Don’t panic!

By Mir
December 11, 2006
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We’re getting down to the wire; there are now less than two weeks until Christmas, and despite our best efforts not to get caught up in the commercialization of the season (well, some of us are making an effort… my kids sure aren’t), we may be starting to fret about gifts for some hard-to-buy-for folks. While I am all about the carefully chosen gift (procured on sale, natch), sometimes it can’t be done. You run out of time, or you just don’t know the recipient well enough.

For those folks, consider an Amazon Gift Certificate as your perfect one-size-fits-all gifting solution. While I often advocate buying bookstore GCs, some people just aren’t readers. And you can buy pretty much anything at Amazon. It’s perfect for anyone, whether they want books or a garden weasel. (Hey, someone might want a garden weasel. Don’t judge.)

But most of all, remember this: If you’re freaking out about shopping, you need to stop and relax. It’s not about stuff. Take a deep breath, have some cocoa, and remember that this is supposed to be fun.


  1. Hey, WE have a garden weasel! We got it from my father in law, and, um, my husband uses it all the time.

  2. I totally want a garden weasel. My neighbor is getting tired of us borrowing it all the time. Forgot to tell Santa. Rats.

  3. And why would I need a garden weasel when I already have one, I mean, a husband?
    Hey! Maybe the garden weasel could TEACH my husband to stay outside…in the garden. THAT I would pay the big bucks for. Definitely.
    Although, the husband? Not so much the swift learner, that one.

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