. Please?

  5. Emergency vet DS game, please!

  6. Oh the DS game would be great!

  7. My daughter would go nuts for the DS game!

  8. Boardies please!! So cute!!!

  9. The boardies – wow, those are cute!

  10. Love the boardies!

  11. Though my 5 year old is small, I think the boardies would be too small, but cute a couple of years ago! We’d love to be in the running for the Animal Planet game. Thanks, Mir!

  12. The kids would love the DS game! Thank you!

  13. Oh my son would love the DS game… he’s been bugging me for a new game…

  14. My daughter and I are emergency vet geeks. We love the TV show. She has a huge magazine about all the vets and some of the cases. You get the idea. She does not own a doll, but has about 100 animals that she plays with daily. Her nick name is animal girl (duh!). That DS game would rock her world. And hey, we have a big car trip coming up soon….

  15. DS game, please!

  16. I would love to win the Animal Planet: Emergency Vets for the DS! Oops, I mean, my son would love to win it! Thanks for the contest!

  17. Animal Planet, please.

  18. DS Game!!!!

  19. emergency Vet! Woohoo

  20. My girls would love the emergency vets!

  21. This as an easy “choose one” for me… no video game systems in our house. But my almost 2-year-old son who would look adorable in the boardies! Please?

  22. The boardies please. My son is still in the “needs entertainment” phase….or as we call it – the “Good thing he’s cute” phase.

  23. Emergency Vets game please! I loved that show when it was on. I had a thing for Dr. Fitzgerald!

  24. The DS game, pretty please!

  25. Boardies please!!!

  26. My daughter would love the DS game, please.

  27. DS game, it’s on my daughter’s wish list!

  28. Please pick me to win the DS game.

  29. DS game pretty please! Thanks, Mir.

  30. DS for the 9 yo, the next one isn’t quite here yet. Nice!

  31. I’ll go in for the DS game, please!

  32. Boardies Please!!!

  33. I would love to win the DS game! I’m on bed rest for the remaining 8-10 weeks of my pregnancy, I need all the entertainment for my kiddos that I can get!

  34. The boardies! Too. Cute.

  35. Boardies please!

  36. Cool Boardies!

  37. Emergency vet DS game please!

  38. DS game, thank you

  39. Emergency vet game, thanks

  40. Boardies would be great! Thanks!

  41. Crossing my fingers for the boardies!

  42. Emergency vet DS game, please! Another great contest, Mir!

  43. Would love to win the Emergency Vet DS game! Thanks!

  44. DS Emergency Vets please!

  45. My kids would love the DS game!

  46. My little man would totally rock those boardies! Thanks, Mir!

  47. Me please!

  48. Emergency Vets, please! I cannot listen to the Super Mario Brothers music even one more time!

  49. The DS game would make my little animal lover pretty happy!

  50. No DS game please, I want the shorts!

  51. oooh!
    My nephew and niece would love this!

  52. Sweet bordies!

  53. DS Game! WHOO HOO My daughter would LOVE it!

  54. oooh!
    My nephew and niece would love this game!

  55. I’d like the game. Good for both of the older ones!

  56. ds game, thanks!

  57. Boardies please! THANKS!

  58. My daughter would LOVE the DS game. Thanks!

  59. DS game please!

  60. Boardies, please.

  61. Whoo! Summer fun!

  62. DS for me please.


  63. My youngest son would look great in the Boardies!

  64. ohhh my little guy and the board shorts!!!! cool!

  65. I’ll go with the boardies. Thanks!

  66. Boardies please…they are super cute. Thanks

  67. oohh! My daughter would love the vet game for her DS! And being a summer baby, she’s got a birthday coming up!

  68. I don’t have a DS, but I do have friends with little boys who might fit the pants. Sign me up for those, please. 🙂

  69. My nine year old would love the DS Emergency Vet Game. She wouldn’t have to save up for it anymore 🙂

  70. Oh, my daughter would love the Emergency Vet game, she wants to be a vet when she grows up!

  71. I’d love the DS game for my niece! She would definitely enjoy playing it.

    Thanks, Mir!


  72. My daughter is an animal fanatic so Emergency Vet Game would be awesome!!! Thanks!!! 🙂

  73. We’d love the DS game!

  74. DS brain soother please.

  75. The boardies would be great–our town pool opens this weekend!

  76. The boardies, please! My little man is too small for them now, but they should be perfect next summer.

  77. Oh i pick the game!

  78. DS Game sounds fun.

  79. my daughter would love the ds game please

  80. Emergency vet DS please!!!

  81. the boardies please…. oh he’ll be too cute.

  82. Emergency Vets, please!

  83. I’d love to feel a little more vet-y. Seriously, no one can ever be vet-y enough!

  84. DS game please…I can’t take another whining minute of I HAVE NOTHING TO DO MOM!

  85. ooohhhh! boardies!

  86. DS game, please!!! 🙂

  87. Emergency vets please…

  88. Please put me in for Animal Planet DS game.

  89. The board shorts would be awesome!

  90. Those board shorts would be perfect for my son!

  91. The DS game, please.

  92. Shorts, please!

  93. My son and daughter would love to fight over the Emergency Vets game. Thanks!

  94. I would love the boardies for my youngest son! Thanks!

  95. My handsome fatman needs new shoes… er boardies!

  96. The DS game would be a hit for my son and daughter. Darn, I just bought shoes!

  97. boardies please! 🙂

  98. the boardies are just Max’s size!

  99. I loved the Emergency Vets show when we had cable (as I am a Vet Tech) so I’d pick that one!

  100. The boardies are cool! I have an 20mo and another boy due in two weeks!

  101. DS yes!!

  102. The Vets game, please.

  103. Animal Planet: Emergency Vets PLEASE!?!

  104. Oooh! The DS game! My 5 year old daughter LOVES animals and swears she wants to be a vet when she grows up. That, or own a zoo – she hasn’t decided yet ;).

  105. The boardies, please!

  106. DS game please!

  107. Animal vets, please!

  108. Animal vets sounds like fun.

  109. DS me, Mir!

  110. Animal Vets game please!!!

  111. I just happen to have a little boy who is in a 24m He’s super cute and would look totally tubular in those boardies!

  112. DS game please!!!

  113. Oh yeah, E-Vets please! I will be stuck in a rented vehicle for my summer vacation, with my family AND the in-laws. Halp

  114. DS, Animal Planet, & Emergency Vets…three of my daughter’s favorite things rolled into one!

  115. E-vets please, what a great give-away!

  116. Boardies, please!!

  117. DS game please!!!

  118. My kids would love the Emergency vets.

  119. ds game for me. but which kid gets it. that is your choice, you must tell me which one of my 3 boys gets it or they wont win it. ok, haha.

  120. My kids would love the DS game!

  121. Just bought 2 new dsi’s for kiddos b-days…too broke to buy games;) at least this way they could share!

  122. Animal Planet Emergency Vets Please

  123. Vets please!

  124. Boardies, please!

  125. I would love to win the DS game!

  126. please…ds game.

  127. Animal Planet!

  128. Love these swim trunks!

  129. Got 2 grandsons who love DS!

  130. DS game please!

  131. We would love the Animal Emergencies DS game. My daughter wants to be a vet! Thank you.

  132. Great contest! I’d love the Animal Planet: Emergency Vets DS game. Thanks, Mir!

  133. Emergency vets please!

  134. DS game please!

  135. The boardies please… adorable, and we don’t have a DS.. yet.

  136. Animal Planet DS, please.

  137. Oh, Emergency Vets is right up my little ones alley!

  138. I’d love the DS game please!

  139. The DS game! Please! Animal Planet is awesome!

  140. My daughter would love the DS game!

  141. I’d love the boardies for my nephew!

  142. I would love either

  143. DS Game is great

  144. DS game is my choice. Thanks!

  145. I would love the DS game please

  146. we’d love the ds game!!!

  147. My little guy would look so cute in the boardies!

  148. DS game, please!

  149. DS Game would be awesome!

  150. I’d love either! Har, har.

    No, really, DS Game.

  151. DS game for my son would be great for both of us!

  152. Unfortunately, I don’t have anyone that will fit in the boardies anymore, but I have several that would love the DS game!

  153. Definitely the DS game…thanks!

  154. I would love the DS game. I have three budding vets at my house!

  155. The DS game would be fabulous at our house! Thanks!

  156. boardies please!!

  157. Boardies for my toddler, please!

  158. We would love the DS game here. Sadly, we don’t have anymore toddlers. Thanks

  159. DS Game would be great for my niece or nephew!

  160. DS games would be cool….

  161. animal planeeeeeeeet!

  162. DS Please

  163. Boardies please!

  164. My daughter would love the Animal Planet – Emergency Vets for the DS. Thanks!

  165. DS game pleasE!

  166. DS for us too! Nobody is 24 months anymore (sob!)! Thanks!

  167. I’d love the DS game, please!

  168. Animal planet pretty pretty please with sugar on top.

  169. The game please.

  170. I would also like the DS game Animal Planet: Emergency Vets please

  171. DS please. Thanks!

  172. DS game, please!

  173. My grandson would look even more adorable in the boardies!

  174. the emergency vets ds game please.

  175. Em. Vets would be a big deal over here!

  176. We are going on our first ever vacation in three weeks. With an 11 1/2 hour drive, I would love love love to have the Animal Planet Emergency Vets DS game to pull out of the activity bag. A new game might take away the pain of driving for 11 1/2 hours. My son will be 8 on June 29th. This game would be great for him. Especially since when he grows up he wants to be a vet/race car driver/Elvis/firefighter/Deadliest Catch fisherman/Detective like Monk. (He better be great at multi-tasking when he is older)

    My fingers are crossed that the random number generator picks me.

  177. Emergency Vets sounds awesome! Thanks for another great contest!

  178. I’d love the DS game.

  179. My DS addict and vet-wanna-be would be so happy!

  180. Wow.. The twins would love animal planet emergency vets! Thanx pretty Mir!

  181. I would love to win the boardies for my nephew, thanks!

  182. DS game sounds cool! Sign me up, please!

  183. I don’t have a little boy in my life, but two girls who would love the DS game. Thanks for the opportunity!

  184. Emergency Vet….pretty please with a cherry on top!

  185. Boardies for my little one please, who is still in 24 month clothes for the 3rd summer in a row!

  186. DS game for me please.

  187. DS game, please. My kids would be thrilled!

  188. DS game please! Thanks pretty Mrs. Otto!

  189. The DS game, please. It will make a great gift!

  190. I would love to win the Haiden Surf Rip Tide boardies for my little niece (equal opportunity board shorts FTW!)

  191. My 7 year old probably wouldn’t be able to cram himself into a 24 month boardies, so I’d better go for the DS game. 🙂

  192. Board shorts please. I’ve got a new grandbaby comin…

  193. My daughter would go crazy over the DS game!

  194. Emergency vets – my 7-year-old girl wouldn’t have much use for the shorts, though she’d love to try!

  195. DS game!

  196. My kiddo is getting a DS for her birthday and would love the game to go with it.

  197. I’d love Animal Planet: Emergency Vets for the DS for my Christmas stash. The shorts are adorable but are much too little for my not-so-little-anymore boy.

  198. animal planet emergency vets!!

  199. Definately the DS game. We (thankfully!) do not have anyone in our household who would fit into the 24 month shorts. But we do have some DS addicts.

  200. DS please! My son is getting the DSi system for his birthday and would love the game

  201. Love, Love, Love the boardies!

  202. My grandson will turn 7 soon and he would love the game! Thank you.

  203. DS please!! Would be great!

  204. Board shorts please!

  205. DS game please!

  206. oohhh, my little guy would look great in those boardies!!

  207. Wow!! What a give away! Fingers crossed.

  208. DS Game, please!!

  209. Surf shorts, please!

  210. Fingers crossed, kids fingers crossed, dogs paws crossed, shoot I’ll find a neighbor kid and cross their fingers….go winner!!!

  211. Would love the DS game!

  212. Hey! I’ve got a brand new 24 month old kid who would look great in the board shorts! Feel free to send them my way. Thanks!

  213. My kiddo would love the DS game. Thanks, Mir!

  214. we LOVE our DS here!

  215. Emergency vet please! My DD loves it

  216. Scootin’ in almost at the last minute here…LOL.
    My kiddos would love the game. They’ll hafta spend more time at a friend’s house though cuz the friend has the DS and my kids don’t. Friend’s mom may not like you if I win. HeeHee

  217. Game please

  218. DS Game please–my kids are 6 and 8 and out grew 24 month clothes before they were 14 months. I blame my husband and his freakishly tall gene. Or the hormone-full milk we gave them. Still, they like to help animals AND play on the DS, so win-win!

  219. Gotta go with those shorts!

  220. Ooh. The game would rock. ER Vets make me cry, though. I’m a glutton…

  221. Our House of kids would love to win! My oldest has said she would like to be a vet. who knows?? haha

    thanks for all the great contests!

  222. Those boardshorts are absolutely gorgeous, and they’d probably fit my teeny 2-year-old.

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