Winner of the Barnyard DVD

By Mir
December 18, 2006
Category Contests

Well, I’ve gotta say… you pretty people just took this contest and ran with it. Such creativity! So many sinful recipes! And yet, I had to pick just one winner, because I have only one DVD.

It was very difficult to pick a winner. In fact, I was so torn, I decided we need a runner-up prize as well.

You see, on the one hand? Jeana suggested using a bar of cream cheese and brown sugar mixed up as a dip for apples. And because I asked for at least marginally healthy recipes, and because I made this one for a party we went to and everyone loved it and my kids took it in their lunches with apples today because they loved it so much, I came very close to giving her the DVD. (And if you haven’t tried her concoction, you must, because it is really yummy.) Jeana will, however, receive a special! bonus! secret! runner-up prize. Please contact me with your address, Jeana!

But in the end…

… I had to give it to Missy T because of this comment:

RE:”Bulls with Udders.”

Some possibilities:
1) Perhaps the bulls have been drinking too much soy milk?!
2) Its a film that introduces transgender complexities.
3) People find udders funny.
4) The screenwriters/animators are very out-of-touch with where their food comes from.
5) The screenwriters/animators wanted to see if people noticed the details of their film.

Mir is oh, so pretty!

The soy milk idea slayed me. Also, she said I was pretty. Missy T wins the DVD! Contact me with your address, please, Missy T!

As always, thanks to everyone for playing. Some of the recipes you left sound amazing, and I will be working my way through them until my pants no longer fit.


  1. Congratultions Missy T and Jeana!

  2. You want to take that apple dip and make it heavenly, but even worse for you? Add Heath bits. You can buy them from the baking aisle, alongside the chocolate chips. It makes that recipe even more decadent.

  3. I was with Jeana’s recipe too, as it seemed to most fit the original requirements – easy, tasty, and at least marginally healthy! I’ll be bringing it to a party this weekend. But I copied lots of other recipes too, for future use, so thanks from me to everybody too!

  4. yeah, what Elleana said. Heath bits make it oh so yummy. Forget healthy, the apples are just a vehicle to get the dip to your mouth.

  5. LOL, I totally agree with Missy T’s prize-winning entry. She cracked me up.

  6. Man! I forgot to say you were pretty! Oh, I could almost taste the victory!

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