For your pampered purse pooch

By Mir
August 9, 2006

Oh. My.

Do you think maybe Paris Hilton shops at Wilson’s Leather?

How about this little number for carrying Fifi around? (Note that coordinating jacket and booties are available.)

Prefer something a little less… pink? Maybe Fifi is tired after a long day, and is a cowgirl at heart. (Oh, all of these items are on clearance! I cannot understand why!)

Please don’t tell me if you insist on buying any of these items. I won’t be able to control the laughter. But if you must, use coupon code 6132 for an additional 20% off.


  1. they’re on clearance? they need to give that stuff away. LOL

  2. The coupon code is only good on your second purchase, no?

  3. As a “serious dog person,” the notion of “dog as fashion accessory makes me physically ill. I actually stopped watching “Project Runway forever this season during the episode when the challenge was to design for “the biggest new must-have fashion accessory…” and then they brough out eight little dogs and tortured them throughout the show by making stupid outfits for them and literally using them to accessorize and accent the outfits they designed for the (human) models.

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