Instead of coal

By Mir
November 29, 2006

I suppose the naughty might awaken Christmas morning to find their stockings stuffed with this.

(Can’t… stop… gagging….)

Free shipping right now, too, on a holiday special. So that’s… uhhh… good. And they take Google Checkout, so you can get a discount, and… I can’t believe I’m talking about this.

(Danielle, I’ll get you for this.)


  1. i’m gonna go look at the pretty mugs…..

  2. Elfen delivery?!?! What on earth is that all about?!?!


  3. that’s just wrong…

  4. I did NOT see that coming. Ick.

  5. Wahhhhhhhhh! That is just plain wrong.

  6. haha…dude. i love that a LIVE ELF can come deliver it for only $1.99 extra….what a bargain!! 😛

    what i am most disturbed by, is that it was recommended by someone whose blog is called something food-related 😛

  7. Ha. You know, most of the time I try to please the senses. Sometimes it’s good to mix things up. Um, I think.

  8. Remember, friends…wholesale pricing available!

    As if.

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