Posting will be light for a few days

By Mir
July 26, 2006
Category Quick Tips

As some of you know, I’m now out in California for BlogHer, and between the time change and the complete inability to stop talking to and licking people, my posting schedule will be a bit light.

Today’s tip: Here at the Hyatt, when you try to connect to the internet, it takes you to a login page where a credit card is needed. I was grumbling about it, but all set to fork over the cash, when Jenn pointed out that surely conference attendees would be granted free wireless. She went up the front desk and asked about it, and she was right! We were given a special password to get in without paying. Awesome.

Lesson learned; always ask.


  1. Yeahhhh!!!!!!!!! I will always remember that. ASK!!!! I love your site!!!

  2. Say hello to Chris – you two are my favorite two bloggers, or, bloghers!

  3. Surely there’s a Starbucks with free wifi nearby. That also covers the morning coffee. Have a great time at BlogHer and lick Chris for me once.

  4. Yeah. Love Hyatt. Hate paying for their stupid wireless.

  5. woo hoo. and yay to hyatt for doing something right.

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