Biting the bullet

By Mir
June 8, 2006
Category Big Picture

Sometimes you have to spend some money (or do something that results in spending money) even though every fiber of your being shrieks, “NOOOOOO!”

It happens. When faced with such a situation, take a tip from a large shoe manufacturer and Just Do It. Agonizing over it helps nothing.

Like, say, when you come downstairs one morning in June and discover that it’s only 58 degrees in your kitchen. Yes, you must turn the heat back on if you don’t want your children to call Child Protective Services. No, you shouldn’t have to turn the heat on in the second week of June. Yes, it sucks. No, whining about it will not help. Yes, oil is expensive. No, it’s not optional if you’ve lost all feeling in the tip of your nose.

Just sayin’.


  1. I hear you. Where is summer?

  2. Here in OH we’ve been having a little heat wave. I try to leave the air conditioning off as long as I can, because I know once I start using it and feel the sweet sweet coolness, I’m hooked for the rest of the summer. But when it’s 85 in my house, I just can’t take it anymore!

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