Think of me. . . in your crevices

By Mir
October 30, 2006

I don’t care that it’s on special, there is something extremely creepy about this right here.

(“I love you! I’m… melting….”)


  1. That is exceptionally creepy, Mir!!

    Speaking of creepy, clever Mir, can you suggest some of the best places to buy Halloween decorations on sale after tomorrow? My son realllllly wants Halloween lights out front (no blinking ones, I can’t do those, but like a nice string of orange lights or pumpkins or ghosts). I didn’t want to spend full price on them, and we’ve done lots of homemade decorations, but I’d like to get lights and spiderwebs and such for next year. Figured you would be the best one to find the bargains!

  2. “For some reason Ethel, I can’t look at you anymore without wanting to wash my hands!”

    Hehe! Too funny!

  3. very clean idea! i am going to wash my behind with my BF face!

  4. How about SoaP (snakes on a plane) soap? LOL

  5. Hmm – enemies face on soap to scrub the naughty bits with…
    (kidding – completely eww!)

  6. You’re killing me, Mir! The crevices comment has had me chuckling all afternoon and I don’t know why. Thanks for the humor!

  7. This would be great if I could just have a pic of my fat ass on that soap and then wish with every shower that my ass would “watch” what the soap does and get smaller and smaller and then poof – I’m just legs.

  8. why, this is sooooo cute! The little girl inside the soap!
    Why put an ass on the soap? you can make soap from the fat that goes off…:)

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