2013 Big Prize Week Finale: $250 Amazon Gift Card

By Mir
November 29, 2013
Category Contests

This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on November 29th, 2013. Read on to find out about today’s prize and enter to win!

I really struggled with what to offer for the final prize, this year. In the past I’ve done Kindles, iPads… the idea has always been to make it some sort of luxury item you might not buy for yourself. But this year, ultimately I just felt like the most helpful thing for most folks would be a way to shop for whatever. So it may not be all shiny and sexy, but there you go—I’ll buy today’s contest winner a $250 Amazon gift card. We already know that if you can’t buy it on Amazon, it probably doesn’t exist.

Want to win it? Of course you do! First, go review the contest rules and regulations, then come on back here and leave a comment on this post today (Friday, November 29th, 2013) by 8:00 p.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 p.m. Pacific) for a chance to win. The winner will be pulled (using my fancy WordPress contest plugin winner-picked thingie) and announced tonight, because then I plan to fall into a coma for the weekend. (It’s been kind of a long week.)

Ready? Go!


  1. Heck yes!!! Thanks, Mir.

    • This would be amazing!

  2. Would be so much fun!!!

  3. Awesome prize!

  4. thanks pretty lady

  5. Good morning!! My college boys will need textbooks again in January.

  6. Amazon is my favorite!

  7. Super cool!

  8. Ooooo! So many shiny things at Amazon!

  9. Uh, this would SAVE our Christmas – we prty much told the kid not to expect any toys since this year we have less money than normal. Hopefully the pulgplugin feels pity for me 🙂

  10. Fingers crossed!

  11. AWEsome prize, thank you!

  12. Fabulous finale!

  13. Hi Mir! Happy day after Thanksgiving!

  14. This would be awesome!

  15. Perfect way to top of all that turkey and switch to shopping mode!

  16. Wow!! Amazing gift! Thanks Mir!

  17. This would be “Christmas for Mommy”. That would be fun!

  18. Amazon is awesome!!! Best gift ever 🙂

  19. Wow! Great prize. Thanks Mir!

  20. Amazon, yay!

  21. That would be very helpful! 🙂

  22. We could really use that this year!

  23. Wow, that’s fabulous!

  24. Wowzers!! Very exciting prize! 🙂

  25. Between Amazon & Peapod, I almost never go shopping. This would be awesome!

  26. That’s a really great and generous gift.

  27. This would rock. 🙂

  28. Love this!

  29. Love picking my own. 🙂 thanks!

  30. Thank you for the chance!

  31. Pick me Pretty Mir!

  32. Wow, what a prize!

  33. Wow! Thanks! And I hope you get a nice chance to rest up this weekend.

  34. Awesome giveaway!

  35. This would also be extremely helpful here. The economic recovery hasn’t quite hit my house yet!

  36. Pick me 🙂

  37. This would be great!

  38. This would be so amazing!

  39. So great!

  40. Would love this, thanks!

  41. Perfect! Thank you!

  42. You’re awesome! And pretty! 🙂

  43. You are especially pretty this morning Mir. Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

  44. This would be awesome! Thanks!

  45. This would make our holiday!!

  46. I hope the winner picked thingie, picks me!

  47. Woah, thanks, Mir!

  48. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  49. This would be so helpful this season. Oldest has his birthday two days after Christmas.

  50. Yay for amazon they have everything! Thank you!

  51. Would be so cool. Thank you!

  52. Yes, this is the one to win. Woo-hoo!

  53. Thank you for the giveaway, and for all your hard work at saving us money. 🙂

  54. Fantastic prize!

  55. Thanks for doing such a great week of giveaways! This would be so helpful for Christmas!

  56. Awesome! You are so pretty, Mir! (And smart!!)

  57. OMG! Amazing prize!!

  58. You are so lovely and kind!

  59. The BEST prize! Thanks, Mir!

  60. Great prize, consistently great advice on all the best bargains. Thank you!

  61. You are THE BEST =)!

  62. Happy Holidays!

  63. Awesome

  64. That’d be awesome!

  65. Mir, you are so pretty. Thank you for all of your help finding great deals this year and always.

  66. Who doesn’t love to shop!?

  67. Wow! That would be amazing!

  68. Yes yes yes!! Thank you!

  69. Huzzah for gift cards!

  70. Happy Black Friday!

  71. That is a very generous gift!

  72. Awesome! Thank you!

  73. My favorite store too!

  74. Wow! Great gift.

  75. Good choice! Thanks Mir!!

  76. This would be fabulous!!

  77. Wow, yes please!

  78. Why thank you. . . and a merry christmas to your family. MKW

  79. Would love it!!

  80. WordPress plugin Gods pick me!

  81. This would be a blessing

  82. Such a great idea, gift cards are truly universal

  83. That would be amazing!!! I love Amazon… my kids were even playing ‘delivery box guy’ the other day… I think we might get too many deliveries.

  84. Wow!!! Nice prize!!!!!!

  85. Would love to win!

  86. This would be awesome!

  87. Sounds like a great prize to me!

  88. I would love to win this. A year ago, I lost my job as a reporter and decided to launch my own business as a freelance writer. It’s been quite a transition going from a regular weekly paycheck to my income being solely based upon my ability to land jobs.

  89. I could definitely use this!!

  90. Since Amazon is my chief source of Christmas shopping, I’d LURVE a gift card.

  91. Ooooh, that would be so nice! Thank you for offering it to us. 🙂

  92. Fantastic! What a wonderful idea! Thank you. 🙂 Fingers crossed.

  93. Yay! Another chance at that vacuum cleaner! Thanks!

  94. Great way to end the week!

  95. Yes! This is the coolest prize ever:)

  96. Oh yeah! This would be MOST helpful!

  97. You are so pretty Mir thank you!

  98. awesome. …love it

  99. Amazon gift card? Yes, please!

  100. Happy Black Friday Mir!

  101. Sweet prize!

  102. looks pretty shiny and sexy to me! (and your hair looks very pretty this morning)

  103. Pretty pretty please!

  104. Wow! Amazing prize!

  105. Amazon is my favorite!

  106. Great gift! Thanks!

  107. That would be perfect for Cyber Monday!!

  108. Oh wow!!

  109. Thanks, would love to win!!

  110. You are so generous. Thanks for all you do!

  111. I hope I win!!

  112. Wow! Thank you

  113. Thank you so much for helping us save money all year long!

  114. Happy Thanksgiving!

  115. Great prize, Mir! Fingers crossed.

  116. Oh wow!

  117. This would be such a help. Hope you had a happy holiday!

  118. randomizer pick me pick me!

  119. What a great finale!

  120. Thanks for all the work you do!

  121. I’d love to win!

  122. What a wonderfully generous prize, Mir! Good luck to all!

  123. This would be an awesome prize!!!

  124. SOO could use it! GOOD LUCK FOLKS!!!

  125. Thank you Mir! This is an awesome prize!

  126. Excellent giveaway!

  127. Wow! Thx for the chance!

  128. Pick me! Pick me!

  129. WOWZER!!!

  130. So generous!

  131. Wow! Great prize. Thanks for the chance!

  132. oh wow, please please please random thing pick me!!!!! Thanks again for the chance, Mir!!!

  133. I’d love this!

  134. Wow you are really pretty today. I would love it if I won!

  135. Please please pick me!!

  136. Wow, what an awesome prize!! 🙂 Thanks Mir.

  137. Thanks for the week’s worth of prizes!

  138. woo hoo

  139. That is an awesome prize, Ms. Mir! So pretty, just like you. 🙂
    Happy Black Friday! I hope there’s a cup of hot tea (with a little somethin’ extra, if that’s your thing) and a warm blanket waiting for you tomorrow.

  140. This would certainly help with Christmas shopping!

  141. I order (almost) everything from Amazon!!

  142. Sweeeet! 🙂

  143. Amazing! Great prize 😉

  144. It’s a great prize, and shiny in its own right!

  145. This would be AWESOME!

  146. Woot! Thanks Mir. I’d use it for purely selfish purposes, if I win. I mean, humanitarian. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  147. Pick me, pretty please!

  148. Wahoo! Best one of all.

  149. This would be so great!

  150. I could spend that in a heartbeat! Thank you for the chance!

  151. I’m in! Thank you Mir!

  152. Mir, I love you!

  153. Oooh, I love Amazon, especially at Christmas time!

  154. This would cover the rest of my Christmas shopping!

  155. heck yes!

  156. Ooooh yes please 🙂

  157. Yay for amazon gift cards!!

  158. Oh, please,please, please, random number selector thingy!

  159. I would love to win this! Thanks, Mir!

  160. This would help so much!

  161. Great prize!

  162. Love this!!

  163. Great idea! Thanks !

  164. I never win these things, but this is certainly a prize worth trying for!

  165. I hope I win!!

  166. Yes please!! This would make the holidays so much less stressful!!

  167. Woo hoo–thanks!

  168. Hope your Thanksgiving was glorious, Mir!

  169. Nice! I could finally hit “proceed to checkout” for all the stuff that’s already in my Amazon cart. 😉

    Happy day-after-Thanksgiving, Mir!

  170. Amazon!!!! Love it- Santa will love it too!!! :):):)

  171. SHAZAM!! for an Amazon gift card!

  172. Why, good morning! Yes, this would be fabulous!

  173. Woot! Awesome prize!

  174. I want one! I know exactly what I would buy!

  175. This would make shopping so much fun.

  176. Mir, that is a generous prize. May be I will win this time around 🙂

  177. Would love to win!

  178. Thanks! Love your blogs!

  179. Yes, please. Thanks!!

  180. Would love this. Thank you for all the great deals

  181. Me please! Thank you for your hard work this week!

  182. Wow!

  183. I would love to win a gift card! We use Amazon for practically everything! 😀

  184. Wow! and I raise you a wow!

  185. Thank you for the wonderful gifts this week. Merry Christmas!

  186. Sounds sexy and shiny to me!

  187. Please and thank you.

  188. This would be great! Getting divorced and my budget for Christmas is very small. Thanks Mir!

  189. Woo! Great prize idea – thanks, Mir!

  190. Yes! It’d cover all my Christmas shopping and then some.. 🙂

  191. Wow! What a great prize!

  192. Good one. Wish me luck.

  193. This prize makes my heart flutter in a most pleasing way! What a great way to end your week of give-aways!

  194. I like those one size fits all sort of things. (can you tell I’ve been shopping for a teen?)

  195. Love the holidays, your websites, and this contest!

  196. Oh I want this!

  197. This would be FABULOUS!

  198. You rock!!!

  199. Yes, thank you! This would be awesome:)

  200. Another awesome giveaway:)

  201. Well, okay, if the plugin chooses me, I will graciously accept.

  202. I’m in! Who couldn’t use that?

  203. Oh my, yes please!!!!

  204. <3 you and we appreciate your hard work. lol

  205. Amazon is great! Yes, please!

  206. Wow, how generous! Thank you for the opportunity.

  207. This would definitely help whoever wins this!! Great prize, Mir!

  208. What a finale for prize week!

  209. Wow! Yes, please!

  210. A gift from the Amazon! Yes, please.

  211. I’m finding this pretty shiniest and sexiest myself. Thank you!

  212. This is awesome! I’d love another reason to feed my amazon addiction.

  213. What a great idea! Love it!

  214. What an awesome prize! Thanks for all your hard work Mir!!

  215. Mir, you’re the prettiest! I would love to win this…

  216. Nice, thanks for the chance!

  217. I’d like to say that I’d do Christmas shopping with this, but I’d probably save it and spend it on myself.

  218. Woohoo! I could really use this!

  219. Yes please!

  220. That would make for a very happy Christmas!

  221. Would love this!

  222. Thanks for all you provide and offer on this website. I check it daily!

  223. Would love this to help with my holiday shopping!

  224. Winner!

  225. This would be awesome! Thanks Mir!

  226. Yesssssssss!

  227. thanks, mir! 😀

  228. sparkly hearts!

  229. Oh the Christmas gifts I could buy!!

  230. You’re awesome! Thanks 🙂

  231. Plus I get 5% cash back at amazon so this would be a double prize!

  232. Want Not! Why Not!

  233. Pretty, pretty, Mir, you’d be the prettiest of all if we won this ♥

  234. Here’s hoping!

  235. You are awesome!! And quite generous too…it has been fun watching the prizes pop up on the site this week 🙂

  236. Fingers crossed! Thanks for your generosity!

  237. ooh ooh! over here!

  238. Pick me! Pick me!

  239. What a wonderful gift! Thank you for all you do throughout the year.

  240. Happy grazing day!! Awesome prize.

  241. Awesome!

  242. Me me!! Would love to win!!

  243. Pick me!

  244. What a great prize Mir – thanks for the chance!

  245. I humbly submit my entry to the RNG du jour…

  246. Awesome giveaway, I could get all my Christmas shopping done with this!!

  247. Love it!! You rock!

  248. That would come in handy!

  249. This would be a real blessing this Christmas.

  250. I’d probably be ashamed at how fast I could spend this gift card.

  251. My favorite place to shop! Thank you for the opportunity!

  252. What a way to end the week!

  253. Loving wantnot and Amazon!

  254. Oh please, pretty please! Thanks so much!!!!

  255. *drooool*

  256. That would be a wonderful Christmas present!

  257. Amazon!

  258. You’ve been hard at work today, woman — I hereby decree that you get to take a break and have a mid-morning slice of pie. xo

  259. Great prize!

  260. Pick me please!

  261. Come on Santa! I’ll buy something pretty for Mir too, promise!

  262. Love Amazon Prime. Saves me a ton of shipping costs to the grands.

  263. Mir, you are a kind and beautiful woman, and I don’t just say that hoping you might just cheat and let me win.

  264. Oh, what a great final prize! Pick me, random number gods!

  265. Amazon IS pretty much the best thing ever.

  266. OMG I so need this! Fingers and toes crossed!

  267. $250! That would be awesome!

  268. Yes please!

  269. I love you best, Mir, way more than all these other people do. Just keep that in mind.

  270. I love Amazon!

  271. Oh my what a wonderful gift it would be!

  272. If I win, I promise to buy chocolate. That I will share. (ps, I know I’m really your favorite). 😉

  273. This is a fabulous idea, Mir!

  274. Wow! What an awesome giveaway! Please pick me.

  275. what a great prize

  276. This would be so great!

  277. Love me some Amazon!!

  278. this is an awesome giveaway!

  279. Thanks so much for offering this awesome prize!!

  280. Thanks, Mir. Your hair looks especially pretty today.

  281. This is the shiniest prize ever!!

  282. “I plan to fall into a coma the rest of the weekend” – I was there last night!! and this is a fabulous prize and one I’d be really psyched to win – it would mean we could give more this year when we do toys for tots!!

  283. What a lovely prize! Happy Thanksgiving!

  284. What a great giveaway!

  285. Amazing!!!

  286. Wow….this would make our house a very merry xmas indeed! My UPS guy would dislike me for a bit but it;s a chance I am willing to take. What a fun week this has been. Thanks so much Mir.

  287. I would love an Amazon gift card. It is my favorite place to shop.

  288. Nice one!

  289. Whoo! Yes!

  290. Perfect!

  291. Oooh! Nice prize!

  292. Love amazon!

  293. Wow! Thanks for offering such a great prize, Mir!

  294. I love Amazon and I heart Mir!!

  295. This would be awesome!

  296. Oh, gosh, please me!! We are so cash-strapped this year that I’m digging through the house to see what I have on hand instead of buying anything at all these days. And my kids keep outgrowing their shoes!

  297. Thank you, how awesome !

  298. Fabulous prize finale…thanks, Mir!

  299. Been checking here to get affiliate links to “pay back” for all the times I’ve saved because of your recs. Be great to win, too!

  300. Happy Thanksgiving!! I would LOVE that gift card!!

  301. You’re the best!

  302. You are VERY pretty.

  303. Ooh thank you! I could really use this.

  304. Well that would be fantastic! They know me well at Amazon.

  305. This is the best. You rock!

  306. I guess it is worth a shot!

  307. Pick me, Pick me!!!

  308. Best prize yet! You’re awesome Mir!

  309. Yes please!!!

  310. Great prize!!!

  311. Thanks!

  312. Wow, how awesome!

  313. I do almost all of my Christmas shopping at Amazon. This would be…Amazing. Ba dum bum.

    I need caffeine.

  314. Thanks for the chance!

  315. Yay!

  316. I could do almost all my shopping with this!

  317. come on, fancy WordPress contest plugin winner-picked thingie! Pick me!

  318. Great, thanks,

  319. That would be awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.

  320. I buy everything on amazon.

  321. You have no idea how much help this would be. Oh, wait. Yes, you, of all people probably know exactly how much help this would be. Take care, and thanks for this opportunity.

  322. This would save this Christmas for sure!

  323. I could use that card so quickly it would be amazing.

  324. Yes, please!

    Good luck everyone!

  325. This would really help with Christmas shopping! Thanks!

  326. Mir, you’re great. Thanks for all you do!

  327. What a great prize!

  328. This would be so great! 🙂

  329. I do love Amazon.

  330. That would be fantastic! You’re so smart (and pretty, of course)!

  331. I would love to win this!!!

  332. What an awesome prize!

  333. Awesome gift! Amazon is the best!

  334. Oh my head is spinning with possibilities! I could buy myself something pretty! Or perhaps choose the more sensible option, and finally finish my Christmas shopping!

  335. Would love one!

  336. Love, love, love Amazon!

  337. This is AMAZING, Mir! What a great gift and from your own pocket. You are super, duper pretty!

  338. Wow! What a grand finale!

  339. As tempting as it may be to burn off my left breast to better my Amazonian archery skills, I will settle for an Amazon gift card in its stead. If your random-winner-picker-thing picks me. Did I mention how pretty you look today, random-winner-picker-thing? (And Mir?)

  340. Thank you!!!

  341. SWEET!!!!

  342. Weekend coma ftw. For sure. Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, Mir. Thanks for always helping us find deals (even if I didn’t know I needed them in t he first place. 😉

  343. Just in time for Christmas shopping!

  344. What a great prize!! Happy Black Friday! Thanks for all your hard work!

  345. Oh wow. This would come in so handy! And I love Amazon.

  346. Pick me pretty please!

  347. Would be a great bonus to helping get some of the things we’d like to have!

  348. Yes please!

  349. Thanks!

  350. Wow, what a sweet idea! Thanks Mir!

  351. Thanks for the chance!

  352. Oh I hope I win!

  353. Perfect idea! Who wouldn’t love this?! Please pick me random number generator!!!

  354. Amazon has it all!

  355. oh oh! Pick me, pick me! 🙂

  356. wow, what an amazing give away!

  357. Thanks for all you do! That would be an awesome thing this holiday season!

  358. You are amazing. 🙂 Thank you

  359. Oh wow! Between Xmas and our first baby due jam 10…we can put this to good use! Thank you so much, Mir!!!

  360. I would love this prize, and I love your blog. Thanks so much!!!

  361. Yes, yes, yes please!

  362. I’m hoping the reason the random number generator didn’t choose me to win the vacuum cleaner was so I could win this instead. 🙂 (crossing fingers, arms, toes, legs and eyes)

  363. This would be awesome!

  364. Fingers crossed.

  365. Awesome prize! Thanks for offering.

  366. Thanks a lot , this one is a great giveaway!

  367. yay Amazon! thanks for the chance to win it

  368. Shiny!

  369. Thanks for offering all these fun prizes this week, Mir! I may not win, but it is fun trying.

  370. This would be great!! Thanks for contest.

  371. This site always saves me so much money. That you’re doing give aways too is just the icing on the cake. <3

  372. Um, yes please! Amazon completes me.

  373. oh my goodness! yes please!

  374. Happy Holidays! Thanks for all you do all year to save us money!

  375. May you be blessed by the love that surrounds you, thanks for the fun!

  376. always look here for deals first!

  377. Oooohhhhhh pretty pretty amazon

  378. Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays! Happy Shopping!

    Thanks Mir . . .

  379. That’s so shiny!

  380. Gosh you’re looking pretty today, Mir.

  381. Thank you Mir! Thank you for all the Black Friday deals

  382. Well, I already have the Prime acct…so this could come in handy.

  383. it fits perfectly thank you and you’re looking very pretty today Mir!

  384. This would make our Christmas. Thank you pretty Mir!

  385. Would love this!

  386. Generous of you, Mir. Mazeltov!

  387. Heck yes. What scrooge would say no to a free gift card.
    Very nice of you. 🙂

  388. That’s a fantabulous prize! Thanks for all you do.

  389. Thanks for sharing the holiday spirit, Mir! Best to you and yours!

  390. I could use this!

  391. Amazon is my go to shopping mall. Love it! Have I mentioned how pretty you look?

  392. Count me in!

  393. This would bring my dream gift into reach!

  394. This would be an amazing win. Thanks for such a great prize, Mir!

  395. Count me in!

  396. Oh, yeah. Pick me, please.

  397. Holy cow, this is so incredibly generous of you, Mir. Oh, the fun I could have!

  398. Wow! Smart AND generous. . .thanks, Mir. This one has my name on it. 😉

  399. You’re so lovely Mir! Pick me!

  400. Love Amazon!

  401. What an awesome giveaway!!! (and have I mentioned how pretty you are??) 🙂

  402. Awesome prize! Amazon rules, and so does wantnot.net for saving us money all year long!

  403. Wow!

  404. Perfect for this time of year!

  405. Today, I am thankful for Mir and her fabulous WantNot page. Thanks for offering such great deals and contests! 🙂

  406. You’re pretty 🙂

  407. Awesome!

  408. Happy Black Friday to pretty pretty Mir and all her pretty readers!

  409. Sorry about your long week.
    ENJOY your weekend!!

  410. what a great prize! I could really use it this year

  411. Oh my sweet fancy Moses! This would be an AWESOME prize to win!!

  412. I love your blog!

  413. Today’s my birthday…would love to win!

  414. ME!

  415. Awesome prize. I’m sure I would spend it on books and Legos. Mmm… books and legos….

  416. Now that’s a prize I could really use!

  417. Thank you for such a great practical giveaway gift!

  418. Happy Holidays!

  419. Yes, please!!

  420. Count me in!!!

  421. Mir, have I told you how pretty you are lately? 😉

  422. Happy would be an understatement if I was the lucky one!

  423. Great! Love ya!

  424. My name is Katie and I am an Amazon-aholic. Please be an enabler.

  425. Sounds great to me!

  426. Talk about handy! This would be great 🙂

  427. This will be a huge help for whoever wins it, you are SO pretty and wonderful!

  428. Wow! That would be great to win!

  429. Good Luck! Sure could use!

  430. Yeah, baby! Love me some Amazon! Thanks, Mir and Happy holidays to you and yours!

  431. Mir! Love you long time!

  432. time to put my jingle on

  433. Oh, the things I could do with this!

  434. This would be wonderful! Thanks Mir!

  435. What an awesome giveaway! Hope I win!

  436. Thanks for all of your hard work and overall awesomeness!

  437. Wow, what a generous giveaway Mir!

  438. Can’t not comment on this one! 🙂

  439. This would be amazing!!! 🙂

  440. Best gift ever for this single mama.

    Thanks, Mir, for this and all you do, year-round.

  441. Seriously, who could not love this gift? Thanks for doing these giveaways. I hope you have a relaxing weekend. 🙂

  442. That would be awesome!

  443. How exciting! Ihope you and yours have a fantastic holiday season:)

  444. Who doesn’t shop at Amazon? Seller of everything. This would be wonderful.

  445. This would be so great to win!

  446. Winning this would be a Christmas miracle. Thank you, Mir!

  447. What a great prize!!!

  448. Would love to win this, thank you!

  449. Yes, please!!

  450. What a great giveaway!

  451. Ooh ooh ooh pick me pick me! Seriously though, thanks for the chance.

  452. Yes! We could really use this!

  453. ooh, pick me! pick me! Your hair is so pretty…. no, wait! You new dog is so cute!

  454. Awesome! Thanks for the contest!

  455. Wow! What a prize!!!

  456. Thanks for all of the deals you share!

  457. this would be fantastic!!!

  458. WOW! This would be very helpful.

  459. This would be perfect!

  460. Thank you!

  461. Great prize, Mir. Thanks for running the contests that you do!

  462. Seeeeexy!

  463. Wow!! This would be great!!

  464. I would love to win this. You are so pretty!

  465. I got dumped today so maybe I’m due something good. 🙂

  466. What a way to end the week 🙂 An Amazon gift card would be the highlight of this christmas season!!! Enjoy the break this weekend!!!

  467. I could have a lot of fun with this! Thanks, Mir 🙂

  468. Hello Christmas shopping! Thanks for hosting Mir!

  469. That is a deal I can get behind! I love it.Great web site!

  470. This would make my Christmas merry and bright!

  471. WOW! Thanks for the chance.

  472. Fingers crossed!!

  473. Of course it would be awesome to win!

  474. Wow, this is a great one, thanks for the chance to win!

  475. I heart Amazon, I dearly do.

  476. Wow, thanks for the giveaway! $250 would buy a lot of organic and dye-free foods. Plus a DVD or two. 🙂

  477. This I could really use!
    Then I would even pay full price for those Magna-Tiles I have been eyeing for the past week.

    Well…. I would probably search for a sale anyway…. Ha!

    Thanks Mir!

  478. I heart Amazon!(and you in a non Stalkerish sorted way) so win win. 🙂 thanks for the opportunity!

  479. Such an awesome prize!

  480. this would be amazing

  481. You do so much for us all– including this! Thanks for all you’ve saved me over the years!

  482. This would be awesome! There are a couple of things that we’ve wanted to splurge on, but just haven’t been able to bring ourselves to do it (and one is an awesome book for my hubby). Thanks, Mir, for a week of great savings and great deals! 🙂

  483. Oh! That is a wonderful prize. And I am a terrible person because my first thought was, “how many books could I buy with that?”, when it should have been, “I could buy a lot of Christmas presents with that.”

  484. Oh heavens pretty lady! Would I ever love to win this!

  485. This would make Christmas so much more affordable. Thanks for finding us so many fabulous deals!

  486. pretty please!

  487. This would be a merry addition to Christmas!

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  519. Happy leftover turkey day!

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    Thank you

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    Thanks, Mir for this opportunity.

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  608. well, within two hours of “triming” the tree….it came crashing down. Ornaments smashed upon the tile, a tidal wave of water rushed through the family room, and my two kids are still sitting before the mess crying. The tree is upright for now, the fan is on to dry the floors….and I headed to the computer to find inspiration. $250 on Amazon sounds very inspiring!

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  631. I’ve never heard of Amazon but it sounds like a delightful store.

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