Remember that your time is worth money

By Mir
April 11, 2007
Category Quick Tips

Here’s a quick little tip to ponder for the morning:

The lovely Crayon Virtuoso wrote in to let me know that if you do a Lane Bryant catalog order from inside a Lane Bryant store, shipping (to your house) is free. (Pretty sure that holds true for Eddie Bauer, as well.) What I don’t know is if you can still use coupon codes, if you do that.

So. That’s an awesome tip to know, and may serve you well. Keep in mind, though, that going to the store costs you money, too. It costs money for gas, for wear and tear on your car, and it costs you your time (and we all know time is money).

In conclusion: I’m all for going to the store to avoid shipping charges if it is convenient to do so, but if it isn’t, keep in mind that your shipping charge may be “cheaper” (either in actual dollars, or aggravation, or both) than shopping in-person.


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