Honestly, “wrong” doesn’t even cover it

By Mir
January 31, 2007

I’m just not even sure what to say about this generous offer.

(I don’t care if you believe Valentine’s Day to be a tool of the evil corporate marketing machine, this is still twenty different kinds of wrong.)


  1. I think White Castle is more first date, isn’t it? Valentine’s Day calls for an In ‘N Out, IMO.

  2. Wow, scary.
    The take home kit has EIGHT cheeseburgers???

  3. duuuude…that’s awesome…in a redneck sort of way. muahahaha. too bad there’s not a White Castle near me (well, it wouldn’t matter…i’ve taken a “No Kangaroo Meat on Valentine’s Day” vow)

  4. Uh….wow. Hey, my mom and step-dad had white castles at their wedding way back in the early 80’s, because that’s where they met or something like that. Weird, huh.

  5. I’m weird, but I would LOVE that. haha We don’t have White Castle down here. I buy the frozen ones in the grocery store. I think that’d be a fun way to spend Valentine’s night. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone that’s trying to impress someone, but for my husband and me, it’d be great.

  6. Oh MY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is SO Redneck. See, there are Northern Rednecks too. It goes perfectly with the Twinkies wedding cake, and HoHo’s groom’s cake!!!

  7. I WOULD SOOOOOO MAKE MY HUSBAND TAKE ME THERE!!! Too bad the nearest one is 2 hours away. I honestly would pass up my all time fav-o-rite, Ray’s on the River in Atlanta to go to a White Castle!

  8. I’m kinda embarrassed to admit I lived in Cincinnati for like 10 years. Although I never once ate at White Castle.

  9. OMG – that is too funny! The Ryan’s in my town has on their sign “Now taking reservations for Valentine’s Day. Couples only” Oh please oh please let my hubby take me to RYAN’S for Valentine’s Day! LOL!!

  10. Too Funny…My dh and I saw that they had posted a number out on the ad sign in front of our local WC and thought it was a joke. Especially since the number listed is in a different area code but umm… I guess it is real. I have lived around WC all my life and really don’t eat there although their coffee isn’t too bad. Just never really got excited about eating 4 hamburgers to equal 1 normal one except maybe while a bit under the influence of my favorite cocktail 🙂

    However…unless it was a replay of a first date, I don’t think I would be spending valentine’s day in WC.

  11. Well, I can see 8 burgers because they’re only about 1.5 inches wide, but that’s some White Trash date there!

  12. dee–you really are desperate if you would want WC over Ray’s on the River in Atlanta. There are hundreds of better places to eat in Atlanta than a WC. Blech! :-/ #-o :-&

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