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By Mir
July 31, 2006
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Remember how I said that I hardly ever have to actually buy souvenirs for my kids when I travel? This trip did not fail to live up to swag expectations.

My children are oohing and aahing over the t-shirts, rulers with embedded caculators, fancy pens, and post-it notes. Oh, and the nasty-tasting but whimsical plane-shaped crackers from the airline. All free. They’re happy, and so’s my budget.

I’m setting aside the saved money for the kids’ therapy funds, natch. Someday they’ll need to spend some time working through their mother’s cheapness. So, for posterity: Mama loves you, kids. More than bargains, I swear.


  1. Dude. A ruler with embedded calculators? Fancy pens? Post-it notes?

    Were we at the same conference?

  2. Some folks have a talent for picking up free goodies. I did that a lot when my kids were younger and I was presenting workshops for preschool and day care teachers. They don’t care what it costs — it show that you were thinking of them while you were gone.

  3. See–I didn’t get to go, because of my stupid, sick BODY, you know, and my tickets went completely to waste–I wasn’t even able to GIVE them away, and I tried. And now I’m regretting that I can’t even get the free swag that, technically, my conference money SHOULD have bought. Dangit. I want a box to arrive on my doorstep with all my “Sorry you didn’t make it” booty inside.

  4. um, dude, if you’re talking about southwest airlines, those crackers rock.

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