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By Mir
July 3, 2006
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(Just a side note: Posting will be light for a few days due to the holiday. It’s awfully hard to type while eating watermelon. The keyboard gets all sticky.)

For my American friends: I hope that you’re enjoying an extended holiday weekend, full of many charred foodstuffs and good company. Please drink responsibly and don’t set anything on fire not designated for being torched, etc.

Don’t forget that 4th of July clearance will be starting today, in many cases, but certainly by Wednesday for all retailers. If there’s anything you think you might need for next year, stock up. If you have some time to kill, go browse around, particularly at places like Target. They will often have items tagged as part of their holiday collection that aren’t very holiday-ish, and you may be able to pick up something you needed (or—say it with me—something for the gift closet) at a great price.

But you’re less likely to take advantage of this whole thing if you’re hungover or fingerless, so pay attention to that whole responsibility thing, mmkay?

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  1. Also, if you find anything that is in red or white stock up for Christmas and Valentines Day…

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