Where, now?

By Mir
October 7, 2006

I have it on good authority that these are actually really good pens. Seriously.

If only I could stop snickering.


  1. PLEASE tell me they have their website address printed on them… 😀

  2. I needed a good laugh early on a Saturday morning. That was almost as good as my cup of coffee.

  3. I’m assuming that bit of print on the pen is the web address. I’ll let you know when mine come in the mail!

  4. I’m sorry but I just couldn’t get over the “click to enlarge”…..I’m afraid that will stay with me all day long.

  5. If they have the web address printed on the pens, I’ll buy a whole boxload of them. That would be just PRICELESS, and I think I’d give one to just about everyone I know.


  6. i second what julie said. if their website was imprinted on them, i’d so have christmas gifts marked off my list!

  7. ::wipes eyes:: Thanks, I needed that! Anne…definitely let us know when they, uh, come in the mail.

  8. That’s it shel~…sheets and penisland pens…

    Whew! I’ve never had all my shopping done this early 🙂

  9. I think I just reverted to second grade again! I can’t stop giggling about the name! Heehee, PenisLand! *blush* *giggle* *blush*

  10. A marketing director with a sense of humor – and they fell for it! Hilarious!

  11. “Temporarily Out Of Stock” But, there should be more coming soon. Oh, wait. That sounds bad… lol

  12. Gah, it took me minutes to figure out why these pens were funny. Need more caffiene…

  13. I was thinking,…I wonder if they have tours? Or..vacations huts on the island..

    What teacher wouldn’t love to read ‘What I did on my Summer Vacation at penisland’

  14. lol. i clicked the link, quite warily, and then thought “hey! those don’t look like….”

    and then i realized my mind was in the gutter again…and it’s all your fault!

  15. Oh, Mir, thanks for the great laugh this morning! I guess I’ll have to come up with another name for my sex-toy business I was thinking of opening….

  16. oh dear. i was even MORE afraid to click ^ the gotahoe link….:P but i did anyways. hehe.

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