Oh, no. Just NO.

By Mir
July 10, 2006

Three words that should never, ever be strung together. EVER:

Disposable, Fashionable Swimwear.

From the site:

You have to tie it onto your body. If you are (for example) a size 4, you have to tie it tighter than if you are a size 10. Lighter colors may be more revealing than the Black, depending upon your body tone. This is a suit made from an unfinished, miracle fiber stretch fabric which has been laser cut. It has not been hand stitched. These are unlined, disposable suits and the lavender, pool and mango colors might be not suit those who are more modest, have poor body tone or excessive body hair; if any of these is an issue, please choose the Black color.

I developed a nervous tic, reading that. Lord have mercy.


  1. What? WHY? And does it dissolve in the water? Because: ewwww.

  2. But why would you…? Good lord!

  3. omg, i’m gonna cry. who passes on bathing suits to their grandchildren anyway? it’s kind of like underwear…i won’t even wear a friend’s suit…

  4. I would imagine that once it hits the water it would dissolve into a mass of loose threads. Add a little bait and you could swim, catch supper, and toss it all away when you’re done. What a multitasker.
    Putting aside the fugly factor, spandex isn’t biodegradable.

  5. Oh Lordy. Where do you find this stuff, Mir?

  6. Horrid idea. But at least they look a little more stylish than these.

  7. Sounds great!


  8. LOL- I have to laugh, I own one of the above (wholesome-wear) and I love it- Sure I look like a dork in a lot of peoples’ eyes. It’s to be expected, I’m not in the common American pop-culture whatsoever, they think most things I do are weird. But I get people asking where I got it, and from my perspective, it beats the old days of wearing denim skirts & dark t-shirts to swim in by a LONG shot. I LOVE WholesomeWear.

  9. So, sad it may be, but I looked at the suit and thought “Cute!” which only serves to show how marketing can reallllly fool ya.

  10. Lord I hope it doesn’t dissolve in water! Where do you find these things??

  11. damn, guess me and my excessive body hair will have to shop elsewhere

  12. Seriously. What can you say to that except HUH?!!?!? Excessive body hair–poor skin tone—throw away bathing suit. EESH! Something is VERY wrong here! 🙂

  13. the girl underway–EESH! those are horrible!

    Caya–I’m with you on not being the “norm.” I don’t dress in denim skirts or wear the modesty suits, but I am homeschooling and trying to raise our children differently than the “norm”. I get a lot of flack for it. Whatever.

    Mir–I LOVE YOU AND YOUR PRETTY, PRETTY, Site! I tell everyone about it!!!!

  14. This whole tread cracks me up. . . Mir, my wife says “You are so pretty.” Blessings, and peace, Kevin.

  15. At the beach shop in Orange Beach we saw edible swimsuits. They were made out of some kind of candy on strings.

  16. What?…uuuuuhhhh…WHAT???

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