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By Mir
October 6, 2006
Category Contests

Just a quick reminder: You have until midnight on Saturday to put your name in for the Curious George DVD drawing. And then I’m going to have to write all of your names and email addresses down on little slips of paper.

Sheesh, whose idea was this contest thing, anyway? Oh. Right.



  1. Can we help it if you’re so pretty, sweet, and helpful that you have oodles of readers?

  2. Well, one fewer name this time. 🙂 I’d LOVE to enter, but don’t think it would be fair to the others if I won twice in a row. Good luck, everyone!!! Yay for Curious George!

  3. oh quitcher whinin….104 emails and counting (not to mention the double entrants…) will be a BREEZE to write! oh, wait….i remember filling out valentines day cards for my whole class of 24…nevermind. good thing you’re so pretty and can probably hire some minions to help you. 😛 here’s a hint: don’t abbreviate things, or you’ll probably get really confused come decision time 😛

  4. To make it easier, you could just write the comment numbers down and then find the corresponding commenter to whichever number you pick…? Just trying to help a girl out. 🙂

  5. Yeah – I was thinking like ‘mom on a wire’. Just generate a random number in MS Excel then choose that number from the list of entrants. no need to use old fashioned pencil for goodness sakes!

  6. Did I mention there’s THREE t’s in my name? Sure hope I win.


  7. Wish I could have come up with a cute story for a “double entry.” Oh, well, one entry is better than none; right?

  8. Oops. I just noticed my email didn’t seem to come through. Thestory about the little blue car is me, tanya and my email is

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