Oh, obviously. . . .

By Mir
July 6, 2006

Thanks to Brenda for forwarding me the Daily Candy Weekend Edition. It features Tramp Lamps as a recommended buy, summing it up this way:

What: Teddies, bustiers, and corsets make for hilarious light fixtures.
Why: The lady is a tramp.

Oh, well then….

I’ll confess a certain ashamed fondness for Greta, but $145 for light-up lingerie? Um, no.


  1. See, for a $10 lamp kit from Home Depot, the never-used lingerie sitting in my dresser, and a hot glue gun, I bet I could do this for less than $145.

    Is it possible that I watch too much Trading Spaces?

  2. I’m with the Irony Queen. Duh, why didn’t I think of that? hehe

  3. At Joanns they have bustier nightlights and maybe regular lights too. I think the nightlights are $10, which isn’t that great, but Joann’s often has 40 or 50 percent off coupons which makes it a good deal.

  4. I’m down for being crafty, but what type of material do you stuff the boobs with? I’d be worried they’d melt and go flat… like mine do in the summer :: sigh ::

  5. I want to know WHO decorates with such light fixtures? WHO?

    Because, seriously? THAT WILL NEVER MAKE IT IN ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST, unless they’re highlighting (ha! get it? highlighting?) worst designs of the decade, or featuring the interior of one of Cora Pearl’s homes.

  6. That is worse than the leg lamp from “A Christmas Story.”

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