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By Mir
July 11, 2006
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Courtesy of my friend Kym—a financial maven in her own right—here’s an article you simply must read:

Seduced by sales? You may need retail therapy

Read it. Then read it again. I’m as big of a bargainaholic as they come, but you can’t lose sight of the end goal (which is hopefully to have enough money to live a comfortable life). Have you ever bought something you didn’t need just because it was a great deal? Go read this article.


  1. Quite the wake-up call…thanks for the link.

  2. Yes, thanks for the link!

  3. I wonder how I could get my mother in law to read this! She is constantly buying things that the kids don’t need or are way to big (they’ll grow into it) because it was such a good deal! We keep asking her to saved that money for the kids savings account, to no avail!

  4. I caught myself doing this at Staples today. I went in for the 1 cent pencils and sharpeners and almost spent $15 on a pack of colored Sharpies. I talked myself out of it and spent 3 cents total (limit 3 on the pencils and they were out of sharpeners.)

  5. This article was written for me (sigh). Thanks.

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