Customize your road trip distractions

By Mir
April 18, 2007

If you’re like me, for long road trips you hog-tie the kids in the trunk of the car. Haha! Kidding! I kid. (I feel the need to state such things clearly, now, rather than risk someone thinking I’m serious. Want Not does not endorse the transport of your children in the trunk.)

Anyway, we generally hit the Dollar Tree or somewhere similar before we set out on a trip, and one of the kids’ favorite things to get is those big books of word searches. But I think the next time we travel, I’m going to whip them up some custom puzzles with words related to our destination, maybe.

Or maybe just a “Things Mama Doesn’t Want You To Do On This Trip” puzzle. Though it’d have to be pretty big to fit DONTHITYOURSISTERIMEANIT in there.


  1. Wow that is cool. So cool.

  2. That is neat! I’m just stumped on what words to use.

  3. This would be really cool for shower games.

  4. Carolyn plays games in the shower? TMI.

  5. Oh, this is cool. My 8 year old will love this!

  6. Oh that was fun! I created one with the title “I hate my job” and put in words describing things I hate about my job today and let ‘er rip! Very therapeutic. I can also use this to create a puzzle for my daughter’s bday coming up.

    Stephanie – just think of a theme like I did and use whatever words come to mind about that theme.

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