2014 Big Prize Week Day 4: Kitchen Curry Master

By Mir
November 27, 2014
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This contest post will stay at the top of the page from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, November 27th, 2014. Read on to find out about today’s prize and enter to win!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I’d love to tell you that today I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but that’s been most of the last week. Today I just have to make bread and supervise crock pots, because my husband handles the turkey and I already cooked a million things. Today I’ll be doing more important things, like watching football and telling my children to stop bickering. Oh, and eating. I do love food.

kitchen-curry-masterIn the spirit of loving food, I tearfully (because I really, really, selfishly wanted to keep it) offer up today’s prize: It’s the Kitchen Curry Master, the fun, authentic way to DIY your favorite Indian cuisine. It includes a cookbook of 25 favorite recipes, authentic spice box with individual spice pots, and over two pounds of the spices you’ll need to create delicious dishes at home.

If you love to cook, this is the prize for you.

Want to win it? Of course you do! Go read the contest rules and regulations and then come on back here and leave a comment on this post today (Thursday, November 27th, 2014) by 8:00 p.m. Eastern (that’s 5:00 p.m. Pacific) to be entered for a chance to win. I’ll select and post the winner tonight, so that we can all be ready for tomorrow’s shopping and Big Grand Prize.

Ready? Go!


  1. Indian food! My husband LOVES Indian food! What fun!

  2. LOVE curry! Happy thanksgiving!

  3. interesting

  4. Awesome prize! #MirRocks

  5. This is cool! I love southeast Asian food. Yummmm.

  6. Yum! Happy Thanksgiving Mir!

  7. Sweet! This is awesome!

  8. YUmm!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Mir & family! I have to say – as an “older” reader, this is the first prize of the week that I even understand. Sigh

  10. How perfect is this? We LOVE Indian food, and I’m always ready for new recipes. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Mir!

  11. yum, yum! We need this! We love Indian food, but I have no idea how to cook it. And we have a new kitchen to try it out!

  12. I lived in India for a year as a child, and do have a few recipes I can make successfully at home, but would love to expand my repertoire.

  13. Happy thanksgiving! I love curry!

  14. Love this!

  15. Sounds very nice. We love Indian food, but sadly have no Indian restaurants nearby, so this would be great!

  16. I could eat curry every day! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. My mother would love this. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  18. Ooh. Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Yum! You are so pretty, Mir!

  20. This looks awesome. Thanks Mir!

  21. What a great prize! Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. Happy Thanksgiving!

  24. Would love to have that spice box!

  25. Turkey curry anyone?

  26. Sounds great!

  27. Sounds like an awesome prize.

  28. Happy Thanksgiving! What an awesome prize!!

  29. LOVE this!! My mom put a homemade version of this (large tin & all!) together for me years ago, but I have no idea where I put all those little bowls!! You can very likely find one of these spice kits in many Indian kitchens!

  30. Awesome!

  31. Oh awesome! A super cool prize!!!

  32. We moved to the middle of nowhere and I so miss Indian food!

  33. Thanks!

  34. Yummy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  35. This sounds great!

  36. Happy Thanksgiving!

  37. Absolutely awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!


  39. My son and daughter would have to arm wrestle for this one. Both are big Indian food fans.

  40. Sounds delicious!

  41. yum, curry!

  42. Love trying new things in the kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving to Mir and her family and all her very pretty followers!

  43. This sounds so fun!

  44. I am grateful for Want Not. And I would love to win this fabulous prize.

  45. Curry for Thanksgiving! Happy Tofurkey day!

  46. Thanks Mir!

  47. How fun!! I’ve never tried or made Indian food but this looks like a great way to do both. Thanks for the chance!

  48. Happy Thanksgiving!

  49. I’d love to be able to cook Indian food for my family. Thanks for the opportunity, Mir!

  50. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for giveaways!

  51. I have been thinking I need to explore cooking Indian food at home more. This looks fantastic! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Mir!

  52. We just had Indian takeout food last night. I sure would love to learn how to cook it on my own! Thank you, Mir. Happy T-day!

  53. Love any kitchen toy! Thanks for the opportunity! Happy thanksgiving!

  54. Curry!

  55. This would be great

  56. Why, yes, I would enjoy this. Happy Thanksgiving!

  57. I need something hot and spicy in my life!

  58. I would have a very happy husband if I win this. He loves Indian food.

  59. Mmmmmm curry

  60. Yummy.

    • Wow! Easy-to-make curry? What a wonderful cuisine and opportunity! I want!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

  61. Yummy! My husband is more adventurous in the kitchen. I’d love to give it to him!
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Fingers crossed.

  62. Happy Thanksgiving!

  63. DROOL! 🙂

  64. Would love to win this!

  65. What a great prize! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  66. Would love to win this!

  67. This looks great!

  68. So, my daughter will be moving off campus into her first rental, and she really loves Indian cuisine. Wouldn’t this be perfecy for a poor, starving, college student??

    Oh, and Mir, you’re looking mighty spiffy today ♡

  69. Omg we love Indian!!

  70. This looks awesome. Would love to try!

  71. Yum, thanks!

  72. Would love this for my Turkey Curry Buffet!

  73. Ooh, my hubby would love this!

  74. Yes please!

  75. This is awesome & I would love to win it. We like trying new foods esp spicy ones.

  76. Would love to try this!!

  77. Would love this !!

  78. Yumm, Happy Thanksgiving!

  79. This would greatly help reduce my Indian food take-out!! 😉 Such a cool prize.

  80. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thank you!!!

  81. Yum – would love this! Thanks!!

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