At that price, buy two!

By Mir
November 29, 2006

I confess to being something of a name-brand moron, sometimes, but this Prada satchel really has me baffled.

I mean, ordinarily 84% off would make me feel tingly all over. But for something like this, I’m just left wondering two things:

1) Is that nylon interwoven with platinum threads?
2) At what price point, exactly, does the color fuschia become “fuxia?”


  1. Great question. I am very very glad I am not a label whore. But! I do admit to being a quality whore. And sometimes I have to ask myself whether I am confusing the two. Deep Thoughts.

  2. As the woman who has been known to buy an on sale Kate Spade or two (and yes not the leather kind either), I can honestly say I’ve never understood the Prada nylon bag thing. This seems odd from someone who can understand the canvas Kate Spade, but in total fairness, I don’t understand the microfiber Kates either.
    So, I don’t think it is being a name-brand moron, I think it is the serious recognition that if you are willing to shell out $200 for a handbag (and you know, I’m going to say that there are some I WOULD) it ought to be leather, CLASSIC, and last a really long time….so of, course I’m thinking Coach or bust.

  3. Fuxia… how pretentious. Based on that alone, I could never buy it.

  4. Oh this is perfect! This is like finding me a coupon for self-control! Thank you! The next time I think I can’t pass on something that I want because it is a really good deal but I don’t need it or have any use for it I will repeat “I passed on 84% off, I pass on 84% off…”

  5. i saw a canvas prada on there the other day for $249, down from something like $1600, canvas i think, and passed it on to the only name brand whore i know, and she passed on it…”can’t justify spending that much on a purse anymore”, she says…i almost vomited in my mouth thinking of 1. who are these people at prada sitting around the table, looking at a tiny canvas bag, and thinking $1600 was a good price, and 2. whoever paid that much?

  6. in total agreement with aota. in fairness, since we must always be scrupulously fair, it is pretty. almost as pretty as the knockoff i saw at tjmaxx for 10.99. and, again in fairness, they do have some tiny leather ones at amazon, and fuxia is italian for fushcia. see also malva for mauve and tabacca for brown.

  7. One. Thousand. Dollars. For. A. NYLON. BAG.

    That’s just all I can say. Sheesh.

  8. Thanks for the explanation, Nani. (I thought maybe they were going for “fugsia.” Not that it’s ugly. There is, however, nothing interesting/original about the design. And again–nylon. I can’t imagine the profit margin on something like this, even at 84% off.

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