Words fail me

By Mir
November 22, 2006

You know, when Kim sent this along to me, I tried to just ignore it. Lalalalala! I’m not looking! But then Susan sent it along and I realized, the masses need a stern warning. And the warning is this:

Regardless of the dark moment in which you might think that this item is “cute” or “clever,” buying it will destroy the very fabric of our nation.

I actually shuddered when I read in the description that the speakers are “moisture-free.” Hold me.


  1. It seems like an accident waiting to happen, what with the water and the electronics and all. fryPod.

  2. I had to laugh, this is the perfect gift for my father who is obsessed with his iPod and has the bathroom totally wired, CD player, shower radio, this is the only thing missing. I sent the link to my mother who is seriously thinking about buying it for the man who has everything!

  3. Bleugh. Fish bones flopping on my desk, poopy hands fumbling near my ipod. Not appealing.

    All the expensive/bizarre ipod speakers puzzle me– why, when you can buy a pair of good computer speakers and have really good sound in any room in the house for about thirty or forty bucks? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. That has got to be one of the weirdest iPod accessories I have ever seen. Eek!

  5. I call it the iPotty

  6. There are at least three of us insane folks out here who sent it to you 😉

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